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Pomade Review: Admiral Supply Co.

First pomade review of the year!

Brett of Admiral hit me up back when I was ready to take the few steps away from barber school, test for my barber’s license, and step into a barber shop. And unfortunately, that frantic time frame meant I wasn’t able to get back to him! But, when a bit of free time opened up I shot him an email and with open arms sent out a jar of his pomade. This stuff came pretty quickly, considering he was shipping it up from San Diego. Now relocated back to San Francisco, I could only imagine how much quicker it would come to my doorstep! Or maybe met up at the bar? Who knows. But, without further adieu, let’s get to the pomade review!

A few pomade brands have taken to the glass jar packaging. In my opinion, it’s a real nice and classic touch. But, no other water-soluble brands have went in this direction…

Admiral comes in a nice amber glass jar with a silver tin lid. A clean and simple style of package can go a long way. And the fact that you can use these jars for something else after you’re done with the pomade? And chances are, you’ll have a few empty ones? Man… You can’t beat that!

The labeling on the jar is clean, simple, effective, and most of all… proper.

Seamlessly printed onto the jar, the white Laurel wreath and anchor logo is perfectly centered on the jar, as well as the ingredient list and barcode. To add a bit of color-flare to the mix, a red and white trim sticker is placed on top of the silver lid. Like other brands with similar packaging (but plastic,) the hint of red really makes the packaging pop.

Twisting off the lid, you get a nice whiff of coconut. Now, personally, I hate coconut… Don’t you dare place no damn Mounds in my Halloween candy sack! Fortunately, this stuff isn’t too pungent, so the aroma of coconut doesn’t bother me one bit, instead its subtleties is rather pleasant.

Sorry, no picture of the pomade in the tin, I got too excited to use it on a client!

Scooping this stuff out is different than most water-soluble pomades. Rather than feeling like a gel, this stuff comes out feeling really creamy. It may be the hint of beeswax in it, but to the touch this stuff feels really nice, and you can tell it’ll apply evenly and smoothly. But, how does that affect the hold?

I tried this stuff on several clients of varying hair textures and it held their pomps up with no problem! Take a look:



Both of these clients have very dense and straight hair. Alex’s hair is a bit thicker than Ed’s, so seeing how this stuff works for both of these guys is pretty cool. Remember, the density of your hair is going to make a huge difference in terms of what hairstyle will work for you… Of course, depending on your barber or stylist – they should be able to work their “magic” with your hair and help you achieve various looks depending on your desires…

In terms of wavy hair, I found that this stuff won’t get the hair the straightest, since it isn’t the heaviest water-soluble pomade around, but decent enough to style up a smooth pomp without the waves kicking left and right.

With or without blowdrying, you’ll be able to comb up a nice tall pomp or a lower-profiled side-part. The way this stuff holds and sticks together is real nice. Like I said, it has a creamy feel to it as you scoop it out, which applies to how it’ll hold the hairs together, even the little ones that like to stick out!

As most water-soluble pomades go, this stuff has very little to no sheen and does harden (especially with a lot of water in the hair.) But, I noticed it doesn’t get crunchy… Get the difference? The sitff-crunchiness of water-soluble pomades is definitely a turn-off for many, while the hardening can be easily excused. And by that, I mean that when you run your fingers through the hair after it hardens, the now “messed up” hair feels relatively soft and not crunchy… Makes sense? I hope so! I applied this stuff to myself with dampened hair and noticed that it didn’t stiffen like some other gel-type pomades did, but hard enough to give it a solid hold throughout the day without the worry of it splitting apart. Pretty nice, yeah?

This Admiral impressed me. With an overall clean and simple product, this stuff would definitely suit several shops and individuals. The packaging: as I said, is great. The scent: not overbearing like most coconut scented pomades. The pomade: light enough to work smooth finishes with thicker hair, yet, thick enough to hold up finer hair. The product as a whole: a great addition to any personal collection or shop looking to add some diversity (in terms of packaging as well as product type.)

Big thanks again to Brett for shooting me some of his dope pomade! Look forward to meeting you in the near future!

Until the next time, folks…

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Imperial

This pomade review is long overdue. Why? Not because I’ve had this pomade for some time, but because I’ve known about the brand for a while when my buddy Pete from Native Elements hipped me to them some time ago, but never acted on it. Well, after a couple of emails from Imperial, I’ve gotten their pomade and have put it to good use. So, let’s get the ball rollin’, shall we!

One thing that I dig and the likes of Nick Wooster must surely dig, is the packaging. Coming in a plastic container with a silver lid, the packaging is very minimal, yet catches your eye instantly. A clean white label with black letter, and bold red lettering to distinguish which product you’re buying, is clean and simple, and I dig it! Sometimes, you don’t need all of the glitz & glam that some pomade companies are using to make their products “noticeable.” (No brand in particular, nor in mind. ‘Just sayin’)

Aside from the minimalistic design of the packaging, they add sophisticated detail with a seal.

This little detail shows American quality and attention to detail in all of their products, and that’s something I can definitely appreciate…

… and couldn’t wait to break!

Being packaged in a clear jar, you already see what you get. A clear gel-type pomade. But… how does it smell?

Unlike most water-soluble pomades, Imperial went with a colorless gel-type product to match their minimal packaging. Had they gone with anything other than, it would bring a level of cheesy-ness to their products, which is not their goal. Sometimes, less is more, and while different colors are cool to see, it’s not always needed.

Accompanying the colorless pomade, is a subtle fruity scent that isn’t overbearing or makes you feel any less than a man. I know a lot of cats want that masculine scent to match their pomades and for whatever reason feel less than man when wearing something fruity or floral, but this stuff won’t do any of that except bring in the ladies! Trust me, with my previous experiences with Bath & Body Works lotions and girls, they don’t mind it one bit!

… ladies…

Scooping it out you find that this stuff is thicker than most. If that isn’t enough, there’s a “Hold Strength” stat indicator on the packaging, with the number 4 being the highest.

Running this pomade is great. It goes through completely dried hair perfectly and combs through just as well. Applying it through damp hair is no different. So if you’re one to apply pomade dry, definitely take this stuff into consideration!

Combing up a pomp is buttery smooth. Fine toothed combs run through effortlessly and I never had any streaks or glob patches give me any trouble. This pomade is malleable enough comb up anything from a tight combover to a big pomp. It works especially well with a blowdryer. So if you’ve picked up that trick from me, try it out with this stuff! But, I dig how easy it is to comb and set a pomp, take a look:

The hold will last you all day long. While it’s not entirely recombable, it still won’t flake on you if you do decide to recomb it without water. Like the rest of the water-soluble pomades, it’s best to recomb using water. But, if you like to recomb your pomps, why even go with water-soluble pomades? Something cats need to start considering from here on out! (Watch this be mentioned on every pomade review blog.)

Now, is this the strongest water-soluble pomade I’ve tried? No. As I mentioned, water-soluble pomades dry, which is pretty much the pre-determined hold. Is it one of the thickest ones out there? Yes. The thickness will help you comb a bigger pomp, but in the end, the hold will be determined when the product dries.

Overall, I’m definitely glad to have finally gotten some of this stuff! It’s definitely in the top 5 water-soluble brands out there. I only got their pomade, but they have a full range of products for y’all to try. If you like the feeling of combing thick water-soluble pomades and letting it set, and don’t like overbearing scents, this stuff is definitely worth looking into! But, if you like to recomb throughout the day, you just may need to reconsider the products you’re using.

Big thanks again to the Imperial crew!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard.

Pomade Review: Layrite (Super Shine)

Water-soluble pomades have got to be the most popular pomade on the market to date. I mean, there are brands popping out of the woodwork pumping out some cool pomade! But only so many have been able to make their pomades stand out from the rest, and one of those brands is the one and only Layrite. Being one of, if not, the first water-soluble pomade brand around, several brands race to achieve the popularity Layrite has amongst other products around. 

One thing that Layrite fans wanted, was some shine. As we all know, most/all water-soluble pomades dry with a matte finish- for the most part. People have been asking me for ways to add shine to such water-soluble pomades. And well, Layrite heeds the call! They’ve kicked things up a notch, by releasing their newly developed Super Shine pomade.

This stuff comes packed in the same white plastic container as the other Layrite products. Using a deep wine red label with gold foil trim helps differentiate it from its Layrite brethren. Personally, I think the color is odd in comparison to the other two products, but since it is an entirely different product type- it gets a pass.

Opening it up, you see a pastel orange cream-type product. This throws off many cats, as they’re used to seeing a gel-type product. Well folks, let’s introduce you to something new!

Getting this stuff out of the container is not difficult whatsoever, you’ll find that this stuff feels like a cream-type pomade. The closest product I’d compare the product consistency to, is 360 Styles (with Layrite being much lighter.)

The only real downside this product has is the scent… For the most part, it is scentless. But, it has the smell of plastic, which I’m assuming is from the plastic container. From what I’ve heard from gossiping pomade enthusiasts, is that they’re working on developing a (new) scent for it. With the lack of a desirable scent/any scent, it has turned off a number of cats from using it on a daily basis. Hopefully we’ll see and smell something fresh in the near future!

Applying this stuff to your hair may be tricky. Due to the sticky texture of the product, you have to make sure your hair has the “right” amount of moisture in it, to ensure even distribution. Trust me, I’ve got stuck with a fat skidmark right down the center of my head, when I had too much water in my hair! I guess I could’ve passed it off as the bleach streak some cats rock?

Combing up a pomp with Layrite Super Shine can be tricky, especially if you’re used to how the original two products comb. Unlike most water-soluble pomades, this stuff combs just like a grease. No really, it does! One thing that attracted me to this stuff, was the ability to effortlessly shape a well-rounded pomp with it, without any tugging (giggity.) And since this stuff combs through like a grease, you won’t be left with flat shield pomps, that most water-soluble pomades leave you with if you don’t comb them right. Definitely something that I can dig!

The hold of this stuff is like a light medium-weight pomade. So don’t expect any crazy height like you’d get from their Super Hold pomade! But, you will have a greasy lookin’ pomp, without the worry of staining your ladies pillow cases or couch cushions, all while having a slick ‘do! Take a look…

This stuff will retain its hold throughout the day… for the most part. I found that if you try to slick through it dry, it’ll cause it to looks the slickness from the original styling, causing you to (pretty much) restyle your hair completely. For most cats, this isn’t a big deal, but for the rest of you– make sure you got your comb or brush near by a sink!

Overall, I gotta say I really dig this product. You all know how much I dig 360 Styles, and since this is like it’s completely water-soluble little brother, I’ve got no complaints whatsoever! It’s great for modest pomps and for when you want that greasy look, without actually having to go to that “greasy kid stuff.” For you cats looking to add some shine to your flat water-soluble pomades, or if you just want to retain that greasy look while you’re degreasing, this is definitely one to look into!

Now, this review is only for it as a standalone product. So stay tuned for the video, showing you how to use it as a top-coat, adding the nice greasy sheen to your Layrite Super Hold or Layrite Original pomade!

Big thanks again to Mike and the folks at Layrite. Hopefully, we’ll see a little somethin’ somethin’ between Layrite and The Rebel Rouser in the near future!

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy & Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Tres Flores Molding Pomade.

If you’ve used a water-soluble pomade for some time, you know how much money goes into the “investment.” So, it’s only expected to look for a cheaper alternative. And ever since the loss of the ever-so beloved Grease Monkey by Monkey Brains, people have been asking me for that “better” alternative. And by “better,” we’re obviously talking about price points. Well, I think we may have found the answer!

Tres Flores has been around for quite some time. I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone has been around that greasy stuff at some point. If anything, you know the scent, whether you’ve smelt it in your grandfathers hair or a barbershop. But, Tres Flores has a new product out, that many of you aren’t as familiar with. So, let me introduce you to the Tres Flores Molding Pomade, which may end up being your next go-to water-soluble pomade!

When you see this product, it comes in the ever-so iconic Tres Flores colorway: Green lid, yellow product, and red label. There’s no way you can confuse it with anything else! Like most water-soluble pomades, this stuff comes in a plastic container with a screw top lid.

Opening it up, you see a rich, golden gel-type pomade. This stuff is much more translucent than other water-soluble pomades I’ve used. For many, the scent from Tres Flores was too overpowering, but, it still left them with warm memories of their childhood. Fortunately, the Molding Pomade has a similar, but much more subtle scent. So if you enjoyed the scent of the original pomade, but hated how overpowering it was, this would definitely be one to check out!

Scooping it out, you’ll find that the consistency is softer than most water-soluble pomades on the market.

Rubbing this stuff into my palms started to show the type of pomade it was going to be. It literally melted in my palms, which to me, meant that there wouldn’t be too much of a hold. Automatically, I knew this was going to be the lightest water-soluble pomade I’ve ever tried.

Spreading this stuff evenly through my hair wasn’t a challenge. It’s so light, it’ll literally go through your hair like melted butter… not saying I know how melted butter goes through my hair…….

As I mentioned above, combing with this stuff is smooth. Don’t expect that good-ol’ tug-of-war with the hair and comb. It’s not that type of product! Since it combs so smoothly, it comes just as malleable as a medium weight grease, which is real nice! With some water-soluble pomades leaving me with squared off pomps, it was real nice to see something as light as this, be malleable enough to shape a rounded pomp, and strong enough to hold it!

Now, don’t expect any super-sized pomps with this stuff, as I said, it’s the lightest I’ve ever tried! But if you like medium to low profile pomps, with nice shape and form, this stuff will definitely do the trick. Take a look:

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure how readily available this stuff is. From what I’ve seen, stores have only had one to two containers, trying to see if their local demographic will take enough liking to it, before they make a full-fledged order of it. So, if you’ve come across Tres Flores in your local grocery store, check back to see if they’ll carry the Molding Pomade.

Overall, would I say this is a “better” alternative to Grease Monkey, price wise? No. Seeing as people have bought Grease Monkey for as cheap as $1 or at buy-1-get-1-free deals, it was really hard to beat that! Makes you wonder why they’re no longer in stock, right? But product type wise, yes, I’d say I find the Tres Flores Molding Pomade to be a better product. It styles just as well as a grease-type pomade, holds decently well, and for me , smells good. Seeing that this stuff is on average $8-10 dollars, it’s really up to you cats to see if it’s ‘worth it,’ seeing it’s only a few bucks less than the rockabilly-specific gel-type pomades. But, as I mentioned in the beginning, in the long-term investment, it may definitely be worth it!

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this review.

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!

Product Review: Lil’ Red Rooster

The last time I reviewed one of Steve Hooker’s pomades, I really dug how he went with a classic-greasy pomade, but, with a modern scent. But, not everyone is in the market for that type of product, and he and his wife Elaine know this! So, he also has a hair cream to suit that end of the market. Believe me folks, hair creams aren’t bad! Check it out.

Lil’ Red Rooster comes in the same type of plastic container as Hair Control did. Keeping things simple with the pink lettering on a black backround and lid, I really dig the way this stuff stands out on my shelf. Need more pink pomades!

Opening it up, you see a baby pink hair cream. With hair creams, you have no idea what type of hold they’ll have, if any. Especially when you’ve got some that look like frosting, just like how this stuff does.

It has a subtle powdery scent; which to some, it may not be to their liking. But, to each their own.

Scooping it out is just like any other hair cream, light and creamy. So no need to put any emphasis here.

Now, applying hair creams is a bit different than typical pomades. Why? Because it won’t clump up in one single area. So, all you need to do is run it through your hair as you would say a conditioner. You won’t have to worry too much about evenly coating, as you can just comb through it like butter.

Like most hair creams, if your hair is wet and not damp, it’ll leave you with a streaky mess. To deal with this, just take a dry towel to your head and pat down the excess water in your hair. You’ll be able to comb out those streaks right after.

Personally, I dig these types of products. They style well, maintain their hold and sheen, and condition your hair at the same time. The only catch being, you can’t recomb a majority of them. Surprisingly, I was able to recomb with this stuff, without having to use water (wet-combing.) Definitely a nice surprise!

Unlike some hair creams, this stuff has a good amount of hold. I’ve tried a few others and was left with no hold whatsoever. I was able to get a decently tall pomp with it. Take a look:

A lot of hair creams will wash out with just water. This stuff has petrolatum and various wax ingredients in it, meaning it won’t wash right out, like other hair creams. But, it is still rinseable with just water. You can also still do a build up using it, which is nice. And don’t worry, it won’t take more than a good shampoo to wash it out!

Overall, I dig this stuff over most of the other hair creams I’ve used. It styles nice, holds well, and doesn’t transfer or melt in the heat. What else can I say? Steve and Elaine know their stuff!

I’d highly suggest Lil’ Red Rooster to cats who are looking to change up hair products, that can’t commit to pomade or grease, but don’t want to go the gel-type route. Plus, you can either keep this stuff in your hair or wash it out with shampoo. It’s a perfect in between and definitely gets the job done.

Big thanks to Steve and Elaine!

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard.

Pomade Review: Hairgum USA’s ROAD Line.

Hairgum USA is one hair care company that knows their scents. Having loved the Coke scented Mr. Ducktail’s signature pomade, I knew that anything else from them was going to be just as good, if not better. Well, maybe not better… You just can’t beat a Coke scented pomade! As soon as I got the Road line in, my lady dove right in and smelt each and every one of em, and loved the scents. So fellas, if you want something that’ll draw the ladies in, this is definitely a line you’ll want to check out, and it’ll be fish-in-a-barrel from here on out!

Hairgum’s Road line is more so aimed towards the rockabilly world than anything. With three different scents: Coconut, Vanilla, and Tiare (floral,) each being just as amazing as the other, you’ve got your hands full when picking out a grease to draw in the babes. If the ladies haven’t complimented you on the smell of your hair, you’re doing something wrong!

The tins aren’t like the usual 1.3 oz, flat tins we’ve seen from Hairgum. Instead, we get a 3.5oz silver tin with white, black, and red lettering and detail; a color palette that I personally dig. The top of the lid is printed with a tachometer, making the Road line, a little bit more literal.

Each pomade is a different color, matching their specific scents respectively.

The consistency of the whole line seems to be virtually the same. The different scents only slightly change the texture of the individual products, but not enough to change properties of them. The vanilla has a greasier-creamy  feel, while the coconut has the classic Hairgum look and feel, and the tiare being a tad big lighter than the vanilla. Quite confusing, ain’t it?

The Road line is a tad lighter than the Mr. Ducktail edition, in terms of hold. I know that folks felt that the Mr. Ducktail was too light for them. Chances are, they had ordered the 1.3 oz tin and didn’t want to use all that much for their hair. Which is completely understandable. With these coming in a 3.5 oz, you won’t need to use it so sparingly. Trust me folks, I know it’s a total mindfuck when you see small containers and don’t want to use 1/3rd of it in one go.

Since they are lighter than the Mr. Ducktail line, expect to see some fly away hairs here and there. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine to see a few strands pop out. Remember, just because one guy says it’s “wrong,” doesn’t mean he’s right!

Styling wise, they all style the same. Unlike most products, which either make my hair straighter or more wavy, this stuff only slightly “relaxed” my hairs natural waves, allowing me to style with ease, without having to fight for some sort of control. I know there are a lot of folks that like to retain the natural waves in their hair, but haven’t been able to find a product that properly allows them to do so. 

Don’t worry, I put each and every one to use. Three pictures of myself is just way too much for one single post!

As you can tell with the sides, they have a nice flow to em. Some other products with the same medium weight range usually gives them the up & down waviness. Or whatever the term for that may be.

With Hairgum’s products, you won’t find the “wet look” with their products. But their pomades always have the right amount of sheen. Not too greasy, not too light, just right… (Trademark that? I’ll wait for the check in the mail… just kidding.)

Now to my surprise, considering these are a medium weight pomade, they held up really well in the heat. They did melt a bit on the top, but it was hardly noticeable, as I still retained a full, bulbous pomp, just lost a bit of height. The only real difference was the sides “fluffed” out a bit, rather than being slicked down tightly to my head. Which for me, is perfectly fine. But for others, it may be an issue, especially for those who don’t like to have to recomb during the day.

When it comes down to picking one specific pomade, from the Road line, it’ll depend on what you wanna smell like. I was gonna make a joke about what scents attracts what type of female… But we all know where that’ll lead…

Overall, this is definitely a great line from Hairgum USA. The bigger tins are definitely a sight to see, especially when you know you’ve got a great product inside. Now, if only we can get some of that Mr. Ducktail’s stuff in a similar sized tin… *winkwink*

As I mentioned earlier, this product is great for those who want a product that’ll allow them to work with their natural waves. It really is difficult finding a product to do that, especially ones that smell this good!

Big thanks again to Matthieu. Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Lone Star (Super)

Another long overdue review, sorry Chris!

Lone Star’s super-hold pomade has given me a lot of trouble… because the differences between the classic hold and super-hold are very subtle, and it was pretty damn difficult to figure out those differences! It was almost to the point where it’s unnoticeable to the “untrained” eye. But, that’s what I’m here to do, and hopefully, I did it.

Now, when I received the classic hold, I got it in a sample container, which didn’t have the actual labels. So after talking to Chris on the phone, I got a heads up on the details to the design of the actual product; all of which are very personal touches, which adds to the unique qualities to the products as a whole.

The container, very much like the sample, is very reminiscent of a baseball. White plastic container, red and blue accents with black lettering, it gives a good amount of color to the colorless product. A little bulldog on the container is in memory of a pet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the image on my phone, but it’s there.

Just like the classic hold, it’s an uncolored product with the same classic scent. I found out that Chris pretty much owns the rights to the scent. So if you dig the scent and want to use it, you’ll have to go through him!

And just like the classic hold, it has the same gummy consistency. And again, it’s not a product you’ll be able to apply to dry hair. This is a product you’ll have to apply to wet hair, as slightly dampened hair will still cause a bit of trouble. 

Inside the container, they’re virtually the same product. Even to the touch, they look and feel the same. But as soon as it gets in your hair, that’s when the differences start to show…

Being a “super-hold” product, you’d expect it to be a lot stiffer on the hair – to get a bit more tug here and there, ya know, the usual. But in actuality, it’s a lot “lighter” on the hair than the classic hold… if that makes sense. Between the two, I found that the classic hold is in the hair and more of a “super-hold”feel than this one. It may just be that the sample container compacted the product more-so, which made the ingredients react that way, I’m not 100% sure. But I think it may be somewhere along those lines.

Now, styling wise, they both still style like a petroleum-based product, which is awesome. I say this, because a majority of the water-soluble products out there usually leave your pomp blocky and flat. Where as with Lone Star, it’s much easier to get a rounded/bulbous pomp. 

Another difference and to my surprise, this actually had more of a glossy finish than the classic hold. Take a look!

With Lone Star’s super-hold, I encountered something that I’ve never gotten from any other water-soluble pomade, even its classic brethren – flaking. I’ve gotten clumping from the classic hold, but never the flaking. As you can see above my left ear. (Yeah, I know the difference between dandruff and pomade flakes, so don’t try me!)

Usually, flaking with a product is either because of:

A) Using too much product.
B) The way the product reacts to moisture (water.)

This time around, it was from neither nor. I’ve applied this product in various ways – little by little, globs at a time, dry/damp/wet hair, all that jazz. Each and every time, resulted in flaking. To get rid of the flakes, means you’ll have to physically put your hands in your hair, and streak them through. A comb just won’t do the trick. Not a huge issue for me, but I know it’s a major concern for most cats.

Here’s a few notes, just incase some cats didn’t catch the differences between the classic and super-hold.


– Both are equally malleable, classic being a bit stiffer.
– Super has a slight glossy finish. Classic is more matte.
– Super having a more of a flake issue, than the classic.
– Same great scent.
– Same price point.

Overall, even with the first time flaking, I actually enjoyed this product, even more so than the classic hold! The application and styling is a bit more to my liking. It’s really hard to describe it, but once you get the products in your hands/hair, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

This product is great alternative to some of the more pricier products on the market. Why? Since the product is stretchy, a little will go a long way, so you won’t have to use as much. Plus, you get 2oz more, than you would with the other competitors, that are around the same price point. So for you cats looking to save some money on a good water-soluble product, definitely take a look into Lone Star.

Big thanks again to Chris. Hit up Lone Star Pomade to get your fix.

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard!

New Styling Video.

Have a totally different haircut this time around… And by totally different haircut, meaning I’ve NEVER had this haircut before… Yeaaaaaaah… It’s umm…. different

Might as well make the most of it and show folks that you don’t need a pompadour specific haircut. While it does help, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have one, so don’t fret!

Thanks again Mareike for the carepackage!

Pomade Review: Dax Black Beeswax

I know, I know… Why haven’t I reviewed Dixie Peach, E.F. Young Jr. or any of these great pomades just yet? Well cool your jets folks! We’re only just getting started here!

Having already cleansed my hair of all grease and receiving this package on Monday, it was too tempting NOT to try it already! Especially since I’m one of few to have gotten this product, before being released at retail? Hell yeah I’m gonna one up everyone else, and do a review on it ASAP! So, thanks Dax!

Now, the trouble with black beeswax is people’s misunderstanding of the product. For one, they think that the product while in their hair, will stain clothing and furniture. That’s incorrect! I didn’t make it too clear in my Murray’s Black Beeswax review, but when I said that it would stain everything, I meant that it would stain everything, if you touch it with your hands, that have the wax spread on it! Sorry for the confusion folks, didn’t mean to scare ya.

The nice thing about wax in your hair, is the transfer. It won’t just rub off onto anything. Unless it was on a scorching, hot day, and it’s already melted down your face and you rub your face on your tan Frenchie, then yes… It will rub off, duh. But other than that? Not really… So folks, let’s help you find your faith in black wax, and let’s get on with the show!

Another misconception with black wax, is that people think it’s for any hair. Blonde, red, brown, whatever… I’m sorry to say folks, no, it’s not. BLACK BEESWAX IS MEANT FOR BLACK COLORED HAIR! Unless you want to go with black hair for a few days, you blonde or ginger folks, need not apply! Will this stuff make your hair look black, YES IT WILL! Will your friends and family take notice when you’ve suddenly went from blonde to black, yes they will! So please, let’s leave the black beeswax on the shelves for people who have black hair, shall we?

Being a black wax, the stuff is mainly used for dreadlocks, well… in my perspective, anyways. Having had dreadlocks a few years ago, I never had any knowledge or know how with pomade or wax. Had I known what I know now, well… let’s just say that this blog wouldn’t be what it is today! But, I still believe that beeswax is to be used for dreadlocks, and not exactly for pompadour hairstyles. Why? Well, it’s easy…

Usually, beeswax is THICK. If you’ve never used a beeswax in your hair, let’s just start off by saying IT. IS. THICK. For 1) It’s a pain to get through your hair thoroughly, especially if you don’t have access to a blow dryer. 2) It’s a wax, it’s not the easiest thing to wash out. Nor is it the hardest, but the way a wax reacts to water, is not something pompadour sporting cats need to deal with. If you don’t want to comb your stuff out, then you may be out of luck with beeswax!

That’s my opinion on general beeswax products. But, is this stuff any different? Let’s move on to the review!

The packaging for Dax Black Beeswax is big. I mean, 14oz big! 14oz big black goodness… Umm… No pun intended… Yeaaaaaaaah, let’s try to keep the innuendos to a low today, shall we? Not sure if they’re doing just a single sized tub of 14oz, or doing a smaller one, but if you do end up with the 14oz one… You’ll be good for a while!

The label on my tub, just so happens to be taped on. How hot off the production line was this stuff??? Should I feel special just yet???

Now… Compared to the other black beeswax I’ve seen, this stuff looks relatively similar, as far as consistency goes. Definitely a far cry from Murray’s, as this stuff clearly states on the label:

“Fortified with Royal Jelly and Pure Beeswax.”

Well, since it’s fortified with Royal Jelly (insert innuendo here,) that means this stuff won’t be as thick as Murray’s Black Beeswax, right?

Having that Royal Jelly in it, the consistency is considerably lighter than Murray’s. In fact, it almost feels like a jelly when you scoop it out.

The scent of this wax is very pleasant. What’s black and sweet? Black licorice! While the actual candy is only favored by so few, the scent is loved by many. Can’t complain about that!

Now, since this little black jelly is well, black. Is it going to leave my hands coated in black wax? No, it will not. Having a jelly like consistency, this stuff spreads through your hair evenly, without clumping up or leaving your hair with any residue. Definitely something you don’t want to deal with, as that would stain everything!

Because it feels like a jelly, it’s more than often that people would dismiss this sort of consistency, because they think it won’t offer any sort of hold? So the big question is, how is the hold?

Well folks, the hold is pretty damn good! Being both jelly and waxy (huh?) this stuff gets the best of both worlds. Not only does it spread through your hair evenly, it also has a nice hold, just enough to hold a good pompadour. And since it’s like a jelly, it has a nice sheen to it as well. Definitely, the best of both worlds…

Unlike other waxes, this stuff doesn’t style harshly. You won’t be getting 90 degree angled pompadours, like you would with products that are tough to comb through. Which is definitely, a nice touch. Here’s a pic, to show how I was able to style with it:

Since I used this stuff on the first day of Summer, sitting out in the scorching hot sun all day, how well did this jelly hold up? Being one of the first to receive the product, and most likely the first to review it, it was only proper to  put it through such extreme conditions, right? Well, how did it do?

As you can see, you can see where my hair has split, as well as where the product has melted onto my forehead. That’s not a big issue, as well, any product (aside from water based) would melt onto your forehead, after being out in direct sunlight for a good 2 hours! But, did melting this stuff mess up the malleability of the product?

And the answer is, just a bit.

As you can see, my hair isn’t as tall and has a little wave now. But that’s fine, I mean, how often would I be directly under the sun for hours on end, anyways?

Now, to really see how much of this stuff is really like a wax. After taking a shower or wetting your wax-coated hair, if you comb through, it’ll instantly flake. It’s just the way it is with wax. Well, did it?

No, no it didn’t! Nor did it stain any pillows while sleeping with it in. So how much of this stuff is like a wax? Just the right amount to style up a pompadour, without giving it a dull waxy look, with the help of the Royal Jelly.

Overall, this stuff is pretty damn awesome! I like that it will darken the hair, without leaving it with a waxy coating. A plus for me, since I dig super dark hair. Another plus, is that it doesn’t seem to be a pain to wash out, since it didn’t flake as soon as it touched water. So for you cats who have been worried about finding a black beeswax that won’t stain your shit or leave you looking dry, look no further.

How does this stuff compared to the other two black beeswax I purchased? Well, that’s something you’ll just have to stick around for!

Until next time folks.

Pomp Hard.


Totally forgot the scent portion of the post. Fixed!

Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Molding Paste)

Since the last review from Johnny B. was somewhat lack luster, being nearly identical to a product I’ve reviewed previously… We’ll finish this line up with reviewing their Molding Paste.

For our final installment of pomade reviews from the Johnny B. Hair Care line, we’ve got its Molding Paste. While it’s not a pomade, it doesn’t mean it can’t style a mean pomp! Or does it?

Opening this stuff up, it has a rather similar look to their previous product I had reviewed, the Street Cream. After scooping some out, it seems to be rather similar to the street cream, but with just a little bit thicker.

Now, the thickness of the street cream kind of put a damper on the product, because it left the hair with a few paste marks here and there. But maybe this one is a little different?

The scent is light and easy on the nose. It smells fresh. Somewhere between bath soap and deodorant.  And when it comes to this sort of market, scent is everything! There’s a lot of people turning their noses up a bit higher, when a product doesn’t have the most appeasing scent. So brands, take note.

Applying to the hair is also rather similar to the street cream. But combing it, however, much different…

This stuff, is STIFF! Now, this is my first time messing around with molding pastes, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But man… This stuff literally made my hair stick straight up! I have wavy hair, so if a product makes my hair stick straight up, you know it’s stiff!

Since it’s so stiff, actually “molding” this stuff into a pomp, was a little difficult. Some parts would stick straight out to the sides, rounding it out to the pomp wasn’t the easiest thing. It would make the front flat because… well, that’s how stiff this stuff is!

With the help of wet-combing, it helped get styling back on track, and got rid of a few paste marks. As it were, with most water-soluble products that you would wet comb, it hardened. But if you’re literally looking to “pomp hard,” I guess it ain’t too bad, right?

But as I said, this stuff made my hair stick straight. So getting some parts to sit flat, was pretty tough. While it was great for getting the pomp up, it didn’t work as well as I’d like it to on the sides/back.

Overall, this stuff has to be the stiffest product from Johnny B. Definitely a great standalone product for mohawks and psychobilly pomps. Not so much for lower profiled hairstyles. With a topcoat of Xtra Hold, it softened the paste quite a bit, and added sheen. But, this one is just not for me.

Well, that’s all from the Johnny B. line. Big thanks to Socrates for sending me out the samples to review. I’m definitely impressed with the street cream and the shampoo paste. The other products just didn’t seem to agree with my hair. That doesn’t mean they aren’t the right products, for some other cats out there!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard.