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Pomade Review: Hairgum USA’s ROAD Line.

Hairgum USA is one hair care company that knows their scents. Having loved the Coke scented Mr. Ducktail’s signature pomade, I knew that anything else from them was going to be just as good, if not better. Well, maybe not better… You just can’t beat a Coke scented pomade! As soon as I got the Road line in, my lady dove right in and smelt each and every one of em, and loved the scents. So fellas, if you want something that’ll draw the ladies in, this is definitely a line you’ll want to check out, and it’ll be fish-in-a-barrel from here on out!

Hairgum’s Road line is more so aimed towards the rockabilly world than anything. With three different scents: Coconut, Vanilla, and Tiare (floral,) each being just as amazing as the other, you’ve got your hands full when picking out a grease to draw in the babes. If the ladies haven’t complimented you on the smell of your hair, you’re doing something wrong!

The tins aren’t like the usual 1.3 oz, flat tins we’ve seen from Hairgum. Instead, we get a 3.5oz silver tin with white, black, and red lettering and detail; a color palette that I personally dig. The top of the lid is printed with a tachometer, making the Road line, a little bit more literal.

Each pomade is a different color, matching their specific scents respectively.

The consistency of the whole line seems to be virtually the same. The different scents only slightly change the texture of the individual products, but not enough to change properties of them. The vanilla has a greasier-creamy  feel, while the coconut has the classic Hairgum look and feel, and the tiare being a tad big lighter than the vanilla. Quite confusing, ain’t it?

The Road line is a tad lighter than the Mr. Ducktail edition, in terms of hold. I know that folks felt that the Mr. Ducktail was too light for them. Chances are, they had ordered the 1.3 oz tin and didn’t want to use all that much for their hair. Which is completely understandable. With these coming in a 3.5 oz, you won’t need to use it so sparingly. Trust me folks, I know it’s a total mindfuck when you see small containers and don’t want to use 1/3rd of it in one go.

Since they are lighter than the Mr. Ducktail line, expect to see some fly away hairs here and there. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine to see a few strands pop out. Remember, just because one guy says it’s “wrong,” doesn’t mean he’s right!

Styling wise, they all style the same. Unlike most products, which either make my hair straighter or more wavy, this stuff only slightly “relaxed” my hairs natural waves, allowing me to style with ease, without having to fight for some sort of control. I know there are a lot of folks that like to retain the natural waves in their hair, but haven’t been able to find a product that properly allows them to do so. 

Don’t worry, I put each and every one to use. Three pictures of myself is just way too much for one single post!

As you can tell with the sides, they have a nice flow to em. Some other products with the same medium weight range usually gives them the up & down waviness. Or whatever the term for that may be.

With Hairgum’s products, you won’t find the “wet look” with their products. But their pomades always have the right amount of sheen. Not too greasy, not too light, just right… (Trademark that? I’ll wait for the check in the mail… just kidding.)

Now to my surprise, considering these are a medium weight pomade, they held up really well in the heat. They did melt a bit on the top, but it was hardly noticeable, as I still retained a full, bulbous pomp, just lost a bit of height. The only real difference was the sides “fluffed” out a bit, rather than being slicked down tightly to my head. Which for me, is perfectly fine. But for others, it may be an issue, especially for those who don’t like to have to recomb during the day.

When it comes down to picking one specific pomade, from the Road line, it’ll depend on what you wanna smell like. I was gonna make a joke about what scents attracts what type of female… But we all know where that’ll lead…

Overall, this is definitely a great line from Hairgum USA. The bigger tins are definitely a sight to see, especially when you know you’ve got a great product inside. Now, if only we can get some of that Mr. Ducktail’s stuff in a similar sized tin… *winkwink*

As I mentioned earlier, this product is great for those who want a product that’ll allow them to work with their natural waves. It really is difficult finding a product to do that, especially ones that smell this good!

Big thanks again to Matthieu. Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!

Want to review some products?

Well folks, here’s your chance!

Hairgum USA is looking for bloggers to review some products! It’s simple, shoot them an email at info@hairgumusa.com and include the following:

1) Your blog link. Whether you video blog on Youtube or do reviews on your tumblr, it doesn’t matter. Hell, you don’t even have to be into rockabilly! Just as long as you have a solid blog and can make a solid review.

2) Personal Information. Pretty much, what you’re into, what hairstyle you dig, and what not. I mean, every blogger is into something, right? So it’s only fitting to let people know WHAT YOU DIG AND WHY YOU DIG IT!

3) What you’d like to review. They have a full hair care line, so there’s plenty of different sorts of products you can check out. I’ve done the pomade and shampoo from Mr. Ducktail’s signature line. So why not check out some of the other goods!

Dig it? Good.

Now, I gotta warn ya… Blogging about products is a little harder than it looks! Ya gotta come from a neutral standpoint. As long as you got a solid point of view, some insight, and character, it can’t go wrong! Or can it?

Shoot em an email fast! I got a shit ton of email addresses, so you might wanna hurry up before I take your spot!

Clean and Simple Pomp.

Styled by yours truly, using Mr. Ducktail’s pomade by Hairgum USA.

Promo Code For Hairgum USA!

Alright folks! I got some good news and I got some bad news…

The bad news is, I haven’t made the how-to video yet… I know, I know… But for now, you all get part 2 of the blooper reel!


The video has been made!

After many fuckin’ takes, edits, and fuck ups, it’s here… Sorry Nick, I’m not using the original version. Why? You know why… Were you proud of it??? I didn’t think so. Can’t publish something you aren’t proud of, right? But if you folks want to see it, I’ll post it up.


I’m tired. Been awake since 6am, my beauty has been butchered by bugs from the yard, I have a gnarly headache, and all I want right now is some coffee and some good ol’ rockabilly tunes. If it doesn’t please you folks, I promise to make another one… In a year. Fuck this shit! So folks, here it is… Here’s the vid!

And now…


All you folks gotta do is head over to Hairgum USA and place your order!

Get all that greasy goodness, type in REBELROUSER, get a whopping 30% off and you’ll get all of that greasy goodness coming to your doorstep in no time!
So click the pic to head over to their online store and place your order!

The promo-code will be up and running, up until July 4th! Just in time to keep you cats lookin’ slick, while pounding some PBR on the 4th!

So let’s all give a big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!

Hairgum Goodies!

This blog has helped many folks from all over the world. Whether it helped them deciding on which pomade works best for them, how to get a proper haircut from their barber, hell, or what pomade their store should carry! Whatever the reason, this blog seems to help a lot of people out, and I’m glad it does.

To say thanks for the “hard work,” Matthieu at Hairgum USA has sent me a sweet care package! This stuff just happens to be one of my favorite pomades on the market today, and it sure as hell does one hell of a job styling my hair up right! So big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!

Let’s see what’s inside…

A BIG ASS TIN OF POMADE! But you guys gotta see how big this tin REALLY is…

Here’s a comparison pic of this tin of pomade with their 1.3 oz tin and an average sized tin of S.G.B.

YEAH! THAT’S A BIG ASS TIN OF POMADE! It’ll definitely last quite a while!

But that’s not all folks…

As a much bigger ‘thank you,’ Hairgum has set up a promo code for The Rebel Rouser readers! Yes, you heard it correctly folks. Hairgum USA will be offering a 30% off all products, when you use the promo code REBELROUSER, on their site. Sweet fuckin’ deal, wouldn’t you say! But… there’s a catch… The code won’t be live, until I make a proper how-to video!

While we all enjoyed all of my fuck ups and not so intentional Mickey Mouse impression in the blooper reel, I gotta make a real proper how-to vid! Even if it’s not in HD, no sweet leopard print blanket as a backdrop, and just shot by my iPhone in the bathroom, it must be done!

So, show your support by adding my Facebook page and push me to get this video out sooner. Add my page and badger me to get this video up and going! This code will only last for a month. So the sooner it’s up, the sooner all can grease up nicely with some Hairgum pomade! Trust me, you’ll love this stuff!

Update From Hairgum.

Earlier today I got an email from Matthieu, informing me that 13.5oz tin of Mr. Ducktail’s pomade is now available through their online shop.

The larger tin comes in silver, rather than the black tin the 1.3 oz tin comes in.

You can best bet that I’ll be purchasing a tin very shortly. Not just because I like pomade, but because this is one badass pomade! Easily one of my favorites. If you haven’t already, check out my pomade review on it. It’s definitely a pomade everyone should try out.

I’ll be emailin’ ya soon, Matthieu!