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Dogpatch BarberShop Relief Fund.


Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well throughout this pandemic. I know for many people not much has changed besides working from home 24/7 instead the typical one-day-a-week, but for someone who’s industry is completely shutdown, we’re in a complete 180 and truly have no idea as to when we can go back to work. Even though many in the hair industry believe we are an essential business (not just for ourselves, but as well as the communities we work within) we can’t work.
Seven years ago (next month!) I had became a licensed barber and had met @dogpatchbarber (along with @corneliusthebarber.) Since then I’ve worked with little to no real time off. Up until the Shelter in Place I was in the shop 6 days a week, so this much time away from the shop is extremely foreign. I may not be the best, but I sure as hell was busy! Though I know whenever the dust settles and we can safely go back to work we will all come back to full schedules, not being able to work and provide has been tough on both a mental scale as well as an emotional one.
Our shop has created a GoFundMe campaign to help one another out during this time. Though independently I’m sure we’ve all had clients reach out and reached out to other clients, this is a collective effort to make sure our shop as a whole is supported. Whether you can give a donation or spread awareness, it would be greatly appreciated not only by myself, but also the barbers and their families.

As the saying goes, “Faster alone, further together.”



Life Update.

Hey folks,

Per usual: I apologize for not being able to put out any content. As life would have it, there’s not enough time in the days to be a full time barber at 2 shops, a father of a maturing little girl, let alone maintain a blog like this that has gathered one hell of a following that I am in utmost appreciation of. I thank everyone and anyone that has supported me and this blog and everything it’s brought to the world. Who would’ve thought that other people would start their own blogs similar to mine, let alone see articles about pomade in magazines? Those who know will remember what my original goals were for the world of pomade before it all came to fruition for others… Winkwinknudgenudge…


I’d hate for people to see this be my most recent update for the blog, but this is something I could have never imagined happening…


Never in my days did I ever think that something like this could ever happen to someone I know, let alone family. Something so incomprehensible being brought to our reality. All of my family is so young that I never thought a goodbye would be this soon. It’s still so surreal to me that I can still imagine Christmas not skipping a beat. For everyone that knows me knows that I never ask for favors or borrow anything, or ask for help. But there’s times like these where you can’t help but ask for help…

My cousin and uncle left behind 4 children/grandchildren. Everyone knows that I’m a father myself and the thought of leaving them in this world is heart breaking. But being taken away from them? Can’t even put it into words… My sister set up a GoFundMe to help out my niece and nephews get by financially… Barely… I can’t imagine what they’re going through, and I know neither can any of you that have kids of your own or have children that are close to your heart.

If you can make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated beyond words. But if can take something away from this, appreciate the time with your loved ones no matter how far or close they are, because feeling this sort of loss is something no one should have to go through. They there are always silver linings in the clouds, but I just can’t seem to see them quite yet.

Product Review: Wahl Pilot Clipper.

With several clippers on the market and several more popping up, it’s easy for up-and-coming barbers to get confused as to which one is “best.” In reality, just like pomade, there is no one “best” clipper. There are some you might take a liking to more-so than the others, but ultimately there are no “best” when it comes to clippers. Unfortunately, it’s not at all difficult to compile a list of ‘bad’ clippers. And of course, I do my best to help educate everyone so they don’t have to have a stockpile of ‘bad’ products!

Now, this is my very first clipper review. I do intend on reviewing the more popular clippers, but this one has stood out enough to warrant getting my ass to start reviewing clippers So, time to get on with the show!

Wahl is one of the top companies that makes clippers. There’s no doubt about it. Whether you’ve bought a set of at-home clippers, professional grade clippers or trimmers, or shavers, Wahl is a name most households know. From my personal experience, they’ve offered amazing customer service while certain other brands have not, which keeps me interested in buying their products.

While several of their clippers are nearly identical from the internals machine works to the exterior casing, it’s not hard to buy several of (essentially) the same clipper… and you won’t exactly have any remorse doing so, either! So, when I saw that they had a clipper that stood out from the rest, I told Santa what I wanted and the day following Christmas I had one! For barbers, nothing is more exciting than a new pair of clippers! Well, maybe other than a new client…

Introducing: The Wahl Pilot Clipper.

Just by looking at it, it looks like any other Wahl clipper, with a top casing similar to the Seniors. But, unlike the Seniors, the body is completely made of plastic, so you don’t have the hefty weight. But, that’s not the only thing cutting the weight…

The size!

Aside from just the plastic housing, being 1.25 times smaller than the normal Wahl Senior shaves the weight off the Pilot is considerably lighter, and it fits right in your palm. Get it? Palm Pilot? I think I might be the only barber who got that reference…

This thing definitely feels as light as (if not lighter than some) some trimmers. For you heavy handed barbers, you might need to take it easy with these guys, as the lighter body might have you smackin’ some dudes up-side the head! Shit, if you’re heavy handed and already smackin’ dudes with metal clippers, it ain’t like it’ll be that much worse! Haha. While I don’t mind the weight of metal clippers, it is nice to have something lighter in the hand.

I have some decent sized hands, so they surprisingly fit well in my palm. But, it does leave a sensitive area opened for overly-easy access…

Unlike other Wahl clippers, the power switch is a toggle switch on the bottom of the clipper. For some, this isn’t an issue. But for me and my average man-hands, I often find myself flicking the switch more than I’d like to. One thing I liked about the switch on the Seniors was that it wasn’t like a hair-trigger and actually took some effort to knock the switch to on. With these, the slightest will flip it on. So be aware of that when you take this into consideration.

Blade wise, they come with the standard taper blade found on the grey Seniors and not the surgical blade seen on the 5 Star Seniors or Sterling Reflection Seniors (same thing as the 5 Stars.)

The underbelly of the clipper has a nice little contour to sit a bit more firmly in the palm. Not a bad addition, but not the most necessary in my opinion… But, of course, this is aimed more-so towards stylists with smaller hands…

The notches for the lever are a nice touch to Wahl Clippers. While most barbers are already used to the trigger play with the lever, it is a nice and helpful addition. Nice move, Wahl! But… there’s one problem…

Unlike another brand that has the notches, the notches on the Pilot don’t line directly with the adjustable lever, which may leave some people confused as to where the lever should be…

All the way closed the lever is not aligned to any notch, same goes for all the way opened. But, now there’s 4 notches rather than the typical middle and the in-between notches… So, is this supposed to mean more blending?

Now: The big issue… the motor…

I’ve found rotary motored clippers to give me the most problems. They snag on all types of hair and that isn’t helpful when trying to win over a new client. Trust me, if they get one tugged hair too many they’ll just say ‘FUCK IT!’ and find a new chair to sit in. Not fun. So, does this mean the Wahl Pilot suffers the same fate as other rotary motor clippers?

And the answer is…

Yes… Yes it does… Right off the bat, I found this clipper snagging hair like no other. Of couse, just as right above the clipper blades read, I always keep my blades oiled after every cut. Oiling the blade a bit more after each cut did help to an extent, but even so, all it took was one patch of hair too thick till this clipper got a snaggin’ again. DAMMIT!

I know what you’re thinking: “What type of hair was it?” Simple… The first head of hair it snagged on was thick and the second was fine hair, and it snagged on everything in-between. I found it to even snag on fine blonde hair! NOTHING SNAGS ON FINE BLONDE HAIR!

I do enjoy the way rotary motor clippers cut clipper over comb, but without the guard and straight to the meat – can’t do it. I don’t want to risk losing a client because a clippers performance isn’t up to par. So, this clipper won’t be used for anything under a 0 clip… I had high hopes for this thing too!

If you’re a cosmetologist who doesn’t cut anything below a 1 or a 0 guard, you should be fine with this clipper. But if you dare go down to the meat, I’d highly suggest finding something a bit more powerful, or invest in a few bottles of oil! Because that’s the only thing that will save your clients hair from being snagged, and that’s only if you’re lucky! I did find myself oiling this thing up a good 2-3 times per cut, when I usually only have to oil after a cut or even after every other cut!

But, hopefully someone else will have better results than mine…

Overall: While I do dig the smaller size of the clipper and the lighter weight, I think it needs that magnetic motor to really set things off. Had it had more power so it wouldn’t snag on any hair, I’d probably be able to look past the Like-A-Virgin toggle switch or the extra notch. But the fact that it snags that easily, even after a generous amount of oil, it’s hard for me to recommend this clipper over any other Wahl Clipper. I’ll definitely be keeping this thing around and using it for parts of the haircut after skin and for clipper-over-comb, but aside from that, I’ll be sticking with both pairs of Seniors to do the detail work. Damn shame, too! Especially since a Wahl rep told me the power would be in-between the v5000 and the v9000! Definitely feels a lot weaker than the v5000, that’s for sure!

So, don’t look to switch away from your Seniors, Magic Clips of Super Tapers for the Wahl Pilot. While it’s a fun addition to a clipper arsenal, it’s not the most necessary. I really wanted to love this clipper due to the smaller size and lighter weight, but I can’t look past performance over aesthetic. Performance comes first and foremost when it comes to barbering, at least when it comes to the tools you use.

Well, I hope y’all dug my first clipper review! I’ll definitely be reviewing more since I have better experience with em nowadays. So, stay tuned!

Until the next time, folks…

Pomp Hard!


Merry Christmas!




Pomade Review: Steel Toe Pomade

One thing I’ve liked about having my blog, was that it wasn’t limited to just the rockabilly cats. I know it’s been utilized by barbers, stylists, shops, models, gentlemen, ladies, and the list goes on and on and on. But, there’s another scene that’s taken a liking (at least I think a liking) to my blog, and that’s the hardcore/straight edge scene.

Was it surprising? Not really. Was it surprising that a straight edge cat would make a pomade? No. So, when Tanner Swift of Redeemer emailed me about his pomade, of course I had to try it out! I know a lot of hardcore kids like to stay slicked and want that pomade that’s made just for “them,” so, here’s that pomade!

Getting the can, the label design is clean and simple: A red boarder, reading “Steel Toe” on top and “Pomade” on the bottom, and a Popeye The Sailor aesthetic cat with a pomp and (steel toe boots,) with two anchors to the left and right of him. Now, I know a lot of older folks have been perplexed by this design. I won’t say why, but I’ll let you folks have your way in the comment section.

Opening it up, you see a nice pale, creamy looking pomade. Right out of the can, you get a strong scent of clover.


Now, Tanner was hesitant about emailing me, as he’s taken note of my distaste for wax-like “pomades.” Prior to receiving the pomade, he told me that the pomade was a lot waxier than most, and to be honest with the review, whether I liked it or not… Well, that’s what y’all dig, right? Honest reviews? And if anyone wants to say my reviews have been anything but honest, speak up now, or forever hold your peace!

Now, for the moment of truth…

As I’m prepping to scoop this stuff out, I got my fingers in The Claw mode and was ready to dive right in. To my surprise, it didn’t take all that much effort, and I ended up digging a whole lot of it out! Yeah, thanks for the “warning,” Tanner!


Surprisingly, this stuff wasn’t as waxy as I had imagined. Yes, it has a waxier base, as do a lot of home-brewed pomades go, but this one had a bit different texture to it- it was waxy, but as soon as you rubbed it in your palms, it melts away. This made it a lot easier to spread thoroughly into your hair, which is definitely nice.

After spreading it in my hair, combing it up was pretty smooth. The way it softens up, allows you to comb through with ease, without much of a drag or pull. While it isn’t waxy enough to make my waxy hair lay stick straight, it didn’t make my hair waxy like some products with similar textures.

Styling a pomp with this stuff isn’t a struggle at all. It combs through like a pomade, and holds your hair in place like a wax. Surprisingly, it held up really well in the heat! I mean, I drove down the freeway with my windows down and hair pomp’d high on a hot day, and the only hairs that got moved out of place was at my left temple, because it’s closest to the window; all the other hairs stayed in place! My pomp did not even split.


Once it settles, you get left with a slightly matte finish. It’s not entirely matte, as seen above, but it doesn’t have the sheen you’d get from regular petrolatum pomade, due to the waxier base. I know there’s a few of you that want something strong like some of the other pomades on the market, but don’t like the petrolatum/greasy sheen you get from em; so this may be right up your alley!

Overall, I have to say I’m really impressed with Steel Toe Pomade. Tanner definitely did his homework. For you cats liking wax-like holding products, but not the overly waxy texture, this stuff would definitely be choice. It’s strong enough to keep my wavy hair looking good, but not too waxy to make straight hair shoot straight out. The winning factor for me was the type if hold it offers, plus, it not being like what Tanner had “warned” me about. Maybe he intentionally made his pomade sound ‘bad’? Just kidding…

Big thanks again to Tanner. Real sorry for the late review, man!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!

Rebel Rousing: Call-Out


Now, for some people, comprehending what goes on with a blogger, is pretty much not there… which is fine, because ‘Blogging Ain’t Easy.’ But, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand, either. Although we all have pocket computers and wireless internet access, it doesn’t mean we don’t have things to do in the real world… Instagram takes up my time!

As noted quite a few times on here, I’ve been busy. If the lack of posts wasn’t a sure sign of it, my post stating the situation should’ve been a decent indication of what’s going on. But while I don’t have the time to update this blog as often as I used to, I tend to update folks via Facebook or Twitter, and still micro/photoblog via Instagram and Tumblr, which still allows me to reply to folks inquiries about pomade, rockabilly, and what not. Plus, there’s my email… which (as stated on Twitter and Facebook) lags; for whatever reason, I’ll get a flood of a weeks worth of emails in a single day. Now, add Tumblr “asks,” this blog’s comments, Twitter inquiries, Facebook messages, YouTube comments and messages, and general emails… You can only imagine how many replies I’ll be replying to!

While I do have an app. for my phone, which allows me to make posts and reply to messages, I’m very much “old school” when it comes to it, and I’d much rather sit down behind the computer to do it. For one, I can see exactly what I’ve typed 10 lines up, so I make sure that I don’t somehow end up repeating myself… Which I’ve done, sorry. Two, I prefer to give people long, detailed replies, so it’s more of a conversation, than a reply. And as some of you whom have emailed me know, my emails can get longreally long… Three, when I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll and can knock out the all of the comments on here, YouTube, “asks” on Tumblr, Facebook messages, and emails, in a couple of hours. Yes, couple of hours…

But, today I happened to take a look at the app. for my blog, because I noticed I haven’t gotten any emails in a while, and this is what I saw:

I didn’t set the comment section to be approved by the admin (myself) or automatically approved, for some reason, it goes both ways; some will be automatically approved and some will be pending.

Right after, I finally got that “ding” from my emails, so, I went to check on those. Flooded with YouTube comments, Tumblr “asks,” Facebook messages, general emails, and last but not least, this here blogs comments, I knew I had to make some time to get behind the computer this week. Until I saw this:

Ah… One of those…

Like I’ve said, understanding what goes on with a blog isn’t everyone’s strong point… And as I was about to give the cat some leeway, I noticed this…

Notice the time stamp with the comments.

I know people expect to be waited hand and foot on them, especially with technology nowadays, but really? Let alone, expecting to be waited on hand and foot on a Sunday? A Sunday MORNING? Let me just say, WOW…

I’ve met several cats and gals from this here blog. While I’ve only had the chance to have a drink with a handful of em, every single person I’ve met because of this blog have been awesome, and I’m definitely glad to have met you all! So, when someone apparently decides to call out my “character,” as seen in this quote:

“Evidently you’re no gent, nor will you ever.”

Well, I guess that’s something I’ll have to let the many people whom conversed with me outside of this blog will have to decide, as I don’t think your patience or lackthereof is in the proper position to judge ones character. It seems that all you wanted was a reply, and you got one. You got a post dedicated just to you!

But, since I’m replying, let’s make some points, shall we?

– The “Jelly-Roll” is quite different than the Conk. A black person cannot get the same effect as the Jelly-Roll as a white person could, and vice-versa. Different ethnicities = different hairstyles = different names.
– The “Detroit” is the same as a “Flattop with Fenders,” as is “Chicago Boxcar” is the same as a “Mac Curtis.” Hairstyle names vary from region to region, there’s no right or wrong. Same as “Cola,” “Soda,” or “Pop,” or the various combinations amongst the three.
– I get where you’re going with the greaser/Hells Angels thing, but I’m not even gonna bother…

Call it what you want, but names vary from era to era, region to region, story to story, family to family, and so on. We’re not limited to one or the other, just what you prefer or were raised with. If you were raised with calling a flattop a “flattop boogie,” then you’ll call it a ‘flattop boogie,’ while a cat up north will call it a ‘flattop.’ Who’s right and who’s wrong?

In the end, it’s all fun and games. You can be as offended as you want to be, seeing as me not doing anything has already done so. But, I like to add salt to the wound.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this post. I know I got a kick out of it.

I’ll be responding to the comments on my various outlets later this week, so if you haven’t gotten your reply yet, you will soon!

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy, Pomp Hard, and Blog Hard!

So, which one of you wanted to log into my email?

Contact Info Update

Hey folks,

I got word that some of the links in the contact info weren’t working, so I relinked them. So check out the contact info page, if you haven’t already!

On top of all of that, I’m (for whatever reason) locked out of my Facebook account. So if you’ve been trying to get in conctact with me through there, and haven’t heard a word from me, now you know why! I appologize, I have no idea what happened. I verified everything and I still can’t log in. So if you need to get ahold of me, just shoot me an email at, message me through Tumblr (female nudes accepted,) or tweet at me, and I’ll get back to you!

Thanks all.

Blog Update

Hey folks,

Sorry for the major lack of posts as of late. If you’ve seen my Facebook, you’ll see that I haven’t even been on there for some time! I’ve been focusing on some personal goals, which has changed up my lifestyle quite a bit. But hey, at least it’s positive changes, right?

Don’t worry, I promise that I’ll have a few posts up this week, and will be back on schedule right after New Years. Got more pomade reviews, styling tips, style tips, music reviews and a whole lot more. So sit tight and don’t let the… nevermind.

A big thanks to everyone for the support!

– Jan