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February 3, 2011.

I don’t know how many of you cats noticed, but I’m not one to celebrate a death anniversary. I mean, it should be obvious, or else I would’ve made posts about Ricky Nelson or Jackie Wilson. It’s not my thing and that’s just I roll.

But, when it comes to something like this, where 3 artists were lost, I mean… It’s a must. Especially considering how young two of them were. Well, all three, but Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly were really young.

For me, this type of tragedy really helps put things into perspective.

Think about it. Buddy Holly was 23 and Ritchie Valens was 18. When you take a look and see where you were at that age, and see what you’ve done so far, it’s sad to think how much they all could’ve done, given a few more extra years. For the younger cats, it’s just a couple of years, but for the older folks, it’s quite a few.

But, as fate would have it, they were taken at a point in their life where the only way they were moving was forward. Which is a good thing, as it would really put a different perspective on these guys, had they been in any “scandals” and or let themselves go, ie Elvis. But, they were at their prime, how they will always be remembered.


Here’s a few of my favorite songs from them all. There are a few that aren’t on youtube, so I’ma have to figure out how I’m gonna upload it from my library.


The Big Bopper – Walking Through My Dreams

Ritchie Valens – Come On Let’s Go

Buddy Holly & The Crickets – Maybe Baby

I’ll be posting a few more songs up on my tumblr, so head over there later on and check em out.

Tuesday Tunes

Today, you folks get a two-fer.

To some, Buddy Holly’s It Doesn’t Matter Anymore is a sad song. To others, empowering. I think it’s a sad song, not only because of what it’s about, but also because it happened to be his last single, before the crash. Regardless of how this song makes you feel, it’s a great song.

Now, Wanda Jackson covered this song in ’61, two years after Buddy Holly passed. Whenever I listen to her version, it sounds as if she’s singing this song about the loss of Buddy Holly. In turn, making a sad song, bittersweet.

These two are some of my top favorite artists and songs from both, respectively.

So folks, enjoy.

Tunes for Tuesday

When you hear Little Richard, you think, long wild hair, big bulging eyes, and ever so memorable, “WHOOOOOOOOO!”

But don’t forget, he was just as big in the 50s!

But I have to say, I sort of prefer Buddy Holly’s version more.


Soundtrack of my day.

Past couple of days, these few songs NEEDED to be played, at least once a day. They’re just such great songs. They’ll put you in a good mood, and you can cruise around with these few songs and just enjoy the day.

Eddie Cochran – Something Else

The Crows – Gee

(Buddy Holly and) The Crickets – Fools Paradise

Ritchie Valens – Come On Let’s Go

Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids – She’s So Fine

These are only a few, but trust me. There’s a whole lot more.

Found Buddy Holly…

Not in a foreign cheese commercial. But this time, in a AT&T Blackberry commercial titled “Rollercoaster.”

Song: Buddy Holly – Everyday

Oh Boy

One of my favorite songs, is Oh Boy by Buddy Holly.

I love how suddenly it starts. Unlike a lot of songs from that era, that had a little intro before the singing started. He just came out strong from the start. Not much else I can say about this song really… Just listen to it, and you’ll know what I mean.

I do enjoy the other “versions” of this song. But of course, you have to love the original.

Buddy Holly himself, on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Even though this movie was inaccurate, I still enjoyed The Buddy Holly Story, with Gary Busey. He didn’t do a good job “being” Buddy Holly, but I think he did a good job “covering” the songs.

And I love the Stray Cats version as well. It’s fun, and they definitely put their own feel into the song.

This is just one of the many great songs by Buddy Holly. But definitely, one of my favorites.

Buddy Holly’s Legacy

Lies with foreign cheese commercials?