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The Blasters: Fun On Saturday Night.

John Bazz from the legendary rockabilly band The Blasters gave me the opportunity to give you folks an exclusive first look into their new album, Fun On Saturday Night, releasing on July 3rd! Awesome, right?! Take a look at the new album cover.

And what’s a first look at a new album, if there’s no music to be heard!

He sent me their cover of Johnny Cash & June Carter’s, Jackson. Have ya heard of it? You know, that one couple… Now, we all know The Blasters is an all male group. So, who could they possibly have sing the female verses? Well, none other than Exene Cervenka from the legendary punk band X! Yeah, any more badassery and the world would implode.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to load the song through this site. But, I was however, able to load it onto my Tumblr! So, click here to head to my Tumblr, to get an exclusive sneak peak at this badass cover!

Big thanks again, John!

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy!

Tuesday Tunes

Nat Stuckey – Cut Across Shorty

Tuesday Tunes

Scotty McKay – Midnight Cryin’ Time

Tuesday Tunes

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys – When I Found You

Tuesday Tunes

Ronnie Dawson – Do Do Do

Tuesday Tunes

Johnny Burnette Trio – Hound Dog (Live)

Note: I don’t usually like to play the same artist the week after last, but man… It’s been a Johnny Burnette kind of week for me! Can’t stop it now!

Tuesday Tunes

The Johnny Burnette Trio – Honey Hush

Tuesday Tunes

Been jamming to this song a couple of weeks before Viva, but it more than applies to how I feel after Viva!

Little Jimmy Dickens – I Got A Hole In My Pocket