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Recap: Viva Las Vegas 16.

Unlike previous VLV trips, this one was last-minute. While we did have the rooms booked since last years VLV15, the original plans fell through and I had to figure out how I’d be able to make it out there without a plane ticket or a hotel room… Not exactly the ideal way to plan a trip, eh?! Plus, it wouldn’t be my best showing, since I hadn’t had that good ol’ VLV prep (dieting and all that good shit!) I figured- fuck it! And after a couple of phone calls, rushed packing, and a sketchy car with no radio, I was on my way to Viva Las Vegas 16!

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Viva Las Vegas 16.

Hey folks,

As we all know, I’ve been to the last two VLVs and they’ve been nothing but fun and amazing, especially since I’ve met a lot of cats and gals who read this here blog! In turn, I’ve also missed one too many Easter Sundays with my kid. So, I’ll be making this VLV16 my last VLV. I would skip this one completely, but it’s the right time for me to gain inspiration that will help mold my creative angle for my barbering career.

And hey, since this is my last VLV (at least for a while,) let’s make it worth while!

I’m looking to book haircut appointments for this upcoming Viva Las Vegas 16… last minute, I know… But, if you’re interested in booking a haircut appointment with me, I’ll be around from Friday to Monday. Shoot me an email to set an appointment.

Thanks all, I hope to see you all there and have a ball!

– Jan

Tuesday Tunes

The Modern Sounds – Alabama Shake

Per request of John Bazz. Thanks John!

Viva Las Vegas Is Rockstar Status?

Who woulda thunk it?

Now, this is my first VLV event. So, this is surprising to me. I know it happens but damn!

But from what I’ve heard about previous events, it seems that VLV has been getting more popular than ever. Selling out quicker than the year before, etc etc…

But wow… Really?

The lovely Miss Jessa Doll made a post about VLV tickets. Now, let’s take a quick look…

Reselling tickets to VLV?  

Really? The prices are ridiculous! I mean, I know someone who scored some tickets last-minute. And damn is she lucky! $410 for two tickets, with 16 and a half hours left…

Fuck. I know what I’m investing in for next year!

Tuesday Tunes

Simple because I was watching Viva Las Vegas yesterday. Why the hell not? Plus… Ann Margaret…. mmmmmmm…

Elvis Presley – Come On Everybody


It’s official!!!
Already booked the rooms for Viva Las Vegas, just need to book the flights and buy the tickets, and we’re good to go!


 I can’t wait.