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Video: Using Lucky 13’s White Lightning Pomade.

Here’s a quick little video introducing y’all to Murray’s Lucky 13 White Lightning Pomade. Don’t worry, it will get a thorough written review as well! I’ve been meaning to put all of em to use, but I haven’t had the “right” haircut, that would warrant using this cool line of pomades! So major apologies, I’ll be putting them to good use soon.

So, until I get a cool haircut from Chris aka Cream The Barber, here’s the video!

Video: How-To Apply Pomade

I know what you guys are thinking… “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

I know, I know… I thought the same thing. But, it makes sense… Now, a lot of you fellas (and ladies) got problems with your pomps splitting, uneven coating, or just really don’t know how to apply pomade. Most of y’all want to point fingers at the pomade you’re using… and for the most part, it’s not the products fault, but the user. So, hopefully this will help you folks figure out what’s missing in your styling repitoir, and will get you the pomp you’ve always wanted.

New Styling Video.

Have a totally different haircut this time around… And by totally different haircut, meaning I’ve NEVER had this¬†haircut before… Yeaaaaaaah… It’s umm…. different

Might as well make the most of it and show folks that you don’t need a pompadour specific haircut. While it does help, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have one, so don’t fret!

Thanks again Mareike for the carepackage!

Promo Code For Hairgum USA!

Alright folks! I got some good news and I got some bad news…

The bad news is, I haven’t made the how-to video yet… I know, I know… But for now, you all get part 2 of the blooper reel!


The video has been made!

After many fuckin’ takes, edits, and fuck ups, it’s here… Sorry Nick, I’m not using the original version. Why? You know why… Were you proud of it??? I didn’t think so. Can’t publish something you aren’t proud of, right? But if you folks want to see it, I’ll post it up.


I’m tired. Been awake since 6am, my beauty has been butchered by bugs from the yard, I have a gnarly headache, and all I want right now is some coffee and some good ol’ rockabilly tunes. If it doesn’t please you folks, I promise to make another one… In a year. Fuck this shit! So folks, here it is… Here’s the vid!

And now…


All you folks gotta do is head over to Hairgum USA and place your order!

Get all that greasy goodness, type in REBELROUSER, get a whopping 30% off¬†and you’ll get all of that greasy goodness coming to your doorstep in no time!
So click the pic to head over to their online store and place your order!

The promo-code will be up and running, up until July 4th! Just in time to keep you cats lookin’ slick, while pounding some PBR on the 4th!

So let’s all give a big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!