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WAYWT: 3/25/2011

Pleated Slacks.

Target “Do You Wanna Americana” Overalls.
“Chambray” Shirt w/ Floral Trim.
Engineer Boots.

Clean and Simple Pomp.

From It’s Something Hell’s.

Clean and Simple Pomp.

From Something Hell’s.

Cool Kids…

Wear motorcycle jackets. As depicted in the Family Guy.

Could've done without the spikey hair.

WAYWT/Schott Perfecto Fit

Todays weather gave me a perfect excuse to wear this jacket out ASAFP, and to take a WAYWT pic.

My hair doesn’t even look like a pomp in this pic. Fuck.

Schott Perfecto
Black Shirt
Levis 501
MdG Boots (I thought my other engineer boots would’ve been a bit “overkill” for the first wear out. Not like it made a difference, people looked at me like I was a ghost.)
DAX + Sweet Georgia Brown mix. Had a lot of volume in the front. And why did I chose to take a rear view pic? I don’t know.

The baby and the lady had to get in the mix too.

For those who do/do not know, Schott Perfectos… Or any motorcycle jacket for that matter. Fit short. Think about it. They’re designed to be used on a motorcycle. You wouldn’t want this jacket to be long, or else you’d be sitting on bunched up leather. How comfortable would that feel? Not very.
So by nature, these are short jackets. No, this isn’t small on me, and I settled for it just because. They’re just made that way, so deal with it. I appreciate that look, so fuck it.

And in respect, you have to wear jeans/pants that have a decent rise to em. Anything low rise, you’re lower back would be cold as ice by the time you’ve walked out of your house. Unless you want to look like the chick in Silversun Pickups’ – Lazy Eye music video, put on a proper length shirt and jeans. But, this look is definitely an A-OK for the ladies.

Levis 501s + Schott Perfecto = Perfection. The two work in harmony, and a synonymous with motorcycle clubs and greasers alike.

Damn, this is a great jacket.

The jacket that has eluded me over the years…

Is none other than the one and only Schott Perfecto. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted one.

I’ve even considered buying:

1) A Halloween Costume Jacket. I’m sorry, but I was cheap then.
2) A random womens one in the Philippines. Don’t ask. It was there, I tried it on, I don’t know.

But after trying this past weekend thrifting in San Francisco, I’ve given up on the search. The only jacket that I managed to find this weekend, was a size 42 Vanson. It was heavier than any jacket I’ve ever ran into, and was small as hell. Plus it was $300, and missing a belt. No way.

So after giving up on thrifting for one, I went to ebay for the last time. Only to find beat old up perfectos. As much as I appreciate wear and tear when it comes to clothing, this is something I need in a decent condition. So I would be able to my own wear and tear in it. Ebay had nothing for me. Sigh.

After giving up on ebay, I went to one place I haven’t tried in a few months. Craigslist. And to my surprise, there was one posting, for a size 46 Schott Perfecto.

Gave the guy an email, and waited impatiently over Labor Day. The next morning, I got an email, a few calls were made, and I was on my way to finally having that one staple I’ve wanted for so long…

Schott Perfecto

I was able to come to the conclusion, that this is an early 1980s perfecto. Oh well, not the same as a 50s or 60s, but it’s ok. I finalfuckinly have one, and that’s all that I really care about.

One way to identify the make, is that there is a Motorcycle rider on the tag, rather than a Bull. There is also now a white tag on the left, with MADE IN USA and the size. The cuff zippers are noticeably shorter. Almost half. It also has YKK on the main zip.

It is complete, with no seam tears, no missing buttons or removed belt, only maybe about one scrape, and not one from a fall either. The jacket is in perfect condition, to put my own wear and tear in. And I am fuckin stoked. Fit pics to come.

I’m not a cornball, I wear my clothes and don’t leave them in the closet. Luckily for me, the weather just got colder. Time to break this bad boy out “ASAFP.”

The jacket I just will never seem to own…

A Schott Perfecto…

Not because of their price… But because thrifting for one, is nearly impossible. Plus being able to thrift for one, in a size that will fit me, is also tough as shit. On top of it all, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SIZE I WOULD BE!!! Some people have recommended a size 42… And a while back, I bought an A-2 in a 42, and it’s small in length in the jacket and the sleeves. So am I a 44, or be safer with a 46, since Perfectos fit smaller?

It’s been┬áseven years since I first wanted a “motorcycle jacket.” As that was the only term I knew for one.

T-Bird Strut

Got choices of brass hardware and silver… I’d go with the brass personally…

You gotta also personallize your jacket. Sonny, even though he isn’t wearing a Perfecto, he has his jacket personalized with a lucky rabbits foot, on the zipper.

Johnny StrablerMarlon Brando as Johnny Strabler in The Wild One, has his personalized with his name embroidered near his left shoulder. And on the epaulettes, he has one star in the middle, of each of em. And of course, B.R.M.C on the back.Recently found a jacket made by Schott but under a different name (I forget,) which was styled after his in the movie. Of course, it didn't have the name or B.R.M.C., but it did have the 2 stars. But, I need to have an original. Not a sister brand.Shia LaBeouf

HEAVILY styled after Marlon Brando in The Wild One, Mutt Williams played by Shia LeBouf also has his perfecto jacket personalized. Though I’m sure it’s not by Schott, they pretty much styled him head to toe like Brando. With of course, a few different personal details. On his right “lapel,” it’s covered in several pins and “Mutt” on the left.
Just for the record, I HATED Shia’s hair in the movie. It didn’t resemble anything except for suck. Sorry.

The ever elusive Schott Perfecto, will someday, be in my possession. Hopefully sooner than later, because it should be getting cold here soon. If someone has a 44-46 to let go off, aloha back. Because it’s been freakin seven years since I’ve wanted this jacket!