Pomade Review: Murray’s Black Beeswax

Alright folks. If you couldn’t tell by how soon I’m doing a review for this shit, I’m pretty excited for it. Why? Because this shit is black! Nothing more exciting than some funky colored pomade! Which is why I love Sweet Georgia Brown.

Now. For those who can’t figure it out on there own, this shit will STAIN EVERYTHING. And by everything, I mean your jackets, your sheets, your tan Frenchie, whatever. It’ll stain it. And I wonder why… BECAUSE IT’S BLACK! So be forewarned!
And for the cats with girlfriends or wives, hopefully she’s grown an understanding for your hair products, or tolerates it. Because if you get this gunk on her blouse or dress, you’re gonna have some problems on your hands. And for those who don’t care what their ladies think, well… They won’t stick around long enough anyways, so you’ll be able to stain as you wish.

On with the show.

Murray's Black Beeswax

Now… If you see this, you’ll think that it’s in a black plastic canister. WRONG. The canister is clear, and the wax is pitch black. So it’s hard to miss it. Plus, it has bright yellow text around it. It’s like when there’s a hornet around, you can just know it’s there. (Too corny? Oh well.)

And as it reads. BEESWAX. It is not a pomade. And hey, some fellas prefer to use wax instead of pomade for their hair, so why not? Wax is a little harder to mold into your hair, without heating it up (while in your hair,) with a blow dryer. There is no way you’ll melt it evenly, unless you stick it in the oven. And I’m sure you don’t want to do that.


This stuff is black, because it’s meant to be used for people with dark hair. Or for the older cats, to hide the grey hairs. And for those of us with black hair who’ve used a non black wax, you know how it fucks up your hair. You’ll look like you’ve stood in a dandruff snowstorm for a few hours. So this stuff won’t look all flaky in your hair, making it look good and very matte.

And if you guys think this will spread on clear. HAH.

Don't mind the foot.

Yeah, shit’s pretty cool, I think.

Blondies Need Not Apply. Unless you want black hair, of course.

This stuff is thick. Not overly thick, but thicker than Murray’s Superior. Which means you’ll have a very stiff hold. As I’ve said, unless you use a blow dryer to melt it, it’ll be very hard to mold your hair. Unless you like 45 degree angled pomps. But for the rest of us who like full, flowing pompadours, you gotta melt it.

There is absolutely no sheen with this stuff, whatsoever. And for me, I need the sheen. So I applied a very little bit of Dax in the purple tin, which in turn also softened up the wax a bit. Not a bad combo if I do say so myself.

Luckily, my lady just bought us some black pillow sheets. So I’ll be able to hide this shit for a little bit longer. But I don’t think I’d be using this stuff everyday. Not that it’s a bad wax, but it’ll stain the fuck out of your shit. Which is never a good look.

Here’s the end result, without the Dax in it.

Not too shabby, just a little tough.

For those looking for a good alternative to High Life Voodoo Brew, this is the stuff… Voodoo Brew is just a dark version of High Life wax, to hide the flakes. And that stuff isn’t the cheapest. So with this shit being $3.99 give or take, I’d say it’s worth the switch. Plus, your wallets will love ya.

Overall, not bad. Not a black pomade, but still pretty cool. A great alternative to High Life Voodoo Brew, and shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this review.

Until then,

Pomp Hard.


20 responses to “Pomade Review: Murray’s Black Beeswax

  1. Now I get it much because I want to change the dressing themselves very much to see and concepts.

  2. this stuff is good i tried it and i loved it u cant go wrong with this stuff thats for the review keep it up

  3. Hello from Thailand, Jan. First off, I really enjoy your blog and have been reading it long enough to end up buying an I-can’t-use-it-up-in-a-5-year-time stock of pomades! Of course, all of them must be imported from the US or Europe.

    I wanna have my comments on this Murray’s black beewax. This stuff just isn’t worth it, especially with shipping and customs included. The worst part is its plastic container. I tried to melt the wax/pomade with a hairdryer, like I do with SGB or Dax. It eventually melted, not just the wax but also the container and the lid couldn’t close anymore.

    The wax itself is hard to work with. The finish is too matte, even dull. And it smelled like I’d put car wax on my hair (as per my son’s comment). By the way, I don’t wear a pomp. Just use pomade to make a slightly higher quiff to my side-parted business hair style.


    • Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoy the blog. I know that a lot of folks have grown an affinity for pomade because of it, and I’m glad!

      Sorry to hear about the beeswax. I know that it’s one of those products that will get damaged while enroute, and it’s not because of the handlers! The plastic container really does an injustice to the product, as even for me, it’s difficult to grasp, while having to dig the stuff out. But hey, at least it’s another one to add to the collection, yeah?

      – Jan

  4. not sure if the black beeswax is made with petrolatum too–as is the normal murray’s beeswax–but this leads to me to suspect that this product is a pomade/beeswax mix?

  5. Jan,
    Did this wax transfer it’s “blackness” to everything, pillowcases, the head rest on the armchair etc.? I’ve a few grey hairs that need covering up and I’ve actually seen this stuff in merry olde England and it isn’t that expensive.

    • Sean,

      It doesn’t, surprisingly. The most transfer you’ll get from this stuff, is when it’s in your hands. After that, you shouldn’t have to worry about it greasing up your pillowcases. Unless it’s hot and it literally melts, then you might fall into a bit of trouble, but I highly doubt it.

  6. Did you test the “normal” version of it? How it compares to red Dax?

  7. Love your reviews! When I was a kid I used Royal Crown and Nu Nile phasing out the greasier RC over time.. I live in DC and the heat and humidity melts a lightly greased pomp in a hot minute! A couple years ago I bought a jar of Murrays 100% Australian bees wax. It’s yellow, not black. And it works pretty well. However, after reading a lot of your reviews I feel like I need to reexamine my love of a matte pomp! Any reccos on a high gloss, high heat pomade?


    • Hey Harry,

      I’m glad you like em!

      Instead of looking for a new product, try mixing what you’ve already got. I mean, might as well, if you’ve already got em on hand, right?

      Try styling your hair with the Beeswax or Nu-Nile, then lightly glaze the top of it with the Royal Crown. This way, you get the hold from the heavier stuff (Nu-Nile/Beeswax) yet, get the killer shine from Royal Crown. It’s the best of both worlds. Go with a 90/10 ratio.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  8. Hey man after reading this review I picked up Murray’s Pure Australian Beeswax. This is the one thats not black. And this stuff was worked great! I use murray’s superior but this stuff is probably gonna getting used a lot more. Thanks again for all the reviews! Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Mario,

      Glad the reviews helped!

      I agree, I very much-so prefer Murray’s Beeswax to Murray’s Superior. It just works a whole lot better all around. Plus, it’s surprisingly easier to wash out, considering it’s a wax!

      – Jan

  9. I finally got round to tracking down a jar of this in the UK, the cost works out as $2.17 in your money and very little in mine (£s). The hold is good, it styles extremely well. The colour is black and the shine I’m getting with it is ace. I tried another black beeswax about six months ago and it did nothing for my hair, no hold, no shine however this is Murray’s and is not as firm as Superior but beeswax will give you a very firm hold. It gets 4 stars from me, maybe 5 after a week’s use.

  10. PS
    Slept on white pillowcases last night and woke up this morning with, guess what? Yeah that’s right totally white pillowcases, this stuff stays in your hair and doesn’t tranfer, I went to bed with black hair and woke up with black hair, good stuff!

  11. Okay, a week’s worth of wearing the black stuff, and yes towards the end of the week it did transfer to my pillowcase, much to the annoyance of my wife! I will give this pomade a five star rating despite the transfer of colour, I mean you put pomade in your hair so it’s got to transfer onto your pillow case, right? Imixed a little Murray’s Superior into the black beeswax and even that worked out okay, really firmed up the hold.

  12. FInally got mine today from Murray’s! and my tiny can of superior, first off, this shit smells like a melted crayon! I thought it was funny, I can’t wait to use it, they sent me a tube of beeswax lip balm, I was hoping for some stickers or something.

  13. What’s the difference between this and the regular Murray’s beeswax? Is it heavier?

  14. The only difference is the colour, they are both the same hold. However, I favour mixing in a square of Murray’s Superior just to firm up the beeswax and it works a treat

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