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While pin-up girls covered in Sailor Jerry esque tattoos, doing the same poses Bettie Page has done over and over again are nice to see, this blog isn’t your typical rockabilly or greaser blog. You won’t find zombie pin-up girls, psychobilly sky high pomps, or your skinny male models posing for GQ on this site. Why? Simply put, there are tons of blogs out there that have that. Hell, even people who aren’t into rockabilly, still have their pages plastered with Bettie Page and pin-ups alike.
Personally, I’m a fan of everything pre 1960s, classic cars and trucks without 20inch rims, and pretty much everything and anything greaser. Not these skinny “greaser models” you see up in the magazines and shit. But the guys who raised their families while still sticking to their guns, had stern handshakes, and didn’t let anyone tell them otherwise. Almost as if they were casted from Johnny Cash himself.
Every pompadour I post, are full greasy pompadours. None of that hollow, shield like pompadours you see all over youtube and such. If you got a badass pomp, I’ll probably post it. And with pompadours, comes the different kinds of pomades to style them up.
There are tons of pomades out there, and I’m trying to review the ones that have some sort of clout behind them. And testing to see if they hold up as well as people on the internets claim them to be. Some have met their expectations, many have been lack luster.

That’s pretty much it, I guess…

Oh yeah, I do not own every photo on here. I do not claim to, unless noted otherwise. Or if it’s a picture I took myself, duh. Also, I try my best to link or give credit to the picture source. Unless there wasn’t any.

So just kick back and let’s enjoy the ride.

54 responses to “About the Blog

  1. I’ve been using Lucky Tiger Butch Control Wax for a few years, now. Love to see you review it. No, I don’t work for them.

    • Thanks for stopping by Mike.

      I’ve heard of Lucky Tiger, but never really took the time to look into it.

      I’ll try and grab some after New Years. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Rebel Rouser I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blogs. I embraced my desire to be a greaser a year or so ago and there is no turning back for me. I so enjoy the culture, folks and music. To me my pompadour with DA are the outward sirns of who I am and I love the look. I very much appreciate your thoughts and reviews of various pomades. Great, Great Great! I am a purest and would never use the water based as I tried layrite and thought it was crap and dried out in a few hours. I love your “cocktail” idea and now use a heavy for the base (High Light heavy or Voodoo brew) and a light coat of a medium (royal crown/madcats 65w) over and I get great lift, sheen and hold. Mirvana for me. Thank You!

    • just finally cut my mohawk and got a tapered cut at the barber still need to grow the sides out more to have the full effect of a true pomp. so, the pomade writeup is very helpful for me. thanks!

  2. How do I follow you? Will this subscribe me?

  3. Hey man you inspired me to start my own blog, check it out if you got a minute. http://genericfun.blogspot.com/

    • Hey man,

      I checked out the blog yesterday, and I liked the backround image you had. I see that you’ve changed it up today, still a good look.

      Keep it up, post original shit, and you’ll get some loyal readers.

      I don’t think I have all that many people who regularly look at my blog, but it’s not the numbers that matters… It’s the… Well, fuck it. It’s pretty much is. Just kidding.

      Have fun with it, and it’ll form as you go along.

  4. Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate the feedback.
    Just keep doin what you’re doin and I’ll more than likely be following.

  5. Dear Rebel Rouser
    Really enjoying your blog. Really informative and great for someone like me who’s just a little obsessed with pomade.
    Check out my UK based website where I sell pomade and a number of other products http://www.lostjohns.co.uk
    I’m gonna be bringing out my own pomade very soon and would love to send you a tin!
    Lost John

    • Hey Lost John,

      Thanks for swingin’ by, glad you enjoy the blog! I dig the site, not “traditional” but it’s got it’s own vibe, and I like that. Great selection of pomade as well!

      Shoot me off an email, therebelrouser@yahoo.com. I’d like to hear how you’re coming along with the pomade!

      – Jan

  6. Hey man, love the site. I stumbled onto it by accident, here is my story. I have been wearing grease in my hair since high school. (Born and raised in Modesto, CA now living in Nor Cal) I have been using a small amount of Brylcreem as a base and then some American Greaser Supply 40wt pomade as the top coat. (not a whole heck offa lot but enough) I have straight hair and luckily go to an old school barber shop up here. Anyway, I usually but my AGS pomade 3 at a time from the Grease Shop but found out AGS Co may no longer be in existence. Bummer cause I really liked this stuff. So I started searching for pomades similar to it and have settled on trying Sweet Georgia Brown. (all 3 types) I like a lighter weight pomade with plenty of sheen and a good masculine scent, (not into the “metro-sexual” nonsense) and your detailed descriptions were awesome! I am an old school kinda guy like you. I started shaving with a double edge razor more than a year ago and am enjoying it as part of my daily morning routine along with greasing my hair. I have been using Suave for men deep cleansing shampoo for many years and it works quite well for removing the grease and has a good masculine scent. I do 2 applications, once in a while 3 and it does pretty good. I am happily married with 2 kids, boy and a girl and still drive my 1st car-1973 Chevy Nova. Mostly all original down to the 250 ci in line 6 motor with 250,000 + miles on it. My Dad bought it off an old lady for $500 (bless his heart) and I have had it ever since. I picked up some old school slotted mags for it off of craigs list a couple of years ago for 60 bucks in horrible condition. I researched how to clean them up and about a month later I had me some shiny, tough looking rims which completely transformed the look of my car. Its not in the greatest shape-faded original paint, need new seats, carpet, dash, and paint job but it still turns heads. My 4 year old son loves driving in it and I will pass it on to him when he comes of age. We all love the golden oldies and pretty much all we listen to. I also like old shool hard rock and heavy metal. But for the most part at home and in the car doo wop golden oldies. Anyway, thats my story. Thanks for the cool blog and pomade reviews. Check in later!

    • Hey Paco,

      Thanks for sharing the story man! I can always appreciate a story about a the whole father and son first car moment. Unfortunately, I never really had that moment, so I gotta do my best to get a car, fix it up so I can use it, then fix it up again when my kid is ready to drive it. Luckily for me, she already loves driving fast!

      I’ve been meaning to start using a straight razor, but the way my kid loves to hang around me while I shave, it don’t think I can. I don’t think I can risk her shaking me and having a two piece jugular.

      That’s rad that you got your ’73 Nova still runnin’ strong and puttin’ the miles on it. An old buddy of mine had one, but just let it sit in the drive way. Poor thing, I’m sure it could still go the distance too.

      Thanks for stumblin’ by!

      – Jan

  7. Wow, Great Stuff. I so appreciate this blog and your advise and tips. I always loved the “vintage pomp” look but it took me quite a while to get the courage, let my hair grow, and find a barber who could help me achieve the look. I now have a full pomp with a great DA as well. Love it. So, Pomade is important to me. Love hearing about what is out there and tips. It is so much more then a hairstyle for me as it defines who I am and believe in and is my outward testimony to that. I just found a “cocktail” that I want to share with a Murray’s hair product called Hair Glo. When I got my first real hair cut at Tomcat’s in Brooklyn, NY the barber gave me a tin of hair glo to welcome me to the fold. I used it a couple of times but it was all grease and no hold and I looked flat and wet. It became a member of my collection but not used. I am a fan of heavy pomades and High Life is my product of choice. I use a hair dryer to get it blended into my hair and have no problems all day and rather easy to comb. The only problem… no shine at all. I was going on a hot date with my wife this week end and wanted to look my best. I washed the hair dried and put my high life in and the pomp looked great. I though how can I get some sheen in this and I thought of your “cocktail” blogs like this one. I looked at my collection and grabbed the Murray’s Hair glow. Took a small bit worked it in hands and put a coating all over followed by a bit more. Re-combed and of my f___in god ——-Nirvana—-Awesome—-hold and incredible shine!!!!! Even my wife told me my hair looked great and it took her awhile to embrace my new style. Thanks again for all you do for all of us believers! So enjoy “pomping hard”!

    • Kley,

      I’ve gotten about nearly a dozen of these comments! They’ve shown up as spam, so I just cleared them. Cuz I mean, nearly a fuckin dozen!

      Of course, thanks for the kind words. And let me know if they were meant to be that man posts!


      Thanks man.

      – Jan

  8. Hey, Fedora Lounge member here; The Good. I wanted to let you know that your blog is quite informative on the different kinds of pomades out there. I’m currently going through Brylcreem and Dax Wave & Groom (the red can), but I wouldn’t mind experimenting with something else next time, maybe Royal Crown?

    • Sup Bud,

      To be completely honest, I wouldn’t expect your name to be Ray. No offense, but I was expecting something wholesome. Then again, you look younger than you are (from pics.)

      As far as RC goes, I’d stay away from the typical RC Haordressing, as it it very similar to Brylcreem.

      If you’re looking for something rather similar, but less greasy with more hold, but not as much as Dax alone, definitely go use Black & White by Pluko. Or even B&W Light, which would be a bit greasier than typical B&W.

      You have fine hair, which would work with any product, regardless. But I’d personally think that B&W would suit you right. It’s perfect for those in-between a contour and a pomp. It’ll have just the right amount of sheen, so you’re not too confused with the whole greaser look.

      I’d suggest even the purple tin Dax, but you seem ok with the products that are meant to stay in your hair.

      I’m almost surprised we haven’t ran into eachother.

      You’re in Northern California, right? What part?

      – Jan

  9. Ive been a fan of all types of music my whole life, but my moma raised me listening to 50s and 60s music so thats always been home for me. I recently had my long hair beatles thing goin on but I chopped it because i thought it was preventing me from geting a job. Since Elvis was one of my most favourite musicians i was influenced to get a pomp goin. now Ive been goin to the same lady to cut my hair for a few years now, and she doesnt really know how to cut a pomp. I dont wanna just ditch her so do you have any suggestions on what to tell her when i get a cut? and do you have any tips on styling?? I use layright and I like the classic looking pomps.
    love the blog.. – thanks

    • Hey Shane,

      That’s awesome that your moms music influenced you. My mom was more of a Beatles, Monkees, Beach Boys , mid 60s Elvis gal, herself. So she doesn’t exactly “get” the rockabilly music I listen to!

      As far as how to tell your lady to cut it… It really depends what you’re looking for, in a pompadour. If you want it high or low profiled, tapered, with or without a ducktail, with a part, without a part, etc. It’s a common misconception that there’s a “specific” haircut for a pompadour, but realistically, it’s just the styling. Which takes a bit of trial and error, as everyone has different hair, of course.

      But as I’ve told many other cats, who are looking to get a pompadour, try to find a picture of someone who has their hair with and without pomade, and show it to your stylist. It’ll give them a visual, which gives them a much better idea of what you want. Because I’ve seen everything from a bowl cut styled into a pomp, dudes who have the front hairs as long as 7-8 inches and the rest of their hair at less than an inch, to everything in between and more.

      Styling wise, as mentioned, a lot of trial and error. I’ll be making a quick how-to video, within the next week or so, so stay tuned for that.

      As far as classic button ups go, I’m cheap, so I just get my shit from Target. They actually have some classic looking shirts, that really get the job done. But there’s always thrifting. Or, being a surfer and all, you can go the route that surfers did, and get some Board Shirts by Pendleton. They’re a little up there, but they’re amazing. And hey, The Beach Boys wore em, and I dig the Beach Boys, can’t go wrong with that.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  10. forgot to ask……
    I tend not to think of myself as “a greaser” just so i dont deal with people calling me a poser and and stuff, im more of a surfer at heart, shorts, sandals, tee shirts, who likes some good old music and styling..but some times i like to look spiffy, you know anywhere i can get some classic lookin button ups?

  11. Hey Jan,

    Just thought I’d let you know about a few purchases I’ve made recently.
    Firstly I picked up some SGB in tghe blue tin….quite similar to Dax W&G, but it doesn’t seem to straighten out the waves in my hair like the Dax does. Still, worth having though.
    Secondly, and the main reason for writing here, I got some Cock Grease X. This stuff is awesome, suits my hair down to the ground. Great vanilla candle smell too. If my first foray into the waxy type pomade, with SGB & Dax being the clear, gluey type. This stuff is thick white, not opaque.
    I’d love to see a review of this stuff, see how it compares to others you try. It says made in USA on the can, so you should be able to pick some up pretty easlily. I gotta ship mine in from Germany, Pomadeshop.eu.
    Where about in Nor Cal are you?

    • Russell,

      Glad you picked up some Sweet Georgia Brown. It’s a classic and a definite must have. The tin design, color of the pomade, and scent is worth having.

      As far as the Cock Grease goes, I’ve surprisingly gotten A LOT of requests for the review for it! I’ve talked to Rea a few times about the products, and I planned on getting some from her when I ran into her. But I guess I may need to contact her sooner, as the demand for the review has been pretty high! I’ve heard great things about it and she’s a great gal. So I’m sure it’s a great product.

      I’m from The Bay Area, not too far away from San Francisco.

      – Jan

  12. Couple of typo’s there, excited about pomade!

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  14. Hey, sorry to bombard you with questions but you are certainly the go to guy for anything pomp related. Last question, I promise! I have been having an issue with waking up in the morning and finding some crazy cowlicks on the side of my head I sleep on. I can’t tame these crazy bastards!! Adding more pomade, blow drying to make sure my hair is coated evenly, brushing and brushing, I can’t get them to lay down!!! I’ve tries sleeping with something on my head but alas, nothing will remain on my dome when I sleep. What can i do to tame these renegade hairs?

    • Haha, no worries man!

      Natural cowlicks are one of the toughest things to deal with, especially when sporting a pompadour.

      A few people have gone to the lengths of using hair relaxers, so the hair is limp and will go any direction. You can also try sleeping with a du-rag on. While it may seem weird, it’s something used by “non-coloreds” for decades.
      Another thing you can do, is look into boar hair brushes/military brushes. They work really well, when it comes to slicking down the sides and taming the hair properly. Definitely something you should check out.

      Hopefully this solves your problem!

      – Jan

  15. first of all, hi to everyone, can anyone who uses this site recomend a good barber in the uk, preferably in staffordshire or the west midlands who can do a good pomp, i’ve searched in google but i’m feeling lost, plus i’m new to the scene so any advise would be great,, the pomade that i’ve started to use is cock grease,, thanks sean

  16. sorry forgot to say this is my wifes facebook address, just so as not to confuse anyone,

  17. hi folks, quick question to Jan, i’ve just come across the stickers on the blog, how do we go about getting one or two,, many thanks Sean

    • Hey Julie,

      Thanks for the inquiry about the stickers! Unfortunately, I’m currently out. I should be getting more in this month and hopefully get a new design later this month or next!

      – Jan

  18. thanks go out to Jan for the info on the stickers,, will be good to get a few over here in the uk,, keep pompin’ Sean

  19. amo tu maldito blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    las criticas a las pomadas son lo mejor, aqui en colombia se consiguen algunas marcas (sobre todo a base de agua) y las otras (clasicas) solo se pueden comprar en linea y son costosas, por favor haz una critica o una reseña a murray`s pero la de verdad!!!!

  20. Jan!- Hope all is well in the world of The Rebel Rouser! So listen, I’m in a little bit of a predicament. I have wavy/thick hair and I prefer to wear my hair in a side part= Mad Men/ Boardwalk Empire. However, sometimes the back of my hair gets a little crazy. Cowlicks and such. I just ordered Layrite Super Hold and both Sweet Georgia Brown (both red and blue). Is there any other pomade I should try out? Preferably, a water based. Anyways, thanks for a really good blog and I hope to hear from you! Peace.


  21. Hey jan I just was wondering if I could make a request for a pomade for you to review? If yes I want you to review tuxedo club pomade it’s an ok pomade (better pick some up soon I hear it’s been discontinued) but you can get it online from the pomade shop.eu

    • I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve been trying to find some locally (hence why I don’t have any yet!)

      After VLV passes, I’ll definitely be putting in an order with Pomade Shop!

      – Jan

  22. Rebel,
    I’m just getting my feet wet in all things pomp. Thanks for putting together such an informative blog. I have learned a lot already just from reading your reviews. I currently use Monkey Brains, and really like it. Downside is my wife hates the smell, and my forehead is breaking out a lil. I’m now on the prowl for a new water based pomade to use. I found a product that is right up your alley for a review….Imperial Classic. Claims it is the best water based pomade on the market. $20.00 for 6oz. Just wondering if u have heard about or used this product.


    • I forgot to tell where to find it. Imperialbarberproducts.com. Says it is currently unavailable. But do have a pretty good write up on it.

    • Hey,

      I’ve heard about Imperial Classic. I’ve been asked to check it out a few times. I didn’t know it was a water-soluble pomade, so thanks for letting me know. I’ll take a closer look into it.

      – Jan

  23. I was referred here because I wanted to read about pomade. There is much pomade.

  24. Great Blog – good info!
    I especially liked your review of Tres Flores Brilliantine – it’s my fave, and I’ve tried a lot of grease over the years.

  25. Hey Jan, great blog! Please review The Iron Society and all lines of Cock Grease. Thanks!

  26. hey,
    Love the reviews very helpful for a beginner like me, i have a couple of questions
    1. i got THICK wavy ass hair what pomade should i use.?
    2. i already tried Murray’s Superior But for some reason my black hair turns to a sort of white color to it. how can i fix that?
    3. what pomade combinations provide a good hold & sheen.!
    Hope to hear from you soon man.! & thanks again.!!!!

  27. hey, im fairly new to pomade im looking for a good pomade with lots of hold i used vo5 pomade before but its pretty bad any advice?

    • Joey,

      Anything, haha.

      What type are you looking for specifically? Dax, Kustom Kreeps, Lucky 13, Hairgum, etc. There’s a ton of brands with much stronger holds than V05.

      – Jan

  28. Thanks for the tips on getting pomade out. I found your blog while searching for ways to remove some horrible “Toni & Guy” product that someone persuaded me to try, which is still there after 7 shampoos with 3 different brands! Love your cuts. Now have to encourage husband to grown his super/thick hair & venture to your shop next time he’s in SF. He’s worried about having a ‘high maintenance’ cut. Any tips?

    • Hey Naomi,

      Sorry for such a late reply.

      Glad to have helped!

      If he’s looking for something that’s low maintenance, it’ll depend on his hair type. Certain hair types aren’t as manageable as they grow out past a certain length as some, and vice versa. If you have a pic of his hair, I can probably figure something out.

      Shoot me an email: therebelrouser@yahoo.com

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