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Thanks For The Support!

As the title says… Thanks!

Thanks Jesse!

Thanks Wink!

Big thanks to Jesse and Wink!

Finally, When Two Become One.

No, this is not about the Spice Girls getting back together.

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The 4th of Ju-ly weekend brought out a whole mess of people. But it also brought out some badass cars!

Spotted these two gems over the weekend.


I have my eyes set on a Chevy short bed. Soon enough my friends, soon enough. Well, at least I like to think so!


Spotted this dope 53-55 Chevy Impala 1960’s Bel-Air right infront of Self Edge a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, this gunboat was badass. Definitely got more attention than the scantily dressed hipsters, in their short shorts and undercuts. Well, I’m not saying I WASN’T looking at them, but you get the picture!


[Edit* 7/2/2011]

Wow, apparently my head was up an ass when I made this post. Fixed! Big thanks Senior Corona!


Saw a sweet Chevy 2500 the other day. This thing came all the way up from Mexico, and let me tell you. It was clean as hell.

Nothing beats a clean and simple paint job. I don’t care who airbrushed your car, put that sparkle in the paint, pinstriped whatever. Nothing will beat a classic car or truck with a classic, simple paint job.

All the chrome was polished, paint was clean without any spots whatsoever, and well… Needless to say, this truck was hot. What made me really love the truck even more, was that it was a family truck. They had a baby seat in the middle, just like I would have if I had one of these, or a C10. If only, right? Soon enough folks, soon enough.

The beauty of this truck eclipses my car in the backround. Damn, this was a good looking truck. ANYONE GOT SOMETHIN’ FOR SALE???

Road Zombies Car Club Night

Forgot to post this, as I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to it or not.

Since I’m sort of celebrating my 24th birthday this Saturday, hey… why the hell not, right?

I’ve been watching videos about the Road Zombies, so this is definitely something I don’t want to miss. Rain or shine, it’s gonna be a blast. I wish I had a fuckin cool car, so I can be a prospect. Who want’s to start a modern SUVcar club?

4WDCC? Black SUVCC, BSUVCC? Fuck my car sucks…

Saturday is gonna be a long ass day for me.

San Francisco in the morning, Richmond for the evening, Brisbane at night. I better be able to sleep in this Sunday.

If you cats don’t have anything to do, definitely come out. The Road Zombies have some amazing cars. So you can bet your new 501s that I’ll be snapping some flicks.

Straight Scumbaggin’ It!

Most of America see’s greasers to be those leather clad clowns in Yoyogi Park in Japan. While I admire those guys for what they do, because they clearly do it cuz they love it (whatever the hell it is,) they are far from greasers. But hey, if that’s what hipsterbillies wanna think greasers are, be my guest.

And note, just because you have a pompadour, doesn’t mean you’re a greaser. It’s not just a look. It’s a lifestyle, an attitude, a point of view, and what they call, a backbone. And it’s not about starting fights, tight black jeans, or singing on top of some bleachers, so get it straight.

There ain’t no prissy shit goin’ on here. Too scared to get your jeans dirty or rip holes in em? Don’t wanna spill beer on your H&M flannels? Then you’re looking at the wrong blog, son. But if you need help finding blogs that might fit your prissy needs, I can show you the way.

This video is pretty fuckin awesome. Why? These dudes are straight up grimy and don’t give a fuck. And I’m not huge car buff, but these guys got some sweet rides, that they drive the fuck out of.

Check it out. Kids wanna know what “modern day greasers” look like and what they do, well. This pretty much sums up how they have themselves a ball. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I can’t allow myself to get that drunk anymore. But damn is it fun.

In short, just a whole lot of badassery goin’ on.

The owner of the video needs to change the title from Rockabilly to Greaser Party or some shit.

When you’ve got two classics, together…

It’s hard not to share it with everyone.

Who doesn’t love Wanda Jackson? She’s 100 times better than any of the ladies singing today. Sorry ya’ll, just calling it how I see it. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you!

And I grew up with black and white Betty Boop. Who doesn’t love her??? Apparently some of the creeps on youtube looove her… And I’ll never love a cartoon in that manner. Always loved her appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Which reminds me, I need to hunt for that DVD! I’m pretty sure my VHS copy is destroyed…

But when you have these two ladies together, along with some Japanese shit, it just makes perfect harmony.

Wanda Jackson w/ Betty Boop – Fujiyama Mama

Rebel Yell.

When Rock n’ Roll was kicking down the walls in the 50s, that was rebellious as it is. How do you rebel against that? How can you?

Even though his singing voice is pretty calm, this song was his rebel yell. Bobby Martin released a song, which title was going against rock n’ roll at the time. “I Ain’t Gonna Rock,” is pretty hard hitting, considering the height of rock n’ roll at the time. It was like punching rock n’ roll in the face!

The group was originally named Bobby Martin & The Tune Twisters. But that name didn’t last long. As they changed labels, the label added something that would contradict that whole song. Bobby Martin & The Rockin’ Tune Twisters. Pretty much punched that song in the face!

Either way, this song has been playing non-stop in my car. Definitely a great song. And definitely something to add to your playlist.

Bobby Martin & The Tune Twisters – I Ain’t Gonna Rock

Some tunes to cruise to…

Always gotta have some tunes to cruise to before going to the bar…

Here’s a few that are personal favorites.

The Atlantics – Come On

Del Shannon – Run Away

Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones Black Slacks