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New Year? New Grease!

I’ve had these pomades in my possession for a good while now, but figured I’d save them for the New Year. I mean, it’s a new year, might as well kick it off with some new pomade! Well, hopefully you guys are still into pomade and haven’t shaved your heads!

Got the rest of Steve’s pomade line, now the collection is complete! I’ve heard good things about these, so I’m stoked to try em out!

Clearly… I was a bit overeager opening the package.

Big thanks again to Steve + Elaine and co!

And all the way out of Brazil, comes Three Kings Pomade! They’ve definitely kicked things off right, with a real proper design. Big thanks to André! Stay tuned for this review, it’s the next one up!

Hope everyone had a killer NYE celebration.

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy.

Santos, Chilli, & Deep Fried Everything. Weekend Recap.

With a whole mess of events around, it’s easy to keep busy, especially on the weekends. Even though a whole lot of folks expected snow, the weather was pretty nice out. Of course a whole lot was done this past weekend!

So click to see how busy this past weekend was!
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Booze, Babes, and Grease. What a weekend.

The best thing about living in the Bay Area, there’s always something to do. If you manage to get bored living in the Bay Area, get the fuck out and let the cool kids come in.

Friday kicked off with adding a couple hundred more songs to my rockabilly library. Friday night was supposedly Retox’s Rockabilly Fridays last Friday. Luckily, it was just a misunderstanding. As it isn’t their last Friday, it is their last month at Retox. It’s a bummer for me, as I find Retox to be the perfect place. It’s easily accessible, drinks are cheap, never any sour attitudes, and as I express ever so often, A LOT OF PARKING! So till the end of the month, come out for the last couple of Fridays, and let’s have a ball!

After drinking a little more than I should’ve on Friday, my Saturday started a few hours later.

My lady had planned on picking me up a new pair of denim from Self Edge, so that’s exactly where we went. Parked directly in front of Benders and off to the store we go.

Both Kiya and Derek were in the shop, so we kicked back as we waited for some exquisite one on one customer service.

The pair I originally wanted had been sold via online, while we were waiting. FUCK. And I know who bought it too…

So, I let Kiya pick out a pair for me. As it were, he picked out a pair that will probably fit spot on, as soon as I give them a soak. Pics of the process to come…

So what did Kiya suggest?

A sweet pair of Strike Gold denim, straight out of Japan. Now, I’ve owned several kinds of denim over the last few years. And I can tell you, that these are solid jeans. The details are perfect, subtle, and classic.

I also picked up a new addition to my wallet chain. The clasp connecting the chain to the keys was cheap and flimsy. It would always loosen up and I could potentially lose my keys. And that’s something I just cannot afford to lose.

See that little horse shoe looking thing? Well, that’s it. Probably the most expensive thing on my wallet chain, aside from my car keys.

And another part of my mission to Self Edge was to commandeer the stores rockabilly playlist. And this ain’t your normal playlist kids. This shit, is serious. So serious, that my dinky 8gig flash drive couldn’t even handle half of the songs. So, in the pocket the external hard drive goes.

I probably have 1/3 the amount of music that Kiya has. And most likely, we have different kinds of rockabilly music. So I’m sure that there won’t be any doubles or triples of any songs.

As soon as we finished up at the store, off to Amoeba we go. I managed to forget the list of movies I was looking for, in the car. And fuck walking back. So, digging for music I go. Didn’t find the specific albums I wanted in the rockabilly/oldies section. But as soon as I went to the soul section and the employee was putting something up on top for display, off it goes and in my hand it stays. Even though I forgot my list, I still found one of the movies I was looking for.

The 3 disc Jackie Wilson collection is what I pulled off the shelf, as soon as the employee put it up. I mean, how could you pass on that??? Whistle Bait has some amazing songs and artists on it, so of course that got bought. I also bought Buddy Knox cd, shit… It was $2, so why the hell not? Unfortunately, I have no idea where I put it. And if you enjoyed The Lords Of Flatbush enough, and love The Warriors, you’ll get a kick out of The Wanderers. It’s pretty much both movies in one.

After a long day in SF, off to Point Richmond we went. And after a couple hours there, off we were to Brisbane, to check out the Road Zombies Car Club meet at the 23 Club.

And man, was that one hell of a meet. There were tons of cars, car clubs, and babes out. What better place to be on a Saturday night, eh?

As I was waiting to get a drink at the ever so crowded bar, an older cat approached me and told me he knew I was right handed. And he also noticed the big ring on my finger, and asked what I used it for. So the first thing I thought was, shit… He’s sizing me up. Trust me, the questions he asked, were as if he were sizing me up… And while I can handle myself pretty well, dealing with someone from a car club, who has however many car clubs behind his back… Well,  in short, I could be screwed.

He was actually a nice guy. Talked about fighting and what not, and his buddy ended up buying me a beer. So big ups to the Satan’s Chauffeurs. Those guys are good people.

Here’s the ring that got his attention.

Can you tell I’m right handed?

As the night went on, the B-Stars put on a great show. Got the people swingin’ and in need of water. And with the poor service of the 23 Club, it took some couples forever to get a water. So whenever you’re up at the bar and you hear someone trying to only get some water, always put your best foot forward and assist them in getting some service.

When The Stillmen got up on stage, Kiya had to rush to the front and catch them. And I now know why. These guys put on one hell of a show. And to show their appreciation for everyone coming out, they gave away CDs!

I’m not one to go up and grab free shit. But fuck, these guys are awesome, why not add them to your collection, right?

And it wasn’t like they were giving out a few of these, they had a box full. Enough for everyone! Well, probably not everyone. But a decent amount of people got some good tunes!

What a weekend… Always able to have a good time here in the Bay Area. It’s one hell of a place to be.

If you cats haven’t been out to any events, get your ass in a cab, bus, bart, bicycle, whatever. Come out and support your local bars and event promoters. And if you have yourself a shitty time at any of these events, well… Go home and stay there, cuz it’s always a blast to be out and about when the cool kids are rockin’ the night away.

Until then,

Don’t stop rockin’.

Pomade Review: Mr. Ducktail

It’s time you’ve all been waiting for folks. Well, at least I’ve been waiting for.

I used water soluble pomades exclusively for the last few days, just to make sure that I use this pomade to it’s fullest potential. But did it meet my expectations?

I’ve heard a few good, well… Great things about this pomade. So when my sister told me she was going to London, and asked if I wanted anything, and I knew exactly what I wanted. Mr. Ducktails pomade. And as much of it as she can bring back.

I know that it’s branded under Hairgum, so I already knew how small the tin was going to be. 1.3 ounces to be exact. Now, that’s not a lot of pomade, especially if you’re one of the greasy types, who like to use petrolatum based pomades on a daily. Except I don’t see petrolatum on the tin, nor do I see all that much English on it.

But this is one hell of a tin.

Read the Sweeney Todd reference?

Not a bad looking tin at all. Plus it’s got some badass art work from Vince Ray. But what does the pomade look like?

As I opened up the tin and took a look at the pomade, it had a slightly similar look to it as Black & White. So I was thinking that he probably used the same formula. Nope.

It felt a little bit lighter than Black & White, but a bit  heavier than Dax Super Neat. Now, I’m not 100% sure if this is supposed to be water soluble or not. But I can tell you one thing. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it is.

This pomade, is amazing. It’s hold is somewhat similar to Black & White, but it doesn’t cake on like B&W does. If you’ve used Black & White, you’ll know what I mean.Plus, it’s a whole lot more malleable than Black & White. Meaning, you’ll be styling your hair up like a mother fucker with this stuff… Or should I say, MOTHERKUTTER? Too corny?

 It goes on clear, so you don’t have to worry about blending it into your hair before styling. Which is something you have to worry about, with a lot of other pomades. This stuff also doesn’t clump up hardcore in the fine teeth of your combs, you so know you’re not combing this stuff out. This is the good shit.

Now, there honestly aren’t that many new pomades out there that really catch my eye. A few, yes. But for a majority of them, I can care less about em. But this stuff… Man… This is definitely a pomade you need in your arsenal.

It’s scent, is something the ladies will definitely love. It has a ever so slight lemony scent, with vanilla. And fellas, if it brings the ladies closer, you know it’s a good pomade. You don’t wanna remind them of their uncles and grandpas, do ya?

Now, with it being in such a small tin, and you use a relatively decent amount to style, it’ll look like you’re using a whole lot. When it fact, that’s probably true.

Here’s to show how much I used, to style up my hair.

That’s about what… 1/8th of the tin? No idea, I’m shitty at math. But as you can see, it’s a pretty hefty amount. Good thing I have two more of these on the back burner.

I really wish my photos did this pomade justice, but I just couldn’t manage to take a decent flick. So unfortunately, you folks get two pics.

Sorry, only had a couple of hours of sleep. So you guys get my mug twice in one day.

Adam, I have to agree with you man. This is seriously one of the best pomades I’ve ever used, to date. And you guys know my affinity for pomades. As I’ve stressed before, definitely one pomade you guys need to have. But, it’s French and it’s not cheap.

At about $13 +/- per 1.3oz tin, this stuff is a wallet killer. But the way it styles up your hair, it’s also a lady killer. So if it helps you pick up some ladies, why the hell not? Hey, it beats dropping a couple hundred dollars on a hooker or an awkward Craigslist date, right?

Mr. Ducktail, you never cease to amaze me.

If you guys haven’t noticed the trend by now, some of the best pomades around, come from barbers themselves. Hawleywoods, It’s Something Hell’s, Eddies Deluxe, etc etc etc, respectively. These guys have been messing with hair as a profession, and been dealing with grease balls from all over. So they know what works and what doesn’t. And Mr. Ducktail, definitely knows what’s good.

So if you cats got the means, order yourselves a few of these. You won’t regret it. And if you hate it the first time and got spares laying around, shit. Send em my way!

That’s all for now folks. I still got a few more pomades to review and beers to drink.

But until then…

Pomp Hard.

Greasin’ Up The Tots.

This one is for the parents…

Being a dad, I keep my kid looking cool. A lot cooler than I was, that’s for sure. We don’t want our kids to look like some pre-outfitted Wal-Mart kids. Well, at least I don’t. I have a little girl, so pomp’n her hair is out of the question.

For those will little boys, you want them to look cooler than the kids with Justin Bieber hair. Hell, if you’re reading this blog, you better! I’m all about letting your kids become their own individual, but there is just some things in this world that are not socially acceptable. Like letting your little boy wear skinny jeans, Justin Bieber hairstyles, or Kids Bop.

The temptation is there to grease up your boys hair. Of course you want your kids to be stylish like the kids were in the 50s, but you might wanna be careful with that. Especially if you want to grease up their hair. You could end up damaging their hair. Have you seen a five year old with a bald spot? Do you want to? I don’t think so.

Babies hair is a shit ton different than ours, (no, really???) Well fellas, it really fuckin is.

With babies, their hair needs it’s natural oils. (Not just their hair, but their bodies too.) It’s what helps keep their hair clean and healthy. A lot of women would love to have baby soft hair. Hell, some guys would love to have baby soft hair. (There’s a trick, where some ladies would have little babies/kids run their hands through their hair, because the oils on their hands coat their hair, making it softer. The more ya know.)

And if this wasn’t evident, with specific brushes for babies, shampoos and towels, well… You’re either never around people with babies to know, or you’re a dumbass. Here’s to hoping you’re not the dumbass.

Brushing your kids hair, helps promote strong roots, a healthy scalp, and strong hair growth. And obviously with babies, they have specific brushes, so stick to that for about the first year. Using a regular bristled brush can actually irritate their scalps. Especially if it’s a brush that you’ve used. You don’t want to transfer your oils or hair grease to theirs.

But as your kids get older, the closer you are to being able to grease up your little boys. Everyones hair changes every seven years, so you’re almost their folks. So by 7, you should be good to go. But, you don’t want to be using petrolatum based products.

Not that it’ll make their hair fall out, but you just want to help promote strong hair growth and cleanliness.

I’d suggest sticking to water soluble products like Layrite or Grant’s. It washes right out with just water. I mean, rockabillies and greasers use it, so kids can feel cool about using it too, right?

I know there will be the few who will argue that their son has been using grease since they were six. But wait till they’re 18, see how far their hairline goes and see if you can spit shine that baldspot. I’m not saying petrolatum products make your hair fall out, but if you get a little carried away, you’ll do some damage that your kids could hate you for.

As much as you want your kids to be the coolest of the cool, take the extra precautions and do what’s right for your kids. At least for the future of their hairlines.

The Week Long Build Up.

If you’ve been greasing up your hair  long enough, you’ll know that your hair will get just right by the end of the week. And if this is your habit, you know you prefer to get your haircut either at the beginning of the week or the end, never in the middle.

Well, I gotta get a haircut today, so I gotta wash all of my grease out. So my hair might not be looking all that proper for New Years. But for those who don’t know, here’s some tips to get your hair lookin good.

The Build Up. This is the key to getting your hair looking good. Not just in sheen, but it also makes it a shit ton easier to comb your hair to your liking, or beyond your expectations.  The Build Up is what it’s all about fellas.

As we all know, there are a ton of different pomades out there. And it goes like this.

*Petrolatum based.
– Super Light Weight.
(Dax Super-Neat, Sweet Georgia Brown (purple,) Royal Crown.)
– Light Weight.
(Murray’s Super Light, Dax Short & Neat, Black & White.)
– Medium Weight.
(Dax Wave & Groom, Sweet Georgia Brown (blue.)
– Heavy Weight.
( S Curl, Murray’s Superior.)

* Water Soluble gel pomade.
(Suavacito, Layrite, Grant’s Golden Brand)

* Wax.
(Murray’s Beeswax, High Life.)

(*note: I’m just naming a few pomades, not all of em. So don’t feel bad if I left X pomade out.)

I’ve learned to use each and every pomade in a certain way. Light pomade won’t have hold like Murray’s Superior. But Murray’s Superior or a wax won’t have the sheen like a light pomade. So you gotta figure out how you want your hair. Sheen, no sheen, high, low, stiff, hard, etc etc.

If you put the wrong pomade as the base coat, it’ll make styling your hair a pain in the ass. (People will say otherwise, but they also don’t have nice  hair.) Say you use Sweet Georgia Brown (purple) as a basecoat, and S Curl on top. The S Curl will weigh your hair down, as it is a heavy pomade, and won’t make your hair malleable enough to pomp it right.

If you use a heavy pomade has the basecoat, it’ll coat your hair for the week ahead. Meaning, you won’t have to use a heavy pomade for the rest of the week. You can put on lighter pomades as the days go by, without having to use harsh heavy pomades like S Curl or Murray’s Superior. And since a lot of people think Murray’s will make your hair fall out, it’s nice to know a different way to use Murray’s, without the worry, right?

Now, with a heavy pomade as a base coat, what’s next?

Medium pomade like Dax or Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) will give your hair the hold it needs to stay shaped. While it will also break down the heavy pomade, making it easier to shape your hair. And if it’s too hard for some of you… Well, there’s one more step.

The light pomades are like whipped cream. The topping for it all. And it should be used as such.

Now, you don’t want to cake on the light pomade, as it will soften your hair way too much. A dab will do you just right. Just coat the top ever so lightly, and put the rest on the sides. Not only will it make your hair a whole lot easier to shape, but it will also give you a great sheen, that some of the heavier pomades don’t have.

So, once you’ve gotten your first days worth of grease on, the rest of the week is a cake walk.

Say you greased up on Monday… Tuesday through Thursday, all you’ll need to do it just get your hair wet, and you’ll be able to style it as is. It’ll wash of some of the pomade, but not enough to make you unable to pomp. Buy Friday, you’ll probably just need a dab of a medium weight pomade, and you’re set. Your hair will be looking the best it’s ever looked.

Now, you’ve got The Build Up.

How do you feel? You feel greasy? Well, you should! Now’re a man. Go out and wreck the town. Speed around with the windows down and your music blowing. Do it, you deserved it. And you know what, your hair will stay in place!

And if you don’t believe me…

This was earlier today, when the wind was blowing like crazy. I think it was somewhere along the lines of 29mph winds? Yeah. My hair was staying put.

So for those who can’t get their hair to be just the way they want it… Try out my tips. It’ll get you lookin good. And the ladies will definitely notice.

So until then…

Pomp Hard.

Pomade Review: S Curl

Well, since Dax Super Neat was pretty self explanatory, there isn’t much use to keep using it every day. So, it’s time for one more pomade review! This time, I’m trying out Luster’s S Curl.

The packaging is pretty neat. It looks to be a whole lot more modern, based on the color choice. The blue tin with orange lettering and white trim is a nice touch. But really, when you see this, you don’t think it’s something the cool cats used back in the 40s and 50s. But it was heavily used in the 90s with hip hop artists. Go figure. They must also be Knicks fans.

Luster's S Curl

When you look at the color of pomade, and you see how dark it is, it’s usually a sign that you’re gonna be treading in some heavy shit. As soon as I took a look at the pomade, I knew it was gonna be like Murray’s. But boy, was I wrong!

If you guys can’t tell from my indentation in the pomade, in the tin, then you guys just do not understand. This shit, is THICK.  And I’m not talking Kim Kardashian thick, I’m talkin those broads they use to smother dudes. 400lbs plus thick.

Can you believe it? A pomade thicker and heavier than Murray’s Superior? I thought this stuff would’ve been a tad lighter. Fuck… Blew my mind! This stuff was harder to scoop out than High Life Heavy. And if you’ve read my past review on that, you’ll know how much I hated scooping that out! This stuff is intense.

With it being a lot heavier than Murray’s Superior, does it mean it’s just as greasy? Well kids, it’s not. Considering the weight of this pomade, it’s probably one of the least greasy pomades out there. Your hands won’t be greasy with this stuff. There is pretty much absolutely no sheen with this pomade.

The hold is pretty nice. Really heavy. This stuff is meant to straighten out wavy and curly hair. And guess what, it does just that. So you kids crying about your wavy hair, get some of this and it’ll straighten you out. No pun intended.

The hold for me, was a little TOO intense. I had to use a blow dryer to soften this stuff… But that hardly put a dent in this stuff! The blow dryer literally did not dent this stuff! It was a little hard when I put it on and combed through, and after a good blow drying, you’d think this stuff would’ve melted. NOPE. And I couldn’t leave the house with helmet head. So what did I do?

A little bit of Dax Super-Neat did the trick! Just a couple of dabs of it really softened this stuff up, making it a shit ton easier to work with. And here’s the end result.

Don’t worry, I fixed that hole right after.

Not too shabby. The lack of sheen is kind of a let down. But you can’t have everything, right?

The combination of both Dax Super-Neat and Luster’s S Curl is a nice one. For those who want high pomps, this is your combo. The lightness of the Super-Neat mixed with the stiffness of the S Curl will help give you a nice high pomp, without any extra weight holding you down. Definitely a combo I recommend.

Straight Scumbaggin’ It!

Most of America see’s greasers to be those leather clad clowns in Yoyogi Park in Japan. While I admire those guys for what they do, because they clearly do it cuz they love it (whatever the hell it is,) they are far from greasers. But hey, if that’s what hipsterbillies wanna think greasers are, be my guest.

And note, just because you have a pompadour, doesn’t mean you’re a greaser. It’s not just a look. It’s a lifestyle, an attitude, a point of view, and what they call, a backbone. And it’s not about starting fights, tight black jeans, or singing on top of some bleachers, so get it straight.

There ain’t no prissy shit goin’ on here. Too scared to get your jeans dirty or rip holes in em? Don’t wanna spill beer on your H&M flannels? Then you’re looking at the wrong blog, son. But if you need help finding blogs that might fit your prissy needs, I can show you the way.

This video is pretty fuckin awesome. Why? These dudes are straight up grimy and don’t give a fuck. And I’m not huge car buff, but these guys got some sweet rides, that they drive the fuck out of.

Check it out. Kids wanna know what “modern day greasers” look like and what they do, well. This pretty much sums up how they have themselves a ball. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I can’t allow myself to get that drunk anymore. But damn is it fun.

In short, just a whole lot of badassery goin’ on.

The owner of the video needs to change the title from Rockabilly to Greaser Party or some shit.

Pomade Review: Dax Super-Neat

Well folks, the time has come to review more pomades. With U.O. now carrying Murray’s, maybe some of these pomades will become a little more readily available. Let’s just hope not. The fact that some of these pomades are harder to get than others, makes the hunt that much more worth it. And hey, you don’t want everyone to be walking around with badass hair like you, right?

After buying various pomades, I said why not start with the Dax Super-Neat?

Supposedly, it’s one of their newer creations. This time, touching the water-soluble market. Sweet Georgia Brown said the same thing, but their purple tin doesn’t wash out with just water. Let’s see how this one holds up…

Dax Super-Neat

For me, I love the fact that different pomades come in different colored tins. It makes your collection look super diverse. Plus, when you see a different colored tin on the shelf, you know you HAVE to check it out. 
The tin says “HAIR CREME.” But the consistency is definitely not a creme. It’s very much so a very light, wispy pomade. Not thick, pretty easy to scoop out, and has a pretty good smell to it as well.

Does it remind you of anything?Right off the bat, I knew this wasn't gonna be like the purple tin Sweet Georgia Brown, which is a little more petroleum like. This one is very much so like Black & White Pomade by Pluko. The smell isn't as rich, but it sure as hell smells good. Don't mind the coke nail, it's that time of the month to get my sweet drain from pomade!Since it's quote end quote, "water rinseable," it should wash right off my hands, with just water, right? Well ladies and gents, it does just that. Most pomades don't wash off your hands all that easily. Even water based products like Grant's and Layrite. Why? Because they have a really solid hold. Which is why it sticks to your hands, even if you try washing it off with just water. (which isn't a bad thing.)Well, since this stuff washes off really easily with just water... How's the hold?Comparatively, this pomade is close to Black & White. But, Black & White isn't a water washable pomade, so that's where things get a little different. Dax Super-Neat has nearly the same consistency as Black & White, but is a little lighter but a hair. Which is why it's water rinseable. So for those who can't for the life of them find any Black & White within the U.S., I'd definitely say this is the way to go. As I said, the hold is a little lighter than Black & White, so you'll need to use a pretty decent amount of this stuff. I use a lot of Black & White for my pomps, and this stuff wasn't any different.Where's the rest of ya???

 ^Not sure how that fucked up.

Yeah, I had to use a lot. Not sure if y’all can tell, but I used a pretty hefty amount of pomade. Stand alone, this stuff needs to be caked on. It’s hold isn’t too great for people with thick wavy hair like me. Well, after all, Dax IS made for people with shorter hair.
But hey, it’s a shit ton cheaper than Black & White, plus a little more readily available. You can find it within the U.S. online and at some stores. But definitely a pomade you have to search for.

Here’s the not so end result. I ended up playing with my hair a little bit, which made the pomp fall down a bit. So I ended up going for a slick part. Had I left it alone, it might’ve stayed up and looked sweet.

Not too bad, right? Probably will suit those with finer, shorter hair.

Over all, I like the pomade. I think it’s a decent alternative to Black & White, plus it’s cheap. It has a really nice sheen to it, which is always a plus. I personally think it’s best used as a top coat or for those who want a slicked back look. 
But I also think it would be good to be used as a base coat.  Meaning, put this stuff on first, before putting on the heavier stuff. With it being washable, it should coat your hairs first, making it a little easier to lift off all that heavier grease. Another little tip for ya!

With the rain coming down right now, we’ll see how water washable this stuff actually is! Then I’ll have a bad hair day!

But until then,

Pomp Hard.

From toy hunting…

… to pomade hunting.

Tis the season where everyone is out and about, wasting money because they’re told they’re supposed to. Unfortunately for me, I’m broke as hell, so I can’t go around spending money like whoa. But when I see something I just have to have, I will spend!

Word from Dan was that there was a shop in the Filmore District of SF, that had the Dax purple can and the black Royal Crown stick. So of course, I went huntin’! But he didn’t tell me specifically which part of town, so we had to wander about.

The one thing I love about the Filmore District of San Francisco, is how the entire area just embraces jazz. Everything around you is jazz jazz jazz… It’s definitely one spot people need to hit up, when in SF. But don’t forget, Japantown is right down the block! So with Japantown meeting the jazzy Filmore District, what do you get? YOSHIS!

This place is chalk full of photographs of old jazz musicicians and musicians alike. You can go in and get a bite to eat, listen to some cool jazz, and learn about the backbone of jazz culture, all in one spot! Pretty fuckin cool, if you ask me.


I started to give up on my search, dropping in a few random liquor stores and Korean markets, when I remembered the barbershop that sat next to where Harputs used to be. (Fuck, don’t get me started on Harputs!) I asked the guy if he sold any pomade, (which he was out of,) so he pointed out where the location of the shop was. A hip skip hop and bop away and we were there!

The ladies there were more than helpful, which is always a good thing. They had a ton of pomade. Not too many different brands… But the different labels.

From Murray’s Superior, Super Light, Nu-Nile and Beeswax line, to pretty much all of Dax’s various pomades and lanolins. And hey, if you love pomade as much as I do, it was fun to check out the consistency and scent of each tin.

Picked out the few that I wanted, and I was set. It was tough not buying multiples of each one, but hey… They’re just down the street aka the freeway 101 North, so it’s no biggie. But damn was it tempting!

I decided to get:

– Murray’s Super Light, since no Walgreens or CVS near me has it.
– Luster’s S Curl, since it was different.
– Dax Super-Neart + Dax Short and Neat. I’ve been meaning to order the purple can for a while, but never got around to it. So since it was in person, why the hell  not! And the blue can just smelt really fuckin good.
– Royal Crown Stick Pomade, to hopefully help me justify the Royal Crown Hairdressing.
– And of course the cute little tin of Murray’s Superior…

I mean…

I MEAN, LOOK AT IT! It’s pretty fuckin neat. At times, I’ll carry some extra pomade on me. But the little plastic jar I have, is too fat and sticks out a little to funky like, in my back pocket. This little tin, is PERFECT. I might go grab one more, so I can keep one with the original Murray’s logo, and strip the other one down to bare. We’ll see…

Now with all of these pomades, I’ll have my hands and hair full for the next couple of months. But do not fret, I am still searching for many other pomades, and plan on ordering from various sites within the new year.

Until then,

Pomp hard.