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Pomade Review: Dixie Peach

The moment that everyone has been impatiently waiting for… My review for the ever so elusive Dixie Peach!

Being one of the popular pomades back in the day, it’s only typical for pomade lovers of today to go goo-goo over it. It doesn’t help that this is another pomade that falls into the what-Elvis-used folklore. I mean, even my barber used this stuff when he was younger and asked if it was in my hair one day! (But it wasn’t.) Regardless who used it, this is definitely a classic pomade that needs to be reviewed and shared with the rest of the world!

Word on the mean streets of the internet is that, this stuff is discontinued. Some people will say it has been for decades, I say at least for 5 or so years. Personally, I don’t care, as I came into a pretty decent stash of this stuff not too long ago! (Don’t worry, I plan on helping folks get some of this, in the near future.)

Enough with the small talk, let’s get to it!

It shouldn’t be hard to spot this stuff on the shelf, if you’re lucky enough to come across it! It comes in its classic plastic container, in two sizes: a 4 oz container (pictured) and a 7 oz tub.

With the classic light teal and yellow label, this stuff will pop off the shelf and you’ll automatically gravitate towards it. And if you don’t you’re missin’ out!

Opening it up, you smell it’s amazing peach scent. Yes folks, it’s not just a name, this stuff really does smell like peaches! And yes folks, the ladies love it!

In the container, the consistency looked to be light and wispy, similar to Black & White. So I had originally believed it would be best for a top coat. But after scooping it out, I noticed that it feels rather thick. The thickness of the product has to do with its sticky texture. This will be a major styling factor, so keep readin’!

Before putting it in your hair, the pomade is quite sticky. Which is good, because the stickiness of the product will help keep your hair together. Honestly, I can’t think of any product that has the same sticky texture like this stuff… So for those folks who are worried about splitting in their pomps, *wink wink* take note.

Combing it through is like butter. Lovely butter. Love butter. Slicking this stuff through, you just have the feel of cool. The same cool the cats we admire today had. That’s a good enough reason to want Dixie Peach, right!? It just has that classic feel to it, that no other product I’ve used so far has. Simply put, I’m in love!

When I initially used the product a little while back, I used it as a top coat. I didn’t really take note of the stickiness enough, to consider it a good standalone product. I just thought that it would give a nice sheen. I mean, it does and it does so, ever so nicely! So take a look at how it works as a simple top coat:

Realizing the properties, I now know that this stuff is amazing on its own. Greased up, slicked through, this stuff held everything in place, and real proper like!

Look at that sheen!

To my surprise, this stuff held up in the sun and wind. When it had slightly melted in the heat, it only added to the sheen. Definitely a good thing!

Now, the sticky texture is what really makes this stuff work. It kept my hair as high as I had originally styled it, the hairs did not split whatsoever, and just kept everything nice and tight throughout the day. Very little slicking was done to fix any stray hairs.

Overall, this stuff is amazing. Easily became one of my favorites. Not just because it’s discontinued or hard to find, but because it’s an all time classic! You can’t go wrong with that!

Regardless of your hair type, I believe this is something to have in your collection. You’ll see a Murray’s tin in everyone’s collection, so why not some Dixie Peach!

As I mentioned earlier, I plan on helping some cats add Dixie Peach to their collections. So, I will be having these for sale, very shortly! So don’t forget to check back!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. It’s definitely a classic that needed to be reviewed. Sorry it took so long! But hey, it’s worth the wait, yeah?

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy!

Don’t Mess With My Ducktail.

While I’ve had this post planned for some time now, VLV pretty much solidified the fact that this post needed to be made. I mean, you expect everyone to be lookin’ their bests, so why not pay attention to detail, especially when it comes to your hair? Too many dudes there lacked the ducktail.

When people think of rockin’ a pomp, they think of how high or big they want it, or whether or not they want to wear it with a part or not. While that’s fine and all, and I can appreciate a sharp part, which is a very much-needed detail btw, it’s not what I’m going to address today. Today, we’re gonna be focusing on forgotten legend… The Duck Ass.


Just kidding, I’m not gonna give a history lesson on this. If you dig pompadours or any hairstyle from the 40s-60s like I do, you should know this by now. But when thing you cats don’t realize, is that you don’t need a pompadour to rock a ducktail. I’ve seen it rocked on several hairstyles. I’m gonna be switching between the different nicknames in this post, so it gets seared in your heads!

While a lot of folks nowadays associate the D.A. to the ever so popular pompadour, it wasn’t exclusive to that hairstyle at all. In the day, it was a way to finish styling a slicked hairstyle. Whether it was a pomp, a contour, a part, a waterfall, whatever… It was the finishing touches to the hairstyle. Why have everything all pretty in the front and sides, but leave the back all sloppy?

Elvis, had perfect hair. So it’s a little unfair to use him as an example. But, he always paid attention to detail when styling his hair. And of course, rocked the ducktail all proper like.

Hell, there’s a few Mad Men episodes, where they show the duck ass. While of course, the hairstyling in that show was refined and professional, there were still a few moments in the series where the ducktail would make its iconic appearance. And hey, that’s why I love Mad Men. The writers and stylists really paid attention to detail, when it came to the era. The hairstyling is real proper in this show. The back of the hairstyles weren’t lacking, like they are today.

I’ve even seen an old cat, rock it with his remaining hair slicked back! He had it dead centered. No stray hairs, not bunched up at the center, slightly swept down and not just straight across. You know he was rockin’ a D.A. back then. Keep up fellas!

Styling & The Cut:

Now, styling this thing, is pretty damn simple, or you’d like to think it were that simple. Just comb everything back till it meets in the center. While it seems simple and all, it’s something too many cats either forget or neglect. The majority don’t rock it or rock it sloppy and not centered. It’s these sort of details, that make a good pompadour bad. It’s really lacking the details. It’s like finishing that Packard with white wall tires. Yeah, you know how much prettier than beast looks with the white walls, so why not give such attention to detail to yourself?

Your hair could be as short as one inch, to as long as you want 5 inches, and you can still rock a good-looking ducktail. Hell, I even appreciate it when the do is tapered, and one can rock a slight D.A. towards the crown of the head. As shown below:


Photo courtesy of: Shorem Haarsnijder En Barbier

When my barber cuts my duck ass (doesn’t that sound funny,) he’ll cut the center area a little shorter than the outer parts, so that when it sweeps in towards the center, it doesn’t bunch up all weird like. I know this, because there’s been a time where he forgot to trim down the center, and it bunched up! Your barber should know how to cut your hair for a D.A. If they don’t, it’s off to the next one!

As you slick the sides back, you don’t gotta just aim straight across for the center. If you want it to be lookin’ slick, you can sweep it down towards the nape of your neck. Just as long as everything is centered and even, it’s all that really matters, as far as styling goes. But if it’s offcentered and the left side goes straight across and the right side goes downwards, you might wanna take another look in the mirror.

The Tools:

Now that we’ve covered the fact that the duck ass is a very much-needed detail to your new-found hairstyle, what are you gonna use to style it up?

1) Grease

Well, you don’t necessarily need grease to style it up… But we do love our pomades, so why the fuck wouldn’t you use it???

I like the feel of a lighter grease on the sides, as it’s a lot easier to slick the sides during the day. But a thicker grease is also good to use for the sides, as it’ll keep the D.A. in place, making it so you don’t have to slick it during the day. But I won’t lie, I dig slicking my hair in public. Of course, only when I have to. I don’t just stop while crossing the street, to slick my hair for the cars waiting to go. This ain’t a fuckin’ show!

2) Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall
3) Handheld Mirror

While you think you know where the center of your head is, you more than likely have no clue as to where it is. So you’ll need these important tools, a mirror and a second mirror. This is probably why a lot of cats rock it at a weird angle, because they don’t use a second mirror to see whether or not the duck ass is centered or not. But trust me, you’ll need to double-check!

If y’all think I have to list a comb, I’m gonna smack you upside the head. You should know better by now! Of course you use a damn comb!

We’ll there you have it folks. The importance of the duck ass. The D.A. The ducktail. The finishing touches, to a badass hairstyle. If you think your hair is good as it is, without a D.A. you are surely mistaken my friend! I mean, there’s a damn song about the ducktail!

Joe Clay – Ducktail.

Hopefully by now, you all will understand the importance of the details in a hairstyle, especially when rockin’ the pompadour. Whether it’s the sharp ass part, the greasy sheen, or the slicked ducktail, it’s the details that really make your hair different from the rest. And with the pompadour becoming ever so popular, you’ll need these details to keep you lookin’ slick, while the rest look like… Well, you get the picture.

I’ll elaborate more on this topic later down the road! But until next time…
Pomp Hard.

The Week Long Build Up.

If you’ve been greasing up your hair  long enough, you’ll know that your hair will get just right by the end of the week. And if this is your habit, you know you prefer to get your haircut either at the beginning of the week or the end, never in the middle.

Well, I gotta get a haircut today, so I gotta wash all of my grease out. So my hair might not be looking all that proper for New Years. But for those who don’t know, here’s some tips to get your hair lookin good.

The Build Up. This is the key to getting your hair looking good. Not just in sheen, but it also makes it a shit ton easier to comb your hair to your liking, or beyond your expectations.  The Build Up is what it’s all about fellas.

As we all know, there are a ton of different pomades out there. And it goes like this.

*Petrolatum based.
– Super Light Weight.
(Dax Super-Neat, Sweet Georgia Brown (purple,) Royal Crown.)
– Light Weight.
(Murray’s Super Light, Dax Short & Neat, Black & White.)
– Medium Weight.
(Dax Wave & Groom, Sweet Georgia Brown (blue.)
– Heavy Weight.
( S Curl, Murray’s Superior.)

* Water Soluble gel pomade.
(Suavacito, Layrite, Grant’s Golden Brand)

* Wax.
(Murray’s Beeswax, High Life.)

(*note: I’m just naming a few pomades, not all of em. So don’t feel bad if I left X pomade out.)

I’ve learned to use each and every pomade in a certain way. Light pomade won’t have hold like Murray’s Superior. But Murray’s Superior or a wax won’t have the sheen like a light pomade. So you gotta figure out how you want your hair. Sheen, no sheen, high, low, stiff, hard, etc etc.

If you put the wrong pomade as the base coat, it’ll make styling your hair a pain in the ass. (People will say otherwise, but they also don’t have nice  hair.) Say you use Sweet Georgia Brown (purple) as a basecoat, and S Curl on top. The S Curl will weigh your hair down, as it is a heavy pomade, and won’t make your hair malleable enough to pomp it right.

If you use a heavy pomade has the basecoat, it’ll coat your hair for the week ahead. Meaning, you won’t have to use a heavy pomade for the rest of the week. You can put on lighter pomades as the days go by, without having to use harsh heavy pomades like S Curl or Murray’s Superior. And since a lot of people think Murray’s will make your hair fall out, it’s nice to know a different way to use Murray’s, without the worry, right?

Now, with a heavy pomade as a base coat, what’s next?

Medium pomade like Dax or Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) will give your hair the hold it needs to stay shaped. While it will also break down the heavy pomade, making it easier to shape your hair. And if it’s too hard for some of you… Well, there’s one more step.

The light pomades are like whipped cream. The topping for it all. And it should be used as such.

Now, you don’t want to cake on the light pomade, as it will soften your hair way too much. A dab will do you just right. Just coat the top ever so lightly, and put the rest on the sides. Not only will it make your hair a whole lot easier to shape, but it will also give you a great sheen, that some of the heavier pomades don’t have.

So, once you’ve gotten your first days worth of grease on, the rest of the week is a cake walk.

Say you greased up on Monday… Tuesday through Thursday, all you’ll need to do it just get your hair wet, and you’ll be able to style it as is. It’ll wash of some of the pomade, but not enough to make you unable to pomp. Buy Friday, you’ll probably just need a dab of a medium weight pomade, and you’re set. Your hair will be looking the best it’s ever looked.

Now, you’ve got The Build Up.

How do you feel? You feel greasy? Well, you should! Now’re a man. Go out and wreck the town. Speed around with the windows down and your music blowing. Do it, you deserved it. And you know what, your hair will stay in place!

And if you don’t believe me…

This was earlier today, when the wind was blowing like crazy. I think it was somewhere along the lines of 29mph winds? Yeah. My hair was staying put.

So for those who can’t get their hair to be just the way they want it… Try out my tips. It’ll get you lookin good. And the ladies will definitely notice.

So until then…

Pomp Hard.

My Pomp

The other day I decided to try and do it a little more natural/50s looking. Let the waves roll in! Not too bad, especially since I have thick wavy hair. Most people complain about that, but look at what my hair can do! Not too bad, right?
Using Black and White Pomade.

Also hoping that my photos automatically resize in my Photobucket. Is it taking up the whole space of the page???

New haircut

I got my haircut about a week or two back. There was a tuft of hair at the ducktail which swooped against the grain. The left and right would swoop towards the middle, as they should, but this tuft of hair stood up and back and out. Not even a couple dabs of Murray’s held it down! The only way to get rid of it… Was to get rid of the D.A. For the most part at least. Farewell my friend, hopefully you’ll grow in the way you should, this time around…

Went to my regular guy, asked for a slight taper. First time getting it done by him, but I was skeptical. Everything seems to work out well, so I no complaints there! I did however, ask him to keep the top long. Which he did, but as most stylist would, he trimmed it. Oh well, it’ll grow back. Here are some pics of my cut. I think this was the night of, or the night after.

All in all, I’m satisfied with the cut. I can pomp without having to do a part, which is nice for a change.

Styled with a bit of DAX and a mixture I’ve had pre-mixed. Been using this cocktail for the last few days.

WAYWT: 9/29/2010

It’s been too hot to wear any leather boots. Past few days I’ve been sticking with good ol’ Vans. Can’t go wrong with any two toned colored Vans. Even 3 toned.

Also, I’ll be getting another haircut tomorrow. So those locally can see how Leonard cuts hair. I’ll be getting a medium taper, not too high nor tight. And keeping the top as long as it is. Problem with my D.A. at the moment, is that I have a tuft of hair that will not stay down no matter what pomade I put on it. Hell, I slicked it down with Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) then patted down some Murray’s Superior on the tuft alone, and it’s still up and about. So, only way to get rid of that is to taper it away…

So check back tomorrow evening, to get a look at how he does a taper.

Pomade Review: Deluxe

Been looking forward to this pomade for quite some time now. And since I had pretty much said everything I had to say about Layrite, I put this pomade to work right away.

One detail I am a fan of, is the packaging. Yes, it is pretty generic looking, gun-metal tin, red sticker labels. But in big, bold, and at the top, it says MADE IN U.S.A. One thing a lot of pomades are proud about, but don’t say so… why not?

MADE IN U.S.A. ‘Merica!

 Taking a look at this stuff, I think “Oh great, another wax.”


Looks like a thick wax, right? Well, aside from just looking like a wax… It “comes out” like a wax. And I put this in quotation marks, because it was a bitch and a half trying to scrape this stuff out!

As she would say “That’s it?”

This stuff was a pain. Breaking through the top layer, was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. No seriously, this sucked. I even had an easier time getting through the High Life wax. But luckily, as soon as I broke into this stuff, it was starting to get easier… S0rt of.

This stuff surprised me, in the sense that everything looked and felt like wax… Up until I started to blend it into my palms. It blended in fairly easily, almost like a very light pomade. This made me have high hopes for this stuff… Because that was really cool in my opinion. A wax that molds out like a pomade? Hell yeah!

It ran through pretty easily. I ran it through my damp hair, because Stone Cold said so! Spread evenly, and seemed like it spread a little thin. And it did… No here’s where the funny stuff happens.

“The clean and tidy look,” is right. Slicking this stuff through was easy. It slicks through nicely, leaving a nice even look without any breaks. It has no sheen whatsoever, and a very little to no scent. This stuff is pretty good to use when slicking back or parting your hair. It’s light, and has enough hold for those looks. But what about a pompadour?

It has enough hold for slick looks, but as soon as I tried to pomp high, I got a very hollow and broken looking pomp. Sigh… I ended up using a pretty hefty amount of pomade for the first time. More than I’d usually like, when trying out a new pomade.

Kind of a lot, wouldn’t you think?

That was slightly disappointing. Looking like wax, holding like a light pomade. It was fun to slick around my hair though, as it slicks really smoothly.

I ended up having to do a wet combing, to style my hair for the first time. I usually like to wet comb a day or two later, to really test out how pomades are, on their own.

It does little to nothing for my sides. Everything was fluffed out, no matter how hard I slicked back and down.

But throughout the day, I decided to take a few pics to see how this stuff held up. And it didn’t do too bad a job, but you’d really have to check your hair every once in a while.

Not too great of a pomp or anything. It’s even hard to retain a good sharp part, since it doesn’t hold the sides down.

So what do I have to say about this stuff?

No wonder that kid in the video I posted up a while back, had to cake this stuff on! I don’t like to think that a pomade is worth its weight, by the amount you have to use. Why would you want to have to use too much of anything? It seems pointless and a waste, to me. As they say, a-little-goes-a-long-way, but not really with this stuff. With semi longer hair, you have to use a lot to get a little hold. And you have to use too much to get a decent hold.

If you have shorter, finer hair, I’d recommend this pomade. As it seems to be really light. It doesn’t do much for my hair, even after a few day old hair cut. Am I disappointed? Not really, since I really like this stuff works, hard like a wax, soft like a light pomade. But this isn’t something I’d plan on buying again. It just doesn’t have the hold or sheen any of the other pomades do. It’s just too light. But if you want to have slicked hair styles without the wet look, this stuff might be right up your alley.

Well, that’s all for now. I may try out a few cocktails with this stuff. Maybe mixing it in with a light or medium hold pomade, with extra sheen. Or maybe some other mixes that I have on hold. Hopefully my other order of pomade comes in soon.

Until then, use the other stuff and stay greasy.

WAYWT: 9/21/2010

Deciding Which Pomade Is The Right Pomade

This is a long, and tough topic to tackle. Because there are a ton of pomades, from a ton of companies, and a ton of followers and disbelievers. Some swear by the new stuff, some are loyal to the classics. But when it comes down to it, it all comes down to what’s “right” for your hair.

Now, there are some pomades that people with thin hair shouldn’t use. Simply because their type of hair can’t handle the extreme pomades. Their hair type can style the same with medium pomades. Why not? Because since their hair is thinner and lighter, the heavier pomades will really grab their hair. No, it won’t clog up the pores. But when you comb or slick your hair, you will pull out some hair. It is natural for hair to fall out when combing or brushing (duh, look at some of your brushes, there’s a TON of hair in there!,) but with thinner hair, it just makes it a little bit easier. Plus, if you want height, it will weigh you down.

And those like me, with thicker hair, need the thicker, heavier pomades because quite frankly… The light shit ain’t cuttin it. Need to have that hold, whether I’m pomp’n high or low. Need that hold. Plus, it helps tame the hair. Most people with thick hair, also have wavy hair. Thicker pomades help make the hair straight, when slicking. That extra help is nice.

There are also different properties for each pomade, to look out for. Especially if you’re looking to get greasy…

– Consistency. Light or Heavy.
Lighter pomades will usually weigh your hair down. Why? Because it is so light, it will have hardly ANY hold. The only hold it would usually have would be for slicked back or “wet” looking hairstyles. Those hairstyles don’t need any real hold or volume, so the lighter pomades work perfectly.
Medium pomades, are very boarder line. Some have a really good hold, almost comparable to a heavy pomade, some don’t. The medium pomades are some of the better pomades to use in “cocktails.” Mostly people with shorter hair, either thick or thin usually benefit from medium pomades.
Heavy pomades, are well… HEAVY… If you’re looking to have a high pomp or a pomp that doesn’t really move, then heavy pomades are the way to go. Personally, I think that people with thick hair, really benefit from heavy pomades. But there’s a catch… Since our hair is naturally thick, the heavy pomades can potentially weigh our hair down. So you really gotta watch how much pomade you’re using.

– Hold.
It can kind of go under consistency. But like I’ve said, some medium pomades have really good holds. For me, I hate it if I get a split in my pomp, especially in the front. So I’m gonna want something that holds it together, right? Also something that holds my hair up high, if I pomp high. But since I have a D.A. and longer sides and back, I need something to hold them down as well.

– Sheen. Shiny or Not.
Sheen for me, is important. When you’re trying to get greasy, you gotta get greasy. I love to have an amazing sheen, when I pomp. Why not? A pompadour is full, pompous, and just BIG… So why not have the sheen to show it off even more?

Most “greaser” pomades, are… obviously… GREASY… So those who like to have pomadours, but don’t enjoy the greasy look, would usually benefit from salon styled pomades. But that’s not very rockabilly, IMHO. But that is a completely different and long story.

Greaser pomades, have a lot of history and cult following. And there are TONS of brands that have loyalists…

Murray’s Superior being one of them. There are those who strictly use this brand. And with good reason. It’s been around for a long time. This pomade has one of the best holds out there. No one can argue that. But since a lot of people claim that it makes your hair fall out. But guess what… The pomade itself, doesn’t! Read here to understand.

Sweet Georgia Brown, is another pomade that has a following. Not just because it’s been around, but because it has a pretty decent hold and smell. When you look at the color of this stuff, it is just amazing. Seeing it for the first time, you automatically think that it is one of a kind. And it truly is.

Layrite, being one of the newer pomades, has been able to get a huge following in the rockabilly scene. It’s one of the first, if not the first pomade to truly make it’s own name for itself without having to be compared to anything else. Holds like wax and washes out like gel. Not too many other pomades are like it. And I’m still waiting for mine to come!

Even though this pomade has originated in Memphis, there aren’t many places that sell it within the U.S. Almost all of the rockabilly scene in the U.K. swear by this pomade. Black and White. Really though. Originated in Memphis, sworn by the U.K., and not really sold in the U.S. WHAT??? I am still waiting for this order to come in, and this seems like a long wait! Even though the order was just placed on Monday.

This is just a small tid bit about pomade, and finding out which pomade is the best for you.

I’ll continue this tomorrow.

But until then…

Stay greasy, pomp hard. Does this line work?

Weapon of Choice

I’ve discussed a whole lot about different kinds of pomades, cocktails, and such. But one thing I haven’t covered, a greasers best friend and weapon of choice…

The comb.

Now, the comb is a very important tool when having a pompadour. Not only do you use it to style it, but you also use it to maintain it when you’re out. And when you don’t have a comb on you, you feel naked, as if you left your wallet at home, or your cell phone.

 There are a shit ton of combs out there. Some good, a whole lot of em are bad. I’ve gone through quite a few different combs. Lost at least $20 worth of combs. And still continue to buy more. Is there something wrong with me? There are also a lot of different things to look out for, when trying to find a comb, that’ll give you the best results when styling.

1) If the teeth are straight. Crooked teeth, will give you uneven streaks when slicking. Usually if there is an uneven tooth at the end of a comb, I won’t mind it too much. But if it’s towards the middle, where the regular teeth meet the fine teeth, it’s a no go.
2) How long the teeth are. They say, size-doesn’t-matter… But when trying to achieve a full pomp, it kind of does. Longer tooth combs are able to grab the hair that’s futher back. Giving you a fuller, richer looking pomp.
3) Color. I only keep a black comb on me, at anytime. BUT, if there is a pink comb that’s the perfect size, I’ll take it! But it’s staying home. Always.
4) Metal or Plastic? I prefer plastic combs, because they’re lighter and just easier to deal with. But I do one one single metal comb. I mainly use that to comb my hair either after I’ve applied a ton of pomade in, or after I shower. Since the teeth are more spread out on the metal comb, as opposed to a plastic one, it won’t drag out much/any pomade you’ve just put in.
5) Length of the comb. 6 inch combs are perfect to keep in your back pocket. Anything longer, you have the chance of them breaking off when you sit down, or getting caught on something and losing it. Anything too short, it’s harder to grab out of your pocket, if it has sunk to the bottom.

Just a few examples of what I look for, when “comb shopping.” You can almost call it, “COMBING THROUGH THE COMBS!” GET IT? GET IT!… Ok nevermind. On with the pics!

Here is my usual arsenal of combs, that I’ve had stocked.

Aside from the different styles of Conair combs, I also have 4 of the exact same Unbreakable comb.

Conair combs, aren’t my comb of choice. They’re extremely plasticy. The teeth are stiff, and if they bend, they pretty much just snap. The over sized comb is my favorite of the Conair combs, and the fine toothed tail comb in 2nd. The plain fine tooth comb, is ok for detailing. Not something I’d keep in my back pocket, same goes for the tail comb. (I don’t keep the oversized comb in my pocket btw, that shit is big.) I also have a Grant’s Golden Brand, branded Unbreakable comb. I haven’t used it, since I kind of like the way it looks new. Kind of a novelty comb, I guess. The grey comb is a salon style comb. I use that mainly for combing my hair after a shower. Get the hairs flowing in the direction I want, before I style it.

As for the Unbreakables…

They’re clearly my favorite. They truly are, unbreakable. I have only managed to snap one in half. Not on accident, but by bending it left and right left and right, until it snapped. The teeth were all jagged anyways, so it wasn’t a big deal. Best part about these combs, theyre 2 for $1.00 at Walgreens. These guys are the shit. I prefer the 6 inch (that’s not what she said,) comb, rather than the 4 inch one I’ve also seen around and bought. The smaller one, the teeth are a lot weaker and just doesn’t feel right in my back pocket.

But on the bus today, I managed to lose my comb, right as I got off. I felt it stick out of my pocket and be left on the seat. I just felt naked, and had to buy a comb, any comb. Stopped by a local Luckys, and picked up a random set of combs, by Goody.

Now, these were just a quick replacement for my lost Unbreakable. (The thing is, I usually leave a spare in my wallet. But I lost my comb, and replaced it with the one from my wallet, and just lost that one today! Didn’t put a spare in my wallet! Ugh.) And these combs, while not as plasticy as Conair, had pretty sharp teeth! I managed to sort of knick my scalp while slicking through. At least it came with a decent selection.

After running a few of these through my hair, I actually managed to find a couple of favorites. But this one stood out.

This is probably, my new favorite comb. The teeth are long, and long enough to grab hairs further back, giving you a fuller pomp. They’re also not overly sharp and run through quite smoothly. Not that I would carry this with me, but this is something I plan to use all the time, when styling my pomp. This comb is awesome. Gotta find a black one now.

That's a lot of combs!

Well there you have it. A whole lot of combs to choose from. Hopefully I’ve helped some people narrow down their searches, for their perfect comb.

(Hopefully someone enjoys the tags in this post. 😉 )

Pomp Hard.