November 2021 Life Updates & Vlogs

What’s going on everyone!

I hope everyone has been having a more fulfilling 2021 than what we’ve all endured over this past year! If I can tell you anything, I’ll say that we’re still doing our best to move forward! And hey, that’s all one can really ask for at this point, right?


As much as I want to continue focus on this blog, it’s a little difficult as my personal interests and focus has changed dramatically. I mean, the humor and the person are still one and the same, but not EVERYONE gives a shit about my nerdy hobbies! Granted, there are a decent amount of you that have maintained support regardless of the muse, and that is greatly appreciated! I hope we can maintain that level of support as I integrate some of those types of posts on here.

I will stop spamming this page with my nerd content -however- I will be adding my VLOGS on here. While the VLOGS won’t be hair oriented nor rockabilly leaning, I am still that person, and I feel that they do have a place on this platform.

For now, I will leave a number of my most recent VLOGS on here, but will continually add them as I progress. I do want to maintain hair on this platform, even though I’ve said otherwise previously. So stay tuned for more!

Click the images below to watch these VLOGS!

Until the next time,



As unfortunate as it is, we’ve not quite gotten ourselves out of the shitty hand we were all dealt back in 2020. Yes, progress has been made – leaps and bounds – but for the most part… life hasn’t gotten back to “normal.” And by normal I mean the feeling of life we once knew, where we’ve all had the want and ability to do more and not just settle for what’s available. It’s unfortunate, but I know a lot of us aren’t trying to make life decisions that we once would on a whim. Whether it’s traveling, making a big purchase, or something minute as dating around. We’re all in this flow state (not that that’s bad) but at this point, where can we find that line of demarcation so we can take the risk?

Well, for myself, I knew I had to do something for my family. We’ve been in this flow state for way too long. And for someone with a developing teenager that’s still feeling many emotions for the first time, but is trapped in this current state of the world? Change was absolutely necessary.

Click the video to see what I mean!

New Post: Hobby Posts.

I know a lot of readers don’t want to read any of my posts about my hobbies that I am now showcasing via YouTube, BUT… it is still my blog and I will still post my own personal content on here. With that said…

I will be adding a break to the posts so that if you decide that you do not want to view those posts, you can simply scroll past, or click to view.

So, click to continue reading:

As many of you may have read, I’ve decided to take some of my hobbies and showcase them on my YouTube channel. In case you aren’t subscribed to it, I’ll link below a few of my most recent videos. They stray far away from the subject matter on this blog, but hey… it’s still me, my content, my humor, etc.

Haircut Transformation: Father Cuts Off 12 Year Old Daughters Hair!


Not exactly sure how I should start off this post, but… here we go!

As some of you may know, I have a little girl known on here as The Mini Rebel Rouser. During the early years of this blog she would be featured sporadically throughout my postings on various social media platforms. As she grew up, she didn’t just grow up in front of me, but in front of the readers as well! It has been extremely appreciated whenever a reader would comment on how much she’s grown. I mean, I did have a pretty decent hiatus from blogging, so it only makes sense! But still, I appreciate how invested some people have been not only in terms of reading about pomade, but also my personal life.

Here’s another aspect of that journey I would like to share with you all!

Throughout this quarantine year, she’s had some time to self-reflect and start developing her own level of critical thinking. Whether right or wrong, it’s up to her to make those decisions, and it’s up to me to guide her to understand the rationale behind it. She’s developed her own style and aesthetic when it comes to the material garments such as clothing, and sure enough, hair would soon follow suit…

She brought about the concept of wanting shorter hair. So we’ve weighed out the options in regards to how short. As time has gone, her mind was set on short. And for having worn long hair throughout her life, it was a big change that I wasn’t ready for!

Think about it… As parents, we’ve witnessed their growth from the start. We’ve all envisioned how they will look when they grow up, who they will become, and everything in between. No matter how old they get, they’ll still be that innocent child with wonder and happiness in their eyes, and we’ll never see it any other way. But, there’s a point where they grow out of that. It’s not when boys become a factor or they hit 18. It happens much sooner and it hits like a truck!

The reality is here that she’s her own individual, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m just thankful that’s she’s letting me be apart of it! And with that, I’d like you all to be apart of it as well!

I know there aren’t a lot of similar situations out there where parents are as equally understanding about their kids decision making. I mean, trust me, I’ve made lesser decisions that’s garnered far worse reactions! So, hopefully this sort of video reaches someone who may benefit from it, or knows someone that does.

Pomade For Beginners: Layrite

Years ago on this blog. I had written an article about Pomade For Beginners. In that post, I had talked about some of the things to expect while entering the world of pomade (and hair product in general.) Click the link to read that post.

Since then, I’ve gotten familiar with a fair share of hair products both good and bad. Being a barber has given me better insight as to what various hair textures out there require when it comes to products achieving certain hair styles. It’s one hell of a learning curve learning how different products work for different hair textures and hair styles, and I’d like to think that this blog has helped with that understanding.

I will be starting a series of recommendations of products that I’ve not only used on myself, or clients, but have also recommended to various individuals throughout the years. The products in this series will be products that I stand by and have no worry about when it comes to quality. There are products that I do love that come from smaller brands, but my worry is the consistency of those products may have changed since I’ve personally handled them, so I can’t say I feel all too comfortable including them in this series, but they will receive honorable mentions.

Well, that’s that. Let’s get to it!

Disclaimer: This post will contain affiliate links, in which I may earn a small commission with qualified purchases. Each affiliate link will contain a product that I’ve purchased and used both personally and professionally. I wouldn’t suggest something that I haven’t tried on my person first.

To kick off this series, I will be introducing a company that has been around for a long time. And with good reason! They’ve been a mainstay within not only just the rockabilly community, but the barbering and hair communities as well. Layrite is a staple in many barbershops and salons, and can now be found in various retailers. If you’ve heard of it or have seen it, but have yet to experience it, you’re missing out!

Layrite Classic:

Starting with Layrite, is their classic Original Pomade. This has been a staple for both myself, as well as the various barbershops I’ve worked at. It’s just… great…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2a2d0e92-5f86-410d-ad47-2f6db6e184ba.jpeg
Layrite Original Pomade

Base Properties:

This product has since been deemed a “ringing gel” by various hair product communities, due to it’s gel-like properties and not being petrolatum based (traditional pomade base.) Like a gel, Layrite will wash out with just water. For many this is an absolute necessity. Whether it be due to sensitive skin, or not wanting any bits and bobs coming home with you after work, water will work just fine getting this out of your hair. But, using a shampoo wouldn’t hurt.


This stuff is a transparent orange and goes on without having to worry about any color streaks in your hair. Unless the product is a bit older or has oxidized, you won’t have to worry about any white streaks while applying or combing it through your hair. Depending on whether or not your hair is damp or dry, the application is easy. If you’re wanting more hold, I’d suggest applying it to your hair dry. If you’re looking for a little bit less hold but more malleability, then apply it to your hair while it is damp. Without fail, you can always emulsify the product in your hands first, quickly run your hands under the faucet for a quick splash of water, and go straight to it. You won’t have to worry about getting too much sheen from Layrite Original Pomade if you loosely rake it through your hair. If you comb your hair into a slick style, it’ll have a slight sheen finish. But if you comb through it after it settles, you’ll get more of a matte finish.

Hair Textures and Hair Styles:

The most important part!

Now, more often than not you’ll see this product being used for contours and pompadours. I mean, that’s expected! But, this stuff works surprisingly well for other hair styles. Granted, there may be a bit of extra work involved…

If you are indeed going for either classic hairstyle mentioned above, regardless of texture Layrite will work for you. Finer hair textures will require less product and water, while thicker hair textures may require more product. Your mileage may vary depending on weather and climate.

Now, if you have finer hair and are going for some more textured hairstyles, it will work. However, I would highly recommend using a tool like a blow dryer or hair straightener to lift the hair up. After that, you’ll only need about a pinch of product to help bring out some of the separation and assist in holding the hair up. In general, finer hair textures inherently have issue with certain hairstyles, but with using tools such as a blow dryer and hair straightener becoming more normalized over the last few years, it definitely makes it a lot easier to achieve certain styles, allowing those with fine hair textures to explore new styles!

Click here to purchase Layrite Original Pomade.

Layrite Matte Paste:

One of the newer products offered by Layrite, the Matte Paste has found it’s place in many homes and barbershops alike.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 967ef0d8-c84b-4bde-a063-05850ebf612e.jpeg
Layrite Matte Paste

Base Properties:

Unlike any of Layrite’s original pomade offerings, the Matte Paste has lived up to many people’s expectations and then some! It has a light creamy texture that reminds me of whipped cream cheese.. Yeah… But seriously, run your fingers through a can and you’ll pick up what I’m putting down! Being a considerably lighter product, you won’t need to use too much of this, but it is a little bit too easy to scoop out too much. It also washes out as easily as it is to scoop out!


As I mentioned, this stuff is liked whipped cream cheese. As weird as that sounds, it spreads in your hair just as easily! Due to it’s creamy white texture, you may find it a bit streaky when you make your initial application. But a quick comb through will break it up giving you a clean and even application throughout your hair. Since this is a very light product, there is very little variation when it comes to applying it to fine hair and thick hair. The main difference being using too much if you’re trying to find firm hold with this product…

Hair Textures and Hair Styles:

Being such a light product, you aren’t going to get too much hold from it. But hey, that’s fine. There’s plenty of other products that offer you hold! The Layrite Matte Paste does have it’s place in your hair product arsenal, regardless of hair type.

For lower profile hairstyles, you can’t go wrong with this. It has just enough hold to keep your hair in place, without worrying about it becoming untidy throughout the day. It’s that product that gives you a natural look without making you feel as if you have any product in your hair, while still offering “enough hold.” And for those that have grown their hair out throughout this year and are entertaining longer hairstyles, this is perfect for you. You can keep those little hairs neatly tucked behind your ear without worry of it flying around looking like Farrah Fawcett. I mean, unless that’s the look you’re going for.

Going for something that’s a bit more bouffant like a pompadour is a bit difficult with this. As I mentioned, this has very light hold. BUT… It’s not impossible… Just like the Layrite Original, achieving certain looks with this stuff is achievable… with the aid of a hair straightener or a blow dryer… If you have thicker hair, blow drying your hair into a pompadour then raking your fingers through your hair will give you a loose pompadour that won’t break up in the wind. I also know of individuals that will use this as a topper with a thicker pomade as a base, giving you firm hold while slightly breaking it up with the Matte Paste so you can shape your hairstyle a bit easier.

Click here to purchase Layrite Matte Cream.

Layrite Cement:

The real nitty gritty one of the bunch. This stuff is thick, holds like a beast, and still washes out with ease! If you want a matte finish and strong hold, you should definitely look into Layrite Cement!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4fd9b33d-e63f-430c-9536-8da7babdcd98.jpeg
Layrite Cement

Base Properties:

The closet hair product on the market I can compare this stuff to would be a clay. But, unlike some clays out there, this stuff won’t give you skid marks on your finger as you scoop it out. Sounds weird! If you’ve ever tried to use a clay that is hard like a brick, you don’t get a finger tip worth of clay, but just skid marks on your finger tip. Yeah, that was a weird way to describe it, but you know exactly what I’m talking about! But like other clay hair products, this stuff gives you a solid hold for any hairstyle, but less hassle getting it out to use!


In comparison to the rest, this is the “hardest” to apply. While you might not get any skid marks on your fingertips, you may see some streaks of Cement through your hair if your hair is a bit more than damp. Like the rest, simply combing through will quickly fix that. The best way I’ve found to apply this is to really emulsify it in your hands and get a quick splash of water in. Take your time to rake your fingers through your hair to ensure even application. You can always add more as you go along, but getting the excess out is a bit more difficult! But if you absolutely need some crazy hold, then hamfist away!

Hair textures and Hair Styles:

Similar to the Layrite Original Pomade, this stuff is great for every hair texture and style. But, just like the Original, you’ll have to go about it in certain ways…

For finer textures, a little will truly go a long way! While it’s not as easy to scoop out as the Matte Paste, you can equally get carried away with applying too much, which will cause your hair to fall flat and lifeless. So, take your time to gently add it to your hair by running your fingers through, versus slamming it on and letting your hair lay flat. I mean, if that’s your thing…

Thicker hair won’t have to worry about that too much. If you’ve got thick hair and are going for a pompadour, this stuff will easily do the trick. While you won’t have to hamfist it, taking your time to apply a decent amount in your hair will be more than enough to give you a pompadour or any bouffant hair styles with ease. The hold is more than enough to achieve such looks with minimal effort, especially for thicker haired folks.

Click here to purchase Layrite Cement.


For the most part, all of these products are water-soluble. Which means they will wash out well with just water. However, I would still suggest using a shampoo while washing your hair, just so you can get that little bit extra clean feel and don’t have to worry about any form of excess. Between the three the Cement will be the hardest one to wash out. And by hardest, I mean I would absolutely suggest using a shampoo when washing it out.

Another trait they all share is the scent. While not all of them are identical from what I can tell, they are all relatively sweet. So if you’re not into that, this might be a hard one to accept. I mean, if my lady could smell my hair from 3 aisles away in a store, you can only imagine how indistinguishable the scent is! That’s not a bad thing! Personally, the scent doesn’t bother me none. But if you’re all about the musk, earthy, more “classic” scents, then you might have a hard time with this. If you’re able to look past that factor, then you’ve got yourself one hell of a product line to work with!

There you have it!

These three are what I believe to be an absolute staple when it comes to Layrite products. From the various shops I’ve been a part of, to recommending them to other shops as to what product line they should carry, and to my personal usage, time and time again Layrite has been a part of it all. And no, I do not have any affiliation with Layrite (but that would be neat.) They’re just a fantastic company with a fantastic product line! There’s no doubt about it. To top off their product line, here are some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Layrite Superhold is an all time favorite, so why not mention it? Well, simply put, it’s very similar to the Original hold, but considerably thicker. This isn’t something I would recommend right off the bat, as many of my clients have been turned off by such a product, when it’s their first venture outside of hair gel. You can only imagine how intimidating it is to go from a liquid gel to a gel pomade!

Layrite Supershine is a personal favorite, but it’s not for everyone. It has a lot of shine, and can transfer onto your hands as well as pillowcases. Some traits that beginners do not want! However, if you want to start getting into the more traditional petrolatum based products, I’d suggest starting with this one and work your way up. You’ll still get a lot of the similar traits, but without the hassle of washing it out with cola! Click here to read all about that!

Other items such as their beard oil, Grooming Spray, and their Styling Comb (my personal favorite) will be linked below if you would like to check them out.

I hope you find yourself using Layrite if you have yet to experience this product line. It was one of my first pomades years ago, and I know that I’ll always have a can on me. Layrite has been a brand I’ve wanted to work with for a very long time, but unfortunately there hasn’t been any collaboration. Hopefully the revival of this blog can make that happen? Who knows. I hope that your support can make something come to fruition!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard.

Affiliate Links:

Layrite Original Pomade

Layrite Matte Cream

Layrite Cement

Honorable Mentions:

Layrite Superhold

Layrite Supershine

Layrite Grooming Spray

Layrite Beard Oil

Layrite Styling Comb

How To Get A Post-Quarantine Haircut.

Heading into quarantine most people were left off with one haircut after their usual holiday or New Years haircut. For some, that’s not all too bad, at least it was one! As for myself, I entered quarantine with hair grown out since October! As you can imagine, I had a mop on my head! And since I didn’t have the initial intention of growing it out, it wasn’t well kept whatsoever. So going through quarantine would’ve been extremely rough! Of course, I wasn’t the only one!

I might be a little bit late to the party, but you’d all be surprised how many other people have yet to get their post-quarantine cut since shops have started to reopen!

Now that barbershops are slowly getting back to business, there are a fair-share of fellas coming out of their 2020 hibernation with pounds of hair on their head. Might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you should see our hair bin! Even so… getting back to business doesn’t mean people are going straight back to their usual go-to haircuts. And rightfully so! I mean, if this is your first time growing your hair out (unintentionally or otherwise,) why not? Rock it! Play with it! There’s no better time than now to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Needless to say, we’ve all been put in that position, but for the sake of this post, let’s just keep it relative to hair styles!

My buddy Nick hasn’t had a haircut since earlier in the year, February at best. So he’s definitely had plenty of hair to work with, to showcase some various hairstyle options before jumping straight back into his usual. But, why showcase it with photos, lets do a video!

Attached below is the YouTube video of us demonstrating a few post-quarantine hair style options. Whether your hair has grown out since March or July, you have options!


This project is not complete. About 80% through, my files and back up files become corrupted and it shows. I didn’t get a chance to finalize the edit, music, background noise, a better outtro. But, this was my third time attempting this video, and it was already painful enough having gone through so many edits. As well as the pain of trying to upload it on YouTube. I believe it took… 2-3 hours? Yeah… I’m not too juiced on it… BUT… It’s here now! It’s what I’ve got left and now it’s what y’all get! So, since there’s clearly plenty of room for edits, it also means there is room for improvement! Let me know what you guys did or didn’t like about it, and we’ll make it happen! But, if it’s my person that you didn’t like… Oh well! That’s what you get!

The Barbershop: Is it an Essential Business?

First and foremost, I want it to be known that I am not a political individual and don’t claim any particular leanings. Because, in short: I don’t give a damn. But this year has been one hell of a trying year and has put everyone to the test, which has caused me to pay attention more than usual. Still loosely, but more-so… Regardless of your situation, we were all put to the test and it sure as hell sucked. For some it was worse than others. Myself as a barber was out of work for six months. SIX MONTHS. As someone who is all about earning every single penny with the work they put in, this was hard. I can’t lie, it was extremely difficult on various levels. But with the community and foundation I had built with clients, there was an immeasurable amount of support and I can’t help but thank each and every one of them every time I see them. Without that foundation, I don’t know if I could’ve had an “easier” time getting into a good headspace, as many of them described. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for many…

Even so, not every barber, let alone every barbershop has that. So that raises the question: Are barbershops essential?

Early on during the initial Shelter In Place, a lot of people had deemed the barbershop (as well as salons. For the sake of my profession and not having to type it out ever single time, the industry will simply be referred to as barbershops) as non-essential. To a certain degree, I get it… It can be considered a luxury expense. The hollow argument of ‘you can do it at home’ will always be there, and should that be applied to everything else in life? I mean, do you have to eat out? Not at all. Yes, while to some it’s a luxury to eat out all the time, but it’s also healthy to change things up every once in a while. It brings back that mystique of a home cooked meal and the appreciation for the effort took. While many of us are creatures of habit – myself included – it doesn’t mean we should be put in the position to make such drastic changes and accept it.

Change is healthy. Change is necessary. So changing your surroundings and interactions on a day to day basis has really shown its importance. It was little variables throughout the day that many of us took for granted, and spent the last half year missing out on it. Understanding and appreciating these day to day variables is becoming more and more evident each day, especially as we stay at a distance from getting any closer to them. We’re dealing with a constantly moving target, and it’s wearing people down.

Since the vast majority have been ‘given’ the ability to work from home, it means that everything else they did on a day-to-day basis followed suit. Cooking, working out, maintaining “social interactions” with their work peers. Some like that, and some like to be a homebody and not interact with people on a day-to-day basis. As a professional homebody myself, I get it! This is change. A dramatic one at that. But once this level of change becomes normal (and it does became normal real quick,) is it good change? How sustainable is it for a healthy headspace?

Coming back to the barbershop and having began interacting with people again was great. It was exciting and to a certain degree, emotional. Why? Because having kept our interactions to a bare minimum, you lose that sense of community; Of primal human interaction. As much as no one would dare admit: We’ve all developed a bit of prejudice when you’re around people. You don’t know who they are, what they’ve done, if they’re sick, etc etc. (This is not to be misconstrued as an “is it real” argument. Save that for your own social media accounts!) Common courtesy was thrown out the window. Common decency was met with distasteful looks. Far and few were acting as —simply put— a good person. Something as simple as passing an acquaintance on the street and greeting them is met with short, uninterested notions of existence. The weird times we’re in has made people even weirder, and not in a good way. This isn’t the part of the emotional spectrum I’d want to sustain on a day to day basis. Due to the circumstances we’re in, it’s an unfortunate constant. Working ourselves out of such levels of negativity is difficult on our own.

“Faster alone, further together.”

I started to notice how important it was to maintain interaction with people. I mean, previously I was working six days a week. I’ve had PLENTY of human interaction on a day to day basis. While it was draining, I enjoyed it. It’s a part of my job to enjoy interacting with people. As introverted as I inherently am, I realized how much I enjoy interaction. I mean, having gone to VLV at the peak of my blogging “career,” all I cared about was meeting people, developing rapport and relationships with them, and having a great time. Granted… those interactions were fueled by PBR and whiskey… BUT STILL… Those interactions were very important for me getting comfortable enough to consider barbering. And eight or so years later, I’d say it was impactful.

As the days I go by and I start interacting with more and more people, I couldn’t help but notice that some maintained a bit of normalcy by hanging out with friends (whether it be socially distanced or not.) But for the rest, I couldn’t help but see something… How draining it has been for them to maintain social interactions through a screen, and not have any real interaction with a person IN PERSON… There was definitely some social ineptitude developed over the lack of exposure to other human interactions. Granted, I don’t know how they are outside of the shop, but I can’t imagine the interactions being all too different outside of it. Overtime these socially inept individuals become more comfortable in the barbershop. Passing by they point out to whomever it is they’re accompanied by that this is their barbershop. They’re proud to point it out and start to build their own community by referring coworkers and friends to the shop. They unknowingly encompass a part of their lives around it. Whether it’s parting ways with someone before their haircut, or meeting someone after their haircut to get dinner and drinks, the barbershop became a pivoting point in their day. For something to be a pivoting point in my day, it has to be important.

But, does that answer the question: Are Barbershops Essential?

A bit more time goes by and people start coming to get back to the shop to regain some level of normalcy, I realized how much the barbershop is an essential business to the community it services. Not because of my own bias of wanting to work throughout this entire time, but for other people in my chair. For the community we service, to the individuals that heard about us on social media and wanted the experience while they were in town, or the individuals that travel from all over to be a part of our shop. We are absolutely an essential business. But why? Is it because of the way we cut hair? The adornments on the wall? The prices charged or the products sold? What is it? What makes the barbershop essential?

What I’ve deemed the barbershop’s most qualifying trait of being considered an “essential business” is what we offer to the individuals that sit in our chair. Haircut and product aside, we offer whatever it is they need. They need someone to confide in? Someone to shoot-the-shit with? Some time to decompress from work for however long, in order to reset their mindset and get back to it? Whatever it is they need, we offer it. We offer escapism. And escapism from all the non-sense going on all around us is definitely essential to the well being of the people coming to the barbershop.

What was just a simple T.V. trope has gotten it’s own show on HBO by Lebron James. Showcasing one aspect the barbershop has to offer besides haircuts: dialogue. I mean, if a barbershop was solely about getting a haircut, would there have been a show made about it? Absolutely not.

With us finally being able to open up our doors, patrons are now able to get that bit of time away from the confine of the walls of their homes that now has become work. To get a bit of quiet away from their families. To see someone that’s not on a screen but physically in front of them and have an actual conversation filled with agreements and disagreements. In one place we can offer so much that was lost throughout this year. After interacting with so many people, they too come to realize how important the visit to the barbershop really was to them. Whether it’s every week, or every five. They’ve realized how important it is to them to decompress from home/work. Not just decompress during their commute, but how important it was for them to decompress in the barbershop. The patron knows that whatever it is they have to say stays in the confines of the chair. To get away from the same conversation at home/work and actually create dialogue with someone? Does anyone know how much emotional relief that is? It’s incomparable to any other business out there.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of shops that have built their business around rapport and community. And unfortunately, I get it. Certain business models are impossible to get out of. (This is a topic for another day!) But this shouldn’t deem the industry as a whole as “non-essential.” If people can now have alcohol delivered and get alcoholic drinks to go and drink them in public, they should be able to go to the barbershop for that small portion of the day to get a more viable and sustainable source of escapism. Even if the shop may not as invested in the patrons as ours is, it doesn’t mean the patrons don’t rely on them for a quick conversation to clear their headspace.

The true testament to my sentiment —that barbershops should be looked at as essential businesses— is the fact that barbershops have been the epicenter of the communities they service since the very beginning. It is one of the oldest trades around the world, and there’s more than enough reasons why. Regardless of style of shop it is, barbershops will always be around and the community it’s propagated will stand by and proclaim how their local barbershop is essential to them.

Product Review: Wahl Clipper Guards. Which are the best?

Hey everyone!

Glad to get back to reviewing some products! While I primarily reviewed hair styling products for the general consumer, I’ve since become a barber and have developed an understanding for such products from not just a consumer point of view, but also as a professional that needs to utilize various tools and implements. So from this point on, my reviews will be intended for not just for the general consumer or fellow barbers and hairstylists, but also for the individuals that have taken to cutting their own hair (or their friends) during these weird times. Hey, maybe it’s time for a career change? I won’t lie… After having shown a couple of my personal clients a few tutorial vids as to how to cut hair, they’ve been doing one hell of a job!

Full Disclosure: In this post are various Affiliate Marketing links that will allow me to earn a small compensation for qualified purchases. This does not only benefit me with a bit of added monetary security, but will also allow me to gauge my content for readers new and old. I thank you all for the support.

Starting off my new series of reviews will be a review for a product that a many people take for granted. After having bought several variations throughout the years, I’ve come to a conclusion as to what I look for with this type of product. What product am I referring to? In this post, I will be going over a few different types of clipper guards designed to work with Wahl Clippers!

The primary focus of this blog was Rockabilly leaning. With that comes the aspect of “traditional barbering” where you would typically see detachable blade clippers being utilized more than adjustable lever clippers with plastic guards. While that’s a perfectly fine way to cut hair, not everyone is accustomed to that methodology of hair cutting, nor should it be thought as being the only way to barber.

Plastic guards have been a staple for Wahl adjustable clippers. In fact, the majority of their clipper models already come with the Wahl Clipper Guard system. This review will not go in depth as to how to use the system, but more-so showing what I look for when it comes to these specific guards and why some are more favored than the other. If you would like an in-depth post about clipper guard systems, make sure to leave a comment so that I can make a post about it to help you out!

The standard clipper guards provided by Wahl for the clipper kits are a good starting point. Whether you’re cutting hair professionally or on the side, they work perfectly fine for getting your foot in the door. They provide sizes from 1/16th of an inch ( #0 typically the smallest guard produced by a majority of the clipper companies) all the way up to 1 inch (#8.) Having purchased several Wahl Clippers over the years, I keep these packs as back ups just in case I lose them or break them. I haven’t broken too many of these, but I sure as hell lost a bunch!

Standard Wahl 1/16th, 1/8th, and 3/16th clipper guards.

My main reason for not using these guards as my primary guard for barbering is because I’m (personally) not a fan of the way they clip onto the clipper. As I’ve said, they’re fine. But after extended use throughout the long days and submerging them in a quarts container. Too many times have I noticed stress marks on the clip that holds the guard against the heel of the clipper blade that has caused me to worry about breakage while cutting hair.

The 3/16th guard is notorious for becoming loose over time and slipping off while cutting. Most people have become used to holding onto the clip with their pointer finger resting on the clip. It’s a habit that I’ve since added to my array of barbering habits (both good and bad!) but I still wouldn’t rely on it. All it takes is one slip up and you’re done!

This level of flex in the plastic isn’t as pronounced in the heel clip, but it isn’t too far off!

This is especially important for those that have decided to cut their own hair at home that don’t have anyone to give them a helping hand. Since they are cutting their own hair, the angles are not the same as a barber, and the pressure applied from clipper to head is noticeably different. I mean, we do have the vantage point of being above or besides the patrons head while cutting. But applying the clipper at the wrong angle can result in added stress to the clip and cause it to slip off or break. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jammed the clipper guard on the back of my head and had to pull my hand back to make sure the guard didn’t slip off and turn 5/8ths of an inch to mere millimeters! Don’t lie, you know the feeling!

For a set of standard Wahl Clipper guards, click here.

Foruntately for professionals and consumers, Wahl has listened and solved the issue and introduced a new version of their clipper guards. This time, with metal clips!

Wahl Premium 1/16th, 1/8th, and 3/16th clipper guard.

These are easily my favorite style of Wahl Clipper Guards. Why? Because they are secure as hell! I’ve personally never had a guard accidentally slip off on me during a haircut or intermittently. This added feature has given barbers and consumers alike the confidence to go through the haircut without the feeling of “what if.”

The nice thing about the metal clip at the end of the clipper guard is that it maintains tension against the heel of the clipper blade. Putting it on the clipper gives you an ever-so satisfying “click” that in itself should be an ASMR sound bit. Since it is a separate piece from the plastic clipper guard, you can bend the clip in to give it added tension to ensure security, without worrying about stress on the clip itself. I have yet to see any sign of wear of bending the clips, and don’t have any worry that it would even be a factor to consider. Of course, if you hamfist it into position, that’s on you!

Click here to get a set for yourself.

But is there any other ways to improve this clipper guard system? Well, some others have thought of doing so. But this time, with magnets! Other clipper companies have utilized magnetic clipper guards for a long while now. This is the first time we’ve got to experience them with Wahl clippers. But the question is… is it better?

If I had it my way, I would love to have nothing but magnets used to secure clipper guards to the clippers. I always felt that magnets felt the most secure method of securing a clipper guard to a clipper and have only had once individual guard have a magnet fall out (which was easy to pop back in and hasn’t fallen out since.) While this is a step in the right direction for this type of clipper, I can’t say it’s perfect and without it’s flaws. And unfortunately, the flaws right now are pretty noticeable.

Once thing I’ve noticed right off the bat is the plastic. The plastic used on these magnetic guards are extremely stiff and feel very brittle. Unlike the Wahl guards that come with the clippers, these are very stiff and hold shape well. I’ve opened up plenty of guards that came with Wahl Clippers and had many of them warped and bent out of shape due to being compressed in the box (not the worst thing to happen but noticeable.) These guards don’t feel like there would be any flex to them, which isn’t exactly bad! But I can’t help but feel that as soon as I see that one stress mark, it’s only a matter of time until the teeth shear right off.

Third Party magnetic 1/16th, 1/8th, and 3/16th clipper guard
Very subtle flex in the teeth. This can be both very good and very bad!

Another issue I have with them is that they don’t retain proper tension against the heel of the blade. This means that there is wiggle room pushing the guard back and forth against the cutting blade of the clipper. This is huge! Because there’s a big difference between 1mm and 5mm! As always, you can put your finger against the heel of the guard to add some pressure to it, but why should you?

Single magnet isn’t the most secure.

If you’d like to check out these third party magnetic clipper guards, click the link here to check them out.

The application of magnets is great. But these use some extremely strong magnets (which you would think is ideal) but pulling one guard out of the rack often means you’re pulling out an additional guard or two! At the very least this means that it won’t be sliding off of the clipper blade any time soon. Sliding from front to back? Yes. But sliding right off? I think not! While I like the innovation of these guards, I wouldn’t rush out to get them right away. Until the design is a bit more refined and they is no more wiggle room, then I would suggest sticking with the regular guards that typically come with the clippers or the refined design with the added metal clip for that added security!

When it comes down to it, I feel that the refined design of the Wahl Clipper Guards with the added clip are the way to go. Not only do they stay secure on the clipper, they also run true. Meaning, a 1/8th guard that is 3mm will stay 3mm and not 3mm +/-! So if I were to suggest which is the best well rounded clipper guard for the Wahl clipper, whether you’re cutting professionally or on the side, (or simply on yourself!) I’d go with the newer guards. They’re great and I haven’t had to replace my first set over the last two or so years. But if you’re comfortable with using your finger to add pressure for the magnetic guards to ensure no wiggle, they’re worth checking out. Because lets be real: barbers love getting new things to cut with!

All clipper guards mentioned above will fit not only just Wahl Cordless Seniors (pictured) but other Wahl Clippers for both professional and personal use. I will inlclude links to help you pick which clippers may suit your needs.

Wahl Corded Clipper with hair cutting kit.

Wahl Cordless Senior.

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip.

Wahl Corded 5 Star Legend and Hero Trimmer set.

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!

The Return of The Rebel Rouser 2020…


What’s going on folks! Long time no pomp! Well, especially for me, it’s been a number of YEARS since I’ve done my own pompadour! Let alone maintained a haircut that allows me to rock one. Well, I mean… 2020… go figure…

As some of you may (or may not) have seen, I’ve been trying my hand at getting back to a flow on YouTube. So far, so ok… Could be better, but that’ll come with time and repetition. But I can’t lie, it’s been fun scratching the surface of rebuilding an online presence, especially with the way the internet and social media has evolved since my days of it! With this motivation to get back into making YouTube videos, there’s also motivation to get back into blogging and doing reviews. That said, I want to let everyone know what direction I plan on taking this platform and YouTube from this point on. Head over to my YouTube Channel to get the breakdown of what I plan on doing with it. It’ll be a bit different than what you’re used to!

While the main intention for both this blog and YouTube was pomade reviews and Rockabilly, time has gone by and my lifestyle has changed. Not that neither nor aren’t of an interest to me, but they are (unfortunately) not my main focal point for my day-to-day. They are both impactful and meaningful aspects that have brought me to where I am today, but I can’t say that I’ll be able to blog about such subject matter to it’s entirety.

Pomade was the gateway drug to all of this Spoiler alert: I’ve never done a single drug a day in my life! Not that that’s important, but I might as well ride on that… Without having used pomade, The Rebel Rouser wouldn’t have been what it was. Granted, I didn’t capitalize on it the way that some other pomade bloggers did, but hey, it is what it is! But I believe that I have a connection to it that the rest don’t, and I hope that it’ll show as time progresses. Pomade progressed my affinity with doing my own hair to what has become my livelihood of being a full-time barber. But being a barber doesn’t mean I only cut pompadours and slather pomade in people’s hair!

Early on that’s what I was looking for, but I realized early on that it would corner me to a certain degree. While that isn’t a bad thing, as there are many fantastic barbers out there that have cornered that market, it isn’t something I wanted to be solely known for. Nor did I want to try to be a rockstar in traveling barber in the industry, or an educator for a particular company. So at that point, what did I find comfort in with barbering? Everything!

Let’s be honest here: I’m not the best barber. I’m far from it. I can, however, say I work with individuals that I would deem being some of the best barbers. So what would stop people from jumping my chair to another barbers chair? Skill set wise: NOTHING. But, just like what drew people to this website and what kept people following me through all of these years? While everyone has their own personal reasons, I’d like to think it’s my individual relationship with everyone I come in contact with. Not that I’m a saint by any means or am the most interesting person, but I value the interactions with all of the individuals I’ve encountered over the years. To me, that’s why I have developed the clientele I have throughout the years. Hopefully the haircut is good enough as well!

Not only do I develop a relationship and rapport with people in the barbershop, but I’ve also developed a relationship with my tools of the trade. This is what angle I will transition my reviews to. Having bought several kinds of clippers, combs, holders, and everything in between, I want to get back to reviewing products without a bias of a sponsorship. And let it be known: I never got a sponsorship through any company whose product I’ve reviewed. But I have built relationships through many of them, and continue to value those relationships to this day.

In the coming weeks, I plan on reviewing some clippers I’ve been using and certain accessories I’ve bought along the way. Some work and are fantastic and there are a shit ton that are complete garbage! Which ones? WAIT AND FIND OUT!

That’s the gist of it all! I do plan on getting back to reviewing and blogging. While it won’t be pomade, pompadour, and rockabilly focused, I hope that it’s still pertinent enough to keep you all entertained. It was fun as hell doing it back in the day, and I’m excited to get back into the flow to blog again!

Thank you all for the continued support throughout the years. Without any one of you, the motivation to blog again wouldn’t be as strong.

Until the next time,


Dogpatch BarberShop Relief Fund.


Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well throughout this pandemic. I know for many people not much has changed besides working from home 24/7 instead the typical one-day-a-week, but for someone who’s industry is completely shutdown, we’re in a complete 180 and truly have no idea as to when we can go back to work. Even though many in the hair industry believe we are an essential business (not just for ourselves, but as well as the communities we work within) we can’t work.
Seven years ago (next month!) I had became a licensed barber and had met @dogpatchbarber (along with @corneliusthebarber.) Since then I’ve worked with little to no real time off. Up until the Shelter in Place I was in the shop 6 days a week, so this much time away from the shop is extremely foreign. I may not be the best, but I sure as hell was busy! Though I know whenever the dust settles and we can safely go back to work we will all come back to full schedules, not being able to work and provide has been tough on both a mental scale as well as an emotional one.
Our shop has created a GoFundMe campaign to help one another out during this time. Though independently I’m sure we’ve all had clients reach out and reached out to other clients, this is a collective effort to make sure our shop as a whole is supported. Whether you can give a donation or spread awareness, it would be greatly appreciated not only by myself, but also the barbers and their families.

As the saying goes, “Faster alone, further together.”