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Pomade Review: Admiral Supply Co.

First pomade review of the year!

Brett of Admiral hit me up back when I was ready to take the few steps away from barber school, test for my barber’s license, and step into a barber shop. And unfortunately, that frantic time frame meant I wasn’t able to get back to him! But, when a bit of free time opened up I shot him an email and with open arms sent out a jar of his pomade. This stuff came pretty quickly, considering he was shipping it up from San Diego. Now relocated back to San Francisco, I could only imagine how much quicker it would come to my doorstep! Or maybe met up at the bar? Who knows. But, without further adieu, let’s get to the pomade review!

A few pomade brands have taken to the glass jar packaging. In my opinion, it’s a real nice and classic touch. But, no other water-soluble brands have went in this direction…

Admiral comes in a nice amber glass jar with a silver tin lid. A clean and simple style of package can go a long way. And the fact that you can use these jars for something else after you’re done with the pomade? And chances are, you’ll have a few empty ones? Man… You can’t beat that!

The labeling on the jar is clean, simple, effective, and most of all… proper.

Seamlessly printed onto the jar, the white Laurel wreath and anchor logo is perfectly centered on the jar, as well as the ingredient list and barcode. To add a bit of color-flare to the mix, a red and white trim sticker is placed on top of the silver lid. Like other brands with similar packaging (but plastic,) the hint of red really makes the packaging pop.

Twisting off the lid, you get a nice whiff of coconut. Now, personally, I hate coconut… Don’t you dare place no damn Mounds in my Halloween candy sack! Fortunately, this stuff isn’t too pungent, so the aroma of coconut doesn’t bother me one bit, instead its subtleties is rather pleasant.

Sorry, no picture of the pomade in the tin, I got too excited to use it on a client!

Scooping this stuff out is different than most water-soluble pomades. Rather than feeling like a gel, this stuff comes out feeling really creamy. It may be the hint of beeswax in it, but to the touch this stuff feels really nice, and you can tell it’ll apply evenly and smoothly. But, how does that affect the hold?

I tried this stuff on several clients of varying hair textures and it held their pomps up with no problem! Take a look:



Both of these clients have very dense and straight hair. Alex’s hair is a bit thicker than Ed’s, so seeing how this stuff works for both of these guys is pretty cool. Remember, the density of your hair is going to make a huge difference in terms of what hairstyle will work for you… Of course, depending on your barber or stylist – they should be able to work their “magic” with your hair and help you achieve various looks depending on your desires…

In terms of wavy hair, I found that this stuff won’t get the hair the straightest, since it isn’t the heaviest water-soluble pomade around, but decent enough to style up a smooth pomp without the waves kicking left and right.

With or without blowdrying, you’ll be able to comb up a nice tall pomp or a lower-profiled side-part. The way this stuff holds and sticks together is real nice. Like I said, it has a creamy feel to it as you scoop it out, which applies to how it’ll hold the hairs together, even the little ones that like to stick out!

As most water-soluble pomades go, this stuff has very little to no sheen and does harden (especially with a lot of water in the hair.) But, I noticed it doesn’t get crunchy… Get the difference? The sitff-crunchiness of water-soluble pomades is definitely a turn-off for many, while the hardening can be easily excused. And by that, I mean that when you run your fingers through the hair after it hardens, the now “messed up” hair feels relatively soft and not crunchy… Makes sense? I hope so! I applied this stuff to myself with dampened hair and noticed that it didn’t stiffen like some other gel-type pomades did, but hard enough to give it a solid hold throughout the day without the worry of it splitting apart. Pretty nice, yeah?

This Admiral impressed me. With an overall clean and simple product, this stuff would definitely suit several shops and individuals. The packaging: as I said, is great. The scent: not overbearing like most coconut scented pomades. The pomade: light enough to work smooth finishes with thicker hair, yet, thick enough to hold up finer hair. The product as a whole: a great addition to any personal collection or shop looking to add some diversity (in terms of packaging as well as product type.)

Big thanks again to Brett for shooting me some of his dope pomade! Look forward to meeting you in the near future!

Until the next time, folks…

Pomp Hard!

Christmas came a little bit early!

I’m definitely glad to have today off, or else I might’ve had to wait until I got these fine goods in!

Didn’t expect to get every thing in all at once. But hey, I ain’t complaining!


But, what’s in there???

One package had some Admiral Pomade. Big thanks, Brett!


Another package had a few products from Anchors Hair Company. Thanks, Benjamin!


Lastly, the final package was the Star Wax product line. Big thanks, Mark!


One thing that got me stoked when I opened the packages, was seeing how unique each and every product was, from one another. It wasn’t just the labels, product color, packaging, but the whole package. It’s great to see how much hair product companies are growing and being able to stand out from the other products that have been on the market. They’re definite eye-catchers and I could only imagine how killer it would be to see these on the shelves at a shop… Who knows… maybe I will soon… But, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

If you aren’t already, peep my Instagram account TheRebelRouser to see what I’m up to on a daily basis. Who knows, now that I have the means to blog again, maybe I’ll have some Instagram Exclusive giveaways or something… We’ll see…

Until the next time, folks…

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Steadfast Pomade

A number of months ago, Cris over at Steadfast Pomade shot me a tub of their pomade. So, clearly, this is a long overdue review! Major apologies, Cris and readers! At the time I was focusing heavily on getting the most out of barbering school by staying all the way through till the end of the night class… You can only imagine how much energy I’d have after being in school from 9am till 10:30 at night! But, I now have the time to give a thorough review, especially since I’ve been able to use it on various hair types! So, lets get back on track with things and start the review!

Spotting Steadfast on your local barber shops shelves isn’t going to be difficult whatsoever. The pomade is packaged in a typical white tub, but the labeling is definitely eye-catching. The nautical themed label brandishes a killer color palette of warm brown, blue and red tones, with the black trim really making the soft-yellow lettered “STEADFAST” pop. And if you aren’t able to spot this on their shelves, it probably means you should tell them to stock it!

Opening it up, you get a whiff of a subtle fresh scented pomade. Most folks will find it refreshing as they’re preferring toned down scents.

Once you see the cool translucent blue pomade, you can kind of figure out the type of hold the product will offer. More-often-than-not, the clearer the pomade the lighter the hold.  And scooping it out proved just that…

One issue I had with Steadfast, was how light of a consistency it was. I wasn’t concerned about the hold, but rather how it’s a little too easy to scoop out. I’ve found myself taking out too much and having to scrape some back off into the tub. While this isn’t too big of a deal, it just makes using it on clients a bit tricky.

But, since it does come out easily, it also means it applies just as easily. Running this stuff through your hair dry is just as smooth as it is if you apply it damp. My thick hair had no trouble with it goin’ on splotchy, nor did my clients with fine hair.

Now, combing this stuff through your hair, thick or fine, is smooth sailin’. THEPUNZ?! Even if you’re combing it through dry hair, you won’t have too much pullin’ goin’ on.

In terms of consistency, it’s a bit lighter than the well-known yellow labeled product. The hold is strong enough to mold a high pomp, and since the product is light, it doesn’t weigh it down whatsoever, allowing you to sculpt a real smooth lookin’ pomp, when applied to damp hair!

Not only does this stuff do justice to my thick and wavy hair, but it also works great on fine hair… Take a look…

This was used on my client Adam, who has fine hair… BUT A LOT OF IT. Applying it to dry hair brings out more of the textured look, and not so much the slick look that you’d get from applying it to dampened hair.

While using it, I didn’t notice any flaking from recombing it dry. While it’s not exactly a recombable product, I didn’t deal with any flaking, which is always a plus! There’s a tiny bit of a glossy finish, so don’t expect a completely matte finish.

Overall, Steadfast is a pretty dope pomade. Not only is it affordable, differently colored, it works damn well! As mentioned, the only draw back I’ve dealt with was scooping out excessive amounts, which is more of a professional issue than an at-home issue. Again, not too big of a deal. If you’re in the market to change things up a bit with your water-soluble pomade market, I’d definitely say take a look into this stuff. Again, big thanks to Cris over at Steadfast, and major apologies for such a late review. But hey, better late than never, right?

Until the next time (which won’t be months away!,)

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Bona Fide Pomade

With the popularity of water-soluble pomades on the rise, you can expect some more reviews by yours truly! I mean, why not? Y’all know I’m not one of those who hates on water-soluble pomades because they’re not “grease.” Well no fucking shit they’re not grease! They’re gel-type water-soluble pomades, you fuck! Anyways…  I got a few inquiries about Bona Fide Pomade, so of course I had to investigate! Hit up Luis and got a package with the quickness. Having not heard anything about this stuff and only knowing it was a water-soluble pomade, got me excited and put it to use right away. So let’s check it out!

This pomade is packaged in a nice plastic container with red labeling and yellow trim. On the top, it has the ever-so favorited switchblade combs crossed into an X. The label reads “Superior Hold,” so let’s see how much of that is true.

Opening up the container, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find this cola colored   pomade filled to the brim. I mean, literally! It’s not too often you’ll find a water-soluble pomade that leaves some excess on the lid. With a pleasant floral scent, having that much excess is a good thing! Don’t worry, fellas, this isn’t potpourri type scents, just a subtle refreshing floral scent. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for carrying a pocket full of daisies! Well, actually…

Scooping it out, it feels lighter than most water-soluble pomades on the market, but nowhere near as light as Tres Flores Molding Pomade. And if you didn’t dig the scent from Tres Flores, you’d dig the subtle sweet scent Bona Fide Pomade offers; to me, it has a light apple scent.

Applying this stuff is a breeze… As I mentioned, you don’t get a sticky texture to this stuff. It applies real nice and smoothly, leaving your hands with little to no excess, assuring you that you’re putting all of this product to use and not wasting even a bit of it. I was surprised at how easily it applied to dry hair, without giving you those sticky patches we all get once in a while… YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN! And whatever excess you may have left on your hands, it washes right off, without having to rub your palms together. This, for me, was a definite plus! Since I had also used this stuff on a few cats, I didn’t have to waste too much/any time at the sink to rinse off the pomade. I mean, why would you want your barber to spend more time washing pomade off of their hands, than on your hair?

Combing my hair into a pomp was a piece of cake. With a wet comb, it feels as if you’re combing through your hair with nothing but water in it. No tugging goin’ on here! And for most, it’s a concern, as they feel they’re ripping hair out… which they probably are. So, for you who hate that beautiful struggle between comb, pomade, and hair, you may want to look into this stuff.

It finishes with a nice glossy finish, but doesn’t overly harden like some water-soluble pomades with similar finishes. Definitely a surprising touch, as we all know how the story goes!

Personally, I wouldn’t say the hold is one of the strongest on the market, as I wasn’t able to get a tall pomp out of this pomade (even with two of my applications of pomade.) But, as most of y’all know, I’ve been rockin’ the more conservative profiled pomp, so it’s not really a big deal for me. But, for you cats who dig the big & tall pomps, I can’t say this stuff would give you what you’re looking for. It overall allows me to comb a nicely shaped pomp, and that’s all that matters to me. Take a look!

The only real downside I’ve noticed from this pomade, is that it flakes more-so than most, when combed through after it settles. While not leaving you with chunks of flakes, it’s still a noticeable downside. But, if you’re like me and you wet-comb instead of dry combing a water-soluble pomade, you’ll be in the clear. But, if you like to dry comb water-soluble pomades, you may be out of luck. But as I’ve said, it’s not something a bit of water couldn’t fix!

Holding up in the heat, I noticed that this stuff didn’t melt all over my face. But, my slicked down sides did fluff up after a bit, and weren’t as slicked as I had initially styled them. Fortunately, the pomp didn’t suffer any loss of shape, which is definitely a good thing!

Overall, this is a great alternative to the once favored, but now unfortunately discontinued Monkey Brains. On the lighter end of the water-soluble pomade market, a sweet yet subtle scent, and is one, if not, the cheapest water-soluble pomade around, it’s a good pomade to have on deck. So, for those who want something to replace the pricier water-soluble pomades, I’d definitely say you should check this out. But, just don’t expect to have the same hold. Then again, why would they want to imitate another pomade???

Big thanks again to Luis at Bona Fide Pomade. I definitely dug this stuff, and have used it more often than I expected!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!

Monkey Brains.

Growing up, my aunt would make this crazy good and sweet desert bread called “monkey brains.” I wish I was talking about that right now, because it’s been years since I had any! But, since this blog is mainly about rockabilly, pompadours, and pomade, we can’t stray too far away from that, can we?

Rockabilly bread?

A few people have told me about Monkey Brains water soluble pomade, Grease Monkey. From what I’ve heard, it’s good, works just as well as any other “rockabilly pomade” out there, plus, it’s not too hard on the wallets.

With summer coming soon, well… As soon as these crazy clouds drift away… There’s gonna be some hot summer nights, where it’ll be too unbearable to rock the heavy grease. So, it’s perfect timing to use the water soluble stuff!

Shot out an email, waited what seemed like forever, and the package has arrived! Yes, “seemed like forever.” I hate waiting for packages! Don’t you? But hey, it sure as hell beats waiting for a messenger riding on a horses back, eh?


Included was also some sachet packets of their Psycho Sticky hair glue and Super sticky hair gel. Yes, I know… It’s blasphemy to style a pompadour using gel, but both will be reviewed!

Big thanks to Rebecca at Monkey Brains, for sending me the package. As well as offering excellent customer service! Something some rockabilly pomade brands need to take note on… (This does not include any one I’ve already talked to! So don’t worry! Y’all are great!)

Hopefully, well see a Pegasus fly across the sky and bring out the sun. But until then, this stuff will be on the back-burner.

So until then,

Keep it greasy.