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Captain’s Sk8 & Barber Shop!

As most of y’all know, I’m no longer at The Barber Lounge in San Francisco. I’ll be reviewing my “experience” shortly! Yeah, that’ll be fun!

Now that my time is freed up, I’ll be at Captain’s Sk8 & Barber Shop more frequently! The days on the board will be updated shortly. But, swing on by for a cut and kick back with a brew!


Big thanks for all of the support with this slight transition!

Los Angeles Bound!



The Rebel Rouser has set up shop!

Well folks, as most of you all know, I passed my State Board exam and I am now officially a licensed barber!

I’be officially set up shop at The Barber Lounge in San Francisco.


854 Folsom St
San Francisco‎ CA‎ 94107

So come on out and book an appointment with me!

Pomp Hard!

Viva Las Vegas 16.

Hey folks,

As we all know, I’ve been to the last two VLVs and they’ve been nothing but fun and amazing, especially since I’ve met a lot of cats and gals who read this here blog! In turn, I’ve also missed one too many Easter Sundays with my kid. So, I’ll be making this VLV16 my last VLV. I would skip this one completely, but it’s the right time for me to gain inspiration that will help mold my creative angle for my barbering career.

And hey, since this is my last VLV (at least for a while,) let’s make it worth while!

I’m looking to book haircut appointments for this upcoming Viva Las Vegas 16… last minute, I know… But, if you’re interested in booking a haircut appointment with me, I’ll be around from Friday to Monday. Shoot me an email to set an appointment.

Thanks all, I hope to see you all there and have a ball!

– Jan

Recent Haircuts.

Here’s a few more of my recent haircuts.

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Barber Poles.

Whether their stained glass and lit by a candle or they’re plugged into a wall and spinning, it’s always awesome to see em outside of barbershops. I get stoked whenever I drive by a shop that still takes pride in having theirs looking clean, red, white and blue… It’s an added bonus if it’s spinning!

How To Get A New Haircut.

Getting a new haircut. The hardest thing for people to do since deciding whether or not your wife is worth getting a circumcision…

Well that was interesting…

Whatever reason may be, people just don’t know how to get a new haircut. And by new, I don’t mean just getting the same haircut you had and getting it shorter or tapered. No. I mean, people going from a bowlcut to a pompadour. They just don’t know how to exactly describe the cut they’re looking for. While you’ll enjoy the change and so will society, you’ll go home and notice that it’s not exactly what you want.

For the most part, people believe that they can visualize what they want perfectly. While you can have the image in your head, your mouth is too stupid to put it into words. Especially when it comes to telling your barber or stylist what you want. They use different terms than most folks are used to. While we know them to a certain extent, if you use the wrong terms they’ll look at you like you have no idea what you want.

High and tight, taper, fade, blend, buzzed, blah blah blah… There’s a lot of new words you’ll have to learn, if you want to get the haircut you have in mind. So if you think you’re gonna be able to get the proper haircut with just words, make sure you know what the hell you’re saying! To avoid all of that trouble, here’s a simple, yet very effective pro-tip…

Here is thee pro-tip. This is the easiest way for anyone to get the exact haircut that you want. You know exactly what you want, because you’ve seen it before. So you have to do one simple thing…

Ready for it?



The ideal haircut you want is most likely something you’ve seen in a picture. So when you go to get your haircut, simply bring in the picture!

Any and all hairstylists and barbers will say the samething. It gives them a visual. It’s in their face, they can see it with their own eyes and know exactly how high you want it to taper, the length you want on top, and whether or not you’re a creeper, for finding a dudes picture on the internet to print out and bring in for them to look at. Hey, that’s fine! I’m not judgin’ ya! But they might be…

If you’re looking for a pompadour hairstyle, obviously the picture you find will be of a cool lookin’ pomp. Clearly, it’ll already be styled up. So your stylist can’t exactly figure out the exact length of the hair. But they will still cut the hair accordingly, and maybe you’ll have to let it grow out for a week, until you get your hair looking just like the picture.

There you have it folks. The one simple and very effective way to get your hair cut just the way you like it. 

Just make sure you don’t flip past the picture of Bieber, in your photo library, on your phone. Hey, it’s fine if you have it. If you’re a 12 year old girl. But if you’re looking at my blog, you most likely aren’t. And if you are… Is your mom hot?

Finding The Right Barber

One thing cats who rock the pomp need, aside from good pomade, is an excellent barber. Without a proper cut, your hair, for a lack of a better word, will look like shit. Bad styling doesn’t help either.

While all the vintage barber chairs, straight razor shaves, and PBR are cool to see in shops, but in the end, they are what they are… Gimmicks. Just like your old G.I. Joe with its Kung Fu grip or your original Megatron that shot out pellets, they’re simply gimmicks. I’m not saying gimmicks are bad in any way, hell, I fuckin LOVE Transformers, that in itself is a gimmick! But, gimmicks don’t always mean that the shop is the best you’ll ever find.

For instance, take my first impression on Golden Shears Barbershop. While they had vintage chairs and old muskets up on the wall, they weren’t the most professional of folks, nor the kindest. And you know what? First impressions are pretty damn important, especially when it comes to potential clientelle. They won’t be getting my vote!

Though my guy works at a salon, yes… A salon, he has many years of barbering under his belt.

From helping out at his fathers barbershop back in the 50s and owning his own barbershop in the past, it’s safe to say this guy knows hair.

He’s your typical barber that you would’ve seen decades ago. Just, in a salon. But that doesn’t stop him from shooting the shit with ya while snooty women get their hair colored. Trust me, he doesn’t hold back! Boob talk, stories about how he’s known Bruce Lee, to meeting Priscilla Presley since he knew her post Elvis hubby, he’s got plenty of stories to tell. All that could last for hours, had they been told at his own shop.

Though I was unhappy with my haircut by him in the past, I still trust him with my hair. It wasn’t that it was a bad cut, he had cut it shorter than I had wanted, at the time. And this time around, he still did an excellent job.

Fresh out of the shower.

Quickly styled up.

So while vintage looking shops are fun, you still can’t beat an old man who has been cutting hair since he was a kid! As much as I love those kinds of shops, Leonard is still my go to guy for haircuts. Finding him to cut my hair, truly is like finding a diamond-in-the-rough. And when you find the right barber to cut your hair, you know you’ll be lookin good as soon as you step out.

Knowing he’s a kid of the 50s-60s,  I asked him about different kinds of pomade, pompadours, and all that jazz… But that’s another post 😉

No more shops like these around…

Here’s a clip from a rockabilly barber, back in the 1990’s.

The only “commercialized” rockabilly barbershops I know of, are Something Hells shop, ran by Mr. Ducktail. And by the creators of Layrite, Hawleywoods Barbershop ran by Donnie Hawley.

Edit: Guess what I meant with the title is, there aren’t shops that do low production commercials, just like any local salon. They’re all up and publicized by way of the interweb.