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Happy Birthday J.R!


What could little ol’ me say about thee Man in Black? What else can be said that everybody hasn’t already heard/doesn’t already know? He’s a legend, The Man in Black, an inspiration, and quite simply- a badass. Without him, this blog wouldn’t have any meaning. Happy 80th birthday, Mr. Cash!

Big thanks to Mike for the link. Check it out for a nice write up and cool flicks of the legend.


The Best Three Years…

It’s been three years since I first saw your face. I couldn’t believe my eyes that you were real, more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined. You were finally here. And you were mine.

The feeling of seeing your first born, is a feeling that many and most take advantage of, yet some rarely get to feel. Excitement, joy, disbelief, every and all emotions at the same time.

Excitement because you finally get to see who they are. Then imagine the person they will become.
Joy for the times you will share with them. Good and the bad, you will remember every single moment.
Disbelief because they are more perfect than you or anyone could’ve ever dreamt of.

How could I have ever imagined she would turn from this:

Can you tell which one is here? Here’s a hint, I’m not very short…

This this:

Yeah… She’s definitely grown some character!

Or did she…

This little girl had attitude in her eyes since the day she was born. And trust me, she’s most definitely a wild one!

I seriously wish I was as cool as her when I was her age and when she grows up. Seriously, I wasn’t this cool back then!

While she sings along to Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, and many other rockabilly artists, I danced along to New Kids On The Block… Yeah… But at least I had a leather jacket and attitude!

So Happy Birthday to the Little Rebel Rouser! I’m sure you’ll cause more trouble than I ever have. And I know this, because you are exactly like me. Now, not the NKOTB me…

So here’s Johnny Cash. No one could put emotions into words the way this man could.

Johnny Cash – All Over Again

Happy Birthday Babe! I Love You!


Don’t tell me y’all forgot already?

There’s a reason why he is The Man In Black, because he was just that, a man in black.

Too many kids these days look up to false idols they see on tv and the internet and think they’re men. No, no… They aren’t men. They’re just over-sized fairies covered in tattoos that don’t have any story or reason behind them.

Well kids. Here are two idols you should definitely look up to. Well, technically three. As this is my favorite song from none other than Robert Nesta Marley, sang by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. All three men lived, stood, and died for something. Unlike the fairies today, who only do it for the air time and publicity.

Happy birthday J.R. We need more like you, to whip these pussies into shape.

Johnny Cash &  Joe Strummer – Redemption Song

Staying In Tonight.

Had a super long day. Up by 7, out by 8, home by 9pm.

Driving, tattooing, and a friend in a Speedo made up my day.

So it’s time to kick back and relax.

So here’s a sweet clip of Johnny Cash and an afro-less Carl Perkins recording The Devil To Pay.

So for the rest of yous staying in as well, enjoy the video.

Better Than The Original?

In the past, I remember reading sites that would post some cover songs, that they thought were better than the original. I agree with some of them, some reggae songs translate well into punk, rap to spoof rock, and the list goes on.

Here’s some songs, that I love both the original and the cover.

Original – Eddie Cochran
Cover – Sid Vicious

Original – Little Walter
Cover – Elvis Presley

Original – Nine Inch Nails
Cover – Johnny Cash

The one I have to say I like better, (should be obvious,) is Johnny Cash’s cover. Of course the song means something to Johnny Cash, more than just the sound or lyrics. But it’s meaning, and where it touched Johnny Cash’s soul. Which makes his cover a lot more meaningful and better than NIN version.

My life story…

Johnny Cash had a song, that (in my opinion) sums up my life story… The song is A Boy Named Sue.

Except my name isn’t Sue, it’s Jan. Not much better. Being (I believe) one of the only Filipino kids, growing up in a predominantly silver spoon part of the Bay Area, having a name like Jan meant you were gonna be the butt of every joke and frequently picked on. Which happened.
From being picked on, on the very first day of kindergarten, hearing the same old “Janice, Janitor, Jane, etc etc” jokes daily, there was only one thing I kid like I could do. Get tough. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. You’d think, that having to grow that type of mentality was for people in the 20s and such. Nope!

Unlike a lot of people nowadays, who only have a strong handshake because of their work out routine, and not because it’s by the principles they live by, there are more “guys” out there, than “men.”

One of those rare breed of men, was the one and only Johnny Cash.

He didn’t win the women over by wearing glittery shirts or being oiled up to look like an orange oil painting.
Women noticed his masculinity.

Take it from Miss Dolly Parton.

My post got a little side tracked, but oh well. Here’s a song from Johnny Cash, that pretty much sums up my life story.

Also, note at how everyone has their hair. What happened to people caring about what they look like???

Ain’t no cuter couple out there…

The chemestry between Johnny Cash and June Carter was perfect…

And from Walk The Line…

(Don’t mind the fan vid. Listen!)

I really enjoyed Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon’s version of It Ain’t Me Babe.

Just posting some great music to kick off Sunday.