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The Brains of the Operation…

The pompadour has been a front for the brains of this operation. The real mastermind behind The Rebel Rouser is not a man… Nor is it a supercomputer, as most of you have believed… It’s none other than this loveable being…

The true Rebel Rouser.


WAYWT: 3/25/2011

Pleated Slacks.

Target “Do You Wanna Americana” Overalls.
“Chambray” Shirt w/ Floral Trim.
Engineer Boots.

The Best Three Years…

It’s been three years since I first saw your face. I couldn’t believe my eyes that you were real, more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined. You were finally here. And you were mine.

The feeling of seeing your first born, is a feeling that many and most take advantage of, yet some rarely get to feel. Excitement, joy, disbelief, every and all emotions at the same time.

Excitement because you finally get to see who they are. Then imagine the person they will become.
Joy for the times you will share with them. Good and the bad, you will remember every single moment.
Disbelief because they are more perfect than you or anyone could’ve ever dreamt of.

How could I have ever imagined she would turn from this:

Can you tell which one is here? Here’s a hint, I’m not very short…

This this:

Yeah… She’s definitely grown some character!

Or did she…

This little girl had attitude in her eyes since the day she was born. And trust me, she’s most definitely a wild one!

I seriously wish I was as cool as her when I was her age and when she grows up. Seriously, I wasn’t this cool back then!

While she sings along to Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, and many other rockabilly artists, I danced along to New Kids On The Block… Yeah… But at least I had a leather jacket and attitude!

So Happy Birthday to the Little Rebel Rouser! I’m sure you’ll cause more trouble than I ever have. And I know this, because you are exactly like me. Now, not the NKOTB me…

So here’s Johnny Cash. No one could put emotions into words the way this man could.

Johnny Cash – All Over Again

Happy Birthday Babe! I Love You!

WAYWT: 2/11/2011

Sweet Georgia Brown
GAP Denim Shirt
Strike Gold
Red Wing

WAYWT: 2/7/2011

Beautiful day out, so it was a must to bring the baby to the park.

This park is along the lagoon, so she likes to pretend to fish, using Willow branches. My lady took a vid, because I “looked funny.” Thanks…

Plaid Shirt
Strike Gold
Red Wing

My Cubby

Various pomades, event flyers, shit ton of stickers, a patch for my kids jacket, a beer mug filled with combs, and a car book & Rebel Style in the back of it all. And of course, a picture of my little one.

Been meaning to do a review for that Mr. Ducktails Shampoo, but either my allergies are kicking in 10 fold, or I just got sick as hell all of a sudden. But soon enough folks.

I got all the remedies for pomades and shit, but who’s got remedies for colds and allergies???

WAYWT: 1/7/2011

My cousin happened to stop into the shop, so she took a pic of us. Beats mine.

Red Wing

I didn’t realize she was wearing a red flannel, so when I got home to change a shirt, I just threw on whatever I found. So, we’re sort of matching today.

Recap: Rockabilly Fridays at Retox Lounge 11/19/2010

Ok, so I lied… I didn’t go on the first night.

With the rain finally here, it changed the tempo the first two nights have set. Only so many people will actually go outside, and endure the rain. For any reason. Personally, I love the rain. Bike rides, walking, whatever. The rain is my jam. Except when everyone else is on the road, and they just want to be assholes because it’s wet out. Understanding the whole ‘It’s raining, time to be a dick” mentality, is completely out of my league. I can’t be bothered by these assholes.

Like me, my kid too loves the rain. Whether it’s a little bit of dew on the lawn, sprinklers, or big and small puddles… Every chance she gets, she’ll stomp around in em.

Biggest little 2 and a half year old, the littlest puddle.

When she wants to stomp, she will stomp. After making a quick stop to the bank around the corner, she rushed back to the puddle to stomp just a few more times. She’s a cutie for sure.

Back underground to the car we go, I spotted a beautiful VW Beetle. The canvas top was ridiculously clean, as was the interior and paintjob. Who said you need to have all those flashy colors and pinstripes, to have a hot car?

The White Knight

Speaking of Beetles. A couple of my friends are supposed to be picking one up in the next month or so. He plans on completely stripping it down, and putting it back together with his son. I’ll be having pics of that process when he gets it. It’s gonna be a fun project. The flat black paint job they’re planning for, is already a topper. And for his lady, they plan on getting a little wild with leopard print. (No pun intended.)

With the night closing in, it was about that time to get greased up and ready to go. A good amount of DAX Wave and Groom for the top, and some Sweet Georgia Brown (purple can) for the sides and back, was needed to get my hair looking right.

Don't mind my face.

I didn’t realize how blurry this picture was, until now.

With the rain, comes the cold. So a hoody under my Schott Perfecto was needed. Very much so. Especially since the heater in my car ain’t workin!

Headed up to find Retox Lounge. Got lost and went towards the Mission. I knew it wasn’t in the Mission, but the directions weren’t as clear as they should be! Stupid iPhones. How do you not know where to go!?

After finding the place, I circled back down 19th. Which was creepy as fuck. Almost like a dark dead end. There weren’t any creeps around, but it was still creepy as fuck. Almost like the scene from The Warriors, where they’re running away from all of the other gangs. And then suddenly out of the shadows… Ya’ll know that scene.

Get inside, and it’s “slow.” I don’t mind slow bars, as I prefer them over bro-filled Irish Pubs any day of the year. As soon as I get there, there are about 20 or so people. Nothing too big, but a decent enough size crowd, where you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Saw a few familiar faces from the Nor-Cal Rockabilly crowd. Of course, as new as I am, I don’t know anyone.

They had a few Jameson promp girls there, handing out free samples of Jameson/Ginger Ales. I tried to get as many as I could get. Fuck it, they’re good! They had a little iPad with them, with 3 questions. If you answer all 3, you get a t-shirt. If you get any right, you get a flashlight. At first, I didn’t want to try it out. (I’ve never been one to enter contests or shit like that.) But after seeing it was a long sleeve shirt, why the fuck not? And hey, I won!


Why the fuck not, huh? TEE SHIRT TIME!

And not too long after that, my friend and his lady friend come along. And not too long after that, two broads come over and introduce themselves to us. And that was it. Talk about a fuckin awkward moment, eh?
From the start, I knew something was up. When one of them was sipping their drink, looking at me while doing a little Wanda shake. (Where Wanda is against the car, sucking on a lollipop.) Talk about being obvious.

Brushed the broad off, and continued on for the rest of the night.

Spotted a (most likely,) Jack and Coke sitting by it’s lonesome. Would you trust it? If I was hammered, maybe. Hey, I’m trying to get drunk, what more damage could a roofie do?

A couple of folks swingin.

And Raul Castro in the backround, doing his thing.

Kid in the green jacket kept looking at me all funny, at the bar. And if you’re gonna look at me funny, I’ll ask ya. Which I did, and him and his buddy (who also kept giving me a mean look all night,) just sat there, being upset. Boohoo buddy, don’t give someone a mean look if you won’t do anything about it. Now, I’m not trying to promote fighting for no reason. But, if you’re gonna give someone a weird look, and they look back at you, either give them the nod, or stop looking! These guys just kept on looking! You like me or somethin???

A few of the ladies outside for a smoke. And these ladies were hoppin all over, and they weren’t just gonna go outside, and not dance around and have themselves a good time!

For the rest of the night, I just stood by the bar talking with the owner Scott. The guy is hilarious. He looked at me, pointed to my buddy, and told me “I just wanna make fun of this guy real quick. He looks like a homeless guy. He’s got two t-shirts, his flannel, got that scruffy facial hair and that beanie.”
Fuckin hilarious.
Crackin jokes with the guy was definitely the topper of the night. This is definitely a place I’d frequent more often. And not just on Rockabilly Fridays. But for the punk nights as well.

He told me, that tonight (last night) was the slowest it’s been, since Rockabilly Fridays have started. See Kiya, you said it was gonna be dead! He said it was jam packed the last couple Fridays!

Anyways, that’s all for now. Head over to my tumblr in an hour or so, to hear a little bit of ranting about the night. Amongst other rantings.

Definitely gonna head back next Friday, for sure. Rain or shine, Rockabilly Fridays is the place to be.
And as I’ve said for the first night… Be there, or be square.

WAYWT: 10/12/2010

Today she is 2 years and 7 months.