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Current Stomping Grounds.

For any and all trying to get a haircut by me:

I’m no longer cutting hair in Redwood City. Best wishes for the shop, and if you continue to get your hair cut there and not by me — no hard feelings. It’s a cool shop and I wish them the best. But, if you’re trying to find out here I’m putting hair on the floor…


You can find me at Bushwackers Barber Shop in Belmont, 1024 Sixth Ave.

Email me or call the shop for an appointment!

(650) 592-9772 (shop number)

Hope to hear from y’all soon!

Pomp Hard.

Pomade Review: Steadfast Pomade

A number of months ago, Cris over at Steadfast Pomade shot me a tub of their pomade. So, clearly, this is a long overdue review! Major apologies, Cris and readers! At the time I was focusing heavily on getting the most out of barbering school by staying all the way through till the end of the night class… You can only imagine how much energy I’d have after being in school from 9am till 10:30 at night! But, I now have the time to give a thorough review, especially since I’ve been able to use it on various hair types! So, lets get back on track with things and start the review!

Spotting Steadfast on your local barber shops shelves isn’t going to be difficult whatsoever. The pomade is packaged in a typical white tub, but the labeling is definitely eye-catching. The nautical themed label brandishes a killer color palette of warm brown, blue and red tones, with the black trim really making the soft-yellow lettered “STEADFAST” pop. And if you aren’t able to spot this on their shelves, it probably means you should tell them to stock it!

Opening it up, you get a whiff of a subtle fresh scented pomade. Most folks will find it refreshing as they’re preferring toned down scents.

Once you see the cool translucent blue pomade, you can kind of figure out the type of hold the product will offer. More-often-than-not, the clearer the pomade the lighter the hold.  And scooping it out proved just that…

One issue I had with Steadfast, was how light of a consistency it was. I wasn’t concerned about the hold, but rather how it’s a little too easy to scoop out. I’ve found myself taking out too much and having to scrape some back off into the tub. While this isn’t too big of a deal, it just makes using it on clients a bit tricky.

But, since it does come out easily, it also means it applies just as easily. Running this stuff through your hair dry is just as smooth as it is if you apply it damp. My thick hair had no trouble with it goin’ on splotchy, nor did my clients with fine hair.

Now, combing this stuff through your hair, thick or fine, is smooth sailin’. THEPUNZ?! Even if you’re combing it through dry hair, you won’t have too much pullin’ goin’ on.

In terms of consistency, it’s a bit lighter than the well-known yellow labeled product. The hold is strong enough to mold a high pomp, and since the product is light, it doesn’t weigh it down whatsoever, allowing you to sculpt a real smooth lookin’ pomp, when applied to damp hair!

Not only does this stuff do justice to my thick and wavy hair, but it also works great on fine hair… Take a look…

This was used on my client Adam, who has fine hair… BUT A LOT OF IT. Applying it to dry hair brings out more of the textured look, and not so much the slick look that you’d get from applying it to dampened hair.

While using it, I didn’t notice any flaking from recombing it dry. While it’s not exactly a recombable product, I didn’t deal with any flaking, which is always a plus! There’s a tiny bit of a glossy finish, so don’t expect a completely matte finish.

Overall, Steadfast is a pretty dope pomade. Not only is it affordable, differently colored, it works damn well! As mentioned, the only draw back I’ve dealt with was scooping out excessive amounts, which is more of a professional issue than an at-home issue. Again, not too big of a deal. If you’re in the market to change things up a bit with your water-soluble pomade market, I’d definitely say take a look into this stuff. Again, big thanks to Cris over at Steadfast, and major apologies for such a late review. But hey, better late than never, right?

Until the next time (which won’t be months away!,)

Pomp Hard!

Re-upping my stock.

Swung by a semi local spot in SF to get some pomade.

Low and behold, they do carry it. Good to know a local spot that carries Layrite. Save a little bit on shipping.

I use Layrite pretty often, when I’m switching in between pomades. So it only seems right to have more than one tub of it. I would’ve stocked up on the 32oz tub, but they didn’t carry the Super Hold. Oh well.

For the Bay Area folk, check out Wak Shack on lower Haight. I asked if they also do pompadour haircuts, and they do! So if anyone is looking for a spot, check this place out.

Pomade Review: Deluxe

Been looking forward to this pomade for quite some time now. And since I had pretty much said everything I had to say about Layrite, I put this pomade to work right away.

One detail I am a fan of, is the packaging. Yes, it is pretty generic looking, gun-metal tin, red sticker labels. But in big, bold, and at the top, it says MADE IN U.S.A. One thing a lot of pomades are proud about, but don’t say so… why not?

MADE IN U.S.A. ‘Merica!

 Taking a look at this stuff, I think “Oh great, another wax.”


Looks like a thick wax, right? Well, aside from just looking like a wax… It “comes out” like a wax. And I put this in quotation marks, because it was a bitch and a half trying to scrape this stuff out!

As she would say “That’s it?”

This stuff was a pain. Breaking through the top layer, was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. No seriously, this sucked. I even had an easier time getting through the High Life wax. But luckily, as soon as I broke into this stuff, it was starting to get easier… S0rt of.

This stuff surprised me, in the sense that everything looked and felt like wax… Up until I started to blend it into my palms. It blended in fairly easily, almost like a very light pomade. This made me have high hopes for this stuff… Because that was really cool in my opinion. A wax that molds out like a pomade? Hell yeah!

It ran through pretty easily. I ran it through my damp hair, because Stone Cold said so! Spread evenly, and seemed like it spread a little thin. And it did… No here’s where the funny stuff happens.

“The clean and tidy look,” is right. Slicking this stuff through was easy. It slicks through nicely, leaving a nice even look without any breaks. It has no sheen whatsoever, and a very little to no scent. This stuff is pretty good to use when slicking back or parting your hair. It’s light, and has enough hold for those looks. But what about a pompadour?

It has enough hold for slick looks, but as soon as I tried to pomp high, I got a very hollow and broken looking pomp. Sigh… I ended up using a pretty hefty amount of pomade for the first time. More than I’d usually like, when trying out a new pomade.

Kind of a lot, wouldn’t you think?

That was slightly disappointing. Looking like wax, holding like a light pomade. It was fun to slick around my hair though, as it slicks really smoothly.

I ended up having to do a wet combing, to style my hair for the first time. I usually like to wet comb a day or two later, to really test out how pomades are, on their own.

It does little to nothing for my sides. Everything was fluffed out, no matter how hard I slicked back and down.

But throughout the day, I decided to take a few pics to see how this stuff held up. And it didn’t do too bad a job, but you’d really have to check your hair every once in a while.

Not too great of a pomp or anything. It’s even hard to retain a good sharp part, since it doesn’t hold the sides down.

So what do I have to say about this stuff?

No wonder that kid in the video I posted up a while back, had to cake this stuff on! I don’t like to think that a pomade is worth its weight, by the amount you have to use. Why would you want to have to use too much of anything? It seems pointless and a waste, to me. As they say, a-little-goes-a-long-way, but not really with this stuff. With semi longer hair, you have to use a lot to get a little hold. And you have to use too much to get a decent hold.

If you have shorter, finer hair, I’d recommend this pomade. As it seems to be really light. It doesn’t do much for my hair, even after a few day old hair cut. Am I disappointed? Not really, since I really like this stuff works, hard like a wax, soft like a light pomade. But this isn’t something I’d plan on buying again. It just doesn’t have the hold or sheen any of the other pomades do. It’s just too light. But if you want to have slicked hair styles without the wet look, this stuff might be right up your alley.

Well, that’s all for now. I may try out a few cocktails with this stuff. Maybe mixing it in with a light or medium hold pomade, with extra sheen. Or maybe some other mixes that I have on hold. Hopefully my other order of pomade comes in soon.

Until then, use the other stuff and stay greasy.

Pomade Review: Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade

Apologies for the personal ranting yesterday. But hey, that’s what blogs are for! On with the show…

So… I usually like to use a pomade for at least 2 days, but this stuff has really given my first impression, a deep impression… Sounds od.

Unlike most of the “greaser” pomades, this stuff comes in a plastic twist-top container. I’d assume that if they had used tin instead, it would up the price of their pomade a bit more. It doesn’t change the quality of their product though! I happened to get mine with a few air pockets under the sticker labels. Sucks.

Layrite Super HoldYou look at the container and the logo, and see their own designs and sayings. The gold trim on the side (not pictured) is a nice touch. One thing I wonder about, is why they chose the collor palette that they did. Brown and Yellow for the Super Hold, and swiched around for the regular one. Now, for the real first impression... For me, the way I get a first impression from a pomade, is by looking at it's consistency, without actually touching. You can really tell how a pomade will perform, by looking at it. But this stuff, well... It's a whole 'nother story...Layrite

 As soon as I took a look at this stuff, I thought it would be more so a gel, than a pomade… somewhat similar to Grant’s. Even though Layrite did come out before Grant’s. The bright orange color took me by surprise and so did the little “crusty-ness” around the edges. I had always thought that this stuff was yellow-ish. I guess that’s for the regular hold?
I didn’t really smell too much from this stuff, from the start. My girlfriend noticed a nice little scent, but nothing too extreme. Time to get our feet wet…

Sort of looking like gel?

Thinking that it sort of looks like Grant’s, I scooped some out. As I was taking a couple of finger tips of this stuff, it started to really reveal itself. Scooping it out sort of felt like a mix between gel and a pomade. It was gathering up like a gel, but scooped up like a pomade. Weird right? As I start to mix this stuff into my palms, it showed a side of it that no one really explained… It spread evenly and easily like a gel, but felt like a pomade right after it was spread. The hell… THIS SHIT IS CRAAAAZY… My hair was wet when I put it in, that’s just how I roll. Most say to apply it to dry hair, but hell with that.
Knowing that it is washable, I was skeptical whether or not this stuff will comb right out or actually work. Started to slick my comb through, everything went smooth and all. Now to test the hold. Tried to pomp up high, but alas… My hair was a little too wet to really let this stuff hold. Got a decent sized pomp with this stuff though.

Here’s a quick pomp. Nothing amazing, I was just supposed to be out the door almost 10 minutes before this picture was taken.

Now for the real test… We went out, got coffee, ran some errands, ate breakfast, drove around with the windows down, blah blah blah…

“This hair ain’t movin my dude!” Is a fact. Even with the windows down, my hair didn’t move all that much. Still maintained a pomp. Of course, had to comb it to get it to looking smooth and all, but it didn’t split in half, part or anything. And usually, pomade seems to dry out when I have the window rolled down.
This stuff did slightly harden. Maybe it was because I still had some left over pomade, but it did slightly harden. Even so, I was still able to run a comb through it. No flakes, nothing. This is a pretty badass pomade, if others haven’t said so already. To top it all off, the scent this stuff has, is amazing. It doesn’t really come out, until after everything has settled. It has a strong vanilla scent, that has everyone drawn to it. My friend and girlfriend were trying to figure out where the strong scent was coming from. And of course, it was from my hair…

I have to say, Donnie Hawley really knew what he was doing when he made this stuff. The only thing that this stuff really lacks, is sheen. Even though it says “Hy-Sheen” on the lid, it doesn’t leave you with that much of a sheen. Nothing really else to say about this stuff…

Am I gonna convert and drop all of the other pomades out there for this one single brand, I don’t think so. Only because I love variety. But will I buy this stuff again? Yeah I will, and probably the 32oz one this time!

 You can get this stuff from The Grease Shop, or even over at Hawleywoods online shop. Go and check it out, and try it. It won’t disappoint you. It sure hasn’t disappointed me.

1950s Hairstyle.

I’m not too sure what this style is called. It’s similar to a flat top with fenders, except the top isn’t buzzed short, the sides are up combed, and the front is slightly pomp’d, but not quite.

Can anyone identify?

Here are some stills from Blackboard Jungle

Up combed

On the left, if my description wasn’t descriptive enough. Don’t forget to note that sweet D.A. on the right. WITHOUT a pomp! And of course, the “waterfall” from the guy in the middle.

Up combed

And a better profile view.

This is one movie I’ve seen it in, but I’ve seen a couple of other pictures. I should try and find those pics again.

If anyone can help identify the cut, that would be great!


Personally, I’m a whiskey or beer kind of guy. If anything, a nice Long Island will always hit the spot.

Even though later on I am heading out for some drinks, for a pals birthday, this post isn’t about alcohol!

After my reviews on different individual pomades, I’ve done experimenting with different mix and matches. Or as they would call it in the hair business, “cocktails.” Ahhhhh now the title makes sense, eh?

First mix I’ve tried…

Murray’s Superior and Grant’s Golden Brand.

Murray’s on it’s own, is a very stiff product. But when you mix a lighter product like Grant’s, it softens up the Murray’s, changing up its consistency in your hair.
As mentioned in the Gran’ts review, this stuff hardens. So no matter which pomade you mix with, you will get a hardened result. This wasn’t my mix of choice. But when I had a couple day old amount of Murray’s in my hair, the Grant’s was a nice touch to bring it to shape.

I also tried Murray’s with Royal Crown. Typical mix, since you often see both of these products side by side at the grocery store. Whatever you mix with Royal Crown, you don’t need equal parts of the Royal Crown pomade. This will weigh your hair down a considerable amount. Not my favorite mix, since the extra light consistency of the Royal Crown, pretty much broke apart the Murray’s, this didn’t do any good for my pompadour.
And since I said that the water based Sweet Georgia Brown, was just like Royal Crown, it pretty much falls under the same cocktail. But the Sweet Georgia Brown has a grape scent to it.

Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can) and what I thought would be a good mixer, DAX wave and groom, was surprisingly NOT a good mix. The semi lightness of the Sweet Georgia Brown, mixed with the medium consistency of the DAX, didn’t work as well as I had originally hoped for. Pretty much just added dead weight to my hair.

And last, but not least. The one cocktail that yielded amazing results…

Murray’s Superior and Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can.)
Equal amounts of both, gave me great hold, a decent amount of extra volume, sheen, and the great grape smell. And if you are mixing different pomades, you most likely are mixing, because you’re wanting your hair to look extraordinary for a night out. So the assisted grape scent is always a plus. This stuff is a hit, probably my favorite “pomade” to put into my hair, aside from DAX by itself.

I also seen someone mix Black and White pomade with Sweet Georgia Brown, and have amazing results. But I haven’t been able to find any around here in the Bay Area. Maybe someone would like to proxy some for me???