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Deciding Which Pomade Is the Right Pomade: Part 2

Time to continue, onto part two. (I’m a rapper, you see…)

I pretty much covered the different types of pomades out there, now it’s time to figure out what’s best for you…

One thing that people really need to understand, is that pomade is made to sit in your hair, days on end. Not just over night. So if you can’t accept that, you’re gonna need something water soluble. Most of these pomades are water based, as opposed to petrolatum based. For the greasy, yet washable pomades, Layrite and Grant’s comes to mind. Even though I’m not sure how the sheen is from Layrite, Grant’s doesn’t have the sheen. But hey, at least it comes from Made-In-The-U.S.A. brand! Or, you can get some of that Axe stuff or American Crew. I personally, don’t ever plan on trying this stuff out. But if it works for you, be my guest. But you aren’t greasy.

If you wash your hair out with just water daily, or shampoo every other day, and don’t really mind having a bit of pomade in your hair, DAX and Sweet Georgia Brown will work for you. Even though they have good hold and are decently thicker pomades, they seem to wash out semi easily. You’ll have a bit in, but if you don’t mind it, then these are the ones you should try. Sweet Georgia Brown is pretty greasy, so know that you will have a greasy pillow case. Or you can do a quick rinse with water, and it’ll sort of break down the greasyness.

Now… Murray’s is one pomade, that everyone has trouble washing out. Not too many people are really tolerant to Murray’s. And with good reason. If you don’t want a greasy ass pillow case, this stuff is not for you. Unless you completely or at least nearly compeltely wash this stuff out, you’ll have a greasy pillow case. There’s no way to avoid it. Unless you wear a du-rag, THEN YOU’RE GONNA BE RIDING THE WAVES!

I haven’t let High Life sit in my hair for more than a few hours, so I don’t know how this stuff would be, if you let it sleep in. But sinse it is wax, I wouldn’t trust it all that much. Wax just seems to attract lint and stuff a lot easier than pomade. Seems like it to me at least.

Now, if you have some gnarly cowlicks, it’ll be a little harder to style and tame your hair. You really need to understand your hair and how it grows, before jumping into pomades and pomadours. Or else you’ll get upset with your finishing results. Stronger pomades really help with taming your hair, whether it’s the waviness or or the cowlicks. But remember, if you mind leaving pomade in your hair, gotta stick with the water soluble pomades.

These tips should help you get your hair, pomp’d high, have everyone checkin’ out your hair, and keep your girlfriends satisfied. But if you and your lady don’t mind some greasy pillowcases, get with the greasy shit! The sheen makes a difference, folks!

And as they say, it ain’t easy bein’ greasy!

Pomade Review: Overview

As it seems, I am out of different brands of pomades to try out. I could’ve extended this small project to; using each individual pomade every month. But I gotta have good looking hair too, ya know!

Since I’m currently out of new pomades, here is a complete over view of each and every pomade I’ve tried.

There were certain things I was looking for, in each pomade… Hold, sheen, scent, greasiness, if it hardened or not, and how malleable it was applying and slicking during the day…

On with the show!

First up…

Murray’s Superior

Murray's Superior

This is, and will always be one of my favorite pomades. It’s cheap and readily available. It’s original. Gets the job done. And is just a total “greasers” pomade.

Hold – 9.5
Sheen – 5.5
Greasiness – 8.5/9
Scent – Coconut-ish
Hardened – No
Consistency – Thick pomade
Malleable – Work it in your palms to soften it, evenly coat your hair, and you’re set. It’s easy to comb your hair through out the day, and won’t leave you tuggin your face off, when you slick back.

Grant’s Golden Brand

Grant's Golden BrandA decent modern take on pomade. It is pretty expensive, so I don't think I'd buy this stuff that often. All they need to do is have a more competitive price point (to Layrite) and I'd say it would hold up pretty well.Overall:Hold - 8Sheen - 7.5Greasiness - 7 (makes your hands greasy after applying.)Scent - Coconut-ishHardened - YesConsistency - Thick gelMalleable - Thoroughly coat your palms and apply. Even though this stuff eventually "hardens" you can still run your comb through your hair. Can't slick through out the day, as you would with pomades. Royal CrownRoyal Crown

 More so for the “wet” look, than for pomping. You can slick your hair back or have a gentlemen part ala Mad Men, no problem. But, this stuff is VERY shiny. So take note, if you’re going for a low profile hairstyle, you will get noticed because of all that shine. Better to use as a light top coat for something thick like Murray’s.

Hold – 5
Sheen – 10
Greasiness – 10
Scent – None
Hardened – No
Consistency – Wet Petroleum
Malleable – Very easily. This stuff is almost “wet” when you slick through. So you will have no problem slicking this stuff around all day long!

Sweet Georgia Brown (Blue can)

Sweet Georgia Brown

 This stuff is original when you see it and smell it. But it just doesn’t have the hold on its own, like other some other pomades. You can still get away with either a lower profile pompadour or a nice part.

Hold – 7.5
Sheen – 9
Greasiness – 9
Scent – Grapes
Hardened – No
Consistency – Lighter pomade
Malleable – Very easy to slick with this stuff. Will probably do better with someone with shorter hair.

Sweet Georgia Brown (Purple can)

Sweet Georgia Brown

Supposed to be a water based version, of their pomades. But this stuff doesn’t wash out easily as you’d hope/think it would. Very much like Royal Crown.

Hold – 4
Sheen – 10
Greasiness – 10
Scent – None
Hardened – No
Consistency – Wet Petroleum
Malleable – It doesn’t hold all that well. If you have wavey hair, it won’t tame it. Even pairing this with Murray’s, won’t do much! Would work MUCH better with someone with short, fine hair.

High Life

High LifeAs mentioned before, I have wavey hair so I opted for their "Heavy" pomade. This stuff is a wax. Not a pomade. Not too easy to deal with, as it is a HEAVY WAX. Plus, it comes in a much smaller tin. So comparing this to Sweet Georgia Brown (same price point,) I'd opt. for the SGB.Overall:Hold - 8.5Sheen - 4Greasiness - 6Scent - VanillaHardened - YesConsistency - Thick waxMalleable - Being a wax, it's hard to mold this stuff, more than once. You really have to thoroughly work this stuff in your palms, before applying. Or else it will apply in clumps. Not a good look. Once you've styled yourself with this wax, you are pretty much set. Don't need to/can't slick during the day. You might mess up that do!DAXDAX

 A lot of people had the idea that this stuff is comparable to Murray’s. In a way, it sort of is. It’s a pomade. But this stuff, I have to say, is GREAT. Very easy to work in, great to style with, and is just an all around, great pomade. I guess I have to buy this stuff instead of Murray’s from now on!?

Hold – 9
Sheen – 9
Greasiness – 8
Scent – None
Hardened – No
Consistency – Medium pomade
Malleable – Very. Easy to slick through out the day, with enough hold to get a nice sized pomp, and enough hold to keep your hair down when you slick it down and part it. All around, a great pomade.

This was a fun little experiment. There are a few other pomades I still want to try out. Layrite being one of them. And I know that Layrite has quite the reputation. But, I’ll only know how it really holds up, compared to all of these other brands.

Hopefully this has helped everyone and anyone out. I couldn’t get as thorough as I wanted, because my kid kept climbing on me, wanting to draw dinosaurs!

So I’ll be drawing dinosaurs and hopefully everyone will try out some pomades themselves!

Until then.

Pomp hard.

Pomade Review: Dax Wave & Groom

Since the High Life was more so a WAX than a pomade, I didn’t want to leave it in my hair for more than a day. I kn0w, petroleum isn’t any better. But the wax just attracted EVERYTHING. I don’t need to wake up with a bumblebee in my hair.

So I’m doing a review on one of the last pomades I bought from The Grease Shop… DAX…

First off… I went to like 5 different Walgreens trying to find this shit. They had it on their online shop, but no stores had this stuff stocked! This shit was a bitch to find. Yeah, I could’ve bought it from the Walgreens dot com, but since I already was putting an order on one site, why not?

The packaging is pretty basic. A red tin with white lettering. DAX wave and groom HAIR DRESS on the top of the tin. But under HAIR DRESS it reads, “Made Especially For Short Hair.” FUCK. Am I shit out of luck?

DAX wave and groom

Not much of a scent with this stuff. Which isn’t too bad. Once you start smelling the same scent everyday, you get sick and tired of it. Just like my lady. JUST KIDDING BABES! Anyways.
This has a similar base color like Murray’s, but not as dark. Good or bad? Could mean it’s weaker, because they don’t use as much petroleum. But as soon as I got this on my finger tip, I noticed the consistency was slightly softer than Murray’s. Maybe this stuff is more comparable to Murray’s Super Light. But I haven’t heard too many great/decent things about Murray’s Super Light, so I don’t feel like it’s necessary to try out.

DAX wave and groom

Underneath the lid is just a little advertisement for their other products.

Working this stuff is was pretty easy. Not silky smooth as Sweet Georgia Brown, but not harsh like High Life. As soon as I started to comb through, I felt that this stuff was semi light, so I thought I’d try and do a full frontal…

POMPADOUR that is. (too corny of a joke? Probably.)


Pretty decent!

Damn tired eyes.

Anyways. Considering how light this stuff is compared to Murray’s, you still get a pretty decent sheen with this stuff! It has a semi decent hold, I need to really try and slick with a fine tooth comb to really get the feel of this stuff. But I have to say, out of all the pomades I bought from The Grease Shop, this is one of my favorites, on it’s own!

Overall: I think this is one of my favorite pomades. It has a decent enough hold, no overwhelming scent, a nice sheen, and is “greasy” enough to keep slicking through out the day. Of course, mixing and matching pomades and such is fun. But sometimes, it gets tiring having to scoop and re-scoop pomade. I think this would be a pomade I can see myself using weeks on end. Only time will tell. Good thing I bought two of these tins!

Rockabilly Couple: Cool pomp.

Clean and simple

From the Murray’s site.

Quickie: Hair falling out from Murray’s?

Making a super quick post.

The product ITSELF cannot break your hair. This isn’t nair, where it’ll break off your hair.

Want to know HOW exactly it would “make you bald?”

1) If you leave it in, it can potentially clog up your pores, resulting in no oxygen getting to the roots then having your hair fall out. And of course, that’s with extended use… It ain’t gonna happen over night… But the next way, will…

2) Leaving it in, sleeping, and when you wake up in the morning you notice your comb has hair. When you sleep, you rustle, twist and turn about all night long. Your hair will drag along your pillow. And since it’s “waxed” down, it doesn’t move freely. Therefore, it’ll tear with every twist and shuffle. Boom.

3) GENETICS. Some people are born to use stronger products, some aren’t. Simple as that.

As I’ve said before, if you’re worried, get some water based pomade.

Here’s a quick list.

1) Layrite (Haven’t tried them out yet. Soon enough.)
2) Sweet Georgia Brown (They make a water soluable pomade. Purple can. Should be here next week!)
3) Grant’s Golden Brand.
4) Suavacito (Haven’t tried them out yet, but I plan on it in the near future.)

I’ll try and order the rest as soon as possible. But for now, I’m gonna listen to some Eddie Cochran and clean.

Washing Out Pomade: How-to.

Seen this comment on a forum I’m on… Since I’ve been meaning to post this, I might as well start here!

“Had my first run in with Murray’s yesterday, it was a bitch getting out but now I know what to do. Looks like im going to stick with Bryl cream for now.”

As I’ve stated before about Murray’s, this stuff is MADE to stay in your hair. If you can’t handle or accept that, you gotta move on to water soluble stuff! (not directed towards the author of the post, just a general statement.)

Murray’s is indeed a pain to wash out. I made a mistake by thinking just a few shampoo jobs will do the trick, before a haircut. To say the least, I feel guilty that my buddy had to run his clippers through my Murray’s coated hair, the last time he gave me a cut. Rookie mistake #1 when getting a haircut.

There are a few different methods that work for me, that might not work for the average person.

1) Grease cutting dish washing soap.

As crude as it may or may not sound, this will definitely do the trick when trying to wash out that pomade.

Start off by dampening your hair just a bit, and get a decent sized dab of soap in your hands, and work up a lather. You’ll need to let this stuff set in a bit to break down the pomade. So if you’re taking a shower, start off with this, then do your regulars. If you’re rinsing off in the sink, wrap a towel around your neck and check my blogs for updates! 😉
To thoroughly get out all of the pomade, and I mean ALL of it… I use a fine tooth comb and comb out the pomade. You’ll see chunks of pomade in your comb. The less you see, the better. A couple of cycles of this will do the trick. Don’t forget to hit your head up with some shampoo and conditioner after wards. Dish soap can dry out your scalp.

2) Olive oil.

Some people like to do an olive oil + dish soap combo.

While olive oil alone does do the trick, I hate how it makes my hair feel after wards. Obviously, not only does it cut the pomade, it also coats your hair. Yes, it is a nice smooth, silky feeling. Makes one feel like Fabio. Or not. But for me, it ends up making my hair wavy as hell. Nearly impossible to pomp the next few days. It sort of coats your hair to the point where pomade is hard to apply. It’ll rub right off back into your hands. And that’s where the dish soap combo comes into play.

3) Baking Soda.

The baking soda will start to cook up in your hair, giving you a George Washington pompadour of fizz and foam. I personally haven’t tried this yet, but I heard it works wonders. There are people who only wash their hair with this method. Pomade or not.

4) This one I got from a buddy. Not long after wards, I heard about the baking soda method. Pretty much one and the same, but one tastes better…

Diet Coke.

Actually, I take the “tastes better” back. I hate the flavor of diet “X” soda. But then again, I haven’t drank soda in over a year. Anyways…
This was the first method I’ve tried. Works like a charm. All you need is a can of diet coke, a shower, and you’re good to go. It can be expensive, as you could possibly be buying diet coke just for the sole purpose of washing out your hair. But if you don’t wash your hair everyday, maybe once a week, it will only cost you a dollar. Or if you got someone living in your house who drinks soda on a daily basis. They won’t be missing a few cans a month. Plus it’s better for their health.

If you or your lady doesn’t mind having a greasy ass pillow case, then you don’t need to worry about these methods. But if you enjoy intimacy, you might wanna “WASH THAT GREASE OUTTA YOUR HAIR KID!”

Pomp Hard.

(Supposed to be like how Walk Hard is the parody of Walk The Line… Pomp Hard… GET IT??? I thought it was funny…)

I’m not going to get into the differences between a pompadour, Rockabilly Pompadour, and a Psychobilly Pompadour. Trust me, there are MAJOR differences…

My hair being thick and wavy, I can’t exactly pomp like everyone else. It can be a good thing and a bad thing…

Good, because I can’t stand the way some pompadours look like a damn shield or barrier on someones head. No offense to anyone who likes their pomps that way, it’s just a preference thing. It looks sloppy and unfinished. I DO have to give props to those who rock it, because it takes one hell of a time getting the hair up all high and what not and maintaining that pomp.
I say sloppy, because to be it looks unfinished. It doesn’t have any flow like hair styles should be. A noticeable break or “cave” as I described it about myself at one point, is just… weird… Like someone plopped a black cheese wedge on your head.

Young Psychobilly kids kissing. Cute.

Cute couple. BUT that break on the pomp, bugs me. Sorry.

Props for getting that hair UP… I couldn’t do that for the life of me…

In Japan, the Rockabilly scene is AMAZING… Ridiculous… BUT AMAZING… Everyone has seen the videos of the group at Yoyogi Park dancing about and having a ball. When Japanese folk do something, they do it BIG… Just like their pompadours…

Pretty amazing… Pretty crazy, but amazing.

I’ll post about the whole greaser/rockabilly/americana scene in Japan in the days to come. As if people don’t know about it already.

Now, I can’t criticize people without expecting a little criticism myself…

[editors note: In no way am I hating on anyones hair. These are just the only pictures I found that show what I’m talking about.]

As I’ve said before, my hair is thick and wavy. And I just have to make do, with what I got…

Got a ducktail (duck ass for the era correct folk) in the back… The only product in my hair in the pics is Murray’s Superior.

At the end of the day, it comes down to you rockin your pomp the way you rock your pomp. And as long as you had a good time doing it…

Pomp Hard.

The pomade everybody knows… Murray’s…

Damn, I really need to start posting and get this blog rollin…


If you haven’t tried using Murray’s, you probably haven’t done much with your hair.

For anyone and everyone who has tried pomp’n their hair, Murray’s was most likely the first actual pomade they have tried. I personally, went with petroleum jelly… Even though Murray’s is petroleum based, the jelly just wasn’t cutting it.

After many years of having long hair, and the past year and a half of having dreadlocks… I cut my hair, went to my buddy Shane’s barbershop for the first time (and the first time going to a barbershop in like… 6 years???) and got myself a haircut. With a fresh new hair cut, I needed solid product. What else can one start with?

Locally, there isn’t much to offer… The only pomades I’ve seen locally were Royal Crown*, American Crew, and some other salon type pomades. Nothing else that would give that solid, greasy look.

*I’ll put up a review about Royal Crown in a week or so. Maybe sooner.

Going by the consistency, I knew Royal Crown wasn’t going to give me the pomp I’d like. Neither would any salon styled pomades. And DEFINITELY not Axe. Suck it. In the end, I knew there was only one route to go…

It’s proably one of the easiest pomades to find on any shelf. You will notice off the bat, it’s iconic orange tin. The top of the tin has an Afro American couple. There is also a limited edition Obama tin. If you wanna pay a few bucks more for the tin, The Grease Shop has you covered. The side of the tin also has one other image. It’s either a gypsy or Boy George in a du-rag. I don’t judge…

Murray's Pomade

This stuff is THICK. Unlike other pomades, this stuff really does need to put this saying on the tin. “A little goes a long way.” Once you put on your first “layer,” you know you won’t be needing another one in a long time. As everyone knows, or should know before getting Murray’s, this stuff isn’t for the weak. Pomade isn’t made to be washed out. It’s made to sit in your hair for days on end. If you want to wash it out, stick to gel, or get some water based products. But then, you might need to reconsider how you identify yourself.

In the end, this will always be my go to pomade. I’ve bought two other brands, Grants and Royal Crown. Reviews to come. But when the week starts, this is the first thing that gets ran through my hair. Aside from my lady’s hand OH GIGGITY.

Not much of a review for the time being or dropping any information about the history, but ya’ll will see where I’m going with this… Soon enough…