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Video: Using Lucky 13’s White Lightning Pomade.

Here’s a quick little video introducing y’all to Murray’s Lucky 13 White Lightning Pomade. Don’t worry, it will get a thorough written review as well! I’ve been meaning to put all of em to use, but I haven’t had the “right” haircut, that would warrant using this cool line of pomades! So major apologies, I’ll be putting them to good use soon.

So, until I get a cool haircut from Chris aka Cream The Barber, here’s the video!

Video: Blowdrying a Pompadour.

Long time no updates and no videos!

Finally got some time to make a quick video, showing y’all how you can get a bigger and fuller pomp with a simple blowdry styling technique, all while using a light pomade! I’ve gotten several requests to do so, so why not? Hope y’all dig it!

Update: 7/11/2012

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks! I know, I know, got the same ol’ excuses, but this time I’m serious!

As most of you know, I’ve been going to barber college and it has taken up a majority of my time. Whatever “free time” I have, I spend it with my kid. And the spare time I had, last week, I was sick… Go figure.

But, to show you guys what I’ve been up to, here’s a video showing how I’m practicing styling a pompadour. And yes, this is a live update, as I’m posting this from school!

Hope y’all dig it. Big thanks for the patience y’all have already given me and will continue to give, until I get the chance to give y’all pomade reviews I owe you!

Apologies for the ending. Apparently, I couldn’t turn the camera around while filming!

Video: Styling with Light Pomade & Boar Hair Brush.

After several requests for more videos, I got down and did one. Well… three… More like two and a half, but that’s besides the point. VIDEOS!!!

Video 1: A lot of people highly favor heavy pomades over anything lighter, at least when it comes to hold and styling, and when I started out, I had to agree. But, I’ve learned a couple of tricks here and there, which made me come to love light pomades as is. I mean, it is what they used in-the-day! So, hopefully this little trick will help you cats feel the same!

Video 1.5: This video is just a follow up from video 1, showing that the trick indeed does work! I went out for a couple of hours to run some errands. The day was hot, the windows were rolled down to catch a cool breeze, and the hair held nicely! And no, I did not recomb the pomp!

Video 2: In other videos and posts, I’ve mentioned that the ducktail was one of the most important details to a pomp, that is often left out. But, I also left out this important detail- slicked down sides! With a comb and a brush, you can only get the sides slicked down so much. But if you want your sides lookin’ super slicked, you might wanna invest in a nice boar hair brush! And please, don’t get them confused with badger hair brushes used for shaving!

Hopefully, you cats dig these tips and tricks!

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard.

Pomade For Beginners: Things You Should Know.

From what I’ve noticed, my blog has helped a lot of folks out with pomade. Not only those seeking the amazing pompadour, but those looking to make pomade their go-to styling product. Not to sound full of myself, but I sure as hell wish there was something like this when I got my pomade cherry popped! So, to help prepare you folks, who don’t know what to expect when you dip into that grease, I wrote out a few things I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be adding this to the FAQ above, where you can find some answers to other questions you may have.


Build Up Your Tolerance:

Just like anything going in or on your body for the first time, your body is going to react to it. Pomade, is no different. If you’re making the transition from no hair product usage, to pomade, do not rush it! Don’t just cake on your hair with palm full of pomade. You gotta take some baby steps, folks!

Gradually add pomade to your hair, daily! Chances are, your scalp is not used it having anything other than shampoo, conditioner, and the natural oils it produces on it.  If you just go balls deep, your scalp is gonna react to it by producing oils to counter the greasy hair product. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allergic to the pomade, so don’t fret. The negatives about having more oils on your scalp, means you well… now have an overly oily scalp. With more oils, means your scalp will have a harder time breathing, making it work in overtime, making it produce more oil. (Ever notice guys who wear hats all the time, usually have more oily hair than those who don’t?) 

To avoid this, all you have to do is shower as you would. I don’t mean thoroughly wash out the pomade, as you’ll pretty much be going back to square one. I mean, if you shampoo your hair every other day or two, do just that. Depending on the pomade you’re using (if it’s a wax or petrolatum based pomade,) it won’t thoroughly wash out with ordinary shampoo. This way, you’re washing out small bits of pomade. Not a lot, but just enough to allow your scalp to relax and ease up on the oils.

Since your hair will still have pomade in it, from the day(s) before, you won’t need to apply as much product as you did. You’ll be gradually adding pomade into your hair throughout the week, which builds up your immunity to the grease! 


Even if you don’t have acne, you may get an occassional white head or two if you don’t pay attention. Whenever you get pomade on your skin, wipe it off! Though mineral oil is known to have pore-clogging properties, even pomade without mineral oil can cause acne. Why? Because your skin isn’t breathing with pomade covering it. Rocket Science? I think so!

So, after putting some pomade in your hair, just take a wet towel or a baby wipe and wipe off any excess pomade that may have gotten on your forehead, face, or neck. Quick. Simple. And effective.

Don’t Share Brushes:

Don’t share your brushes or combs! Not in the selfish “this is my lucky comb!” type of way, but if someone in your household doesn’t use pomade, and you use their brush, well… if it isn’t obvious, they’ll be having some unwanted pomade in their hair! Not only that, but dandruff as well. I mean, how would YOU feel if you had someone else’s dandruff in your hair?! Yeah… Case closed.

Be prepared to have a whole new arsenal of hair styling tools.

Combing Out Hairs:

Now that you’ve got some new combs and brushes, you’ll notice quite a few hairs in em. Most people will believe that the pomade is actually making their hair fall out. While that may be the case for some*, it’s completely normal. Why you ask?

On average, you lose about 100 hairs a day. Not at one single time, but throughout the day. Whether it’s putting on a shirt, turning over in bed, or even going on a walk- it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, your hair naturally sheds itself without you knowing. But, since you’re now combing your hair, you’re taking notice to what’s in your comb and are panicking like crazy. Go look at any chicks hairbrush, you’ll see a bunch of hair in there! Does she look like she’s got pomade in her hair? I don’t think so. It’s one of those day-to-day things we don’t notice, until you pay specific attention to it. I bet you don’t realize yellow pee is a bad thing!

So, unless you’ve got 20 strands of hair in between two teeth of your comb, from one single swoop, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about.

*For some people, they get allergic reactions from certain ingredients in the pomade. Not just petrolatum based ones, but the water-soluble gel-type ones, too! A few allergic reactions have been either hair loss or skin irritation, causing a rash. So, if you have any known skin allergies, double-check the ingredients in your hair products, before using them. Don’t worry, it’s not the pomade… It’s you! There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way it is!


You’ll definitely have to trust me on this one, folks!

Unless you have Elvis hands, you will not get your hair the way you want it with pomade, for the first few weeks! TRUST ME! If you take a look at the photos from my earlier reviews, you’ll see how my pomp has evolved, and with the reviews to come, you’ll see how it’s evolving. This doesn’t just go for the pompadour, but for any hair style. You’ll stand in front of the mirror, mess around with your hair, some days hate it, some days love it… it’s just the way it is. This, like many other things in life, a learning curve. It took me a long time to decently style my hair, and I’m still not where I want it to be!  Just take the time to practice and you’ll be doin’ your ‘do proper, in no time.

Well, I hope this has been helpful for some folks. As I’ve said, I know a lot of people have recently made the transition into the world of pomade, so this is mainly for you folks.

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy!

Video: How To Comb A Sharp Part

Hey folks, I finally got around to making another video.

Todays video, is about combing a sharp part. When you see someone with a sharp part, you know they care about their hair and know what they’re doing. Most of the times, when you see someone with a part, it’s usually crooked and just a sloppy mess. Chances are, whenver you’ve seen them with a clean-sharp part, their barber or hairstylist probably did it for them!

Well, to make things easier, I’ll be giving you cats a few tips on how to get that clean part you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, the combs I planned on using, weren’t in my bathroom. But, do not fret, I still gave you all a few different ways to get that part.

Hope y’all dig it!

Thanks For The Support!

At least he didn't write this on the dog!

But if he did…


Looks like that fridge needs a couple more quality stickers!

Big thanks to Chops Barbershop for all the support he’s given. While he can’t spell Jeris Tonic to save his life, he does know the classic art of barbering. And that’s all that really matters, right? Well, maybe being able to spell correctly would help a bit!

For everyone else who inquired about stickers this past week:

They were shipped today! Yes, even you folks across a pond or two, they were shipped out today! So you should be expecting them shortly!

Thanks again!

New Styling Video.

Have a totally different haircut this time around… And by totally different haircut, meaning I’ve NEVER had this haircut before… Yeaaaaaaah… It’s umm…. different

Might as well make the most of it and show folks that you don’t need a pompadour specific haircut. While it does help, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have one, so don’t fret!

Thanks again Mareike for the carepackage!

Youtube Page.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie…

Though I was annoyed with the first video, I’m getting a little addicted to this whole video blogging thing. For me, I’ve always been a visual learner. And learning how to comb a pompadour, is definitely something you need to visually see. So, I plan on making a few more videos! Got a decent amount of feedback from the first one, so why not?

Kicking off this new found addiction, I decided to do a video about basic styling techniques. I mention them throughout various posts and some people have no idea what I’m talking about. So, to help explain things a bit better, why not describe it through video?

So check out my YouTube page and enjoy!

Promo Code For Hairgum USA!

Alright folks! I got some good news and I got some bad news…

The bad news is, I haven’t made the how-to video yet… I know, I know… But for now, you all get part 2 of the blooper reel!


The video has been made!

After many fuckin’ takes, edits, and fuck ups, it’s here… Sorry Nick, I’m not using the original version. Why? You know why… Were you proud of it??? I didn’t think so. Can’t publish something you aren’t proud of, right? But if you folks want to see it, I’ll post it up.


I’m tired. Been awake since 6am, my beauty has been butchered by bugs from the yard, I have a gnarly headache, and all I want right now is some coffee and some good ol’ rockabilly tunes. If it doesn’t please you folks, I promise to make another one… In a year. Fuck this shit! So folks, here it is… Here’s the vid!

And now…


All you folks gotta do is head over to Hairgum USA and place your order!

Get all that greasy goodness, type in REBELROUSER, get a whopping 30% off and you’ll get all of that greasy goodness coming to your doorstep in no time!
So click the pic to head over to their online store and place your order!

The promo-code will be up and running, up until July 4th! Just in time to keep you cats lookin’ slick, while pounding some PBR on the 4th!

So let’s all give a big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!