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Blog Update: 5/23/2012

Well folks, I gotta admit, I’ve somewhat strayed away from the main purpose of this blog- finding pomade to pomp with. By that, I mean, I’ve put a bit too much focus on “rockabilly specific” pomades, as opposed to the stuff we see in the grocery store, but never took ’em into consideration. So, I apologize to you readers. Recently, I went around to my local grocery and drug stores, and picked up the following pomades that we pass up on a daily basis:

– SCurl 360 Styles Wave Control Pomade
– Tres Flores
– Tres Flores Molding Pomade
– Sportin’ Waves Maximum Hold Pomade
– Sportin’ Waves Gel-Pomade

I’ll be reviewing these pomades in this order, so y’all will know what to look forward to.

Big thanks to everyone for the patience and support, I really appreciate it. I know a ton of you have been asking about these products constantly, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide a review that can meet your expectations!

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.

Thanks For The Support!

Big thanks Stefan! He’s got one badass bug! If only I could fit in one…

Thanks Takashi! Check out his Japan based doo-wop band, The Appolos!

Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Troy!

 Now all you need to do is cover that sticker up with one talking about patchouli. Just kidding…

Thanks Tom!

Another one with proper placement.

Thanks again everyone!

Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Alex!

Thanks Michelle!

Thanks LJ!

Fuckin Chops

Big thanks you guys! I appreciate it!

Thanks For The Support!

Ridin' Greasy!

Thanks Nathan!

Classic Essentials

Some hot Rebel Rouser on your face? What?


Big ups Tony!

Thanks Don!

Easy money!

Thanks again Chops!

I wonder if he KNOWS that there's a sticker on his mirror...

Jerry, did you pay for your dad’s haircut, in order for him to take this picture?

Big ups to Jerry and his pops, and Wille’s shop!

Thanks again to everyone for the support. I most definitely appreciate it!

It’s So Bad, It’s Glorious.

Ever so rarely does a gem like this come to my attention. But this diamond-in-the-rough needs to be shared with everyone. And hey, since it’s about rockabilly, why not?! Well… I think it’s about rockabilly…

Stop the music, turn off the lights, shut the blinds, lock yourself in a closet and sit tight. Trust me folks, this is a read that you don’t want to pass up!

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Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Marshall!

I know a lot of you folks are getting sick of these posts, but hey, I’m thankful for the support!

Not only have folks shown support by sticking these stickers around, but a couple of shown it in a different way…

Big ups to Alex, for sending me this pomade! He ended up spotting this pomade at a local drug store, while visiting the Philippines. And to show his appreciation for my work, he sent some over for me to review. If that ain’t support, then I don’t know what is!

Big thanks to everyone for all of the support you’ve shown and given!

I know there’s still demand for some stickers, but as of right now, I’m completely out. Yup, that’s right folks… I’m out of stickers! I’ve shipped out more stickers than I’ve spread around locally… And you know what? I’m glad! Thanks to everyone who asked for stickers! I’m going to be putting in a new order soon, so whoever hasn’t gotten stickers yet, do not fret! More will come!

Again, thanks to everyone for the support. Without the support from you folks, the blog wouldn’t be what it is today!

Pomp Hard!

Thanks For The Support!

At least he didn't write this on the dog!

But if he did…


Looks like that fridge needs a couple more quality stickers!

Big thanks to Chops Barbershop for all the support he’s given. While he can’t spell Jeris Tonic to save his life, he does know the classic art of barbering. And that’s all that really matters, right? Well, maybe being able to spell correctly would help a bit!

For everyone else who inquired about stickers this past week:

They were shipped today! Yes, even you folks across a pond or two, they were shipped out today! So you should be expecting them shortly!

Thanks again!

Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Dr. Rubin’s Pomade!

Big thanks to Dr. Rubin’s Pomade!

Funny enough, quite a few people have been wondering where they can get the stickers. It’s simple folks, don’t gotta punch your neighbor for the secret! All you gotta do, is the following:

Just shoot me an email with your:

– Name
– Address

And a couple of these bad boys will be on their way!

Better email me soon, because I’m running real low on these! This is my last stack and they’re movin’ rather quickly!

Big thanks to everyone for the support, I appreciate it!

Thanks For The Support!

As the title says… Thanks!

Thanks Jesse!

Thanks Wink!

Big thanks to Jesse and Wink!