Pomade Review: Hair Control

I can’t exactly remember how I stumbled upon Steve Hooker‘s pomade, but I sure as hell am glad I did. Knowing that Steve is nothing less than a rocker, I knew that this stuff wasn’t gonna be anything but greasy! After a few emails exchanged, a package was sent off across the pond and I was readily awaiting its arrival! Believe me, I had my hair cleaned out thoroughly for over a week, in anticipation for this grease!

You know how stoked I am to get this, so dig the review!

Unlike most petrolatum based pomades, this stuff comes in a nice little plastic container – which is also a different container than the ones we normally see. Having played and recorded with Levi Dexter, it’s only fitting to see the lovely Miss Bernie on the label.

Opening it up, you get greeted with a nice vanilla scent. Unlike most vanilla scented pomades, this one doesn’t come jumping out at you, just enough to get you goin. You won’t be getting sick of this scent anytime soon!

I’ve had no idea the type of pomade this stuff was; whether it was light, medium or heavy, was gonna be something I’ll find out on arrival. After scooping it out, it has a very similar consistency to Royal Crown Pomade, but a tad more stickier.

As it were, this pomade won’t put up a fight when combing it through. It goes in nice and smoothly. As I mentioned in a previous post, these rockers know their grease!

Being a light pomade, this stuff is great for softening up something heavier, getting super slick side parts, or slicking straight back. But… I’ve worked this stuff in a little differently…

I prefer to apply this to damp hair. It won’t clump up, so you don’t have to worry about the ugly pomade flakes and streaks. It spreads nice and evenly, combs through like butter, and allowing you to pomp ever so nicely!

Of course, on its own you’ll get a nice low-profile pomp.

Overall, this is a great light pomade. Though there are many light pomades out there, this stuff stands out with its killer scent. A major turn off  for some folks with lighter pomade, is the old school scent. Which is understandable, as most guys don’t want to remind the ladies of their grandaddies! With this pomade, you get that great old school look, with a new school scent. Definitely, a killer!

Once again, big thanks to Steve Hooker! You can scoop some up from his online shop here.

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!


10 responses to “Pomade Review: Hair Control

  1. Another cracking review…Did they send you anything else? Goldmine/Red Rooster?
    How does it compare with Mr. Ducktail? Looks similar and in comes in small quanities by the look of the pic too.

    • I think I should be expecting another package, not 100% sure. But hey, I’m not complaining!

      In comparison to Mr. Ducktail, this stuff is considerably lighter. Mr. Ducktail’s pomade falls in the medium weight class, but a bit on the lighter end. This stuff is a definite light pomade, on the higher end of the weight class.

      While it may seem (through words) that it’s not a huge difference, what it really shows is that vast range in pomade weights, and how certain variables make a huge difference, when it comes to hold!

  2. What is that killer scent like?

    • Mike,

      You had me second guessing myself! Thought I didn’t put it in the post.

      It’s a sweet, yet subtle vanilla scent. I’ve noticed that most vanilla scented hair products are strong. Take Layrite for example: my lady and my friend was smelt a real strong vanilla scent, from 3 store aisles away, and I hadn’t even passed through the aisle they were in!

      I’m not saying it’s bad to have strong scented hair products. But they can get old… So when you smell those same scents, just toned down a bit, it’s very refreshing.

      – Jan

  3. I prefer Goldmine and Rooster, Goldmine is nice and smooth like a cream but sets firm and looks even better when you stick some coconut shine on top. I find warm water on the palms of hands works well on Goldmine, gives it a nice reset firming it up. Rooster is a nice purple colour and firmer, both of themare great pomades/wax.

  4. Sorry, am I bad, Rooster is pale pink, thicker than Goldmine and just as good as Goldmine.

  5. You’re welcome. If I’m honest Lil’ Red Rooster is probably the best one, feels smooth and holds well on the hair. Pretty damn good.

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