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Evolution of Denim: Barber School Edition Pt. 2.

Back in October, I made a post to document my pair of Levis 501s that I’d wear throughout barber school. Of course, I did wear various pairs of pants here and there throughout the week, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t worn hard. Just as I ‘Pomp Hard,’ I also wear my jeans hard. These bad boys were covered in everything you find in a barbershop, and yes, that includes hair!

To add some “spirituality” to the mix, I decided not to wash these whatsoever until I took State Board (April 8, 2013.) Ya know- cleanse the barber school juju and get that fresh start in the barber shop, type of deal…

Anyways, picture time!

Before the wash:

For me, I don’t have the time nor care to do all the “special” denim washing techniques. I mean, if I did, I wouldn’t mind it. But, I don’t really want to spend too much time washing my jeans, especially since I just wash them whenever I feel like it.


Not too much going on, but for 10 months, I can’t complain! Next update will be sometime in August.

Thanks for watching!

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy & Pomp Hard!

Evolution of Denim: Barber School Edition.

When I first started the blog, I made an attempt to start posting the evolution of a pair of Levi’s jeans, and clearly, I’ve clearly moved away from that project– far away… But, since I’m in barber college, I now have a daily routine, which will allow me to put some wear and tear into some jeans. And hey, who doesn’t like to see where a pair of jeans takes ’em?

While nothing “special,” the Levi’s 501 model is a favorite of mine. Of course, there are “better” jeans out there, but, I won’t turn down a pair of 501s. I mean, they’re classic! Most cats look at it as a “staple” to the greaser look, but to me, it’s quite more than that- it’s a staple of Americana. Of course, I’m not here to talk about the history of the 501, that’s your job to research! But, at least you now have something new to learn about.

Unlike a few barber schools, mine has a dress code: All black. Simple, right? The thing is, since you’re around folk every day, being seen in the same get-up is pretty damn noticeable. So, I have a pair of Dickies on rotation, along with my 501s. While I personally wouldn’t complain about wearing my Levi’s on a daily, I’m sure not only my fellow classmates, but so would customers. Doesn’t hurt to change things up every once in a while.

So, without further ado, let the documenting of my Levi’s 501s begin!

Levi’s 501 Black: No soak; No Wash.

From this distance, any sign of any wear is pretty damn difficult to see. But, let’s see my every-day-carry, that’ll add to the wear.

Front Right Pocket: Chapstick; Flashlight.
Front Left Pocket: Nothing.
Back Right Pocket: Knife; Bandana; Comb.
Back Left Pocket: Wallet.
Belt Loops: Belt; Wallet Chain; Key Hook (Not pictured.)

I’ll be updating the evolution in December. With the cold seasons right around the corner, the elements will affect the 501s.

Now, only got 2 months of wear in these jeans, so any sort of wear is difficult to see/isn’t there. The barber classes are only for a total of 10 months, and that’s not really a lot of time… I’ve got jeans that are older than my kid! But, moving around the way barbers students do, messing around with hair products, chemicals, hair, and all that good ol’ barbershop dirty stuff, I’d say I could get good wear out of these jeans.

I won’t be washing these anytime soon, just because it’s what I do, but I will maintain the freshness of these by hanging them up to air out, as well as spraying some sort of disinfectant on em. Because, not only am I getting synthetic hair, pomade, amongst the vast service products we use, on these jeans, but peoples’ hair! Yup… gross…

Well folks, that’s all for now.

Until the next time,

Stay Greasy!

Wardrobe Staples For The Fellas: Denim

Most of you guys should know this by now… But for those who don’t, open up your eyes, put on some clean underwear and get ready.

Now… As far as I know, you cats have legs. And if you have legs, you wear pants of some sort. At least I’d hope so. But, if there were one pair of pants that you definitely need, it’s a good pair of jeans. Plus, they look good. You can wear them with t-shirts or button ups.

I’m not gonna say head out to Kiya’s shop, Self Edge and drop some coin on a pair of jeans (well, maybe you should…) But every man or boy inspiring to be a man, needs a good pair of jeans. And none of those True Religion, make your man-ass look like Kim Kardashian, type jeans. But some good, sturdy, jeans that you can wear every day , do whatever you have to do, and be masculine in.

Now, there are many jeans out there. Many with different cuts, rise, tapers, boot cut, straight leg, slim cut, indigo, black, Zimbabwe cotton, blah blah blah bippity-boppity-boo. There are just a shit ton of jeans out there. And of course, different price ranges.

But nothing beats the plain and simple straight leg 501 cut jean. Don’t worry fellas, the rise is just right, so it won’t show off your tramp stamps. It’s got enough room in the thigh for the skinnies, chubbies, and fatties alike. The leg opening is just right for sneakers or boots. It won’t swallow up your Vans like your old JNCO jean did.

Here are my 501s.

The angle makes me look like I have Hulk thighs. Which I sort of do, but not the way the angle exaggerates it. Look at that Moose Knuckle! I seriously look like I’m 5’3″ in the mirror.

They’re just a plain, properly fitted, masculine looking jean. I don’t have diaper ass, my tribal butterfly TAPOUT tramp stamp doesn’t show when I bend down to tie my boots, and I don’t look like I’m ready to go to a psychedelic rave with my Dungeon and Dragon friends.

Now you know what cut to look for, here comes the hard part. WHICH PAIR OF JEANS SHOULD YOU BUY? American made? Japan made? Levis? Levis Repro? Indigo? Black? Selvedge? Non-Selvedge? What?

Whatever fits your budget man, that’s how you should gauge it. If you can’t spend up to $300 on Japanese repros… Hey, no problem. No one is judging you. Levis offers the plain Levis STF (Shrink To Fit) 501s. And when you head to any rockabilly gig, you can bet you’ll see many cats rockin em with high cuffs.

If you’re ready to drop some pretty coin on some jeans, Levis also offers their LVC (Levis Vintage Collection) line, that gets a little more specific. You’ll see numbers like ’55, ’66,  etc etc. Those are the years that Levis has has specifically (slightly) altered the cut of the 501s. Of course, the cut has been altered many times over many years, but those years are just a little more notable. Very minute changes, but noticeable to those denim and Levis enthusiasts alike. So if you want era, go check out some LVC. Be ready to drop around $230 +/- for a pair.

Now… If you really wanna get serious with this… Head over to Self Edge, and get some history instilled in ya. Kiya probably knows as much about denim as hot rodders know about engines. Now, if you’re talking to the proper hot rodder, you’ll know that they know the ins and outs of automotive vehicles. Well, Kiya knows the same amount of information about jeans and the process of em. Is he in the Webster’s Dictionary yet?

While may of the jeans they offer are Japanese branded, it’s they’re probably closer to Levis original 501 cuts than Levis itself. Why? Simply put… The Japanese fuckin love Americana. Since those companies have nearly every single American made machine to make American made (in Japan) denim… Well… You get the picture.

You’re almost there fellas. Just gotta do some math with your wallets, and you’re gonna have thee staple in every mans wardrobe.

Trust me, when you have a good pair of jeans, you can do anything.

I’ve been hit by trucks on a bicycle, tore down walls with my bare hands, moved ridiculously heavy furniture, played with chalk on the sidewalk. Spilt beer, sauces, meats, piss and shit (not my own of course… Now, that sounds even weirder. I’m a dad, what can you expect?) and my jeans are still holding up strong. And will last me quite a few years.

So when I say that a good pair of jeans is a mans staple, I mean it’s a mans staple.


We all have em. And have the few thats friendship have the longevity as a good pair of jeans.

But I think I need some friends with leather jackets.

Marlon Brando and the B.R.M.C.

WAYWT/Schott Perfecto Fit

Todays weather gave me a perfect excuse to wear this jacket out ASAFP, and to take a WAYWT pic.

My hair doesn’t even look like a pomp in this pic. Fuck.

Schott Perfecto
Black Shirt
Levis 501
MdG Boots (I thought my other engineer boots would’ve been a bit “overkill” for the first wear out. Not like it made a difference, people looked at me like I was a ghost.)
DAX + Sweet Georgia Brown mix. Had a lot of volume in the front. And why did I chose to take a rear view pic? I don’t know.

The baby and the lady had to get in the mix too.

For those who do/do not know, Schott Perfectos… Or any motorcycle jacket for that matter. Fit short. Think about it. They’re designed to be used on a motorcycle. You wouldn’t want this jacket to be long, or else you’d be sitting on bunched up leather. How comfortable would that feel? Not very.
So by nature, these are short jackets. No, this isn’t small on me, and I settled for it just because. They’re just made that way, so deal with it. I appreciate that look, so fuck it.

And in respect, you have to wear jeans/pants that have a decent rise to em. Anything low rise, you’re lower back would be cold as ice by the time you’ve walked out of your house. Unless you want to look like the chick in Silversun Pickups’ – Lazy Eye music video, put on a proper length shirt and jeans. But, this look is definitely an A-OK for the ladies.

Levis 501s + Schott Perfecto = Perfection. The two work in harmony, and a synonymous with motorcycle clubs and greasers alike.

Damn, this is a great jacket.


The weather in the Bay Area has taken a 180. Not sure if I like it or not, because as much as I do love the cold weather and the ability to layer up, I was enjoying the “heat.” Even though it made me darker than Cherrywood… It was nice to be warm.

But, since it is starting to get colder, it means my kid can finally wear the coats I bought her!

Here we are…

Who is the styling one? The baby...

Since I’m ALWAYS at Target (TARGET IS FUCKING AWESOME, GET OVER IT!) I always check the kids section for clothes. More often a miss than a hit. But, when they do hit it, they hit it dead on. This coat is cute for little girls.

W+H Peacoat
Converse black button down (From Target)
Levis 501
Plain ol’ Boots

Forever 21 Headband
Little Red Target Trench
H&M Hello Kitty Tank
Target tights
Target Leopard print flats

(I’m sure the clothes have their own individual branding, but do you think you’d find them outside of Target? I don’t think so.)

Her detail shot.

Little Fashionista

My detail shots never turn out pretty…

I need to re-up on winter gear… How weird is that? Even though the year before you’ve bought fall/winter gear, the next year you always find yourself thinking you don’t have the right stuff…  Always wanting more.