Product Review: Lil’ Red Rooster

The last time I reviewed one of Steve Hooker’s pomades, I really dug how he went with a classic-greasy pomade, but, with a modern scent. But, not everyone is in the market for that type of product, and he and his wife Elaine know this! So, he also has a hair cream to suit that end of the market. Believe me folks, hair creams aren’t bad! Check it out.

Lil’ Red Rooster comes in the same type of plastic container as Hair Control did. Keeping things simple with the pink lettering on a black backround and lid, I really dig the way this stuff stands out on my shelf. Need more pink pomades!

Opening it up, you see a baby pink hair cream. With hair creams, you have no idea what type of hold they’ll have, if any. Especially when you’ve got some that look like frosting, just like how this stuff does.

It has a subtle powdery scent; which to some, it may not be to their liking. But, to each their own.

Scooping it out is just like any other hair cream, light and creamy. So no need to put any emphasis here.

Now, applying hair creams is a bit different than typical pomades. Why? Because it won’t clump up in one single area. So, all you need to do is run it through your hair as you would say a conditioner. You won’t have to worry too much about evenly coating, as you can just comb through it like butter.

Like most hair creams, if your hair is wet and not damp, it’ll leave you with a streaky mess. To deal with this, just take a dry towel to your head and pat down the excess water in your hair. You’ll be able to comb out those streaks right after.

Personally, I dig these types of products. They style well, maintain their hold and sheen, and condition your hair at the same time. The only catch being, you can’t recomb a majority of them. Surprisingly, I was able to recomb with this stuff, without having to use water (wet-combing.) Definitely a nice surprise!

Unlike some hair creams, this stuff has a good amount of hold. I’ve tried a few others and was left with no hold whatsoever. I was able to get a decently tall pomp with it. Take a look:

A lot of hair creams will wash out with just water. This stuff has petrolatum and various wax ingredients in it, meaning it won’t wash right out, like other hair creams. But, it is still rinseable with just water. You can also still do a build up using it, which is nice. And don’t worry, it won’t take more than a good shampoo to wash it out!

Overall, I dig this stuff over most of the other hair creams I’ve used. It styles nice, holds well, and doesn’t transfer or melt in the heat. What else can I say? Steve and Elaine know their stuff!

I’d highly suggest Lil’ Red Rooster to cats who are looking to change up hair products, that can’t commit to pomade or grease, but don’t want to go the gel-type route. Plus, you can either keep this stuff in your hair or wash it out with shampoo. It’s a perfect in between and definitely gets the job done.

Big thanks to Steve and Elaine!

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard.


3 responses to “Product Review: Lil’ Red Rooster

  1. Another great review Jan! Can’t wait for more hair cream reviews. I’ve found a pretty good combo of pomade, however, I really want to try hair creams for all the reasons you said they’re great!

  2. Hey! i just wanted to say i love your blog! also i found this company that swears its pomade is the bees knees and was wondering if you had any plans to review it. It called Imperial

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