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Barber Shop Update. 10/10/14

As most of you know, I’ve seen been cutting hair down in the Peninsula (20 minutes south of San Francisco) previously in Redwood City and now (currently) in Belmont. And for some of my San Francisco based clients, it wasn’t feasible to make the trek down to see me… which is perfectly understandable. But for those clients that have stuck with me through the transitions: I appreciate y’all! But… there’s some good news to be had!


Starting October 21, I’ll be splitting my time from my Belmont location with the brand new barber shop in the Dogpatch district, Cream’s Barbershoppe, owned by none other than Chris Eliares. He was one of the barbers I worked with at the beginning stages of my career that helped me progress in this craft, so getting back into the swing of things alongside of him will only lead to more progression! I definitely can’t wait to be back up in San Francisco, cutting hair, no less!

For the time being, I will only be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the potential of being opened on Mondays given the demand.

So, if you’re one of my previous clients from San Francisco or looking for a barber in the San Francisco Bay Area, book an appointment with me at the new location. There’s some fun to be had! Book an appointment with me via email:


Other methods of booking an appointment will be updated in a later date.

Hope to see y’all soon.

Recent Haircuts.

Here are a few more haircuts over the last few months. You can see slow progression from certain cuts, which is definitely something I’m excited to see! Can’t stop won’t stop growing with this profession… Once you start to get complacent or cocky, you’re fucked! Ain’t nobody got time for that type of barber!

Well, folks, I hope you enjoy the following haircuts!

If you like what you see and want to get a haircut from me, you can find me cutting hair at:

The Barber Lounge  (854 Folsom Street, San Francisco) – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-8 (Last appointment is at 7)
To book an appointment with me, you can call the shop number at (415) 934-0411 or email me directly at therebelrouser@yahoo.com and I’ll fit you in my books!

In the near future, you’ll also be able to find me at:

Captain’s Skate & Barber Shop (2066 Broadway Street, Redwood City) – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
To book an appointment with me, you can call the shop number at (650) 568-1931 or email me directly at therebelrouser@yahoo.com. I’ll also be taking walk-ins!









Upcoming Event.

Sorry for the lack of event updates, folks. I’ve been laying low. ‘How low,’ you ask? Well, I just happened to miss Kim Lenz & Big Sandy, that’s how low!

Well, at least there’s a rockin’ event coming right around the corner!

Wild Records artists Omar & The Stringpoppers, Dustyn Chance & The Allnighters, and Texas Steve & The Tornados will be rockin’ at the 23 Club, on November 26. Each show from Wild has been well… WILD, definitely not one you’ll wanna miss. So you can best bet I’ll be in attendance, getting my Jack Daniels on!

Some come on out and have yourselves a ball!

Upcoming Events.

Got a few more upcoming events for y’all…

This one, is a little different from what you’re all used to…

My buddy Kiya got his feet wet in the world of art. He and artist APEX collaborated on this show. Replacing the usual blank canvas, to denim. How does this relate to rockabilly, you ask? Well that’s simple. Denim is a major part of Americana, in which a lot of rockabilly today, is based of off. You don’t see cats rockin’ Seven jeans at rockabilly events, do ya? Exactly…

So come out, enjoy a nice little art show and learn some history. Now you’ll understand why unwashed 501s are popular within the scene. 

Check it out, it opens this weekend at the White Walls Gallery.

Next weekend, Omar from Omar & The Stringpoppers/every other Wild Records band, is gonna be at The Knockout celebrating his 15th birthday. I’m just kidding. He just looks young… lucky bastard. Anyways. Definitely a gig you don’t wanna miss…

July 9th, Cafe Du Nord will be rockin’ out with the West Coast Ramblers, Slim Jenkins, and The Stillmen. Now, I coulda sworn that they “ruinited” at the 23 Club, a few months back… But who the hell cares, as they were rockin’ hard that night, and it won’t be any less rockin’ this night!

And for those who know Cafe Du Nord, you better get there ahead of time! This place isn’t the biggest, but it sure as hell draws in a crowd. So get there early enough to get yourself a table!

For more events, check out Nor-Cal Rockabilly and A-Town Agency.

Don’t Forget!

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers will be performing this Friday, for their final Bay Area show! Ever? We’ll just have to wait and see. But for now, they’ll be closing up shop, leaving you to find other bands to bop and swing to. Don’t worry, there are other bands out there, but ones that can rock out as hard as Raul can on stage? I don’t think so.

So come on out and support this great local band. The swinger will be-a-swing’n, the toe tappers tap’n, and the hookers patrol’n right outside the door! So if you didn’t get your kicks inside, there will definitely be some “ladies” outside, to fulfill your needs.

So come on out and buy me a beer! (No matter how many times I’ll post this, no one is gonna buy me a beer!)

More Bay Area Rockabilly Shows.

With Viva Las Vegas 14 creeping up on us, it means everyone with an online shop is gonna be pushing sales, stick to their old college days diets, and start taking shots at home before heading out at night.

Though most of you monies will be going towards VLV14, you better not gamble it all away, because there are some crazy shows coming up right after!

Literally, a week after VLV, one crazy gig is gonna be hoppin’ with the Wild Records crew! This is definitely a show you wanna catch, if you’re in The Bay Area! Details here.

And a couple weeks later, The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers are saying farewell, for the time being (I hope.) This will be their last Bay Area show. You can bet everyone will be in their Sundays-best and be swingin’ the night away.

For more events, check out the Nor-Cal Rockabilly yahoo group.

See you all soon!

You Stay Classy, San Francisco.

Talk about lush, right?

Big ups to J.B. for the photo.

Now this picture is gonna float around the hipsterweb, without giving credit to J.B.

More Up Coming Events

If you folks haven’t listened to Santos yet, go on Youtube and do it now. Needless to say, this is gonna be a good show.

I see a big rig, mac & cheese, and a truck driver get up contest. What’s left to say about this?

This one… I originally saw this flyer with The Chop Tops underneath Big Sandys name. Guess they’re not gonna be at this one? That’s a bummer. Regardless, it’s one wild looking line up… Rockabilly meets Psychobilly meets Tiki all on a Sunday… This… Should be a fun event.

Hi-Rhythm Hustlers

Since they were great at the Zombie Prom. I plan on catching them again, this Saturday back at The Verdi Club.

They’ll be playing along with Slim Jenkins and The B Stars, for the Harvest Moon Bop.


Rockabilly Fridays are up and kicking again at a new venue. Come out tonight and get your kicks. Ain’t nothin better than ladies drinkin’ and swingin’ to 50s and 60s beats. Be there or be square.