What’s your favorite pomade?

A) Brand wise, I don’t have a personal favorite – I can’t have one! There’s just too many great pomades out there. Consistency wise, I do highly favor medium ranged pomades. They have just the right amount of hold to get a decent sized pomp, don’t have a matte finish, and aren’t too thick, to the point where it doesn’t blend well at the crown or D.A.

I want to sport a pompadour, but I don’t know what to ask for. What are the dimensions of your haircut, so I can tell my barber/stylist?

A) Unfortunately, I don’t know the specific dimensions of my haircut! I just let my barber go to town, letting him know that I want to keep the top at a decent length, with a D.A. The longest my hair has been (while pomp’n) has been about 7-8 inches, and the shortest has been about 4. There isn’t a specific length you need, in order to pomp. It’s all about preference and styling technique.

The easiest and best way to get a proper “pompadour haircut,” is to bring in a picture! Stylists and barbers will always prefer this, over you trying to describe the cut. Our terminology is completely different from barbers/stylists, so you may say something wrong, and get what you asked for, and not what you imagined. If your barber or stylist can’t even remotely emulate what’s pictured, you may need to find a new barber/stylist!

What pomade did Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash use?

A) Legend has it, Johnny Cash used Royal Crown Pomade, and Elvis Presley used: Black & White, Royal Crown, Dixie Peach, Lovers Moon, Slick Black, Murray’s, Sweet Georgia Brown, and the list goes on. In the end, whatever either of those men used, will always vary from fan to fan. Without that one, definitive answer from someone who was there, the speculations will continue until the end of time. But, researching what either of em used and how, is the fun part, right?

Will pomade make my hair fall out?

A) Only if your genetics call for it. While there are certain ingredients in pomade that have pore-clogging properties, it all depends how you (genetically) react to em. And while there are pore-clogging ingredients in the pomade, there are also several other ingredients in the pomade, to help counter-balance it. Unless someone filled your tin of pomade with Nair, there’s no reason why your hair will fall out from pomade.

For the most part, anyone who has experienced actual hair-loss from a pomade, has been from user error. Meaning, they’ve either never taken care of their hair by not thoroughly washing the pomade out of their hair, every once in a while, or they’ve caked on so much pomade, that their scalp couldn’t breathe! It’s the same concept as wearing a hat everyday. You aren’t letting your scalp breathe, causing your hair to fall out.

Where do you get your grease from?

A) Nowadays, I rarely order any grease from the internet. I go around to various places, trying to find stuff I haven’t seen before, or see if a semi-local shop stocks a pomade that’s usually only found online. But if I do order online, I prefer to get it directly from the brand itself. If you’re gonna support the brand by buying their products, might as well buy directly, so they get the full support, instead of the middle man.

I like X pomade, but it’s getting too expensive to keep buying, any suggestions?

A) Situations like this happens way too often. People find a pomade they like, but in the long run, it ends up being too expensive to buy on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. Which is completely understandable. Depending on the type of pomade, you should take into consideration amount and price, when looking at the competitors.

For instance: You’re buying a 4oz pomade that’s about $18, (depending where you buy it from.) Say you pay the $18, you’re paying $4.50 per ounce. Then you find a competitive product, which charges say $21 for 6oz; that’s $3.50 per ounce. Now, I’m no math whiz… but, I’m pretty sure you’re getting a better deal paying $21 for 6oz.

And if the product is sold in a “family size,” always go that route. You’ll always save more when you buy the “family size” container. If you plan on buying the product again, chances are, YOU ACTUALLY LIKE IT, so why not?

Just some food for thought…

I can’t get the sides to slick down properly, anyway to deal with it?

A) There are several ways to deal with this, but you may need to invest in some new ware!

Most of the time, the comb won’t do the trick. So, you’ll need to go for a brush. Not just any brush, but a boar hair brush or Military brush. I’ve found that these types of brushes really work well to keep the hair slick. Depending on how hard you brush, you can get hair slicked down to the skin! I prefer to use the coarse ones, but depending on the sensitivity of your scalp, you may need to use the softer bristled boar brush.

If that’s not your thing, then you can always use those “finger combs” that you usually find at the liquor store or barbershop display window. They’re about $1, and do the trick. The teeth are no longer than a CM, which helps slicking down those trouble spots.

Note: Both of these products also work extremely well for slicked back hairstyles, or any other hairstyle where the hair is meant to be slicked down, without volume.

What’s the easiest way to wash out pomade from my hair and hands?

A) Use these links as a reference:

Product Review: Groom & Clean
Washing Out Pomade: How-to
Washing Out Pomade: Part 2

What are some good pomades that hold up in the heat/humidity?

A) Personally, I find that water-soluble stuff is best for heat/humidity. Chances are, the bugs will be out and about, and I highly doubt you want any of those little bastards to find a home in your ‘do! Plus, they don’t melt, so you won’t have to worry about a greasy forehead.

How do you deal with your hair at night? (Before bed.)

A) Depending on my narcissistic mood, I’ll either comb it into a pomp for no damn reason, experiment to try out something new, or I’ll just slick it back, so it won’t stick directly to my face. I don’t worry about dealing with it the next day, because I shower the next morning, anyways.

If I’m using a super greasy pomade, I’ll actually dip my head under the sink and rinse it out a bit. It gets rid of the greasiness, so I don’t have to worry about caking my face with it. Or whenever I use a thick/heavy pomade, I’ll lay a towel/shirt over the pillowcase.

Anything else we should know?

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34 responses to “F.A.Q.

  1. hey jan
    sorry man if this is a repeat of your f.a.q but im new to this amazing rockabilly culture but i dont understand i cant get that bump on the hair when you slick back everytime i try to raise it it wont slick back but it just stay all spikes up or falls into another direction now i first thought its cause of length but i seen people with short hair who could do this still now i use gel and a pocket comb for now until i buy my pomade but for now i herd you dont really need pomade to get that pompadour look or do you either way man if you can help to get that bump in the front of the hair and understand this hehehe ill be grateful thanks man

    • Hey John,

      No worries man, that’s what I’m here for!

      While you don’t necessarily need pomade to get the look, it certainly does help. Pomade styles much differently than gel. Hell, even gel-type pomades style differently than gel!

      There are a few things you’ve gotta take into consideration:

      1) Hair Length. While you can achieve a pompadour with hair as short as 2-3 inches, you won’t get one with height. Are you looking to get height and something real bulbous, that reaches towards the middle of the top of your head? If so, you’ll need to play the waiting game, until your hair grows out a bit longer. It doesn’t mean you can’t pomp right now, but to achieve that specific look, you’ll need to grow a few inches.
      2) Styling tools. While a pocket comb works, it’s harder to grab hair that’s further back, which makes styling a nice full pompadour, a shit ton easier. You can get a pomp with a simple pocket comb, but don’t give up if you can’t get it within the first 5 minutes. It takes time and patience. Who’da thunk that pompadours would actually take time and effort? I’m serious…
      3)Technique. It’s not as easy as it looks. There’s certain movements you gotta get used to, the flick of the wrist, the arching of the comb, etc etc.

      Check out my YouTube page. I’ve only got a few videos up, but I’m hoping to upload some more in a few months. http://www.youtube.com/theerebelrouser

      Hope this helps man.

      – Jan

  2. ah thanks so much and im sorry to replie so late you made my life alot easier with the pomp hairstyle thank you again and great blog your like the 2nd website that’s super addiciting to me i check your website every hour rereading you reviews and just listening to music you post up keep up the awesome job im excited for any new reviews and music post up hope to chat with you again take care jan


  3. Jan,

    Dude, first off, well done! probably the most comprehensive page i’ve run across on pomade and pomp’s

    So i’ve been sucked into rockabilly like it was a black hole for the past 5 years or so and it’s time to start rockin a pomp, I’ve read the reviews, watched the how to’s, got a sweet red can of DAX, all ready to go save for one piece of information I can’t seem to find anywhere

    How often should you wash your hair dude?

    Given how much of a pain in the ass it seems to be to get out of your hair, I figure it’s not something you want to be doing daily.

    Thoughts? Advice?

    Cheers man

  4. Jan,

    Ever since i’ve started using pomade of all sorts, the hair on the crown of my head has been dropping. So i read up somewhere in your F.A.Q saying that if i don’t give my hair some space to breathe, it may drop quite badly. Apparently, i have been using pomade (heavy + greasy) every day and obviously my hair (Asian Hair) is being worked out extensively. When you say to let our hair rest and breathe, how many times are we allowed to put pomade on our hair, say, in a week?

    • Mathieu,

      When I say let your hair breathe, I mean take at least 2 days out of the week or two, to have absolutely no petrolatum based pomade in your hair. I thoroughly degrease my hair about every other week or so. This is why I use water-soluble stuff, so I can style my hair, while I let it take a break from the petrolatum. I say you can leave pomade in your hair for two weeks, some may go longer, but it’s just a preference. But, being concerned about hair loss, I recommend no more than a week and a half to two weeks.

      Also, wash your hair everyday- not with shampoo, but with water. This way, you rinse out that greasiness from your hair, which will also help with not spreading it all over your face, while you’re sleeping.

      – Jan

      – Jan

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  6. Hey Jan: I just recently found this site and must tell you it is bitchin!. Its good to have a site dedicated to greaser’s care as there is no such site elsewhere. one quick question, Have you used Cock grease before? What are your thoughts? Thanks Again.

    • Eman,

      Glad you dig the site, man! Real sorry for the late reply.

      I haven’t used Cock Grease (yet,) but I’ve heard good stuff about all three. As you can imagine, I’ve got a ton of pomades to review before getting to Cock Grease. I’ll try to slip it in sooner!

      – Jan

  7. Hey Rebel, so i left you a message on tumblr but just in case i don’t get on tumblr in these upcoming days i will ask my question here. Are you still planing on making more pomade reviews? I’m only asking because i’ve see you mention other pomades but you never made reviews for them… such as suavecito and the three flowers pomade.
    I honestly home so, youre the only out there really talking about this stuff in one single swoop, you got comments here and there about pomades and random youtube vids but your blog is actually about pomades and everything that links to it.

  8. Hey Jan,
    Have you ever watched Mad Men? The main character, Don Draper has his hair more to the side, and very slick rather than having a pomp but both ways, i would like to find some good pomade so i would be able to keep my hair shiny, slick and so it would stay the way it is without me fixing it every 10 minutes. My hair is kinda bushy when it dries and tends to curl a little and that’s always a problem when wanting to have slick hair. I use this paste which has done me well, but it doesn’t give me that shine; and once it dries, (it matters how much i’ve tried to fix it, or how much i’ve touched it) it goes bushy again. I was wondering if you could just help me out by giving me a name of a good pomade that is medium hold (just enough so it will stay but not too strong so i’d be able to slick my hair from time to time with no problems) and that is low to medium greasy, and one that has a good shine. I mean, i had one pomade in mind, but once i saw your reviews, i noticed there were thousands of pomades, and i couldn’t get to finishing all your reviews haha. So i thought i would ask you through here!

    If you don’t know what type of hair i’m asking for, just search up Don draper on google and you’ll get an idea!

    Jimmy K.

    • Hey Jimmy,

      Real sorry for the late reply.

      Of course I’ve watched Mad Men! Who hasn’t!? Haha.

      For that Don Draper look, you want something that’s light enough to offer sheen, but strong enough to retain the shape. As you said, you don’t want to have to fix it over and over again.

      Check out Hairgum USA’s products. They’re a bit towards the medium end of the spectrum, but the hold is definitely more than enough to give you this look, but they’re light enough to give you a clean sheen; plus, they have great scents.

      Hopefully this helps man.

      – Jan

  9. I live in a ridiculous hot climate. I just want to know which pomades would be good to use. Ive used Murrays Superior pomade and i just don’t like the hassle of taking it out.

    • Salvador,

      Real sorry for the late reply.

      Try using Dax Wave & Groom. It’s better than Murray’s. It holds better, but it’s not as difficult as Murray’s, when it comes to washing it out. Plus, it’s about the same price!

      – Jan

  10. Hey Jan,
    Do you every lose hair while combing pomade through? Because i lose a few using any type of pomade wether its water based or petroleum. Please get back at me. Thank you!

    • Hey Alex,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      You’ll always comb out hair, when using pomade, because the hair that naturally falls out throughout the day, is caught in the pomade. So don’t worry, unless you’re leaving it in for longer than you should or are allergic to an ingredient in it, you aren’t losing any hair from the pomade!

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

      • Thank you so much! you don’t know how relieved I feel now because I over think stuff all the time, and the hair loss while greasing was one of those times and especially because I’m sixteen and scared of hair loss at a young age. I mainly use water based products or easy washable light petroleum based products so am I ok?

  11. Here’s one: what’s your all-time favorite pomade as far as scent? I still love the classic Murray’s smell, and enjoy the mix of Wave n Groom and Tres Flores. How ’bout you?

    • Turner,

      Personally, I love vanilla… Not only as a scent, but as a flavor! Vanilla ice cream and scented pomades all day long! But, I can’t deny the scent from Mr. Ducktail’s pomade!

  12. Jan,
    is dandruff possible from pomade?

  13. Jan,
    I am a senior in highschool that loves to use pomade for my hair. But I’ve noticed that whenever I try to pomp my hair, it loses volume and nearly flattens out quite quickly. I’ve used Murray’s when I get desperate, but that stuff is killer on the hair! I don’t know if I should try a different style, or maybe just give up on the dream. I’m open to parts and any suggestions for a certain cut or anything is greatly appreciated!

    – Greg, from Charleston

    • Greg,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Look for Dax Wave & Groom. It’s a much better product than Murray’s… It holds better, has a nicer shine and scent, and isn’t as difficult to wash out.

      – Jan

  14. You either have dandruff or you don’t. I do, but not as bad with the pomade in because I mostly get it from allergies and environment and it shields me from it. My larger problem is the extreme thickness of my hair makes it difficult to work the goop in. Tell you what though.. I use Murray’s Superior and Gojo or Goop will take it RIGHT out without harming your hair. 🙂

  15. hey,
    Love the reviews very helpful for a beginner like me, i have a couple of questions
    1. i got THICK wavy ass hair what pomade should i use.?
    2. i already tried Murray’s Superior But for some reason my black hair turns to a sort of white color to it. how can i fix that?
    3. what pomade combinations provide a good hold & sheen.!
    Hope to hear from you soon man.! & thanks again.!!!!

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thanks man. Glad you dig it.

      1) Dax Wave & Groom works really damn well for thick and wavy hair.
      2) Don’t use it anymore.
      3) Dax Wave & Groom + Sweet Georgia Brown (blue) is a killer combo, and has never let me down whatsoever.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  16. hi Jan,
    i came across your blog about 6 weeks ago. and it finally gave me the use for the Can of Dax Wave and groom I’ve had kicking around for the past year!! since then I’ve like added to my collection hugely, as based in the UK its tough to get good pomade, except commercial stuff like American Crew..
    also i have this massive wave in the front of my hair that seems to cut in and separate my pomp, (im sure its because im pretty new at this
    or just my hair getting used to the new style.) but about 2-3 hours my hair dips and wave up just behind the pomp (pic at instagram @jaijo87)
    any ideas as to why this is? or what i can do to sort it out?

    Cheers in advance man
    – Jaidan

  17. Hi Jan 😀

    I’m really excited when I found out about your blog!

    I’m a fan of pomade and has been changing products, currently I’m trying on Uppercut deluxe, since the pomade market price keeps increasing, I found out about Suavecito, they provide 3-packs and Tubs for quite a reasonable price…if you’re free please do a review on them~ that would be very very helpful..


  18. Dude!

    Firstly, respect! Your writings and explorations have been a pleasure to read.

    I’ve been acquainted with Dax Red since I was a kid (to note I have quite think and wavy hair) and I never found it to have a real firm and hard hold. Since I hit the those teenage and rebellious years I’ve been rocking the long 70’s rockstar look but alas, the time has come to move to something a little sharper and trim, so the quiff/pom it is! Been looking on the internet for reviews and I came across your site so wondering if you could give me some guidance. I’m looking for something that will tame these curls and give my hair some solid slick hold? One thats like it could do a job is cock grease XXX?

    Any help appreciated.


    • Hey Cameron,

      Glad you dig it!

      Cock Grease XXX is the thickest water-soluble pomade on the market. It’s stiff! It should definitely hold any and all curls you may have. Are you looking to stay water-soluble, or do you want something that’s not gonna wash right out? If so, check out 360 Styles. It’s not a grease, but it’s in between petrolatum based pomades and water-solubles, where it’ll rinse out but not completely out. The hold is nice and makes my waves work to my benefit, without making them any wavier, while also allowing me to straighten them out if need be.

      – Jan

  19. Hello,

    I’m new in the world of pomades. I’m having a hard time to find a suitable pomade cause I’m allergic to many cemical fragrances (causes me sum breathing problems). I’ve already tried Layrite’s Super Hold and Suavecito’s Firme Hold. Layrite is absolutely no no. I left Suavecito lid open and hope that the scent gets milder.

    So is there any MILD SCENTED WATER SOLUBLE pomade out there? What about Cock Grease XXX?

    PS. I have a dry wavy hair and I’m balding from sides. Is there anyway that water soluble pomades could do harm?

    -J. James

    • Jesse,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Layrite Super Shine has absolutely no scent at all, so it should work well for your allergies.

      Cock Grease XXX has a soapy scent, so I’m not sure if you’re allergic to that scent.

      Check em out and let me know what you think.

  20. yo my man!

    first off, love reading your writing, its informative but doesnt bore the hell out of everyone (a lesser found trait in the world of blog).

    secondly, congrats on getting through barber college! i wish i lived in the states id definitely make a pilgrimage to find you haha.

    thirdly, i have a couple of questions, i have been using pomade (properly) for about 2 months

    my hair is retardedly curly/wavy and a combo of DAX Wave and Groom and DAX Awesome Hold looks fantastic for the first few minutes after wetting and combing in the morning. But by the time i get to work and look in the mirror, most of it (especially the back of my hair) has just gone back to wavy, curly, out of control mess. INFURIATING.

    is this because my hair needs more time to get used to the style?
    or does my hair need to be a bit longer?
    will a hair straightening conditioner be any use?
    or am i just damned to look like a news reader from the 1970’s for eternity?

    also my hair wont seem to comb into a nice neat slick grain like most guys do, but i guess that comes with length?

    i dunno, im a noob. although i did used to use wave and groom before i was old enough to know what to actually use it for.
    any help would be massively appreciated!

    apologies for the essay.

    • Lewis,

      First off, sorry for the late reply.

      Big thanks for the kind words, I definitely appreciate it. If you’re ever out here in the Bay Area, CA, definitely hit me up!

      The curly/wavy hair has only a few ways to actually “tame” it. Getting it straightened is obviously the easiest way. Chemical straightening will give you straight hair for the longest time, as it lasts until your hair grows back out, but it’s $$$. Straightening conditioners will help a tad, but obviously isn’t the most permanent solution.

      You can have the barber/stylist thin the hair out, so that the curls aren’t as dense and will slick a bit easier.

      The pomades you mentioned are really strong, so it’s crazy that your hair goes back to the curls afterwards. Hopefully, the thinning technique will help a bit, so you can still use those two pomades.

      Strong water-soluble pomades do get curly hair relatively straight. So look for heavy ones like Imperial, Cock Grease XXX or Layrite Super Hold.

      The best way, IMO is to work around the curls and figure out a styled look that suits you. But, hopefully the thinning technique will help out. The combination of the suggested above should get you closer to where you want to be.

      Hope this helps.

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