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If you ladies and gents. like or dislike my blog, or myself, why not tell me so directly. So if you think you have better hair than I do, want to share some insights, shoot the shit, show me pictures of your dicks (please don’t,) just contact me in any which way you prefer. And with technology nowadays, I can reply back sooner than you can chug a beer. Unless you’re The Fox






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  1. shane o'shaughnessy

    hi there
    i am in the process of manufacturing my own pomades based on old style recipes with a modern twist. im currently playing in a rockabilly band in the uk and i am planning to sell the products at our gigs etc.
    when i have got them up and running i would love to send you some for review?
    i also forgot to mention i have my own barber salon here in the uk so the product will also based on my hairdressing knowledge.
    anyway keep rockin’

  2. shane o'shaughnessy

    hi jan
    the band is Southbound line, no website yet but we are on facebook and a couple of tracks on youtube. my salon is called MAN again only on facebook.
    the name of the pomade and tin design are still in progress, we are trying to work on three brands a high shine light hold, a medium hold high shine and a high hold wax with mid shine.
    feel free to input any ideas or thoughts.

    • Hey Shane,

      I just “liked” the Facebook page for Southbound Line, so I’ll be checking it out later on today. I couldn’t find the page for the salon, so if you wouldn’t mind linking me, it would be awesome, so I could check it out.

      – Jan

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know I came by your blog while looking into Rumble 59 pomades and thought it was AWESOME. I’m not much of a ‘blogger’..but your site is definitely way more helpful than a fuckin copy and pasted product description on thegreaseshop’s page (which, by the way, I’ll probably end up ordering my shit from!) The pictures that show the pomade out of the can were really helpful since I now have an idea of their textures without ordering a bunch of grease I’ll only use for a week. So again, thanks for the posts!

    • Hey Jake,

      Big thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it. Just looking into the container itself, won’t show you the consistency of the product, so I decided to take a picture of it on my finger, and it makes a huge difference when looking for a new product!

      If you really want to get some Schmiere pomades, shoot Rumble59 and email, and tell em I sent ya! They’ve helped out one other cat, who heard about it from me, and I’m sure they’ll help you out as well!

      – Jan

  4. Hey man,

    I came across your blog a couple days ago, and have been enjoying parousing through it while continuing to Google search the crap out of anything and everything pomp related. I have to say, I think your blog is the most comprehensive place for pomp info one could hope to find on the ol’ internets.

    That said….I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m not sure if you’ve already done a “pomp 101” type blog and I’m just not seeing it, but would you consider doing one for a pomp novice looking to get started in the ways of the pomade?

    A couple of my main questions are, how long do you personally go between washing pomade out of your hair? At first I was considering going with a water-soluble pomade so that I would still be able to wash my hair when I wanted to, but now I’m thinking I want to do it old-school and just rock that shit unti I absolutely have to wash it out. So, typically how long is that? Do you only wash it out for cuts (or to use and review various types of pomade for the sake of your blog)? And, if you’re using the good-ol-fashioned grease, how often do you have to reapply? Or can you just wake up in the morning and pomp-it-out with the comb, no extra pomade needed?

    I’ve also read a lot about various combinations of 2 or 3 types of products….this for hold, that for sheen, the other for top coat…..what’s a good, basic, old-school pomade (Royal Crown, Murray’s, etc.) that is kind of just a good all-around? I think while still new to the ways of the pomp it might be easier to not confuse the matter, and as I become more proficient start working in this or that…..

    Thanks for the help, and keep bloggin…

    • Hey Jeremy,

      Sorry it’s taken me this long to reply. But thanks for the kind words about the blog!

      I haven’t done a how-to, but I’ve inserted several tips here and there amongst different posts. I’ve been meaning to make a post, but haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t know why, because I do my hair everyday, anyways…

      Personally, if I don’t have any pomades to review or take a break from doing them, I’ll leave the grease in for about a week or two. Depends if I have any event to go to and what not. But when it gets hotter, I’ll wash out a little more often. About 4 or so days, or I’ll try and wash out some pomade (but not all,) just so it’s bearable in the heat at night. Luckily, my lady doesn’t get affected by a greasy pillow!

      I reapply pomade everyday. Unless I’ve used a crazy amount the day before, I’ll just hop in the shower, get wet (giggity) and style my hair wet. Since my hair was wet when I styled it, I wouldn’t have to worry about stray hairs sticking out, because it got coated (slightly) by the softened pomade, from taking a hot shower.

      There are a few pomades that I think are good to have around. I could’ve sworn I made a post with a list of pomades I think everyone should have, but I guess I might not have… But, here’s a quick list:

      1) Dax Wave & Groom. Relatively easy to find, like Murray’s, but a much better alternative. It’s not the easiest to wash out, but it’s a whole lot easier to wash out than Murray’s Superior.
      2) Sweet Georgia Brown (blue or red tin.) Either or, depending on how thick your hair is, and how straight it is. Blue has a stronger hold, but the red is more malleable. So it’s all preference, when choosing between the two.
      3) Black & White. It’s highly favored by the European rockabillies and with good reason. It’s got a decent hold, very malleable, and just makes molding your pomp a whole lot easier.
      4) A light pomade. This can go many different ways. Murray’s Super Light, Blue Magic, Royal Crown, etc etc. It just depends whether or not people like the scents or not. For the most part, they work exactly the same.

      Remember, certain types of hair needs certain types of product. Not everyone’s hair is the same and not everyone’s hair can handle these old school products. That’s why there’s modern pomades! But it’s all trial and error, you’ll never know what works best for you, unless you’ve tried out a few different greases.

      While I know which grease works perfectly for my hair and which don’t, and I have a shit ton of pomades, I know when and where each and every grease will work out for me. Whether it’s newer waxes, the classic stuff, or the other modern pomades, they all have their specific uses. And luckily, I’ve learned to use each and every kind, in their own ways.

      Hope this helps. You’ve reminded me to make a how-to post, so stay tuned for one in the future!

      – Jan

  5. Hey Jan,

    Thanks for the info. In the day or two since I posted last, I’ve done a lot more reading through your blogs and kind of picked up on the sense that it will just come down to trial and error (though your individual reviews have helped steer me towards a few that I think I want to try first, ie. Dax). I know there’s not one answer for everybody and I’ll just have to play around with various brands. Hell, it’s not like any of them are expensive, so why not right?

    My biggest concern when it comes to keeping grease in/washing it out is the thing I’ve been reading about grease staying in your hair for too long, and blocking hair follicles which could possibly lead to permanent hair loss….needless to say that scares the shit out of me! But I’m thinking that, while you dont need to completely wash out the pomade every night (like you said, 4 days to a week or so), but maybe just in your daily or nightly shower just kind of do a rinse out, to give the scalp a chance to breath…..thoughts?

    I look forward to your how-to blog. One more thing that came to mind is, I’ve noticed a couple of posts where you mention you rock a DA… while “how to style a pomp” videos and posts are rampant on the internet, I have yet to see anything on how to style a DA. That’s a style I’m really interested in rockin’, but I’m afraid that it would be damn near impossible to find a barber or stylist who would have the first clue as to what the fuck that even is, let alone how to cut or style it. So, would you mind including a DA tutorial?

    Thanks again man!

    • Hey Jeremy,

      Now you’re thinking ahead! I’ve been meaning to do A LOT of posts, regarding all aspects of the pompadour, Viva Las Vegas pretty much sealed the deal, but I’ve been a little… Lazy :X. Plus, getting a good picture of my D.A. is tough as fuck, especially since I don’t exactly bend that way anymore.

      It is all trial and error. Same as the whole “makes your hair fall out” jive. While people claim it does, it (luckily) hasn’t happened to me… *knocks on wood*
      It’s mainly to do with genetics. Some people are destined to have their hair fall out when wearing beanies, hats, using gel, etc. There’s no one product, that’ll make ones hair fall out, unless they try to style their hair with Nair. Aside from that, it’s user error and genetics. I mean, I’ve gone through quite a few tins of Murray’s, this past summer, and used more than a dollop-of-Daisy on my hair, EVERYDAY.

      But again, it’s user error. Some peoples hair can withstand having thick pomades in their hair everyday, some cannot. Maybe those cats who lost their hair to Murray’s, should’ve switched to Dax!!!

      I’ve got a few reviews left to do and quite a few other posts, so stay tuned!

      – Jan

  6. Hey man..stubble upon your page today and the reviews on the pomades are great…i think i might try the part in my hair… if your ever down in the LA area and in need of a haircut let me know my barber can hook it up real nice.

  7. Uptown Barbers…in uptown whittier

  8. Great blog…and you have the best hair!!! NO CONTEST!!! Can i subscibe to get regular blogs from u…or are u on Facebook…if so what name are you under?????
    Keep up the good work!!!! xxx

  9. I’ve got a question, and it seems like you know your shit. I’ve only recently started growing my hair out, after many years of buzzing my head. One of the reasons I started shaving my head when I was 12 was because my hair is really hard to manage. It is coarse, kinky, unruly, and from what every barber has told me, nappy and thick (althought I’m starting to see a lot of scalp these days).
    Now, I know my hair right now is not long enough to do a pomp, but I have been fooling around with different styles. The only product that seems to help at all is the Schmiere Knuppelhart. But after a few minutes, I can notice it start to clump up in the front where my hair is long, and the shorter hairs kinking back up.
    I’m getting married in a couple months and I’m trying to get my hair in order so I don’t look like a hobo standing at the altar. If that stuff isn’t helping me style my hair, what should I do?

    • Hey Brian,

      If the Knupplehart isn’t “taming” your hair, you may want to look into something thicker, more on the wax side.

      Check out High Life’s heavy hold. It’s thicker than the Knuppelhart, as it’s more of a wax, and should be able to tame your hair.

      If you want something that’s washable, check out the new Grant’s Golden Brand Putty Pomade. It’s the thickest water soluble pomade on the market, and would work really well for thick, kinky hair.

      Hope this helps. If anything, you can always get your hair straightened, before the wedding, haha.

      – Jan

  10. Dear Jan,

    Keep up the good work. only one question. When i apply schmiere knuppelhart i am turning in to a gray grandpa and after 3 hours my pomp fals in 2. please help me….

  11. Bitchin’ blog you got here man! Great resource for people like myself just getting into the ways of The Pomp.

    Being a noob at this I, of course, have a question about what route I should take. Because of the particulars of the way my hair is I end up having to wash it pretty much every other day to keep it and my scalp clean. Because of that I’m thinking water soluble is the way I want to go for now to get things rolling and from the reading I’ve done here it seems you highly recommend Layrite and Monkey Brains. Well, Layrite is a bit more $ than I wanna spend at the moment but Monkey Brains seems to be in the right ballpark…I was wondering if you could recommend any other water soluble pomades that were closer to the cheap side that have medium to heavy hold. Oh yea, I forgot to mention I have the thick heavy Mexican hair going on so I need something with a good amount of hold to get the height going on that I’m wanting. And shine would just be a bonus 😀

    Thanxs man,


    • Hey Gimpy,

      Glad you dig the blog man! I’m glad a lot more people have found it as useful as they have, I really aprpeciate that fact.

      First off, are you washing your hair everyday? It’s rather unhealthy to wash your hair everyday (wish shampoo) as you wash out the natural oils your scalp needs to be healthy. If you have a naturally oily scalp, you should consider changing your shampoo, so that you don’t need to wash it as often as you already do. Only if that’s the case!

      I personally suggest to wash your hair every other 2 days. I do this and my hair is voluminous and healthy… when I don’t have grease in it.

      As far as other water-soluble pomade options go, Monkey Brains is gonna be the best-bang-for-your-buck. At under $4, it’s hard to beat. Other products that are cheaper than Layrite that are on the market right now, from what I’ve heard, are poor copies and Monkey Brains beats those out of the water.

      There’s a few other brands that are in the works of cheaper pomades, and I’ll update the blog as soon as the official word is released. But for now, gotta keep people on their toes!

      And as far as hold goes, since you have thick Mexican hair, there may be a chance that Monkey Brains is gonna be too light for you, as some cats have noted. Not many, but a few. Of course, they are the same ones who want gigantic pomps, who pretty much need glue to keep their hair in place. But if you’re gonna go for something not as wild as a 2 foot pomp, I think you’ll be safe with Monkey Brains.

      Hope this helps man. You know where I’m at, in case you have any more questions!

      – Jan

  12. MrSandman777

    Hey Rebelrouser,

    Fan of your blog. Been following for a few months. Been pomping and psycho-pomping for a while now. No SGB blue can review?

    Mike M.

    • Mike,

      Big thanks, man! I appreciate it.

      I slightly covered the product in combined review with the other purple Sweet Georgia Brown. I gotta do a “revisit” post soon, because it is a great product and I haven’t done a respectable review on it! Stay tuned, I’ll put one out soon.

      – Jan

  13. MrSandman777

    Can you start a thread of pics of everyone’s pomade collection? I think that would be fun!

  14. I want to start by saying that I certainly appreciate your reviews and product info! It’s like the Pomade Bible!! I just started rockin’ a pompadour a few months ago and have a few questions for you. I’m currently working on growing my hair out since it’s pretty short to be rocking a pompadour but my hair is really fine. I’d say it’s about 3.5 inches long on top so that can be a challenge but I have to use a good amount of pomade to get it to stand up in the front. I’ve used Dax wave and groom, schmiere knupplehardt which is my favorite, voodoo brew which works well for me, and SGB Blue as a top coat. I get the best results using the knupplehardt as a base and then some voodoo brew on the front but it doesn’t always want to stand up. Any suggestions? I’ll send you a picture. Thanks again for all of your work, you truly were my inspiration to change up my hair.

    • Hey man,

      Real glad you dig the blog, I appreciate it!

      Depending on how thick your hair is or isn’t, the VooDoo Brew may be too thick for your hair, if it’s not letting your hair stand up. Especially considering how much waxier VooDoo Brew is, compared to say Dax Wave & Groom. A good combo I like, which has worked well for me on numerous occasions, is Dax Wave & Groom and Sweet Georgia Brown in the blue tin. I’ve suggested this mix to several people, who also dug the combo. Try it out and let me know what you think!

      Another thing you can do, is apply the waxy products, blow dry your hair to thoroughly melt it through, style, then let dry. As it dries, it should “harden” a bit, stiffening the product, allowing it to hold you hair as you like.

      Hope this works, if not, let me know!

      – Jan

  15. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll give that a shot. I used the Dax wave and groom but my only complaint is that I work 12 hour shifts in a veterinary emergency hospital and I get sweaty, in turn my forehead gets a quite lovely sheen which makes me paranoid that my skin will break out. The Schmeire rock hard is my favorite but that does the same thing. I think I figured out that I was using too much product in my hair which I believe was weighing down my hair. I also noticed that when I used olive oil then some dawn in my hair to “wash” out my pomade it seems that the left over oil makes it harder for my hair to stand up. I’m still experimenting with different pomades to figure out what works best for me so I still have some trial and error to go through. Again I must say that because of you I have ventured down this road and I greatly appreciate your hard work on getting all of this info out to us! Quick question, I’ve seen that you occasionally sell some of the pomades you have extras of, how do i get in on that?

  16. Hey Jan,
    Just letting you know that i found a way to remove 97-99% of the wax from your hair in about 30 seconds and i just put that info on my new blog. check it out and tell me what you think. Maybe if its info that you like and could use. maybe you could mention it on your blog and give my credit or link it to your blog that would be great.

  17. hey Jan,

    First off I have to say that your blog has been a HUGE help. I’ve tried some different water soluable pomades, namely Suavecito and Layrite and I don’t have any compalaints other than there isn’t really any sheen to either of them and “comb-ability” is non existant. I’ve been using Murrays Superior and the sheen I get is pretty rad but I’m getting no hold so my pomp ends up flat after 25 or 30 minutes. I’m hoping to try out some different grease here soon but for the time being any ideas on how to keep my pomp up? keep up the bloggin man its great stuff.

    • Adam,

      Sorry for the late reply, man.

      Murray’s is a tough one for all day use. As you said, it melts after 30 or so minutes.

      I suggest looking into Dax Wave & Groom. It has just as strong of a hold as Murray’s, but has more sheen and doesn’t melt as easily. Virtually, “superior.” Plus, it’s readily available as Murray’s, so it shouldn’t be hard to pick up.

      Sorry for the late reply, I hope this helps.

      – Jan

  18. No worrieson the response time man, I can only imagine that the hollidays get pretty crazy for you since you have a little one. ordered the SGB red and blue yesterday and since I’m on a pomade buying spree might as well spring for some Dax while I’m at it! Thanks for the advice Jan I really appreciate it, love the blog and follow it daily.


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  20. Hey Jan,

    I really love your blog and its simply amazing that you’re doing so much for the pomade beginners (like myself).

    I’d just like to ask about what kind of pomade i should get for the kind of hair i have. Firstly i have thin hair, Secondly its wavy too and i live in a humid weather (Singapore). I was thinking of getting Schmiere Hart (Strong). Would you recommend me for that?

    And also, i have used Mister Ducktail’s very own pomade and it just don’t work for me. I’ve got no idea why. Everytime i try and pomp it up, it just drops downs and i’ll just have to go for the slick back look in the end.

    Like you said in some reviews i’ve read, certain pomades actually straightens your hair and i would love that you could maybe recommend something with that character of pomade along with the kind of hair i have.

    Thank you soo much and hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hey Joel,

      Thanks man, I’m glad you’re diggin’ it!

      I think the reason your hair is falling, with the Mr. Ducktail pomade, is due to the humidity. It’s a major pomade killer! Not too many pomades can hold up that well in humid climates.

      I’d think the Schmiere Hart should work out for you. It’s a much waxier and stronger pomade than the Mr. Ducktail’s one. I’m not entirely sure (as I haven’t been in a humid climate (The Philippines) for some years now, but I’d say that you’d have better luck using waxier products, than ones that are higher in petrolatum. Wax won’t necessarily melt from humidity, but more so direct heat, so I’d say you’d be safe with it.

      When I say that pomades will make your hair straighter, I don’t mean that they’ll relax/straighten out your hair, but if it’s thick enough, you can comb it straight. Some pomades will actually make my wavy hair much more wavier, and some will make it straight. It depends on the pomade and how you comb it.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  21. Thanks alot jan, so i shall go along with schmiere. I hope it will be my favorite pomade to use after getting it and no regrets.

    Appreciated our help. Keep on going with this amazing blog.

    With many thanks and appreciation,

  22. You going to booze broads and hot rods? If so we should have a beer man that show is always a good time!

  23. Hey, have you ever checked out Suavecito Pomade? I went from Layrite to this stuff and I love it. Great scent, great hold and the price is right! they are based out of Santa Ana, CA. Here is the website I would like to hear what you think!

    • Hey Andrew,

      I haven’t yet, but, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about it. I’ve currently got a ton of pomades to review as it is, so we’ll see what happens!

      – Jan

  24. Hafa Adai from Guam! I recently used one of your pics as an example of a pompadour on my blog ( , I hope you don’t mind. If you do, I’d happily take it down.

    Also, I’ve watched your tutorials on Youtube and they’ve helped a lot, but on Guam the heat and humidity are extreme! What pomades work best in such conditions?

    Manny Cruz

    • Hey Manny,

      Real sorry for the late reply.

      It’s no problem at all; but thanks for asking and linking the site!

      For Guam heat/humidity, try some water-soluble gel-type pomades. Grant’s Golden Brand or Lone Star Pomade hold up really well in the heat. And as some Singapore cats told me, it holds up well there, too! But if you want to use some petrolatum based stuff, check out Dax Wave & Groom or Dax High & Tight. Wave & Groom is the strongest from Dax, but High & Tight (Awesome Hold) is second. So if Wave & Groom ends up being too heavy, you can always go with High & Tight.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  25. RR…I’m looking for a photo reference of a Detroit pomp–long on sides and back, flat on top–because I want to get my ace barber to set me up with one my next visit. I’ve found a couple of “how-tos”, but no images of a Detroit.
    Any ideas?
    Flattop Rob

  26. i m your personality ,Jan!AND also your very personal blog! support!

  27. Hey how’s it going?! Like your blogs btw. I was really interested in making my own pomade and was wondering if you have any info or leads you can give me..? Thx

  28. Hey Jan,

    So – aside from your tips and tricks being ridiculously helpful. I wanted to say that you’ve eased my mind a bit on the “pomade makes you go bald” discussions. When I first starting styling with pomade, I freaked out on a daily basis at the hair in my comb (nothing extreme; maybe four hairs or so). I was certain I was going bald and that Murray’s Superior was to blame. So – thanks for that haha.

    – Ferris

    • Hey Ferris,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Glad to have helped! I know a lot of cats freak out at the sign of hairs in their combs. So I’m glad to have eased multiple cats into the world of pomade, haha.

      – Jan

  29. RE: flattoprob
    It maybe a mac curtis you are looking for? google images him. When i’m asked for a mac curtis its long on the back and side (combed back into DA) then flat on top.

  30. Hey Jan,

    I sent you an email about Schmiere pomade. I was wondering if I should get the Mittel or Hart levels of hold. I wasn’t sure if you saw it or not.
    Thanks in advance!


    • Hey Tyler,

      Let me know if you had gotten my email reply. If not:

      What type of hair do you have? I know a lot of cats have been diggin’ the Hart hold over the Knuppelhart. I think you’d be ok with Hart over Mittel.

      – Jan

  31. Hey Jan,

    I’m new to pomade, am looking to do a pomp, your blog has helped me a lot. I’ve been looking around and watched some of your videos and read some stuff, it really is great, in an earlier comment I noticed you mentioned to someone some pomades a person should get, Dax W&G, SWG, B&W and a light pomade. As I live in Australia I don’t really have a place to get them except online and with shipping it’s a bit more expensive. My question is if I were to get one pomade to do a pomp(I could get more just not at the same time) what should it be, I’m looking for a decent hold to keep a pomp during the day, sheen isn’t as important but having some would be preferable, I was thinking murray’s but as you did not name that on the list and recommended Dax over it and you seem to know what you’re talking about I’m thinking maybe not, so what would you recommend?

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      If you’re able to get your hands on Dax High & Tight Awesome Hold, I’d say go with that. Uppercut Deluxe should be available to you, same as Layrite. If you find a local stockist, definitely take a look into em.

  32. Hey Jan,

    Long time reader, first time poster. First off I love this blog, it is fantastic. Second off, I have recently made a discovery into the removal of pomades, grandpas wonder pine tar soap. You guys in the states can get it quite easily so I gather, it’s a bit harder here in the uk.

    After using a ample amount of sweet Georgia brown red, I washed my hair with this brown pine smelling soap and my hair is now pomade free!

    Try it man, see what you think!


  33. What’s up Jan,

    I was just wondering what type of haircut you get for your Pomp? I’m Mexican and I have really straight, thick, coarse hair. When it is cut too short, neither hello or high water can help me slick it and pomp it. I have a difficult time explaining to barbers how to cut my hair, and when it finally seems that they understand what I am asking for, they shit all over it and leave me with nearly un-pompable hair.

    Been following your blog, unofficially, for pomade reviews, and Dax and Murray’s have worked best for me. I tried Suavecito, but that water soluble crap gets like a 15 year old kid flipping through a Playboy magazine, stiff.

    I’m also working on making some handmade pomade, so we’ll see how that goes, and maybe I’ll shoot you a tin if it turns out decent.

  34. Hey Jan!
    I’m a newcomer to using pomades and I’m really interested in using Murray’s. The only problem is that as an athlete I cant have grease running down my forehead so I’m sure I would have to wash it out every day before practice (Yeah it sounds like a pain). But I would really like to try it out anyway

    Do you have any suggestions and tips and tricks that might help?

    Thanks man- Evan

  35. Hey Jan ,
    my name is Andrew Tennessee based out of El Paso TX AKA hell’s waiting room…..I had a question for you…In your opinion what water soluble pomade would you say would work best with think wavy hair? In the past i have tried axe smooth look & dax washable hair wax however my pomp would not hold unless i sprayed the shit out of it with hair spray. i have also used murray’s which has a good hold but it grinds my nads when it wont wash out. id greatly appreciate your input..Thank you….

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