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Pomade Review: Lucky Tiger Cru Butch (Stick)

When you get a haircut from your barber, it’s a rather… intimate time, if you will. Not only do you shoot-the-shit with him, you consult with him, tell them about your life in general, and so on. That’s the beauty of having a barber. Not only do they cut your hair, but you can share life experiences with them. And every time you leave that chair, you walk away with knowledge that’s new to you, but rather old to them – especially if you’ve got an old-timey barber.

Sometimes, those experiences can’t be utilized in today’s world. I mean, if only we could get away with candy for $.05, right? But luckily, in his line of work and my topic of interest, I can!

It’s a given that since he was a youth, raised out of a barbershop, he’s had the haircuts that we all loved. Many of which had different names than what we call them today. While that’s always fun to hear, that’s not what I’m trying to get from this conversation with him. What I wanted to know, was what product they used… Unfortunately, it’s been decades since he even used the product, so I can’t expect him to remember the name of the damn thing! But asking the right questions, I was able to narrow it down…

There aren’t many items today that are labeled a butch wax, nor in a stick form. So? That leaves us with one product in mind. Lucky Tiger Cru Butch in its stick form!

I’ve found it in its stick form, which is what they used in the day. But this stuff also comes in a little plastic container, with a purple label. Is there any difference to this stuff? No idea.  But hey, gives me another excuse to review the product, right?

This thing is very much so like a Push Pop! Ya gotta push it up from the bottom, to get the good stuff out. When you do, you’ll see this pale orange stuff stick out. Just like a Push Pop!

The application to this stuff is a bit different from what we’re used to. Unlike the Royal Crown stick pomade that’s meant to cover up the graying edges, this stuff is meant to “butch” your hair. Meaning, you used it to stick up the fronts of say a flat-top with fenders. In the day, that’s what it called/used for! Pretty neat, eh?

But since we don’t have that hair cut, there’s a different way to use this stuff.

Much like the topcoats and cocktails I mention, there were methods they used back then, to make hair products more malleable. And that was adding certain ingredients to them. Well… There was one specific ingredient they used with the butch wax. Want to know what it is?

None other than this little thing called lanolin…

“Lanolin? La-lanolin, like– like sheep’s wool?”

Yes, like sheep’s wool. Except in a little jar!

Now, the two have been a combo that’s clearly outdated this blog. It’s one used by the youth of the golden age of America, and something that’s gonna be brought back to our stables, with the help of yours truly… wink wink.

Now, their application is probably a bit different from mine. But, this is all about experimenting and getting it right for every individual, so let’s experiment with this, shall we?

First off, my hair is too long to run this stick through my whole head of hair. So first, I rub this stuff through my palms, which is a much cleaner and easier feat to achieve, than with the Royal Crown stick! And by “much cleaner” I mean a fuckin’ shit ton cleaner!

Now the question is, to mix the stuff together, or use it as a top coat? First, I tried mixing it together. It definitely changes up the consistency of the stick, making it much softer than it is.

There’s a major difference between topcoats and cocktails or mixing pomades. Cocktails is where you actually mix different pomades into your hands, before applying to your hair. Topcoats, are just applied to the top of the styled product (your hair,) to add sheen.

From what I understand, they used to mix this stuff together. Making the cru butch much more malleable to work with, as well as being easier to spread into your hair thoroughly. So, we’ll do this method.

Here comes the innuendos!

You’re gonna rub the stick in your palms, until you’ve gotten the desired amount. Remember: More butch wax – more hold, more  lanolin – more sheen. Then, scoop out the desired amount of lanolin. Now, butch wax is exactly what it is, a wax. So depending on how much hold you want, you won’t need to overly use this stuff. But as I said, it depends on the individual, so experiment! That’s the best part about this combo.

Can’t beat the innuendo description, without some visuals!

The Lucky Tiger isn’t hard to spread through your hair as is, but with the lanolin mixed in, it definitely makes it a lot easier. 

As I said, the hold totally depends on how much lanolin you use or don’t use. So if you have thicker hair, you’ll want to ease up on the lanolin. For the folks with thinner hair, who don’t need a super strong hold, add that lanolin. On its own, the Lucky Tiger has a real good hold. I mean, it is meant to butch up the fenders on that flat-top! And for pompadours, it does a damn good job! Especially with my thick hair!

I didn’t use that much product. Had I done so, everything would’ve been much slicker.

It’s not too often we get to hear about how these older cats (now,) used to be as the rebel youth that we love to read about. So finding out the exact product and exactly how it was used in the day, is definitely a treat.

Overall, this little cocktail is awesome. Not only as a story from my barber, but as a styling product as well. It’s classic cocktails like these, that often gets lost in translation when folks try to find out what was used by folks, int he 50s-60s.  This stuff did it for them and it definitely does it for me!

Hope you enjoyed this review and history lesson. Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.

Pomade Review: Lone Star (Regular)

With the ever-growing market for pomade and brands popping up in every corner of the globe, it’s hard to keep up with all of the up and coming brands. Many of them prefer to stay comfortable in their small scenes, others take the risk to venture out to become apart of this dangerous world of pomade. And I say dangerous, because it’s much a bigger risk than the average pomade user realizes!

Unfortunately, more often than not, many of these up and coming brands get looked over by “serious” pomade users. Not only due to lack of reviews (I’m getting to em… ZING!) but also due to price points. For whatever reason, people can justify spending $20+ on a salon “quality” product from a company, but can’t spend more than $15 from an independent brand? Well, whatever you say!

But hey, what better way to ease into the scene, than getting a review by me? 😉

Lone Star Pomade happens to be one of those up and coming brands. Over the last 11 months, Chris Dallal spent time developing a water-soluble pomade that was able to cover bases that many pomades don’t; climate control and resistance to humidity. Right now, he’s offering a regular hold and a super hold. Both being able to hold up mohawks and pomps in Texas weather, you can only imagine how us California folks would do with this stuff!

Enough talk, onto the review!

Chris had sent me a sample of his regular hold, so the packaging is different from the actual product.

He’s gone the clean and simple white plastic tub route, with red, white, and blue detail and lettering. On the sample tub, the label on the cap reminded me of a baseball.

Unlike most, he went with a colorless product without an artificial scent. It’s a mix of new-school product with old-school, powdery scent. Something we haven’t seen in the water-soluble market, and definitely something I dig!

Scooping it out, I was surprised by its consistency… As we all know, most if not all water-soluble pomades feel like a semi-solid gel. This stuff however, has a gummy feel to it. The only other product I can think of, that is somewhat similar in terms of gumminess, is Grant’s Putty Pomade, except Grant’s has a fiber-y feel to it… In short, this stuff looks and feels like a thick rubber cement!

Don’t worry, it isn’t a rubber cement, it was just the easiest way to describe this stuff!

Due to its gummy properties, this stuff applies differently. Trying to apply it to dry hair, was nearly impossible. It would clump up, not allowing you to thoroughly spread it through your hair. Though this isn’t how I ever try to apply products to my hair, I know that some do, so I had to cover the bases.

I know a lot of guys usually apply pomade in their hair after a shower or as their hair is drying, and this product is made for just that. The wetness of your hair allows you to apply it with ease. It also helps give you that extra hold.

The gumminess is a major factor for this product; it makes styling feel as if you’re styling with a petrolatum based product, but with the hold of a water-soluble product. It also has enough hold for thick hair like mine or finer hair. Top it off with a classic scent, this stuff really is a great mix between new-school and old-school! 

As I’ve said, styling with this stuff is as if you’re using a petrolatum based product. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about flat edges or not being able to get your hair bulbous. Take a look:

Now, in terms of sheen, there isn’t much. As with nearly all water-soluble gel-type pomades, you’re not gonna get any high sheen. But, it doesn’t dry completely matte, so you’ll get a bit of gloss, but not a whole lot.

Overall, I’m very surprised with this product! As I keep mentioning in this post, the mix of old-school and new-school is something that really makes this product stand out. Though there are cats who want that old-school feel with that new-school scent, there are those who want the exact opposite. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t remind me of another product, is a good thing!

Lone Star is definitely worth checking out, especially if you want a change from the usual water-soluble pomades. Believe me, it’s a change, and a good one at that! Head over to the online store here, to scoop some up.

Big thanks again to Chris!

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Tancho

Though I’ve found quite a bit of pomades, many of which most people have never heard of, it doesn’t quite mean I’ve seen all of the pomades in the world. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone has. But, thanks to the internet, we’re getting pretty damn close!

First of all, big thanks again to Alex for sending me some of this pomade!

He found this pomade on his recent trip to the Philippines. Having lived in the Philippines, I know how hard it is to find decent hair products there! But with his luck, he found some in a local drug store and brought em back home, and had enough to send me some! Having never seen this stuff before, is a nice little treat to know that there are some sort of “pomades” in the Philippines!

Not sure of the availability of this stuff, but if you scour your local Asian markets, I’m sure you’re bound to stumble across some. Puck had sent me a picture this stuff on a shelf, so I’m assuming it’s available in the U.S. If anything, it’s readily available on Amazon.

This stuff comes in a little yellow box, with green detail. “Pure Nourishing Vegetable Pomade” reads underneath ‘Tancho.’ So you vegetarian and vegan folks out there, this may be an option for you!

The container is a cool, white ribbed plastic with a green twist off lid. The white ribbed plastic is a nice touch in detail.

Underneath the lid, is a plastic seal. I think that due to the humidity, a seal of “freshness” is very much-needed on products like these. So, why not?

One thing that really makes this product cool, is its emerald-green color. You should know me by now, I dig different colored pomades. To match the green color, it also has a slight jade scent lavender with a hint of mint scent, which is nice. (Don’t ask. My balls.)

Off the bat, this stuff looked to be gelatinous. Not like the water-soluble gel-pomades that we’re all familiar with, but gelatinous like well… Jell-O… And it very much so is, but without that Jell-O jiggle.

This stuff is sticky! The stickiness helps keeping the hairs together nicely and adds to the sheen of the product. This is easily the stickiest product I’ve ever used. Luckily, it doesn’t make it too difficult to apply, but some people may find it to be troublesome when combing it thoroughly into their hair.

It’s not difficult to style a high pomp with this stuff, due to the sticky nature of the pomade, but it’s not gonna stay that way. The stickiness allows you to reach decent heights with your pomp, but it doesn’t have any real holding properties in order to keep it that way.

Sorry for the Instagram pic. Only one I had!

Though it easily melts in the heat, it still allows you to retain the original shape you styled your hair in. Just… with a much lower profile.

Overall, this stuff really grew on me! I don’t know what it is exactly, but the different texture and properties of this stuff really made me dig it. The only drawback, being the stickiness – the stickiness will transfer to whatever your head touches. So beware!

Well, that’s it folks. I have more reviews coming up soon, many of which I’m sure you folks will be stoked on! I definitely found some pomade that has quickly become a staple of mine, so stay tuned!

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy!

Product Review: Tres Flores Brilliantine (Tonic)

Ah… Tonics… Who would’ve thunk it, eh?

Hair tonics are probably some of the most misunderstood products known to man. Why? Because many cats have no idea how to fuckin’ use this shit! Hell, I didn’t until I picked up a bottle! 

Of course there are many classic branded hair tonics out there, but why not start with something that’s easily found? And being surrounded by a whole lot of Hispanics, what easier tonic to find at every store, none than Tres Flores Brilliantine!

Every time I’ve spotted some Tres Flores, it’s been tough deciding whether or not it’s worth picking up. Why? Because for whatever reason, the price for this stuff jumps as soon as you head to the store down the block. I’ve seen this thing anywhere from $3 to $8. So if you see it for as low as $3, why not?

It comes in a little glass bottle with a green push down top. Not too many tonics come in a classic glass bottle, so that’s a good enough reason for me to pick it up. Can’t go wrong with classic bottling!

You gotta be careful when you open this stuff. It’s push-down top is kind of difficult to use, so the glass bottle may slip out of your hand. Not something you’d want to fall on your foot, that’s for sure. As soon as you open it, you get the infamous Tres Flores Brilliantine scent. Sort of like Jasmine. If you’re Hispanic, you know this scent quite well. Hey, I’m not stereotyping, it’s a damn fact!

The bottle opening is small, so you shouldn’t be using more than what you tap into your palms.

Consistency is like a very light, greasy baby oil. I mean, really light! Don’t expect this stuff to give you a heightened pompadour. But do expect a real greasy look and mess! It leaves your hair greasy to the touch, and I mean, TO THE TOUCH! You’ll touch your hair an hour after, and it’ll transfer from your hair to your hands, just like that. So if you don’t like greasy pillows, make sure you either wash your hair before you sleep or stay away!

Everyone has their methods of applying tonics, usually from what they’ve learned from their fathers. But there are many ways you can do it. You can put it onto a towel, then pat it onto your dampened hair, directly tap it into your palms and run it through your hair, or even apply it to your bed head hair the next day, to sort of reset everything, without having to hop into the shower. Whatever your method may be, is up to you. I did both patting it into a towel and on top of my head, as well as directly applying from my palms to my hair.

Along with many ways of applying this stuff, there’s many ways to use it too.

You can use it as a base coat to give you hair a stiff, starch like feeling. Which to my surprise, actually kept my wavy-hair slightly straightened. Perfect as a base coat for a medium pomade, which usually makes my hair waves, wavy. You can also use it as a top coat for a heavy pomade, giving it a real good sheen.

As a standalone product, it works well if you’re not going for height. Since it’s not a thick product, it won’t melt in the sun. But since it isn’t thick, your hair will blow in the wind. It’s got it’s pros and cons, as does every hair product out there.

But, it doesn’t do a bad job if you’re going for something with a lower profile, such as this:

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by hair tonics. I had originally thought that it would make my hair wavy, and give me a 1920s fingerwave look, which I’ve gotten from almost every light pomade I’ve tried. But, it didn’t! Definitely a surprise for me and a good one. I’ll be looking into more tonics for the future. But can’t go wrong with the classic Tres Flores!

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy!

Pomade Review: Dax Black Beeswax

I know, I know… Why haven’t I reviewed Dixie Peach, E.F. Young Jr. or any of these great pomades just yet? Well cool your jets folks! We’re only just getting started here!

Having already cleansed my hair of all grease and receiving this package on Monday, it was too tempting NOT to try it already! Especially since I’m one of few to have gotten this product, before being released at retail? Hell yeah I’m gonna one up everyone else, and do a review on it ASAP! So, thanks Dax!

Now, the trouble with black beeswax is people’s misunderstanding of the product. For one, they think that the product while in their hair, will stain clothing and furniture. That’s incorrect! I didn’t make it too clear in my Murray’s Black Beeswax review, but when I said that it would stain everything, I meant that it would stain everything, if you touch it with your hands, that have the wax spread on it! Sorry for the confusion folks, didn’t mean to scare ya.

The nice thing about wax in your hair, is the transfer. It won’t just rub off onto anything. Unless it was on a scorching, hot day, and it’s already melted down your face and you rub your face on your tan Frenchie, then yes… It will rub off, duh. But other than that? Not really… So folks, let’s help you find your faith in black wax, and let’s get on with the show!

Another misconception with black wax, is that people think it’s for any hair. Blonde, red, brown, whatever… I’m sorry to say folks, no, it’s not. BLACK BEESWAX IS MEANT FOR BLACK COLORED HAIR! Unless you want to go with black hair for a few days, you blonde or ginger folks, need not apply! Will this stuff make your hair look black, YES IT WILL! Will your friends and family take notice when you’ve suddenly went from blonde to black, yes they will! So please, let’s leave the black beeswax on the shelves for people who have black hair, shall we?

Being a black wax, the stuff is mainly used for dreadlocks, well… in my perspective, anyways. Having had dreadlocks a few years ago, I never had any knowledge or know how with pomade or wax. Had I known what I know now, well… let’s just say that this blog wouldn’t be what it is today! But, I still believe that beeswax is to be used for dreadlocks, and not exactly for pompadour hairstyles. Why? Well, it’s easy…

Usually, beeswax is THICK. If you’ve never used a beeswax in your hair, let’s just start off by saying IT. IS. THICK. For 1) It’s a pain to get through your hair thoroughly, especially if you don’t have access to a blow dryer. 2) It’s a wax, it’s not the easiest thing to wash out. Nor is it the hardest, but the way a wax reacts to water, is not something pompadour sporting cats need to deal with. If you don’t want to comb your stuff out, then you may be out of luck with beeswax!

That’s my opinion on general beeswax products. But, is this stuff any different? Let’s move on to the review!

The packaging for Dax Black Beeswax is big. I mean, 14oz big! 14oz big black goodness… Umm… No pun intended… Yeaaaaaaaah, let’s try to keep the innuendos to a low today, shall we? Not sure if they’re doing just a single sized tub of 14oz, or doing a smaller one, but if you do end up with the 14oz one… You’ll be good for a while!

The label on my tub, just so happens to be taped on. How hot off the production line was this stuff??? Should I feel special just yet???

Now… Compared to the other black beeswax I’ve seen, this stuff looks relatively similar, as far as consistency goes. Definitely a far cry from Murray’s, as this stuff clearly states on the label:

“Fortified with Royal Jelly and Pure Beeswax.”

Well, since it’s fortified with Royal Jelly (insert innuendo here,) that means this stuff won’t be as thick as Murray’s Black Beeswax, right?

Having that Royal Jelly in it, the consistency is considerably lighter than Murray’s. In fact, it almost feels like a jelly when you scoop it out.

The scent of this wax is very pleasant. What’s black and sweet? Black licorice! While the actual candy is only favored by so few, the scent is loved by many. Can’t complain about that!

Now, since this little black jelly is well, black. Is it going to leave my hands coated in black wax? No, it will not. Having a jelly like consistency, this stuff spreads through your hair evenly, without clumping up or leaving your hair with any residue. Definitely something you don’t want to deal with, as that would stain everything!

Because it feels like a jelly, it’s more than often that people would dismiss this sort of consistency, because they think it won’t offer any sort of hold? So the big question is, how is the hold?

Well folks, the hold is pretty damn good! Being both jelly and waxy (huh?) this stuff gets the best of both worlds. Not only does it spread through your hair evenly, it also has a nice hold, just enough to hold a good pompadour. And since it’s like a jelly, it has a nice sheen to it as well. Definitely, the best of both worlds…

Unlike other waxes, this stuff doesn’t style harshly. You won’t be getting 90 degree angled pompadours, like you would with products that are tough to comb through. Which is definitely, a nice touch. Here’s a pic, to show how I was able to style with it:

Since I used this stuff on the first day of Summer, sitting out in the scorching hot sun all day, how well did this jelly hold up? Being one of the first to receive the product, and most likely the first to review it, it was only proper to  put it through such extreme conditions, right? Well, how did it do?

As you can see, you can see where my hair has split, as well as where the product has melted onto my forehead. That’s not a big issue, as well, any product (aside from water based) would melt onto your forehead, after being out in direct sunlight for a good 2 hours! But, did melting this stuff mess up the malleability of the product?

And the answer is, just a bit.

As you can see, my hair isn’t as tall and has a little wave now. But that’s fine, I mean, how often would I be directly under the sun for hours on end, anyways?

Now, to really see how much of this stuff is really like a wax. After taking a shower or wetting your wax-coated hair, if you comb through, it’ll instantly flake. It’s just the way it is with wax. Well, did it?

No, no it didn’t! Nor did it stain any pillows while sleeping with it in. So how much of this stuff is like a wax? Just the right amount to style up a pompadour, without giving it a dull waxy look, with the help of the Royal Jelly.

Overall, this stuff is pretty damn awesome! I like that it will darken the hair, without leaving it with a waxy coating. A plus for me, since I dig super dark hair. Another plus, is that it doesn’t seem to be a pain to wash out, since it didn’t flake as soon as it touched water. So for you cats who have been worried about finding a black beeswax that won’t stain your shit or leave you looking dry, look no further.

How does this stuff compared to the other two black beeswax I purchased? Well, that’s something you’ll just have to stick around for!

Until next time folks.

Pomp Hard.


Totally forgot the scent portion of the post. Fixed!

Pomade Review: Royal Crown (Stick)

Finally get to review this stuff!

Being relatively scarce, Royal Crowns Pomade stick is a favorite amongst pomade fans. I mean, any pomade that you don’t see too often, is automatically gonna have fans! So let’s see what makes this stuff different from the rest…

Since the price for this stuff is usually $4-5, as soon as I found it for $2, I bought a couple. Yeah, only a couple bucks different, but so what, it makes a difference, fucker! So now that I had a few in my hands, I figured I can finally experiment with it, and experimenting is what I did!

The container of this stuff is a little cardboard tube, with a push up bottom. Pretty much, exactly like a Push-Pop. If you were ever a kid, you loved Push-Pops. If you didn’t, stop reading…

This stuff is easy to spot, since its metallic green casing with red and silver stripes down the side. You’ll know when you spot it, as it’ll shine on the shelf like no other.

Royal Crown Black Stick PomadeRoyal Crown Black Stick Pomade

The consistency of this stuff is THICK. Since it’s meant to streak through your hair, namely grey hair, hence being black. Since I’m fortunate enough to not have any grey hairs, being in my 20s (knock-on-wood) I didn’t need to streak this stuff in… And this may be the tricky part…

The scent is like some of the older pomades, almost non-existent. It doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t have a particular scent either. Can’t exactly talk much about scent now, can I?

Now… The application…

From what we’re all used to, is digging our fingers into a tin, scooping the stuff out and applying. Well folks, this stuff is a little trickier than that!

Being a very stiff stick (giggity,) this stuff is nearly impossible to spread in your hands. Especially since you want it to spread evenly. Some parts will crumble and be a pain in the ass, cuz it’ll drop out of your palm. And unlike the other black beeswax around, this stuff will DEFINITELY STAIN!

Yeah… This is AFTER I had applied it into my hair. So believe me when I say, this stuff, will, stain, EVERYTHING!

After getting as much into my hair as possible, it came to styling. Since I wasn’t able to thoroughly apply it, I had to constantly comb my hair, hoping it’ll coat evenly.

Since it’s thick, it’s gonna leave you with a matte finish. Surprisingly, being so thick, it won’t leave you with much hold.

I was able to get a moderate pomp up, but I wasn’t satisfied.

I figured I could crumble this stuff into chunks and melt it into my palms with a blow dryer. Let’s just say, I should’ve used a container to melt it in…

Looks like charcoal, huh?

Crumbled as much of this stuff as I could, I tried to melt it down in my hands with a blow dryer. Not a smart choice. It blew around, didn’t melt, and if I had it on high, it would’ve probably burnt my hand. Oh well, that’s the price I have to pay, to review this stuff for you folks, right?

After softening it a bit more in my hands, I applied the rest into my hair, used a blow dryer to melt it down, as you would a wax, and combed the rest in thoroughly.

After that was all said and done, it was time to style. Since being melted in my hair and being thoroughly combed through, I was starting to dig this stuff. But man, this stuff takes dedication to use!

Finished product:

Not too shabby…

As I said, this stuff takes dedication! Especially if you want to use it as a standalone product, and not for simply using it for what it’s supposed to do. (Cover the grey hairs.)

When it touches water, this stuff reacts just like a wax. This stuff is anti-water. So when you take a shower and comb your hair, prepare to see a whole lot of flaking! I mean, this stuff is meant to cover the grey areas and stay there for a while, but man… Definitely a pain in the ass to wash out!

I plan on taking an empty tin, melting this stuff down and using it that way. But until then, here are my current thoughts on this stuff:

This stuff is a classic. Definitely one to have, just to have. It’s hard to look the other way, when you spot a classic pomade on the shelves! 
 The hold I was able to get from the little amount I crumbled, was nice. Some what similar to a molding paste, than a pomade, styling wise that is. But if you plan on using this stuff somewhat regularly, be prepared to do some work!

As they say,

“It ain’t easy bein’ greasy!”

Until the next time folks.

Pomp hard.