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WAYWT: 1/7/2011

My cousin happened to stop into the shop, so she took a pic of us. Beats mine.

Red Wing

I didn’t realize she was wearing a red flannel, so when I got home to change a shirt, I just threw on whatever I found. So, we’re sort of matching today.

WAYWT: 10/15/2010

This was taken last night, so it’s dated so…

The lil girl was excited when I got home, so she rushed into the picture.

Vintage Pendleton I picked up at the Fashion Faire in Alameda, last weekend.
Levis 514
MdG Boots.

Click for an alternate.


Growing up, I’ve always liked Rancid. And am probably one of the few who can actually sit and listen to one of their albums without questioning how “hardcore” or “punk” they are. Anyways… Clearly you can see some rockabilly influences in this band.

Rancid – Ruby Soho

Drummer Brett Reed has his Daddy-O shirt and a little pomp. I still won’t be convinced that creepers are a staple in a rockabilly wardrobe.

Brett Reed

And in a few of their videos, you can see big body American cars, 4 inch cuffed Levis, Raybans and Pompadours.

In the end, everything is in full circle, and Rancid is just one example of what was my influence growing up.

If you don’t like Rancid you can suck it! Bloodclot is my jam!

WAYWT: 9/28/2010

Vans Chukkas I’ve had for around 3-4 years, finally wore em for the first time today.
Hair mix is a bit of Layrite, DAX, and a Murray’s/Sweet Georgia Brown mix I’ve had premixed. The sun quickly took care of any hold my hair had from all of the pomades. Well, it still looks good…

The baby is wearing a shirt from Target, that’s becoming a little too short to be worn as a dress. Sigh, it wasn’t long ago when she had this shirt down to her knees…

Damn this heat.

WAYWT: 9/28/2010

I’ve had this Polo western button down for 4 years. It’s a XXL, and I am definitely not that size. And I’m just getting used to tucking in my shirt. So finally, I can give this shirt some life and wore it for the first time.
I just realized my kids facial expression in this picture. She was grumpy and sleepy and just wanted to go home. But as soon as she and my girlfriend started throwing rocks into the water, she was fine.

Random Weekend.

Having a 3 day weekend is nice. Get to sleep in, sort of, and drink a lot of beer. Unfortunately for me, I ended up drinking one too many beers… But aside from all of that, this weekend was fun!

Some pics I took over the weekend.

Buick Skylark

Buick Skylark

Ran into a beautiful Buick Skylark. My guess is that it’s a ’62. Judging by the grill. This thing was spotless…. The searchlight on the drivers side is awesome…

What did I say? Don't call me Fonzy!

See what I mean… Fonzy… Ugh… Post about “The Fonz” later on…

I prefer to ride em...

Got some new toys.

Yesterdays Carry.

Had a little excursion to San Francisco yesterday, and this is what I had on me… One thing I totally forgot to bring, is some hand sanitizer… It’s something you DEFINITELY need when thrifting on Haight. Especially since we ate pizza right after going to Amoeba… Bad choice… BUT DAMN THAT PIZZA WAS GOOD!


Haven’t been posting these lately, just a little difficult to get a clear and decent shot with an iPhone!

Here’s a small clip of my kid pretending that I’m a slide. And since you can remotely tell what the hell I’m wearing… Why not?