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More Grease, No Space. Solution?

Get a damn book case and shove everything in there! As if pomade couldn’t get any more trivial in my life, right? The tiny corner shelving I had previously bought to store my pomade, has now become useless, with all the recent pomades I’ve gotten! Man… Seriously though folks, this is some silly shit!

Well, as it were, when one shelf runs out of space, what do you do?  MAKE MORE SPACE!

So after moving some stuff around, putting together a new cheap shelf, this is what we end up with. Yes… I know… Redecorated JUST FOR POMADE… Serious stuff here folks!!!

Looking like a damn beauty supply shop!

To say the least… I’m pretty sure I’m well stocked for the next few years or so… Tools of the trade up top and everything else below. Yeah… We can say I have a problem, but then what are you doing reading my blog about it! Because you have the same problem! That, or you really like me!

Well folks, that’s all for now. But stay tuned, you all know what the deal is for my giveaway, but there’s more to come from The Rebel Rouser. A LOT MORE. So just stick around and have a ball, because as they say…

“Well, a rollin’ stone don’t gather no moss, they say…”

Stay greasy and pomp hard!

Promo Code For Hairgum USA!

Alright folks! I got some good news and I got some bad news…

The bad news is, I haven’t made the how-to video yet… I know, I know… But for now, you all get part 2 of the blooper reel!


The video has been made!

After many fuckin’ takes, edits, and fuck ups, it’s here… Sorry Nick, I’m not using the original version. Why? You know why… Were you proud of it??? I didn’t think so. Can’t publish something you aren’t proud of, right? But if you folks want to see it, I’ll post it up.


I’m tired. Been awake since 6am, my beauty has been butchered by bugs from the yard, I have a gnarly headache, and all I want right now is some coffee and some good ol’ rockabilly tunes. If it doesn’t please you folks, I promise to make another one… In a year. Fuck this shit! So folks, here it is… Here’s the vid!

And now…


All you folks gotta do is head over to Hairgum USA and place your order!

Get all that greasy goodness, type in REBELROUSER, get a whopping 30% off and you’ll get all of that greasy goodness coming to your doorstep in no time!
So click the pic to head over to their online store and place your order!

The promo-code will be up and running, up until July 4th! Just in time to keep you cats lookin’ slick, while pounding some PBR on the 4th!

So let’s all give a big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!

Hairgum Goodies!

This blog has helped many folks from all over the world. Whether it helped them deciding on which pomade works best for them, how to get a proper haircut from their barber, hell, or what pomade their store should carry! Whatever the reason, this blog seems to help a lot of people out, and I’m glad it does.

To say thanks for the “hard work,” Matthieu at Hairgum USA has sent me a sweet care package! This stuff just happens to be one of my favorite pomades on the market today, and it sure as hell does one hell of a job styling my hair up right! So big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!

Let’s see what’s inside…

A BIG ASS TIN OF POMADE! But you guys gotta see how big this tin REALLY is…

Here’s a comparison pic of this tin of pomade with their 1.3 oz tin and an average sized tin of S.G.B.

YEAH! THAT’S A BIG ASS TIN OF POMADE! It’ll definitely last quite a while!

But that’s not all folks…

As a much bigger ‘thank you,’ Hairgum has set up a promo code for The Rebel Rouser readers! Yes, you heard it correctly folks. Hairgum USA will be offering a 30% off all products, when you use the promo code REBELROUSER, on their site. Sweet fuckin’ deal, wouldn’t you say! But… there’s a catch… The code won’t be live, until I make a proper how-to video!

While we all enjoyed all of my fuck ups and not so intentional Mickey Mouse impression in the blooper reel, I gotta make a real proper how-to vid! Even if it’s not in HD, no sweet leopard print blanket as a backdrop, and just shot by my iPhone in the bathroom, it must be done!

So, show your support by adding my Facebook page and push me to get this video out sooner. Add my page and badger me to get this video up and going! This code will only last for a month. So the sooner it’s up, the sooner all can grease up nicely with some Hairgum pomade! Trust me, you’ll love this stuff!

Pomade Review: Schmiere (Hart)

After a long break from non-washable pomades, it’s time to get back on track!

We’re coming down to the last two Schmiere pomades and let’s just say… So far, so good!

Going from lightweight to heavyweight, this is the 2nd strongest pomade by Schmiere. The lightweight pomade was indeed lightweight, as was the middleweight pomade being indeed middleweight. So let’s see how heavy this pomade really is…

Not too much change with the tin design. The birds hair is slicked back this time around. Maybe it’s hinting that this pomade is better for slick back hairstyles?

“With a dash of Schubbydidu!”

This time around, the pomade is a light orange color.

Can you guess what it smells like? If the color wasn’t obvious… ORANGES! Gotta love the scents they give their pomade! Definitely gonna have you smellin’ good for the ladies!

As the pomade gets stronger, the consistency gets thicker. While the lightweight pomade would pretty much become clear in your palms, when you rub this stuff in your hands you can still see it. It becomes somewhat like a paste.

See what I mean? Almost looks like those Flinstones Push Pops! I wasn’t a fan of those, but I could sure as hell go for one right now!

Now, a heavy pomade, the hold should be really strong. Too bad I had a haircut before I used this pomade. I would’ve liked to see how it would’ve held up with my longer hair.

Between the middleweight pomade and this heavy pomade, there’s not too much of a difference. While it is stronger, it’s only stronger by a tad. Which isn’t a bad thing, as some folks are right in the middle of the two. And trust me folks, I’ve met a lot of people who are in between pomades. So this one will fit in perfectly!

Just as the other pomades by Schmiere are, it’s very malleable. So you folks who want a heavy pomade that doesn’t feel like you’re giving yourself a face lift, here it is! It’s very easy to comb through, yet it provides a strong enough hold to hold your pomps up.

I know this stuff would’ve been awesome when my hair was longer. No worries, hair grows back and mine grows super fast!

The only thing this pomade lacks, is the sheen. Which is understandable. We all know that the lighter pomades offer the most sheen and the heavier pomades don’t have as good of a sheen. Well, after styling with this pomade your hair will be matte. I know a lot of people who love sheen, a lot of people who don’t, and too many people who are getting a little obsessed with Charlie Sheen… GET IT GET IT??? I CAN KEEP UP WITH THE MEDIA OF TODAY TOO!!!

So for you cats who love big pomps, but don’t like having your hair lookin’ greasy (redundant!) this stuff is for you. You can always top it off with a lighter pomade and it will still have a strong hold, with the sheen of the lighter pomade. Y’all know how much I love the sheen, so I had topped it off with some Blue Magic. No pictures, but let’s just say it was lookin good… Real good… Hey everyone! Come see how good I look!

Until the next one folks…

Pomp Hard.

Finding The Right Barber

One thing cats who rock the pomp need, aside from good pomade, is an excellent barber. Without a proper cut, your hair, for a lack of a better word, will look like shit. Bad styling doesn’t help either.

While all the vintage barber chairs, straight razor shaves, and PBR are cool to see in shops, but in the end, they are what they are… Gimmicks. Just like your old G.I. Joe with its Kung Fu grip or your original Megatron that shot out pellets, they’re simply gimmicks. I’m not saying gimmicks are bad in any way, hell, I fuckin LOVE Transformers, that in itself is a gimmick! But, gimmicks don’t always mean that the shop is the best you’ll ever find.

For instance, take my first impression on Golden Shears Barbershop. While they had vintage chairs and old muskets up on the wall, they weren’t the most professional of folks, nor the kindest. And you know what? First impressions are pretty damn important, especially when it comes to potential clientelle. They won’t be getting my vote!

Though my guy works at a salon, yes… A salon, he has many years of barbering under his belt.

From helping out at his fathers barbershop back in the 50s and owning his own barbershop in the past, it’s safe to say this guy knows hair.

He’s your typical barber that you would’ve seen decades ago. Just, in a salon. But that doesn’t stop him from shooting the shit with ya while snooty women get their hair colored. Trust me, he doesn’t hold back! Boob talk, stories about how he’s known Bruce Lee, to meeting Priscilla Presley since he knew her post Elvis hubby, he’s got plenty of stories to tell. All that could last for hours, had they been told at his own shop.

Though I was unhappy with my haircut by him in the past, I still trust him with my hair. It wasn’t that it was a bad cut, he had cut it shorter than I had wanted, at the time. And this time around, he still did an excellent job.

Fresh out of the shower.

Quickly styled up.

So while vintage looking shops are fun, you still can’t beat an old man who has been cutting hair since he was a kid! As much as I love those kinds of shops, Leonard is still my go to guy for haircuts. Finding him to cut my hair, truly is like finding a diamond-in-the-rough. And when you find the right barber to cut your hair, you know you’ll be lookin good as soon as you step out.

Knowing he’s a kid of the 50s-60s,  I asked him about different kinds of pomade, pompadours, and all that jazz… But that’s another post 😉

WAYWT: 2/7/2011

Beautiful day out, so it was a must to bring the baby to the park.

This park is along the lagoon, so she likes to pretend to fish, using Willow branches. My lady took a vid, because I “looked funny.” Thanks…

Plaid Shirt
Strike Gold
Red Wing

My Weekend In 5 Pics.

From running around all day Saturday, then being woken up too early on Superbowl Sunday, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty tired today. And I still have other errands to run today… So, I’m combining a few things I would usually post in individual posts and putting it all into one post.

I’ve been meaning to swing by Bay City Barbers for a while now. Just to check it out, maybe talk to Nicky The Barber who Derek from Self Edge and Mr. Ducktail have both recommended me to. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in. But, a customer sitting down was actually very helpful. If you got customers speaking on behalf on the shop, you know they must be doing something right. So we’ll see if I set up an appointment by VLV.

After a long morning in SF, it was time to eat. Headed back to San Mateo, to one of my favorite taquerias. I don’t drink soda, but man… Jarritos have been sounding good as of late. Second one of the year. Just waiting on our tacos.

My sister was in town and was driving around with my kid. My kid told her that she wanted to go do ballet, so my sister thought she would drive around, trying to find where she wanted to go. So they swung by and I got her a strawberry milk tea.

Just because one person is a bad driver, doesn’t mean you have to be… Funny enough, the car to the right of the white car, was going in and out of the spot, trying to straighten out… About 6 attempts… 3 cars, 3 shitty park jobs. I just had to snap a pic. The folks were inside of their cars.


At least some folks know how to drive! Spotted a super sweet Dodge Polara. The color was something to die for. Apparently, something was infront of the lens when I took the pic. Oh well, doesn’t make the car any less beautiful!

Of course, there were tons of bad ass cars and trucks being driven around in the perfect weather, this past weekend. Unfortunately for me, I don’t got wheels anyone wants to look at. But you can bet your asses that music was blastin’ while I was crusin’ around town. Soon enough my friends… Well… Not as soon as I’d like it, but soon… Somewhat soon…

I finally did it folks…

I finally caved and made a little how-to pompadour video for the youtubers…


I’m getting over being sick, as is my little girl, so if the bags weren’t a dead give away, I didn’t get much sleep. At fuckin all.

Oh well. I’ve gotten enough requests to make me feel bad for not making a video sooner. But don’t worry folks! I will do a proper how-to video! Hopefully before VLV.

I also need to use a real fuckin camera/tri-pod set up, this shit sucked. It makes my hair look asymmetric! It was my iPhone, ontop of a box of q-tips, on top of a roll of toilet paper, while I sat on my kids Disney Princess chair. Which I think I might’ve ruined. Yeah… I might need to get her a new chair…

Anyways, enjoy. Or don’t.

Shampoo Review: Mr. Ducktail

Alrighty folks. I’m feeling a little bit better, so hopefully I can get back on track with some reviews…

Anyone and everyone who uses pomade, looks for a way to get it out of their hair. It’s only natural, because sometimes leaving pomade in your hair for way too long, can become uncomfortable. I would know, when it’s hot at night and I have pomade in my hair, I can’t sleep a wink.

A lot of brands nowadays who produce pomade, also try to offer a shampoo to get that pomade out of your hair. I mean, it only makes sense, right? It would be weird if Sweet Georgia Brown made notebooks. Actually, the covers on those could be badass. It would be weird if Dax made soda… Fuck it, never mind.

Mr. Ducktail’s shampoo doesn’t have a specific name. It just has his signature logo on it, with a cool little line:

“Wash your hair, not your soul.” Kinda Rastafarian, don’t you think? 

Sorry folks, I still can’t smell anything. So I have no idea what this smells like. But if it’s anything like his pomade, it smells good.

Now, I’m a guy and I don’t have a shit ton of shampoo or conditioners. Just pomade. So, I’ve never tried anything like this. But this shampoo has little microbeads, to help remove the pomade from your hair. I’ve used face washes with microbeads and a body wash a few years back, but never a shampoo.

My first thought, “it’s gonna be a bitch to wash these beads out.” Not just because they’re microbeads themselves, but because they could get caught by pomade ressidue. Did these little beads actually help wash out the pomade?

Well, as far as I can tell… They did. Yesterday, I did the whole lather-rinse-repeat jazz about 3 times. Of course, it didn’t get all of the pomade out. Today, I did a quick later-rinse. As you would guess it, there was still pomade in my hair. But not all that much, surprisingly.

Usually, when a shampoo like this claims to wash out pomade easily, well. They don’t. But this stuff actually washed a relatively good amount of pomade out. I tested this, by doing a dish soap + combing. I didn’t comb out all that much pomade, like I usually do. And trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

But for this stuff to actually get rid of a decent amount of pomade, I think it’s pretty fuckin awesome. I did just about a dab or two, per lather. So it wasn’t like I was caking this stuff on, and it was stripping my hair of everything. These little beads of joy did their job. And yes, I still some of these fuckers in my hair, afterwards.

Would I suggest this stuff? At $18, it’s not the cheapest shampoo in the world. But does it get the job done? Pretty much. I’d say cats with shorter will benefit from this shampoo. Microbeads won’t get lost on the wash out, like they do with my long locks. It would also work for the guys who like to shampoo their hair every other day, as it’ll get out a decent amount of pomade out, but not enough for you to need to cake on a couple more layers of pomade the next day to style.

Well, that’s all for now.

Even though this was a review for a shampoo that helps wash out pomade…

Stay Greasy.

Pomade Review: Mr. Ducktail

It’s time you’ve all been waiting for folks. Well, at least I’ve been waiting for.

I used water soluble pomades exclusively for the last few days, just to make sure that I use this pomade to it’s fullest potential. But did it meet my expectations?

I’ve heard a few good, well… Great things about this pomade. So when my sister told me she was going to London, and asked if I wanted anything, and I knew exactly what I wanted. Mr. Ducktails pomade. And as much of it as she can bring back.

I know that it’s branded under Hairgum, so I already knew how small the tin was going to be. 1.3 ounces to be exact. Now, that’s not a lot of pomade, especially if you’re one of the greasy types, who like to use petrolatum based pomades on a daily. Except I don’t see petrolatum on the tin, nor do I see all that much English on it.

But this is one hell of a tin.

Read the Sweeney Todd reference?

Not a bad looking tin at all. Plus it’s got some badass art work from Vince Ray. But what does the pomade look like?

As I opened up the tin and took a look at the pomade, it had a slightly similar look to it as Black & White. So I was thinking that he probably used the same formula. Nope.

It felt a little bit lighter than Black & White, but a bit  heavier than Dax Super Neat. Now, I’m not 100% sure if this is supposed to be water soluble or not. But I can tell you one thing. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it is.

This pomade, is amazing. It’s hold is somewhat similar to Black & White, but it doesn’t cake on like B&W does. If you’ve used Black & White, you’ll know what I mean.Plus, it’s a whole lot more malleable than Black & White. Meaning, you’ll be styling your hair up like a mother fucker with this stuff… Or should I say, MOTHERKUTTER? Too corny?

 It goes on clear, so you don’t have to worry about blending it into your hair before styling. Which is something you have to worry about, with a lot of other pomades. This stuff also doesn’t clump up hardcore in the fine teeth of your combs, you so know you’re not combing this stuff out. This is the good shit.

Now, there honestly aren’t that many new pomades out there that really catch my eye. A few, yes. But for a majority of them, I can care less about em. But this stuff… Man… This is definitely a pomade you need in your arsenal.

It’s scent, is something the ladies will definitely love. It has a ever so slight lemony scent, with vanilla. And fellas, if it brings the ladies closer, you know it’s a good pomade. You don’t wanna remind them of their uncles and grandpas, do ya?

Now, with it being in such a small tin, and you use a relatively decent amount to style, it’ll look like you’re using a whole lot. When it fact, that’s probably true.

Here’s to show how much I used, to style up my hair.

That’s about what… 1/8th of the tin? No idea, I’m shitty at math. But as you can see, it’s a pretty hefty amount. Good thing I have two more of these on the back burner.

I really wish my photos did this pomade justice, but I just couldn’t manage to take a decent flick. So unfortunately, you folks get two pics.

Sorry, only had a couple of hours of sleep. So you guys get my mug twice in one day.

Adam, I have to agree with you man. This is seriously one of the best pomades I’ve ever used, to date. And you guys know my affinity for pomades. As I’ve stressed before, definitely one pomade you guys need to have. But, it’s French and it’s not cheap.

At about $13 +/- per 1.3oz tin, this stuff is a wallet killer. But the way it styles up your hair, it’s also a lady killer. So if it helps you pick up some ladies, why the hell not? Hey, it beats dropping a couple hundred dollars on a hooker or an awkward Craigslist date, right?

Mr. Ducktail, you never cease to amaze me.

If you guys haven’t noticed the trend by now, some of the best pomades around, come from barbers themselves. Hawleywoods, It’s Something Hell’s, Eddies Deluxe, etc etc etc, respectively. These guys have been messing with hair as a profession, and been dealing with grease balls from all over. So they know what works and what doesn’t. And Mr. Ducktail, definitely knows what’s good.

So if you cats got the means, order yourselves a few of these. You won’t regret it. And if you hate it the first time and got spares laying around, shit. Send em my way!

That’s all for now folks. I still got a few more pomades to review and beers to drink.

But until then…

Pomp Hard.