Pomade Review: Hairgum USA’s ROAD Line.

Hairgum USA is one hair care company that knows their scents. Having loved the Coke scented Mr. Ducktail’s signature pomade, I knew that anything else from them was going to be just as good, if not better. Well, maybe not better… You just can’t beat a Coke scented pomade! As soon as I got the Road line in, my lady dove right in and smelt each and every one of em, and loved the scents. So fellas, if you want something that’ll draw the ladies in, this is definitely a line you’ll want to check out, and it’ll be fish-in-a-barrel from here on out!

Hairgum’s Road line is more so aimed towards the rockabilly world than anything. With three different scents: Coconut, Vanilla, and Tiare (floral,) each being just as amazing as the other, you’ve got your hands full when picking out a grease to draw in the babes. If the ladies haven’t complimented you on the smell of your hair, you’re doing something wrong!

The tins aren’t like the usual 1.3 oz, flat tins we’ve seen from Hairgum. Instead, we get a 3.5oz silver tin with white, black, and red lettering and detail; a color palette that I personally dig. The top of the lid is printed with a tachometer, making the Road line, a little bit more literal.

Each pomade is a different color, matching their specific scents respectively.

The consistency of the whole line seems to be virtually the same. The different scents only slightly change the texture of the individual products, but not enough to change properties of them. The vanilla has a greasier-creamy  feel, while the coconut has the classic Hairgum look and feel, and the tiare being a tad big lighter than the vanilla. Quite confusing, ain’t it?

The Road line is a tad lighter than the Mr. Ducktail edition, in terms of hold. I know that folks felt that the Mr. Ducktail was too light for them. Chances are, they had ordered the 1.3 oz tin and didn’t want to use all that much for their hair. Which is completely understandable. With these coming in a 3.5 oz, you won’t need to use it so sparingly. Trust me folks, I know it’s a total mindfuck when you see small containers and don’t want to use 1/3rd of it in one go.

Since they are lighter than the Mr. Ducktail line, expect to see some fly away hairs here and there. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine to see a few strands pop out. Remember, just because one guy says it’s “wrong,” doesn’t mean he’s right!

Styling wise, they all style the same. Unlike most products, which either make my hair straighter or more wavy, this stuff only slightly “relaxed” my hairs natural waves, allowing me to style with ease, without having to fight for some sort of control. I know there are a lot of folks that like to retain the natural waves in their hair, but haven’t been able to find a product that properly allows them to do so. 

Don’t worry, I put each and every one to use. Three pictures of myself is just way too much for one single post!

As you can tell with the sides, they have a nice flow to em. Some other products with the same medium weight range usually gives them the up & down waviness. Or whatever the term for that may be.

With Hairgum’s products, you won’t find the “wet look” with their products. But their pomades always have the right amount of sheen. Not too greasy, not too light, just right… (Trademark that? I’ll wait for the check in the mail… just kidding.)

Now to my surprise, considering these are a medium weight pomade, they held up really well in the heat. They did melt a bit on the top, but it was hardly noticeable, as I still retained a full, bulbous pomp, just lost a bit of height. The only real difference was the sides “fluffed” out a bit, rather than being slicked down tightly to my head. Which for me, is perfectly fine. But for others, it may be an issue, especially for those who don’t like to have to recomb during the day.

When it comes down to picking one specific pomade, from the Road line, it’ll depend on what you wanna smell like. I was gonna make a joke about what scents attracts what type of female… But we all know where that’ll lead…

Overall, this is definitely a great line from Hairgum USA. The bigger tins are definitely a sight to see, especially when you know you’ve got a great product inside. Now, if only we can get some of that Mr. Ducktail’s stuff in a similar sized tin… *winkwink*

As I mentioned earlier, this product is great for those who want a product that’ll allow them to work with their natural waves. It really is difficult finding a product to do that, especially ones that smell this good!

Big thanks again to Matthieu. Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!

8 responses to “Pomade Review: Hairgum USA’s ROAD Line.

  1. Thanks Jan for a review. The Hairgum range has always interested me, but living in the UK I can’t find outlets for their products, not even on the net. Yeah I know I could buy from the states over the net, but ten years ago I was stung roughly $80 for a pair of black biker boots (UPS import costs, the guy just drove up in a UPS van knocked on my door and demanded a cheque for amount or else the boots were going back to California) so I’ve always been a little wary of buying goods from the USA since then. If I could I’d go for the vanilla and the tiare, I prefer the medium to strong hold end of the pomade market. You can buy Mr Ducktails in the UK but I won’t on principle that it is expense and a very small tin. This seems to be the problem with all the UK pomades I’ve come across, small and pricey by comparision with USA pomades.

  2. 16.00 a tin kinda bums me out

  3. Hello ,i m from Romania and i whant to slick my hair back.Of what lenght must be the hair to be able to stay slicked? Sorry for my poor english

    • Vrabie,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Depending on the look you’re aiming for, I say you hair can be as short as 1 inch to as long as well… however long you want, till you get the desired look. It all depends on the look you want.

      If you’re going for the Jimmy Dharmody look, then your hair should be at least 3 inches.

      Sorry again for the late reply.

      – Jan

  4. Hey Sean, I’m UK based too. The Ducktail stuff is super expensive, even shipping from France (Hairgum Europe) is pretty spectacular!
    Have you used the Pomade Shop? shipping from Germany is reasonable and they do a huge range of pomades.
    I might have to invest in a tin or two of this stuff, as I do love the Ducktail.

    • Hi
      Yes I’ve used the pomade shop, very good service, but if you sniff around on the net you can find cheaper sources such as Amazon. Still rate Layrite above most pomades.
      Cheers Sean

  5. You should try suavecito pomade, smells like a manly cologne, with a hint of Coke, the firme hold especially, that stuff is strong! The only waterbased pomade that can straight my curly hair.

  6. Jan,
    in the pictures with you scooping them out, which one is which? Is the coconut the one in the middle?

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