Pomade Review: Dax Black Beeswax

I know, I know… Why haven’t I reviewed Dixie Peach, E.F. Young Jr. or any of these great pomades just yet? Well cool your jets folks! We’re only just getting started here!

Having already cleansed my hair of all grease and receiving this package on Monday, it was too tempting NOT to try it already! Especially since I’m one of few to have gotten this product, before being released at retail? Hell yeah I’m gonna one up everyone else, and do a review on it ASAP! So, thanks Dax!

Now, the trouble with black beeswax is people’s misunderstanding of the product. For one, they think that the product while in their hair, will stain clothing and furniture. That’s incorrect! I didn’t make it too clear in my Murray’s Black Beeswax review, but when I said that it would stain everything, I meant that it would stain everything, if you touch it with your hands, that have the wax spread on it! Sorry for the confusion folks, didn’t mean to scare ya.

The nice thing about wax in your hair, is the transfer. It won’t just rub off onto anything. Unless it was on a scorching, hot day, and it’s already melted down your face and you rub your face on your tan Frenchie, then yes… It will rub off, duh. But other than that? Not really… So folks, let’s help you find your faith in black wax, and let’s get on with the show!

Another misconception with black wax, is that people think it’s for any hair. Blonde, red, brown, whatever… I’m sorry to say folks, no, it’s not. BLACK BEESWAX IS MEANT FOR BLACK COLORED HAIR! Unless you want to go with black hair for a few days, you blonde or ginger folks, need not apply! Will this stuff make your hair look black, YES IT WILL! Will your friends and family take notice when you’ve suddenly went from blonde to black, yes they will! So please, let’s leave the black beeswax on the shelves for people who have black hair, shall we?

Being a black wax, the stuff is mainly used for dreadlocks, well… in my perspective, anyways. Having had dreadlocks a few years ago, I never had any knowledge or know how with pomade or wax. Had I known what I know now, well… let’s just say that this blog wouldn’t be what it is today! But, I still believe that beeswax is to be used for dreadlocks, and not exactly for pompadour hairstyles. Why? Well, it’s easy…

Usually, beeswax is THICK. If you’ve never used a beeswax in your hair, let’s just start off by saying IT. IS. THICK. For 1) It’s a pain to get through your hair thoroughly, especially if you don’t have access to a blow dryer. 2) It’s a wax, it’s not the easiest thing to wash out. Nor is it the hardest, but the way a wax reacts to water, is not something pompadour sporting cats need to deal with. If you don’t want to comb your stuff out, then you may be out of luck with beeswax!

That’s my opinion on general beeswax products. But, is this stuff any different? Let’s move on to the review!

The packaging for Dax Black Beeswax is big. I mean, 14oz big! 14oz big black goodness… Umm… No pun intended… Yeaaaaaaaah, let’s try to keep the innuendos to a low today, shall we? Not sure if they’re doing just a single sized tub of 14oz, or doing a smaller one, but if you do end up with the 14oz one… You’ll be good for a while!

The label on my tub, just so happens to be taped on. How hot off the production line was this stuff??? Should I feel special just yet???

Now… Compared to the other black beeswax I’ve seen, this stuff looks relatively similar, as far as consistency goes. Definitely a far cry from Murray’s, as this stuff clearly states on the label:

“Fortified with Royal Jelly and Pure Beeswax.”

Well, since it’s fortified with Royal Jelly (insert innuendo here,) that means this stuff won’t be as thick as Murray’s Black Beeswax, right?

Having that Royal Jelly in it, the consistency is considerably lighter than Murray’s. In fact, it almost feels like a jelly when you scoop it out.

The scent of this wax is very pleasant. What’s black and sweet? Black licorice! While the actual candy is only favored by so few, the scent is loved by many. Can’t complain about that!

Now, since this little black jelly is well, black. Is it going to leave my hands coated in black wax? No, it will not. Having a jelly like consistency, this stuff spreads through your hair evenly, without clumping up or leaving your hair with any residue. Definitely something you don’t want to deal with, as that would stain everything!

Because it feels like a jelly, it’s more than often that people would dismiss this sort of consistency, because they think it won’t offer any sort of hold? So the big question is, how is the hold?

Well folks, the hold is pretty damn good! Being both jelly and waxy (huh?) this stuff gets the best of both worlds. Not only does it spread through your hair evenly, it also has a nice hold, just enough to hold a good pompadour. And since it’s like a jelly, it has a nice sheen to it as well. Definitely, the best of both worlds…

Unlike other waxes, this stuff doesn’t style harshly. You won’t be getting 90 degree angled pompadours, like you would with products that are tough to comb through. Which is definitely, a nice touch. Here’s a pic, to show how I was able to style with it:

Since I used this stuff on the first day of Summer, sitting out in the scorching hot sun all day, how well did this jelly hold up? Being one of the first to receive the product, and most likely the first to review it, it was only proper to  put it through such extreme conditions, right? Well, how did it do?

As you can see, you can see where my hair has split, as well as where the product has melted onto my forehead. That’s not a big issue, as well, any product (aside from water based) would melt onto your forehead, after being out in direct sunlight for a good 2 hours! But, did melting this stuff mess up the malleability of the product?

And the answer is, just a bit.

As you can see, my hair isn’t as tall and has a little wave now. But that’s fine, I mean, how often would I be directly under the sun for hours on end, anyways?

Now, to really see how much of this stuff is really like a wax. After taking a shower or wetting your wax-coated hair, if you comb through, it’ll instantly flake. It’s just the way it is with wax. Well, did it?

No, no it didn’t! Nor did it stain any pillows while sleeping with it in. So how much of this stuff is like a wax? Just the right amount to style up a pompadour, without giving it a dull waxy look, with the help of the Royal Jelly.

Overall, this stuff is pretty damn awesome! I like that it will darken the hair, without leaving it with a waxy coating. A plus for me, since I dig super dark hair. Another plus, is that it doesn’t seem to be a pain to wash out, since it didn’t flake as soon as it touched water. So for you cats who have been worried about finding a black beeswax that won’t stain your shit or leave you looking dry, look no further.

How does this stuff compared to the other two black beeswax I purchased? Well, that’s something you’ll just have to stick around for!

Until next time folks.

Pomp Hard.


Totally forgot the scent portion of the post. Fixed!


9 responses to “Pomade Review: Dax Black Beeswax

  1. That’s an AWESOME review man. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. What’s the scent like? Thanks!

  3. RR it’d be great if you made a chart listing the different pomades and their properties so that readers can compare them based on their hold, price, etc. and pick the pomade they think will best suit their hair.

    Just an idea.

    • Ian,

      Already on it man ;).

      I’ve been compiling up some other info first, so I can exactly know why a product acts this way and that, before I start a chart.

      The only problem is price, as I have readers from all over the world, so pricing for several products will be different. Like, Dax in the US is averaging $3, where as in Canada it comes out to about $5 or so. Giving a price range of $3-5 will throw some people off, and really deter them away from a product. Which is not something I’m trying to do, I’m just trying to push them into the right direction, so they can find the right product, without having to do so much trial and error.

      Another problem with pricing, is there are sometimes several sizes of a product container, and I don’t have every single one. So that would throw people off as well…

      I will try and figure it out, I’ve never been good at math, but I’m sure I can figure out a way to incorporate pricing on the chart.

      But thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it! Shows that folks really pay attention to what I do!

      – Jan

  4. Jan,

    After reading your review, and watching the youtube vid where you use it. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Dax black beeswax. I ordered some from thegreaseshop.com along with some Suavicito frim hold. I must say the Dax is amazing. It seems to have good hold, great sheen, smells good, and can be reslicked over and over. Thanks for the grest review. I have now found my goto hair product!

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