General Disclaimer:
The Rebel Rouser blog offers premium reviews on various hair products, including pomade, hair dressings, de-greasing shampoo, amongst several other hair care products. The views expressed from any Rebel Rouser publications do not necessarily reflect the views of any featured brand or company. Opinions and views are shared in the interest of edification, education, and humor, unless noted otherwise.

The Rebel Rouser blog does not claim affiliation with any outside group, share the same interest, or ethical views.

Product Liability:
The Rebel Rouser blog is not liable for any misuse of any products reviewed on this site. Damages or defects to any person(s) self or belongings must be settled with the product brand or company directly, outside of TheRebelRouser.com.

Readers must take allergens into consideration, when asking for a suggested product. Many pomades include oils and other ingredients that users may be allergic to, and could possibly receive allergic reactions from. The Rebel Rouser is not responsible for any health issues caused by user error, for any featured products.

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