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Thanks For The Support!

As the title says… Thanks!

Thanks Jesse!

Thanks Wink!

Big thanks to Jesse and Wink!


And a year later…

A year ago, I started this blog with the intent to help clarify any and all “reviews” about pomade, as well as trying to figure out how to style a damn pompadour! The reviews (at the time) were misleading and weren’t exactly clear as to how the products actually were. While they did help me discover a handful of brands, they didn’t exactly help understand the actual products. And as much as I hate misleading descriptions, I had to do something about it.

For the most part, I had no idea how this blog would progress. I mean, how could you? Of all things to blog about, the idea to blog about pomade was a bit ridiculous. In my head, at least… So getting enough people to care enough to read my reviews was something I wasn’t looking forward to!

Barely getting 10 views in a single day really put a damper on things. Without knowing how I’d get the name out there, who would read it, or what would happen if someone said my reviews sucked, I wasn’t sure if this blog was worth doing. Especially if it weren’t able to reach anyone outside of the few friends and family that did read my blog. Little did I know, people who I’ve never met would actually enjoy my humor and opinions, and actually want to hang out with me! But only a few cats have offered to buy me a beer… Still waiting on it, folks!

Now that an exact year has passed, this blog has grown IMMENSELY. I’ve met a ton of amazing people through this blog, helped people understand pomade on a personal level, talked with quite a few brands and companies, and continue to do so on a daily. As well as getting more than 10 views in a single day! I never expected any of this to happen. I mean, it’s still a blog about pomade! Haha!

My favorite part of my blog, aside from the friends I’ve met and will continue to meet, is the support folks have given. The support I’ve gotten has been amazing. With people in several corners of the world including; North America, Asia, Europe, and Down Under supporting my blog, there’s not much else I could ask for! Here’s a couple of pics from cats showing their support! No, there ain’t no kittens in these pics. So don’t get your hopes up, cat lovers!!!

Thanks Troy!

Thanks Troy!

Thanks Chops!

Big thanks to Chops Barbershop! Does this count as a nomination for Pomade President? Who’s in the running? Haha!

Again, big thanks to everyone who digs the blog and supports it! Even though I say “I appreciate it” a whole lot, I really do ‘appreciate it!’ I can’t exactly express how thankful I am for the support, so here’s a duck.

I have major plans for this blog. And in order for these plans to come to fruition, I’ll need you folks to continue supporting this blog. Believe me, I can’t do this blog without the support! I’m in it for the long-run and hope you folks stick around and enjoy the ride. So far, it’s been a fun one. Can’t wait for what the future has in store!

This is The Rebel Rouser, until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!

The Brains of the Operation…

The pompadour has been a front for the brains of this operation. The real mastermind behind The Rebel Rouser is not a man… Nor is it a supercomputer, as most of you have believed… It’s none other than this loveable being…

The true Rebel Rouser.


I know I’ve kept you folks on your toes quite a bit. I mean, the suspense was building, the anticipation to find out what I’m giving away got your knees shakin’, some guy probably shit his pants at midnight. I know, it’s been a tense couple of days. Want to know the results?

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