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Clean and Simple Pomp.

From It’s Something Hell’s.

All The Way From London.

This came in the mail, this past weekend. I forgot to mention it.
My sister went and got a picture she took with Mr. Ducktail printed into a postcard. Pretty cool, I think. I don’t travel all that much, let alone send postcards, so I didn’t know you can do this. So suck it.

Good thing that smudge or whatever didn’t ruin his smile, eh? Just fuckin with ya!

Thanks again Big Face.

What London Has To Offer.

My sister just came back from her trip to Paris and London. Luckily for me, she made some time to swing by a shop I want to check out myself, but at the moment, can’t. Can ya guess what shop that was?

Well if you haven’t noticed by some of the posts I’ve posted, it was none other than It’s Something Hell’s. It’s one of the main shops I really want to visit and get a haircut from. Oh well, at least my sister got to check it out.

Here’s a few pics she took of the shop.

Drawing closer…

This is the closest to a smile that I’ve seen from Mr. Ducktail. I know he smiles, but there’s not too many pictures around of him doing so. It’s like she caught him by surprise…

HA! See?

The man at work.

Sooner or later, I will make it out there.

But since I can’t, my sister brought back something for me.

Mr. Ducktail’s pomade! This stuff, is tiny. It’s made by the French brand Hairgum, and the logo is designed by none other than Vince Ray. If you folks are sick of looking at the same old Lucky 13 graphics, check out his stuff.

Don’t believe me that this is a small tin? Well, let’s compare…

Pretty small. But hey, that’s French for ya.

I’ll be using this stuff ASAP and have a review for it as well. But from what I’ve heard, this is one awesome pomade and it smells pretty fuckin good.

She has two more tins for me, but since my birthday is right around the corner, she plans on using them as birthday gifts. Whoopdeedoo. At least I got one, right?

Thanks Big Face!

Clean and Simple Pomp.

Clean and Simple

From Something Hell’s.

I can’t post my own pomp today, without posting someone elses…

Badass pomp.

Nice and Full. Chops are badass as well.

From Something Hell’s.

Clean and Simple Pomp.

Clean and Simple

From Something Hell’s.

No more shops like these around…

Here’s a clip from a rockabilly barber, back in the 1990’s.

The only “commercialized” rockabilly barbershops I know of, are Something Hells shop, ran by Mr. Ducktail. And by the creators of Layrite, Hawleywoods Barbershop ran by Donnie Hawley.

Edit: Guess what I meant with the title is, there aren’t shops that do low production commercials, just like any local salon. They’re all up and publicized by way of the interweb.