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Tuesday Tunes

Eddie Cochran – Don’t Bye Bye Baby Me.

Tuesday Tunes pt.2

For the sake of adding new content, without having to reblog myself, I suppose…

I’m surprised I don’t have this song on my iPod… What. The. Fuck.

Eddie Cochran – Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie

Tuesday Tunes

Eddie Cochran – Rock n’ Roll Blues

Better Than The Original?

In the past, I remember reading sites that would post some cover songs, that they thought were better than the original. I agree with some of them, some reggae songs translate well into punk, rap to spoof rock, and the list goes on.

Here’s some songs, that I love both the original and the cover.

Original – Eddie Cochran
Cover – Sid Vicious

Original – Little Walter
Cover – Elvis Presley

Original – Nine Inch Nails
Cover – Johnny Cash

The one I have to say I like better, (should be obvious,) is Johnny Cash’s cover. Of course the song means something to Johnny Cash, more than just the sound or lyrics. But it’s meaning, and where it touched Johnny Cash’s soul. Which makes his cover a lot more meaningful and better than NIN version.

Tuesday Tunes

Even though my little girl is sick, this is something she just won’t do…

The Cochran Brothers – Slow Down


The other day I was thinking about the photographs of Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. Those are some amazing photos. You can just feel the connection those two legends have, the talent, and the love of what they do, and how fuckin well they do it.

Plus, they both had good hair!

One in the same.

They both looked a-fuckin-like.

I was listening to the soundtrack of Cry Baby, and thinking about how many people honestly believed that it was Johnny Depp singing. In actuality, it was none other than James Intveld behind the scenes, singing those memorable tracks for Depp.

They too, both looked a-fuckin-like.

Similar enough?

It’s just funny how things work out.
Except James was darker than Johnny, but that’s ok.

Together, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent have made incredible songs. And Johnny Depp and James Intveld have made an incredible movie.

I think it’s time to put Cry Baby into the DVD player and watch it again… And again…

And maybe again…

Definitely again.

Soundtrack of my day.

Past couple of days, these few songs NEEDED to be played, at least once a day. They’re just such great songs. They’ll put you in a good mood, and you can cruise around with these few songs and just enjoy the day.

Eddie Cochran – Something Else

The Crows – Gee

(Buddy Holly and) The Crickets – Fools Paradise

Ritchie Valens – Come On Let’s Go

Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids – She’s So Fine

These are only a few, but trust me. There’s a whole lot more.