Pomade Review: Tres Flores Molding Pomade.

If you’ve used a water-soluble pomade for some time, you know how much money goes into the “investment.” So, it’s only expected to look for a cheaper alternative. And ever since the loss of the ever-so beloved Grease Monkey by Monkey Brains, people have been asking me for that “better” alternative. And by “better,” we’re obviously talking about price points. Well, I think we may have found the answer!

Tres Flores has been around for quite some time. I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone has been around that greasy stuff at some point. If anything, you know the scent, whether you’ve smelt it in your grandfathers hair or a barbershop. But, Tres Flores has a new product out, that many of you aren’t as familiar with. So, let me introduce you to the Tres Flores Molding Pomade, which may end up being your next go-to water-soluble pomade!

When you see this product, it comes in the ever-so iconic Tres Flores colorway: Green lid, yellow product, and red label. There’s no way you can confuse it with anything else! Like most water-soluble pomades, this stuff comes in a plastic container with a screw top lid.

Opening it up, you see a rich, golden gel-type pomade. This stuff is much more translucent than other water-soluble pomades I’ve used. For many, the scent from Tres Flores was too overpowering, but, it still left them with warm memories of their childhood. Fortunately, the Molding Pomade has a similar, but much more subtle scent. So if you enjoyed the scent of the original pomade, but hated how overpowering it was, this would definitely be one to check out!

Scooping it out, you’ll find that the consistency is softer than most water-soluble pomades on the market.

Rubbing this stuff into my palms started to show the type of pomade it was going to be. It literally melted in my palms, which to me, meant that there wouldn’t be too much of a hold. Automatically, I knew this was going to be the lightest water-soluble pomade I’ve ever tried.

Spreading this stuff evenly through my hair wasn’t a challenge. It’s so light, it’ll literally go through your hair like melted butter… not saying I know how melted butter goes through my hair…….

As I mentioned above, combing with this stuff is smooth. Don’t expect that good-ol’ tug-of-war with the hair and comb. It’s not that type of product! Since it combs so smoothly, it comes just as malleable as a medium weight grease, which is real nice! With some water-soluble pomades leaving me with squared off pomps, it was real nice to see something as light as this, be malleable enough to shape a rounded pomp, and strong enough to hold it!

Now, don’t expect any super-sized pomps with this stuff, as I said, it’s the lightest I’ve ever tried! But if you like medium to low profile pomps, with nice shape and form, this stuff will definitely do the trick. Take a look:

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure how readily available this stuff is. From what I’ve seen, stores have only had one to two containers, trying to see if their local demographic will take enough liking to it, before they make a full-fledged order of it. So, if you’ve come across Tres Flores in your local grocery store, check back to see if they’ll carry the Molding Pomade.

Overall, would I say this is a “better” alternative to Grease Monkey, price wise? No. Seeing as people have bought Grease Monkey for as cheap as $1 or at buy-1-get-1-free deals, it was really hard to beat that! Makes you wonder why they’re no longer in stock, right? But product type wise, yes, I’d say I find the Tres Flores Molding Pomade to be a better product. It styles just as well as a grease-type pomade, holds decently well, and for me , smells good. Seeing that this stuff is on average $8-10 dollars, it’s really up to you cats to see if it’s ‘worth it,’ seeing it’s only a few bucks less than the rockabilly-specific gel-type pomades. But, as I mentioned in the beginning, in the long-term investment, it may definitely be worth it!

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this review.

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard!

7 responses to “Pomade Review: Tres Flores Molding Pomade.

  1. Holy crap! Gonna have to try this out. I love Tres Flores brilliantine, but it’s way too light for me. I wind up using it as a topcoat or to soften up a hard pomade in colder weather. The smell is so addictive.

  2. Hey, RR! So I saw this review on the tres flores..there’s the regular tin and then the molding(clear) one. The regular one is it way lighter than the clear molding one or are they the same? Have you tried combining them both to see how good they are mixed together?

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  3. it looks delicious…:p.

  4. Can you do a review on suavecito pomade? thanks

  5. You can still find Monkey Brains on ebay, but the price is tenfold. Not sure why they took it off the market if it sold so well.

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