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Good Hair vs Bad Hair

I’m gonna say it…

The Fonz’s hair sucks.


One person, my friends would “associate” me with, whenever I show up to a spot, is The Fonz. WHY? Dude is the corniest tv greaser their is. Simple as that. Yes, I appreciate Harry Winkler, but just not as The Fonz… I don’t know why, but it just wasn’t my thing. His hair, is on the same level as Shia LaBeoufs hair in Indiana Jones 4. Level Suck.

Just putting it out there.

The only reason why I’m making this post, is because earlier I stumbled upon a picture of John Travolta as Danny Zuko, next to a picture of Harryenry Winkler (since Justin Bieber, I mean Jake is upset about it,) as The Fonz. No, please, they can’t be in the same league. Zuko’s hair is amazing. He has one of the best pompadours around. And The Fonz looks sloppy. Simple as that.

Here is said picture.

The good vs. the bad, hair do's.

Travolta lookin sharp, and The Fonz lookin sloppy as sloppy can get.

No hate towards the fans of The Fonz. He isn’t one of the cooler tv greasers around, but he does have a special place, in some peoples hearts.

But I do not look like the damn Fonz.

The jacket I just will never seem to own…

A Schott Perfecto…

Not because of their price… But because thrifting for one, is nearly impossible. Plus being able to thrift for one, in a size that will fit me, is also tough as shit. On top of it all, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SIZE I WOULD BE!!! Some people have recommended a size 42… And a while back, I bought an A-2 in a 42, and it’s small in length in the jacket and the sleeves. So am I a 44, or be safer with a 46, since Perfectos fit smaller?

It’s been seven years since I first wanted a “motorcycle jacket.” As that was the only term I knew for one.

T-Bird Strut

Got choices of brass hardware and silver… I’d go with the brass personally…

You gotta also personallize your jacket. Sonny, even though he isn’t wearing a Perfecto, he has his jacket personalized with a lucky rabbits foot, on the zipper.

Johnny StrablerMarlon Brando as Johnny Strabler in The Wild One, has his personalized with his name embroidered near his left shoulder. And on the epaulettes, he has one star in the middle, of each of em. And of course, B.R.M.C on the back.Recently found a jacket made by Schott but under a different name (I forget,) which was styled after his in the movie. Of course, it didn't have the name or B.R.M.C., but it did have the 2 stars. But, I need to have an original. Not a sister brand.Shia LaBeouf

HEAVILY styled after Marlon Brando in The Wild One, Mutt Williams played by Shia LeBouf also has his perfecto jacket personalized. Though I’m sure it’s not by Schott, they pretty much styled him head to toe like Brando. With of course, a few different personal details. On his right “lapel,” it’s covered in several pins and “Mutt” on the left.
Just for the record, I HATED Shia’s hair in the movie. It didn’t resemble anything except for suck. Sorry.

The ever elusive Schott Perfecto, will someday, be in my possession. Hopefully sooner than later, because it should be getting cold here soon. If someone has a 44-46 to let go off, aloha back. Because it’s been freakin seven years since I’ve wanted this jacket!

1950s Hairstyle.

I’m not too sure what this style is called. It’s similar to a flat top with fenders, except the top isn’t buzzed short, the sides are up combed, and the front is slightly pomp’d, but not quite.

Can anyone identify?

Here are some stills from Blackboard Jungle

Up combed

On the left, if my description wasn’t descriptive enough. Don’t forget to note that sweet D.A. on the right. WITHOUT a pomp! And of course, the “waterfall” from the guy in the middle.

Up combed

And a better profile view.

This is one movie I’ve seen it in, but I’ve seen a couple of other pictures. I should try and find those pics again.

If anyone can help identify the cut, that would be great!

Summer fling, don’t mean a thing!

If there’s a movie from the 70s that everyone has seen, it has got to be Grease. I don’t think I’ve ever met one person, who has never seen Grease, sang one of the songs, or even at the least watched a scene from the movie. This movie will always be a classic, no matter what people say… You can be elitest and keep your white noses up in the air, but you know that this is a classic movie.

When people think of Grease, they automatically associate greasers to:

1) Slicked back hair
2) Leather Jackets
3) Tight Jeans
4) Combs
5) Singing

Well, maybe not so much the singing, but when you hear GREASE, at least one song pops up in your head!
Summer Lovin. I won’t lie, I’ve sang BOTH parts of this song. Why not? IT’S FUCKING AWESOME!
If you had your lady with you in your car, and you played this song, you know you and her would be singing to one another like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John!

This honestly, is one of my favorite parts in the movie. Why? Because it really does tie in each character to one another, gives them their personalities, and is just a really fun part!

I’m gonna do a little pictorial breakdown of this part of the movie. Why? I have the time, and just wanna let everyone else know, what I noticed!
There are definitely more parts of this movie, that could be broken down, but this one just had a lot of great parts.
Especially where Jeff Conaway as Kenickie really tries his hardest to put on more of a performance, than just shooting for the movie. He gets really caught up in a dance, where he almost adds one extra step, but quickly caught his mistake and fixed it, and finished the shoot. Or when he pops his jacket off of his shoulders, do add a little more dramatic effect when the group goes “YEAH!”


Epitome of cool!

This part, as John Travolta sings “summer fling, don’t mean a thing!…” and pops his collar… To me, is just the epitome of cool. There is just so much confidence in the lyrics and the action. Plus having all your buddies look up to you, doesn’t hurt. Kelly Ward as Putzie has quite a mesmorised look on his face… 


 Jeff Conaway and Kelly Ward… Not sure what to add here.


That girl with the pig tails on the right of Didi Conn creeps me out. Watch her skip behind Sandy, she’s creepy. This part especially, where she looks directly at the camera and screams her part…

And lastly…

Wasn't it supposed to be an all boys/all girls thing?

Where the hell did this guy come from???

Jamie Donnelley as Jan, getting a little too friendly with that banana….

There is just so much to this movie, that movies like High School Musical and Hairspray will never touch. Although, I will say this. The small part I watched from Hairspray, I DID slightly enjoy! What? John Travolta in a 1960s movie!

Back to school…

There are a lot of movies about high school kids rebeling about everything, and teachers trying to make a difference. Everyone has watched Coach Carter and Dangerous Minds.
Blackboard Jungle is one movie that helped pave way for these types of movies.

When kids in gangs carried knives instead of guns! Shit, if only things were still this way…

I’m not gonna do a write up on this movie, but it’s definitely a flick you have to watch.

Plus, you can get a taste of how guys used to do their hair in the 50s… It wasn’t just slick backs and pompadours!

Blackboard Jungle

This movie has one of my favorite opening scenes.

Here’s a little preview of the movie.

If you see this dvd around, pick it up. You won’t be disappointed!

Plus, it’s the first movie to use Bill Haley and His Comets – Rock Around The Clock!

Stanley Kowalski

1954 On The Waterfront.

Not much to really say about this movie. Other than I need to find the DVD as soon as possible, so I can watch it again…

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando. On The Waterfront.

 I originally saw this picture in a book, Rebel Style. And not until I seen the movie, did I realize what was around his neck. I always thought it was a corn cob pipe.

Marlon Brando & crew. On The Waterfront.

Marlon Brando & crew. On The Waterfront.

As it were in the movie, Marlon Brando stood alone, with everyone else at his back.

Marlon Brando & Eva Saint Marie

Marlon Brando & Eva Saint Marie. On The Waterfront.

This jacket was killer. It doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to find a jacket like this for the last 5 years. A member from Superfuture has a buffalo plaid jacket, simlar to the one Brando wore. But hers was from G-Star. Either way, it is a badass jacket…


Canice w/ buffalo plaid

Seeing this jacket again, makes me NEED to find one this winter…

Any my hunt continues…