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Product Review: Andis T-Outliner & GTX Outliner.

First review of the year!

In addition to my first clipper review, I figured instead of reviewing another clipper right off the bat, I’d review a trimmer, so the up-and-coming barbers have a better idea as to the variations of tools they’ll need. Pretty damn helpful, if I do say so myself…

So next up, I’ll be reviewing one of the most popular trimmers by Andis, the T-Outliner, as well as the GTX version. What are the exact differences? Keep reading to find out!

Andis is definitely one of the top brands used by barbers. Chances are, if your barber isn’t using an Andis adjustable clipper or detachable, they’re definitely using one of their liners! From my short, yet, pretty consistent career in barbering, I’ve found my preference in trimmers to be with Andis. While I do have some by Wahl, I end up using my trimmers from Andis a whole lot more often and have several kinds. But, today we’re focusing on the T-Outliners, so let’s stick to it!

The typical T-Outliner you’ll find in stores or online is the one with the grey body and maroon flip switch. There’s also the Outliner II which has the square blade, but I’ve gotten used to maneuvering the corners of the T-blade well enough, that I’m not in dire-need of the square blade. But, it’s all preference. The GTX is part of their Experience line, which has very slight yet noticeable differences between the general line and the Experience line.

Body wise: They are identical in every which way…

One difference you’ll notice between the normal liner and the GTX liner is the blade. While identical in-terms of T-blade or square blade, the teeth on the stationary blade is a lot deeper on the GTX blade. This is supposed to allow a better/cleaner feed of hair through to the cutting blade, which is supposed to cut longer hairs a lot smoother without leaving such a blunt cut. And paired with a powerful magnetic motor, you’ll get just that!

The reason I’m more inclined to use this type of trimmer as opposed to Wahl, is because of the motor. Personally, I’ve preferred the cut of magnetic motored trimmers as opposed to the rotary motored trimmers Wahl offers. And if you’ve read my first clipper review, you’ll know my stance on rotary motor clippers! But, magnetic motor trimmers do get hotter, and quicker, so take that into consideration. If you’re new and are taking your time when cleaning the outline of a haircut, check the heat of the blade so you aren’t searing your client by the time you switch sides. This is why you’ll typically see 2-3 of this style trimmer at a barbers station. (As well as blade adjustments, of course, but that’s a post its own.)

I find the strokes to be a lot more powerful and consistent… something a female has yet to tell me… Sigh… in due time… But, sometimes, the strength of the motor isn’t always the case… Sometimes you gotta go in DEEP! Yet another thing a female has yet to tell me… Sigh… in another lifetime, I suppose… [Innuendos end here.]

On my grey T-liners, I’ve adjusted the blade so that the moving blade sits up closer to the stationary blade. Since it doesn’t have the deeper teeth, the feed of hair is very short and not very precise. Having moved the blade forward, I’ve gotten cleaner and more consistent linings. While I don’t mind the way the stock deep-toothed blade cuts, I feel that I’d be a bit more satisfied with a slightly adjusted blade. We’ll play things out and see how it goes!

Since I did adjust my blades, it does mean the moving blade is that much closer to the clients skin! If you’re looking to adjust your liners in the same manner that I did, be careful! If you aren’t cautious, you’ll potentially leave a client with a neckline like this:

Note: This isn’t my haircut nor my mistakes. This is a customer that came in to get his haircut fixed and have what the fuck happened to him figured out! This was his first haircut in America! That’s not how it should be done… Here’s his haircut post Rebel Rouser…

This is the results of a trimmer that’s poorly adjusted and pressed too deeply into a clients nape! This is something you don’t want! You need to take note of both the teeth overlapping or not, as well as the angle you’d hold the clipper post-adjustment. If they’re adjusted and are cutting smoothly straight on, but a slight 15* change in angle may still be cutting too close to the skin. I’ve adjusted several blades throughout barber school as well as in the barber shop, but that doesn’t mean I’m a pro! So don’t just dive in and move your blades around without proper research and testing it on yourself. My thing is, if it hurts your then it’ll definitely hurt anyone in your chair!

Also, if you’re a heavy-handed barber, be very careful with adjusted liner blades, as even too much pressure may cause irritation…

Another difference between the T-Outliner and the GTX edition, is the cord. The GTX has a 3-pronged plug and a much thicker cord. I do feel a bit more of a kick when I flip the switch, but haven’t noticed if it’s the power that changes the cut or the blade.

The thicker cord does add some extra weight to the clipper. It’s surprising how much weight is added to the clipper, making it seem a bit more hefty in your hand than the usual liner. Not a bad thing, as I don’t mind the slight difference, but it’ll definitely take some getting used to. But if you’re a beefcake-heavy-handed barber, it should feel no different-than a triple cheeseburger.

Andis trimmers are my overall favorite trimmers on the market. I just prefer the magnetic motor on them over the rotary trimmers. I find myself going back to “Old Faithful” whenever I feel like having a crispier outline finish, and it never does me any wrong! I’d definitely suggest these trimmers over most on the market for barbers, or even at-home use for facial and neckline clean ups. But, remember, if you’re looking to adjust the blades on your clipper, do your homework first, so you don’t get people crying and bleeding in your chair! Check out the Andis T-Outliner and all of it’s variations, and find out which is the one for you to add to your barbering arsenal!

Now, is the price-point of the GTX liner warranted over the general T-Outliner? That’s dependent on you… They do offer a black version of the T-Outliner, but if you’re looking to pair it with a deep-tooth blade, then you’re pretty much paying the same amount. Do your homework and look for the shops that have the best prices, you can never go wrong with a well priced clipper or trimmer!

Alright, folks. I hope y’all enjoyed my second clipper/trimmer review, and the first one of the year! I hope this helps out you newer barbers, and was entertaining enough for you non-barbers! Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Tres Caballeros Brilliantine

Every now and then, I’ll stop by some random dollar store. Well, who doesn’t? But, I go in with high hopes. And by “high hopes,” I mean, I hope to find some legit pomade for $1! Having seen brands like Softee there, I figured one of these days, I’ll come up on something good. Unfortunately, that day hasn’t come, yet! At least I found something new, so hell, why not review it?

Now, like most dollar stores, everything is pretty much a knock off of something we’re all familiar with. Which, for the most part, can be a good thing. I mean, unless these plastic containers are lined with opium, I can’t complain about storing my Fruity Pebbles in a $1 container. So, having found this Tres Flores “variant,” didn’t seem like too bad of an idea.

The packaging is nearly identical to Tres Flores. It comes in a similar size & shaped container, with a green lid. Had it not been for the white colored product, instead of the natural colored Tres Flores, you’d think it’d be one and the same. And being named “Tres Caballeros” leaves little to the imagination.

Opening it up, you get a soapy scented, fibrous looking product. And by fibrous, I mean this stuff looks like it has flecks of something in it. Scooping it out, will prove just that.

While it’s hard to tell from this picture, this stuff doesn’t have a rich consistency like normal pomades. It does, however, feel like a thick hairdressing. But man… the texture sure as hell seems questionable!

Applying it was no hassle, surprisingly. But, remember how I said this stuff was fibrous? Well… take a look!

Styling was a surprise, it styled pretty damn well. Not too much of a hold, but just enough for moderately profiled pomps. The same amount of hold you’d expect from something that falls between a medium weight pomade and a light pomade. But, it comes at a cost. And even though this stuff is only $1, it’s not exactly the price anyone would want to pay!

This stuff, has shit in it! Not literally, but man… what pomade has little flecks of plastic(?) in it?! After trying to  blow dry the flecks away, thinking they were chunks of “pomade,” these little plastic-y bits just got blown deeper into my hair. Luckily, this stuff isn’t hard to wash out, but knowing that there are flecks of whatever-the-fucks in your hair, is something less than desirable.

Overall, I can’t tell you cats to run to your closest dollar store and buy all you can find. Nor can I say it’s worth even having in your collection, let alone in your hair. For a dollar, I think it’s safe to say you’re better off buying some spicy peanuts at the dollar store, than this stuff. But hey, if you’re ever in need of a “quick fix,” it can’t hurt to know that you can find stuff in a dollar store, right? Even so, pick up whatever else is around the pile of Tres Caballeros, and leave!

Well folks, that’s it for now. With VLV coming up, I’ll have time for one more review. I gotta have my week of preparation, right? Can’t get on that plane with my hair in question!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Lucky Tiger Cru Butch (Stick)

When you get a haircut from your barber, it’s a rather… intimate time, if you will. Not only do you shoot-the-shit with him, you consult with him, tell them about your life in general, and so on. That’s the beauty of having a barber. Not only do they cut your hair, but you can share life experiences with them. And every time you leave that chair, you walk away with knowledge that’s new to you, but rather old to them – especially if you’ve got an old-timey barber.

Sometimes, those experiences can’t be utilized in today’s world. I mean, if only we could get away with candy for $.05, right? But luckily, in his line of work and my topic of interest, I can!

It’s a given that since he was a youth, raised out of a barbershop, he’s had the haircuts that we all loved. Many of which had different names than what we call them today. While that’s always fun to hear, that’s not what I’m trying to get from this conversation with him. What I wanted to know, was what product they used… Unfortunately, it’s been decades since he even used the product, so I can’t expect him to remember the name of the damn thing! But asking the right questions, I was able to narrow it down…

There aren’t many items today that are labeled a butch wax, nor in a stick form. So? That leaves us with one product in mind. Lucky Tiger Cru Butch in its stick form!

I’ve found it in its stick form, which is what they used in the day. But this stuff also comes in a little plastic container, with a purple label. Is there any difference to this stuff? No idea.  But hey, gives me another excuse to review the product, right?

This thing is very much so like a Push Pop! Ya gotta push it up from the bottom, to get the good stuff out. When you do, you’ll see this pale orange stuff stick out. Just like a Push Pop!

The application to this stuff is a bit different from what we’re used to. Unlike the Royal Crown stick pomade that’s meant to cover up the graying edges, this stuff is meant to “butch” your hair. Meaning, you used it to stick up the fronts of say a flat-top with fenders. In the day, that’s what it called/used for! Pretty neat, eh?

But since we don’t have that hair cut, there’s a different way to use this stuff.

Much like the topcoats and cocktails I mention, there were methods they used back then, to make hair products more malleable. And that was adding certain ingredients to them. Well… There was one specific ingredient they used with the butch wax. Want to know what it is?

None other than this little thing called lanolin…

“Lanolin? La-lanolin, like– like sheep’s wool?”

Yes, like sheep’s wool. Except in a little jar!

Now, the two have been a combo that’s clearly outdated this blog. It’s one used by the youth of the golden age of America, and something that’s gonna be brought back to our stables, with the help of yours truly… wink wink.

Now, their application is probably a bit different from mine. But, this is all about experimenting and getting it right for every individual, so let’s experiment with this, shall we?

First off, my hair is too long to run this stick through my whole head of hair. So first, I rub this stuff through my palms, which is a much cleaner and easier feat to achieve, than with the Royal Crown stick! And by “much cleaner” I mean a fuckin’ shit ton cleaner!

Now the question is, to mix the stuff together, or use it as a top coat? First, I tried mixing it together. It definitely changes up the consistency of the stick, making it much softer than it is.

There’s a major difference between topcoats and cocktails or mixing pomades. Cocktails is where you actually mix different pomades into your hands, before applying to your hair. Topcoats, are just applied to the top of the styled product (your hair,) to add sheen.

From what I understand, they used to mix this stuff together. Making the cru butch much more malleable to work with, as well as being easier to spread into your hair thoroughly. So, we’ll do this method.

Here comes the innuendos!

You’re gonna rub the stick in your palms, until you’ve gotten the desired amount. Remember: More butch wax – more hold, more  lanolin – more sheen. Then, scoop out the desired amount of lanolin. Now, butch wax is exactly what it is, a wax. So depending on how much hold you want, you won’t need to overly use this stuff. But as I said, it depends on the individual, so experiment! That’s the best part about this combo.

Can’t beat the innuendo description, without some visuals!

The Lucky Tiger isn’t hard to spread through your hair as is, but with the lanolin mixed in, it definitely makes it a lot easier. 

As I said, the hold totally depends on how much lanolin you use or don’t use. So if you have thicker hair, you’ll want to ease up on the lanolin. For the folks with thinner hair, who don’t need a super strong hold, add that lanolin. On its own, the Lucky Tiger has a real good hold. I mean, it is meant to butch up the fenders on that flat-top! And for pompadours, it does a damn good job! Especially with my thick hair!

I didn’t use that much product. Had I done so, everything would’ve been much slicker.

It’s not too often we get to hear about how these older cats (now,) used to be as the rebel youth that we love to read about. So finding out the exact product and exactly how it was used in the day, is definitely a treat.

Overall, this little cocktail is awesome. Not only as a story from my barber, but as a styling product as well. It’s classic cocktails like these, that often gets lost in translation when folks try to find out what was used by folks, int he 50s-60s.  This stuff did it for them and it definitely does it for me!

Hope you enjoyed this review and history lesson. Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.

Pomade Review: Uppercut Deluxe


Now, for those who don’t know, I was originally supposed to review Uppercut Deluxe quite a few months ago. But, with a large hole in the shipping envelope, the product was lost forever, and the jokes about the mailman/customs handler having good hair would run on for months! After patiently waiting for the right time, a replacement was shipped out from Down Under, and landed safely in my hands!

Ok, enough of the gibber-jabber, on to the review!

When I first saw this product, I remember seeing a white, plastic container. It was very much so like any of the other plastic containers that water-soluble products are stored in. This time around, we get (in my honest opinion) one of the ILLEST pomade tin designs on the market!

If this tin design ain’t killer, I don’t know what is!

The black base container with the red lid is a solid color combo. But, the image on the lid, is what really sets the packaging off!

The red, white and black of the image is printed on the tin. The background however, is left bare, which makes the image really pop! In the right light, the reflection from the bare tin sort of makes the image of the two boxers seem 3-D.

Twisting the lid off, I was expecting to see an orange-colored gel-pomade. (I could’ve sworn that was the original color.) But I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was root-beer colored! Sorry folks, that’s as far as the root-beer resemblance goes, as this stuff smells like vanilla. But hey, we’re not complaining!

Now, there’s been talk saying that this is one of the heaviest water-soluble pomades on the market. Not heavy as in real strong and thick, but heavy as in: it weighs your hair down. Which is something surprising to me, as other water-soluble pomades do the exact opposite.

The consistency feels a bit thicker and has a slightly stickier feel than the other water-soluble pomades in this market. After toying around with it and a few other water-soluble pomades, I started to see what people were talking about…

At first as I was applying it through my hair, it didn’t feel the way it was described. But as I was trying to style it, I started to see what they meant…

As most water-soluble pomades are, they aren’t the most malleable things on the planet. If you comb it flat, it’ll be flat. It’s a bit harder to style your pomp in a bulbous way. This pretty much goes for all water-soluble pomades… Uppercut Deluxe is no exception.

While it is a tad heavier on the hair than most water-soluble pomades, which does make styling with it slightly difficult, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Take a look:

The weighing down of the hair is very miniscule. Most people, won’t notice a thing. The most you’ll notice is the more gel-ish finish you’ll get, after styling. By this, I’m referring to how the hairs on the side and back are separated, as if it were gelled. Damn, that’s tough to describe, hopefully you folks see what I’m talkin’ about!

The fact that this stuff doesn’t dry to a matte finish, will definitely catch the eye of water-soluble pomade lovers. A major gripe with water-soluble pomades that most folks have, is that they don’t have any sheen. As you can tell in the pic, it does leave the hair with a bit of gloss, which is a nice touch.

Overall, I dig this product. It’s a nice take on water-soluble pomades, especially since it comes from outside of the US! Unlike an unmentionable brand, this one doesn’t sit in Layrite’s shadow! The only drawback to this brand, is that it’s difficult for me to prescribe to people. Not because of its properties, but because it’s coming all the way from Australia! Fortunately, Johnny D’s Barbershop stocks this stuff, and I’m sure he’s more than willing to ship these out to cats around the US! The killer tin design is more than enough justification to have this pomade in your collection! Trust me folks, it’s that awesome!

Big thanks to Kiera and the folks at Uppercut Deluxe!

Till the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Dr. Rubin’s Pomade (Medium)

With many pomade brands popping up, there’s competition coming from all angles. You’ve got the water based market, the heavy wax, greasy-grease, male specific pomade, women specific pomade, etcetera etcetera, this, that, the other thing and everything in between. And you know what, I DIG IT! I mean, who doesn’t dig a new pomade?

This pomade got some buzz within a small pomade-enthusiast group. I’ve contacted Rubin’s months prior to that buzz, but with no avail. After a few persistent fuckers in that group (not I, mind you,) kept pushin’ and pushin’, Jason and the folks at Dr. Rubin’s came through and everyone in that group had their pants fit tighter in anticipation for the mailman to come.

As soon as you look at the tin, you see the obviously self-printed, hand applied labels. It gives a real home-made feel to it. But, they do offer the pomade in an average sized tin, that’s printed on.

Opening it up, you get a whiff of a strong, classic, powdery scent. A very classic scent, which a lot of pomade brands don’t like to market anymore. Some dig it, most don’t. To me, you can’t go wrong with a classic scent!

They offer a firm, medium, and light hold. I happened to receive the medium hold.

Off the bat, looking at the greasy top layer in the tin, you can tell this stuff is a bit on the lighter end. It looks to be mostly petroleum-based. Scooping it out, you see that has more of a petroleum jelly consistency.

You don’t have to put any effort in softening this stuff up and applying it. It goes in nice and easy.

Now, having poor results from using Vaseline in the past, I wondered how this (mostly) petroleum-based product is gonna style. And to my surprise, it styled really well!

The stickiness of the product kept the hairs in place. It also had a relatively good hold, allowing me to style with some decent height. This was a very nice surprise!

The bigger test is the heat… Petroleum based products usually soften up a whole lot more when exposed to heat. This stuff being mostly petroleum-based, I figured it would soften up quite a bit. And I have to say, this stuff did just that…

In the heat, it softened up considerably, making the waves in my hair more wavy, yet, still kept everything in place. When my hair gets wavy, it has a more “authentic” 50s greaser look to it, so this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing! But you know how guys are with pomade, they prefer a product that doesn’t melt, do this or that and blah blah blah… Then again, those are usually guys with thick  hair that want big pomps.

One thing that surprised me about this stuff, was that it flaked after hopping out of the shower. Which surprised me, because this wasn’t a heavy wax nor is it heavily wax-based. So take note: This stuff may flake when your hair is not completely dried. So you guys who like to apply to damp hair, make sure your hair is a bit drier than usual.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by Dr. Rubin’s.  While the product is on the lighter end of the medium pomade spectrum, it does hold the hair nicely, even after it melts. Personally, I think I may have benefitted more so from their heavier hold. But I dig what this medium stuff did for my hair, considering how long my hair is! If you’ve got thick, but shorter hair (than mine,) the medium hold may work out for you nicely. But, since they offer heavy, medium and lightweight holds, it probably wouldn’t hurt to venture out.

The guys are straight up cats who dig pomade, want to share it with the rest of us, and want to offer more than just pomade. So check em out and tell em I sent ya!

Big thanks again to Jason and the folks at Dr. Rubin’s. Til the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.

Pomade Review: Royal Crown (Pomade)

Royal Crown has got to be one of the most popular pomades around. Well, at least in hearsay. People have been whispering to one another for years, saying that Elvis used this for his glorious pomp. As well as Johnny Cash, who I’m pretty sure, is the one who actually used this stuff for his amazing hair. Regardless, Royal Crown is pretty much a house hold name, when talking about pomade.

Now, the biggest misconception about Royal Crown is whether or not it is the same thing as the hair dressing. After passing on Royal Crown Pomade numerous amount of times, I figured I’d pick up a tin, put away all of the hearsay and set the record straight, once and for all…

This stuff is a classic. It’ll come in it’s iconic red on red container. Unlike the hair dressing, it’s lid is red. Very similar to Blue Magic Pressing Oil. There’s another taller, slimmer container for this stuff. Word has it, that it’s been discontinued. So if you see it, buy it! Gotta have it for the collection!

Opening up the container, you automatically think it’s the same as the hair dressing. Of course you would, it LOOKS identical!

The scent is nearly identical to the hair dressing, just not as strong.  

Scooping this stuff out, the clouds start to part and everything becomes much more clearer. The consistency in it’s entirety is different than the hair dressing. PHEW! That’s a good thing, as I didn’t want to end up with MORE HAIR DRESSING!

This stuff is considerably thicker than it’s hair dressing cousin. It’s not only thicker, but stickier as well. (The hair dressing has a very light, greasy consistency.) While it’s not thicker than Black & White or Mr. Ducktail’s, it falls into the same category. Albiet, on the lighter end of this spectrum.

Running it through the hair is easy. It combs through easy and gives my hair a bit of a bounce to it. Whether or not this will be a factor for styling, is something I’m anticipating…

Styling with it was a bit difficult. The bounce it gave my hair, made things tricky. While some hairs were going to the left, the ones that got affected by the bounce went right. Definitely had a hard time getting things right! How the fuck did Cash do it???

After toying around with it, having a little family reunion with Royal Crown Hair Dressing, it made things a whole lot easier! The hair dressing helped weigh down the bounce, allowing me to get the hairs flowing together. Nicely at that!

Now, figuring out who suits this product best, is tricky. Johnny Cash had relatively thick, yet fine hair. I mean, you’ve seen his hair in the 70s-80s! If it could work for him, it just has to work for everyone! But personally, I see this product working best for cats with a bit thinner, finer hair. It’ll give them the right amount of bounce, without the need of adding the hair dressing.

Man… This is one product that’s given me trouble! Trying to get my hair as magnificent as Johnny Cash, was a feat in itself! While I’ll admit, I do know how to do my hair well, Cash just had a crown of hair that is up there with Elvis, himself! Man… If only I can fall into that category some day!

Overall, I dig this product. It’s been a tough one, a confusing one, but a good one! It’s an all time classic, that everyone should have. I mean, believing the hearsay pretty much validates why this is in every single persons stash!

Until next time folks.

Stay Greasy!

Pomade Review: Monkey Brains (Monkey Grease)

The water-soluble pomade market, is the hardest one to compete in. For one, its an expensive one for the customers to maintain. Two, there’s just a lot of brands out there competing with one another, making rather similar products, yet, the price points are different. It ranges anywhere from $4 to $36, depending on what you’re looking at. Luckily, I’ve got one of the cheapest, most accessible water-soluble pomades to review.

Monkey Brains is marketed towards the youth. Not only the product, being washable with simply just water, but in the product design. You don’t have skulls, which some kids and parents (surprisingly) are scared of. A lot of parents take the logos literally. So this is definitely easy on the square parents eyes. Oops I mean, the conservative… No, I meant squares… And hey, that’s fine! Being a parent myself, I’m not gonna buy my kid something that’s not age appropriate. Like Justin Bieber… Send him to Herbert The Pervert, and let’s move on!

Water-soluble hair products are something a lot of parents look for, when lookin’ to grease up their little monkeys (SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?) There’s a ton of parents looking for products to grease up their little greasers and hopefully, they aren’t stupid enough to ruin their kid’s hair with petrolatum based products. So, they gotta stick with the washable stuff. I mean, it’s expensive enough for us adults to keep buying pomade, it’s sure as hell not any easier for a parent!

Though this stuff is marketed towards the youth, it doesn’t mean that us adults can’t use it! Or does it? There’s been some whispers that this stuff is comparable to Layrite. Well, let’s see how much truth that hearsay holds…

As I mentioned, this is one of the most accessible pomades out there. No, not every barbershop stocks this. But Walgreens sure as hell does. And Walgreens, are a dime a dozen. Unless you live in a hick town in Alaska, surrounded by polarbears and poachers, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding this stuff.

Unlike the usual suspects we’re used to spotting, this stuff comes in a box! Being grown ass kids that we are, we love opening boxes and finding pomade inside. This isn’t any different! Well, except for the monkeys and all…

Obviously, being marketed towards kids, there’s a cartoon “grease monkey” on the cover. With a pompadour on top and a wrench in hand, this guy is obviously ready to roll! Rock and roll, that is… (Hey, this stuff is marketed towards kids, so I gotta be a little lively corny in this post!)

Opening the box up, you see the exact same logo on the box, but on a silver lid. This tub looks similar to La Bella. Well, very similar. Hey, nothing wrong with that. Until they make a pomade container, in a shape of an oversized comb, in which the pomade comes out of the teeth of the comb, so you can comb it straight into your hair from the container…….. I might need to copyright, trademark and patent this…

As soon as you open it up, you get a fresh whiff of flowers, while looking at its cool purple goop. One thing I definitely dig, is different colored pomades. It just gives the pomade a lot more character, as well as making sense of the scent. That was a weird sentence.

Scooping it out, I noticed that it’s considerably lighter than Layrite Super Hold. Of course, Super Hold is Layrite’s strongest hold, so this stuff may be more comparable to their regular hold. But since Super Hold is what I use, we’ll just have to compare it to that.

While being lighter in consistency than Super Hold, it doesn’t spread out too lightly. It spreads out just nicely, without turning to water. I can tell already, that this stuff will have a good hold!

Running it through is just as easy as any other water-soluble pomade out there. Just run it through, comb and style. Pretty simple, right? And that’s exactly how it is.

Styling with this, is just as easy as Layrite. Some of the other water-soluble pomades out there that I’ve tried, do not style well at all. Unless caked on, meaning more $$$ used. Grease Monkey however, styles just right with a rather “conservative” amount. Conservative being a couple of fingertips worth.

Not too shabby, eh?

Now, for the hundred-dollar question…

Is this stuff really comparable to Layrite?

Well folks…

The answer is, yes. It is comparable to Layrite.

It has a really good hold, especially when comparing it to Layrite’s Super Hold. While it doesn’t have the same scent as Layrite, it is rather enjoyable, and easy on the nose. While the ladies do love that vanilla scent from Layrite, I’m sure they won’t complain about this stuff!

Now, I’m not going to knock Layrite out of the stable, because I admire Donnie Hawley, his shop, and his products. But I can’t deny a good pomade when I see one!

Overall, I’m very impressed with Monkey Brain’s Grease Monkey pomade. While being marketed towards kids, it works perfectly fine for us adults, and definitely gets the job done. It doesn’t hurt that it’s less than $5, for a 4oz tub!!! So if you’re out of your usual pomade, head over to your local Walgreens or email Rebecca at Monkey Brains and place an order. You will not be disappointed!

Big thanks to Rebecca for this sample! We wouldn’t have been able to compare the two, without your generosity!

Well, that’s all for now folks.

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard.

A trip out to Johnny D’s.

Last weekend at The Bombshell Bop, I ran into Rachelle from Nor-Cal Rockabilly. She had mentioned that she showed her hubby my blog, and requested I checked out Cock Grease X, as an alternative to the Layrite he currently uses.

So I hit up the interwebs, checked the closest stockist, and the closest stockist was Johnny D’s Barbershop, out of San Jose. So after a failed attempt to visit the shop during the weekday, me and a buddy rushed out today before they closed.

First Impressions:

This place is in a very commercial area, with a Baskin Robins as it’s next door neighbor and a movie theatre a couple doors down. So hunting this spot, was a bit of trouble due to the huge parking lot and many other shops around. It didn’t help that the clock was ticking and it was about 14 minutes till closing time. But, luck on my side, we managed to find the shop.

With the closed sign up and the door closed, I knew what the deal was. It is a place of business, and the weekend, so having the doors closed with the closed sign up will try and deter those last-minute customers who can think they can snipe in a haircut. I know this trick, as I’m guilty of it as well. I think they could sense that I didn’t want a haircut, since I was pomp’n, so they opened up and let me in the check out the pomades.

Checking out the armoire that was stocked full of merchandise, I noticed the usual suspects, Layrite, Lucky 13 brand, and of course, the Cock Grease. I was helped out by a gentleman dressed in regular weekend wear. Shorts, shirt, and a hat. Whom I later found out was the owner, John.

After looking at the consistency of the Cock Grease X and XX, I was turned off as it looked very much like High Life. Which I’ve stated in previous posts, my lack of interest in the brand. Awkwardly, I asked him if Cock Grease was made by High Life, since they have the same tins. Even though I already knew they come out of Eddy’s Deluxe.

I noticed another pomade brand, that I’ve heard about a while back, but never paid too much attention to. He brought over some of the tubs the barbers use in the shop, and I checked out the scent and consistency of them all. And I have to say, this was very impressive looking. Each pomade having it’s own characteristic and scent. One even looked as if it had glitter specs in it. Hey, I wouldn’t want glitter in my hair, but the fact that this pomade had a distinct look, that’s pretty awesome. It wasn’t actually glitter, btw.

I then asked the two barbers who were cutting some customers, about which pomade would work best for me. After going back and forth with Anthony about different methods, taste, preference and such, I ended up settling for the red one. (More of a red-orange or orange-red, but who has crayons they carry around to get politically correct with colors? Exactly.)
Sorry Rachelle, the Cock Grease X wasn’t anything comparable to Layrite, as it isn’t water based. But hopefully this pomade will make up for it!

Cool Grease

This pomade, is on the pricey side. As it is a Japanese Import, the price for it is up there. For the 3oz, it was $20, and $35 for the 7oz. This brand being the most expensive pomade I’ve seen, so far. Amazon has the 3oz listed at $30.99, so I think this place has the best pricing I’ve seen so far. I probably should’ve bought the 7oz, but we’ll see how my hair holds up with this stuff, and maybe move onto the stronger stuff, and get the 7oz then. This place and one other salon somewhere in San Jose, seem to be the only stockist in the Bay Area.
I still have a ton of different pomades in my hair, so I’ll be writing a review for this pomade within end of next week, or the week after, so check back.

As far as Johnny D’s goes…

This place is a bunch of nice guys just doing their thing. Not over masculine or anything, so it’s definitely a place where kids can get a nice haircut. No mess of hair covering the black and white checked floors when you walk in. I really enjoyed seeing a chess/checker set, gives a real nice feel for the shop, which most people would usually dismiss as just a gimmick.

No one was getting a rockabilly/pompadour cut at the time, so I can’t say how they do their cuts. And the only real way I would be able to report that, would be to get a cut from them, myself. Maybe in the future, since this place is no where near home.

If you’re from or near the area and looking for a barbershop to call home, give these guys a try. They are very welcoming, even after my annoying ass was in there for a while talking about damn pomade. Check em out, I don’t think you’d be disappointed!

Edit*** [10/19/2010]

I mistaken the water soluble Cock Grease Pomade with Cock Grease X. So, do not fret! The water soluble Cock Grease Pomade is still in the works, and will be reviewed as soon as it comes out! Sorry for the mix up!

The Rebel Rouser

This vs That.

With all the different brands of pomades out there fighting to win over greasers and rockabillies alike, it’s tough finding “the best” pomade. Although, there is no “best” pomade, since everyone has different hair styles, lengths, types, etc etc. But, there are some pomades that are better than it’s competitor, price wise… which makes a difference when re-buying said pomades.

So let’s start off with the light pomades…

When it comes to light pomades, I think of Deluxe, Black and White, Sweet Georgia Brown (purple can) and Royal Crown. Now, I consider SGB (p) and Royal Crown to be one and the same. Except SGB smells better. Those two have the best sheen out of the bunch, but also have a lack of hold. And with pomade and pompadours, you want hold. So I’d say, those two are out. Now I know I said Deluxe is more of a wax than a pomade, but by the end of the day, it works like a pomade. Between Deluxe and Black and White, I’d have to give the hold factor to Deluxe.
Price wise, nothing beats Royal Crown. Shit, it’s like $3 for a 4oz tub. Everything else is on the pricier side. SGB and Deluxe are within the same price range, at $8, and Black and White coming in at an averaging $10+, (depending where you find it.) But, Black and White, for a couple dollars more than SGB and Deluxe, gives you more for you money. At 7oz, this is the most amount of pomade you can get in a single tub, aside from the 32oz tub of Layrite.
More bang for the buck, Black and White wins this one. Hey, when it comes to pomade, more is a lot. If that makes any sense, in any language…

Next up, we got some medium weight pomades. DAX, Murray’s Super Light (still haven’t tried this, but from what I’ve seen, read and heard, it’s pretty much a medium weight pomade…) and Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can.) Now, this is a tough one, as I am a fan of both DAX and SGB (b.) As for Murray’s Super Light, it seems as if it is a greasy DAX, so that’s how I’ll judge that one. Sweet Georgia Brown is the expensive one of the three, coming in at $8. Both DAX and Murray’s Super Light are both around $3, give or take. 
Hold wise, I have to give it up to DAX. It’s one of the better, readily available pomades around. Plus it has a pretty good sheen on it’s own. But only gets better with some assistance from Sweet Georgia Brown (b,) for some extra sheen and sweet scent.
Luckily, all of the pomades in this category are relatively affordable. So I have to say that the’re all worth their weight. But, if I had to choose one, I’d have to go with DAX.

There aren’t too many appealing heavy pomades out there. Murray’s Superior still reigns supreme. If you want to put High Life (heavy) into the picture, you can as it has a pretty strong hold. But it is a wax, and as waxes would, it flakes. So in short, Murray’s Superior all the way.

Now, for the newer pomades. Washable pomades are all the craze! And with their popularity also comes a higher price point than the other pomades. I have yet to see a pomade like these to be around or under $10. For some reason, they just won’t be at that price point, and people will still buy them at their prices.
At $22, Grant’s is the most expensive pomade out there. Not just for the washable ones, but all of em. I haven’t seen any other pomade to be near or around this price. And at $15 +/-, Layrite comes in at 2nd place being the next most expensive pomade. (Black and White is also the same price, on some sites.) Grant’s comes in a 4oz tin, which is shorter than all of the other tubs and tins, so it looks like you’re getting a lot less than you are. But Layrite also comes in a 4oz tub, and it seems like you get a lot more for your money. Maybe it’s the short tin of Grant’s that gives this effect.
But between the two, coming out on top is none other than Layrite. They just really knew what they were doing with their stuff. They are indeed pricey, but you really do get your $$$ worth when it comes to Layrite.

There are still a ton of other pomades I have yet to try. And many others I wouldn’t buy again, after finding their better counterpart. But in the end, Murray’s Superior, DAX, Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) Black and White, and Layrite have all have met their expectations. Coincidentally, these five pomades are also the only pomades I have multiples of. Seeing as they are the ones I do use the most, so why not keep some stocked?

Hopefully this has helped some folk decide which pomade they should try next, stick with, and keep on buying.

Until the next one, pomp hard.

Deciding Which Pomade Is The Right Pomade

This is a long, and tough topic to tackle. Because there are a ton of pomades, from a ton of companies, and a ton of followers and disbelievers. Some swear by the new stuff, some are loyal to the classics. But when it comes down to it, it all comes down to what’s “right” for your hair.

Now, there are some pomades that people with thin hair shouldn’t use. Simply because their type of hair can’t handle the extreme pomades. Their hair type can style the same with medium pomades. Why not? Because since their hair is thinner and lighter, the heavier pomades will really grab their hair. No, it won’t clog up the pores. But when you comb or slick your hair, you will pull out some hair. It is natural for hair to fall out when combing or brushing (duh, look at some of your brushes, there’s a TON of hair in there!,) but with thinner hair, it just makes it a little bit easier. Plus, if you want height, it will weigh you down.

And those like me, with thicker hair, need the thicker, heavier pomades because quite frankly… The light shit ain’t cuttin it. Need to have that hold, whether I’m pomp’n high or low. Need that hold. Plus, it helps tame the hair. Most people with thick hair, also have wavy hair. Thicker pomades help make the hair straight, when slicking. That extra help is nice.

There are also different properties for each pomade, to look out for. Especially if you’re looking to get greasy…

– Consistency. Light or Heavy.
Lighter pomades will usually weigh your hair down. Why? Because it is so light, it will have hardly ANY hold. The only hold it would usually have would be for slicked back or “wet” looking hairstyles. Those hairstyles don’t need any real hold or volume, so the lighter pomades work perfectly.
Medium pomades, are very boarder line. Some have a really good hold, almost comparable to a heavy pomade, some don’t. The medium pomades are some of the better pomades to use in “cocktails.” Mostly people with shorter hair, either thick or thin usually benefit from medium pomades.
Heavy pomades, are well… HEAVY… If you’re looking to have a high pomp or a pomp that doesn’t really move, then heavy pomades are the way to go. Personally, I think that people with thick hair, really benefit from heavy pomades. But there’s a catch… Since our hair is naturally thick, the heavy pomades can potentially weigh our hair down. So you really gotta watch how much pomade you’re using.

– Hold.
It can kind of go under consistency. But like I’ve said, some medium pomades have really good holds. For me, I hate it if I get a split in my pomp, especially in the front. So I’m gonna want something that holds it together, right? Also something that holds my hair up high, if I pomp high. But since I have a D.A. and longer sides and back, I need something to hold them down as well.

– Sheen. Shiny or Not.
Sheen for me, is important. When you’re trying to get greasy, you gotta get greasy. I love to have an amazing sheen, when I pomp. Why not? A pompadour is full, pompous, and just BIG… So why not have the sheen to show it off even more?

Most “greaser” pomades, are… obviously… GREASY… So those who like to have pomadours, but don’t enjoy the greasy look, would usually benefit from salon styled pomades. But that’s not very rockabilly, IMHO. But that is a completely different and long story.

Greaser pomades, have a lot of history and cult following. And there are TONS of brands that have loyalists…

Murray’s Superior being one of them. There are those who strictly use this brand. And with good reason. It’s been around for a long time. This pomade has one of the best holds out there. No one can argue that. But since a lot of people claim that it makes your hair fall out. But guess what… The pomade itself, doesn’t! Read here to understand.

Sweet Georgia Brown, is another pomade that has a following. Not just because it’s been around, but because it has a pretty decent hold and smell. When you look at the color of this stuff, it is just amazing. Seeing it for the first time, you automatically think that it is one of a kind. And it truly is.

Layrite, being one of the newer pomades, has been able to get a huge following in the rockabilly scene. It’s one of the first, if not the first pomade to truly make it’s own name for itself without having to be compared to anything else. Holds like wax and washes out like gel. Not too many other pomades are like it. And I’m still waiting for mine to come!

Even though this pomade has originated in Memphis, there aren’t many places that sell it within the U.S. Almost all of the rockabilly scene in the U.K. swear by this pomade. Black and White. Really though. Originated in Memphis, sworn by the U.K., and not really sold in the U.S. WHAT??? I am still waiting for this order to come in, and this seems like a long wait! Even though the order was just placed on Monday.

This is just a small tid bit about pomade, and finding out which pomade is the best for you.

I’ll continue this tomorrow.

But until then…

Stay greasy, pomp hard. Does this line work?