Pomade Reviews

To make it easier for the folks looking for a new pomade, I rounded up all of my pomade review posts. I should’ve organized it by weight, but I just went with the dates posted. I’ll be adding new pomade reviews as well.

Grant’s Golden Brand

Sweet Georgia Brown (purple/blue)
Sweet Georgia Brown (revisited)

High Life
High Life (revisited)

Dax Wave & Groom

Layrite Super Hold
Layrite Super Hold (revisited)


Black & White

Cool Grease

Dax Super-Neat


Murray’s Black Beeswax

Mr. Ducktail

Dax Short & Neat

Murray’s Super Light

Sweet Georgia Brown (Red)

Schmiere (Weich)

Schmiere (Mittel)

Schmiere (Hart)

Schmiere (Knuppelhart)

Johnny B. (Original)

Johnny B. (Street Cream)

Johnny B. (Xtra Hold)

Johnny B. (Molding Paste)

Monkey Brains (Grease Monkey)

Geo.F. Trumpers

Royal Crown (Black Stick Pomade)

Dax (Black Beeswax)

Tres Flores Brilliantine (Hair Tonic)

Royal Crown (Pomade)

Grant’s Golden Brand (Putty Pomade)

Dr. Rubin’s (Medium)

Dixie Peach

Uppercut Deluxe



Hair Control

Lone Star (Regular)

Lucky Tiger Cru Butch (Stick)

E.F. Young Jr

Lone Star (Super)

Hairgum (ROAD Line)

Black Magic

Three Kings Pomade

Tres Caballeros Brilliantine

Stiffies Pomade

Beesknees Pomade

Kustom Kreeps (Monster Attack)

299 responses to “Pomade Reviews

  1. Hey, my friend recommended that I ask you for reviews on pomade. So I was wondering what you thought about black and white grease. Also a lot of people have been telling me murrays regular and dax makes yuor hair fall out after a while. If you can tell me thatd be awesome becuase me hair dresser doesnt even know. Thanks Mr.

    • Black & White is an amazing classic pomade. Very different from either Murray’s or Dax, so it’s really not comparable.

      Check my reviews on them.

      And click this link to see what I think about the whole Murray’s hair fall out jazz.


      – Jan

      • hey man i want my pomade to be shine what can i use?

      • If you’re looking for a pomade for shine, you’re gonna be looking into lighter pomades, such as Murray’s Super Light, Dax Short & Neat, Royal Crown Hair Dressing, etc etc. These pomades are very light, meaning they won’t have the hold as a stronger pomade would, but will definitely give you the shine.

        However, Sweet Georgia Brown in both red and blue tin, have pretty good sheen. As does Dax Wave & Groom.

        But if you want the hold of say Dax, but with a lot of sheen, you’ll need to use a top coat of a light pomade.

        – Jan

  2. I’m looking for a good pomade for a side part. I’ve tried Grant’s, I didn’t like how it got hard when it dried. I’ve tried Layrite Deluxe, which also gets hard. I’ve tried Murray’s Super Light which isn’t bad but just feels weird due to the greasiness. I’d like something that washes out easily but still lasts for a while. I have thicker wavy hair. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hey Jesse,

      Are you looking for something to straighten out your wavy hair? Or are you ok with keeping the waves, to an extent? Also, are you doing a pomp or not?

      Lighter pomades are best for slicking. Some thicker pomades won’t help blend certain parts of your hair, because it’ll make the ends stick straight. Like if you slick back the crown of your head, it could end up sticking straight back, instead of slicking down with the hair on the back of your head, where folks would have a D.A. Catch what I mean?

      If you’re ok with keeping the waves, Deluxe or Schmiere (weich) pomade is the way to go. It’ll give you that greasy look, but definitely won’t have that greasy feeling that Murray’s Super Light has.

      Another good option would be Sweet Georgia Brown in the red tin. It’s slightly in between a medium and a light pomade, has a good sheen, not overly greasy like MSL, and it’s very malleable. Good for both slicking and pomp’n.

      Or you could go with Blue Magic Pressing Oil. It’s light, perfect for slicking, but not greasy like Royal Crown Hairdressing is. Which comes in a very similar packaging.

      Those would be my top choices. If you do try em, let me know how they worked out for ya.

      – Jan

      • I don’t wear a pomp, just the classic side part. I just need something to prevent my hair from getting too frizzy, I don’t mind keeping some waves, but without anything in it at all it’s sticking up all over. I’ve also tried the American Crew pomade, which actually wasn’t too bad, it doesn’t seem to get too hard like the other two I mentioned.

        Thanks for the quick response. Your site is by far the most informative I’ve found for information on pomades and I’d love to see you keep at it.

      • Thanks for the kind words man, I appreciate it.

        I have a few more pomade reviews to do that could be really good for a slicked side part, so stay tuned!

        – Jan

      • hey man, i tried a few of the pomades you suggested and i think i need something stronger, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. in the humidity my hair becomes very wavy and i’m trying to prevent friziness, some waves are ok. i’ve been using american crew grooming cream because i can get a deal on all of the american crew stuff.

        do you have any suggestions for something stronger but not too greasy? i think murrays superior would be too greasy for me

      • Hey Jesse,

        Which pomades did you try and where do you live? Some people tend to forget to add where they live, into the equations. Humidity will definitely effect the hold of pomades.

        If you have to deal with humidity, I’d suggest trying out a wax, or Schmiere Hart or Knuppelhart. It’s not greasy at all and should keep your hair lookin’ right, and not be effected by the humidity.

        – Jan

      • i live in NY. i tried Deluxe, schmiere weich, sweet georgia brown in the red tin (too greasy), and i’ve tried grants, layrite which pretty much just made my hair hard.

        i was looking at sweet georgia brown in the blue tin, would that be a decent option? the schmiere stuff is pretty pricy, i wouldn’t mind trying it though, that was the other one i had in mind.

      • Do you have fine hair? I’m guessing, because you tried a lot of the lighter stuff.

        I know a few cats in NY that use the blue tin Sweet Georgia Brown, so I’m sure it’s a safe bet that it’ll work a lot better for you, than the red tin. Look into Schmiere Hart. If the weich wasn’t working out, mittel might be a little too similar, so go with Hart. Knuppelhart is REALLY stiff, so that might be going a little too far.

        Also, look into Dax Wave & Groom, in the red tin. I like to pair that up with Sweet Georgia Brown in the blue tin, for extra hold.

        Let me know how that works out for ya, hopefully it does, since the other stuff hasn’t.

        – Jan

    • Hey Jesse/Jan

      I go for the slick back look (no high pomp), I’m looking into using a pomade, but also don’t want something to greasy. I read Jesse lives in New York, I live in the London, so (from my experience of NY) the same cold climate.

      Would you also recommend Sweet Georgia Brown (blue tin) for myself? I however have very thick naturally straight hair which does like to go out of place and go where it naturally wants to. Is this Sweet Georgia Brown water soluble, as it would be handy to wash out when needed.

      Thanks, Steve

      PS – I know I can get the George Brown red/blue here in the UK as well as the Murry’s you mentioned.

      • Hey Steve,

        The Sweet Georgia Brown (blue) should work relatively well for your hair, since you’re just slicking it back. But, it is greasy to the touch, so it wouldn’t be exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s not water-soluble.

        Check out Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold.) It has a nice hold that should tame your hair and it doesn’t have a greasy shine. It’s a very neat and clean pomade, but still gives you a classic slick back look.

        Hope this helps.

        – Jan

  3. Hey Jan, lovin’ the pomade reviews, they are really helpfull even though I can’t get half the stuff here in the netherlands. Anyway, besides Murray’s superior, are there any other pomades that could come close to equally strong (maybe other ingrediented pomades)? Also, I just found out that using superior as a base and then topping it off with some original UK Brylcreem (red tin) gives quite a nice sheen without the Brylcreem breaking the Murray’s.



    Could you do a full review on the SGB red tin?

    • Hey Duncan,

      Thanks for swingin’ by, glad ya like the blog!

      One pomade I’ve found to be a really good alternative to Murray’s Superior, is Dax Wave & Groom. It has a really, really good hold, a decent amount of sheen, and is easier to wash out than Murray’s.

      I used to use a similar combo, but replaced Brylcreem with Royal Crown Hairdressing, as it was next to the Murray’s when I first bought it. I’d love to get my hands on the UK Brylcreem though. The container is fuckin’ awesome!

      There’s Pomade-Shop that quite a few UK cats order from. So maybe you can give them a holler and get a sweet order from em!

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  4. oh cheers mate, I’ll have a look on that. And yes, the uk Brylcreem container is awesome. I like the way that when you open it, that the lid goes all the way down to the base and you have this cilinder within the container… Haha, this isn’t makin’ sense, but you know what i mean.

  5. Hey Jan, just wondering if you’ve ever tried Nu Nile. I’m wondering if it’s somewhere between Murray’s Superior and Super Light……. or just really light with hardly any hold at all. Thanks.

    • Hey Tom,

      I was planning on picking some up. But when I touched it, the consistency was very light. In a sense, it is in between Murray’s Superior and Super Light, since they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. But, it’s quite a big spectrum. To me, it seemed to be barely thicker than Super Light.

      I may be wrong, since I’ve never actually tried it. I’ll probably pick up a tin sometime in May. So if you’re not in a hurry or anything, you can check back then. Or check it out for yourself! It’s only a few bucks, so it’s not like you’re making a big investment or anything.

      – Jan

  6. How’s it going? First off, great reviews. Like the fact that you have pictures as well. Anyway my question is, which pomade provides the least amount of sheen? From reading your reviews and looking at the pictures, I’m guessing its Schmiere Hart?
    After years of having a “shaved” (#1) head, I’m letting my hair grow out. Still in the awkward stage where I can’t really style my hair, but once it gets long enough, I want to have a pomade ready. Thanks in advance.

    – Hugo

    • Hey Hugo,

      Thanks for the kind words! Not all people learn by reading something. I’m more of a visual learner myself.

      You’ll know which pomade offer a lot of sheen and which ones don’t, by the weight.

      Lightweight pomades offer high sheen, while heavy pomades offer little to no sheen. Middleweight pomades, of course, moderate sheen.

      So you’re correct, Hart has little to no sheen.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  7. I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and I am fascinated with all this. Looked through your entire reviews on Pomade and realized you haven’t done one on Suavecito Pomade! There’s only a couple of Pomades I’ve tried for my thick hair and so far I’ve been with Suavecito Pomade.

    If you ever have time to review it, It would pretty cool to see your opinion on it. I don’t have as much hair as yourself, I tend to cut the sides with a fade.

    Keep up with the blog, great stuff!

    • Hey Eddie,

      Glad you like the blog!

      The reason why I haven’t done a review on that pomade, is because I’ve contacted them in the past and they weren’t receptive in anyway. This can be said with A LOT of U.S. brands out there, so I won’t be offering a helping hand.

      One thing that not a lot of people understand, is that the way this blog has grown, it’s giving a lot of folks free publicity. I understand, that if you’re a fan of something, you’re gonna want to support it… But how can I support something, when they haven’t shown support in a simple email?

      A lot of brands I have reviewed have been getting attention from various folks within the rockabilly scene, new to the rockabilly scene, high fashion, the general public, etc etc. So it’s completely opening exposing the brands to an entirely different market, from this simple blog.

      I’m not trying to call out Suavacito, but you inquired about it, so that’s the reason why it hasn’t been reviewed by me. There’s a lot of other brands that have been held in the same regard. But I’ll keep those names to myself.

      – Jan

  8. Hey Mr. Hella!

    Summers just around the corner, just wondering what pomade or cocktails you’d be brewing? or would you be using Layrite Superhold?


    • Hey Spanky,

      With a whole new arsenal of pomade, I’l probably be switching and mixing em all. But I mainly plan on using Dax as a basecoat, and whatever else to top it off, for the rest of the week. It gives me just enough hold, where I can add anything else lightly on top, and do a nice little build up.

      Of course, when it gets a little too hot, especially at night time, I’ll probably switch out to a water based pomade.

      I have a few more cocktails mixed up. So stay tuned!

      – Jan

  9. Hey why not review Nu-Nile? Ill do it for you. I love this stuff! Its made by Murrays, but its a little lighter then Murrays Superior. The can has a cool vintage look with a black and yellow thing goin on. It has a nice barber shop smell to it AND it doesn’t pull my hair out (which is a plus considering I have fine hair and that’s no bueno). The feel is a bit waxy, but light ( itsingridients are petroleum, bees wax, and “parfum”) in ur hands and spreads well. The hold? Well for a light to medium weight pomade, its hold is super and if my hair gets messed up I just run a comb through it and its back to when I first combed it. Most pomades upon a second or third combing leave your ‘do not lookin as good as when you first combed it in, but this stuff is the real deal. Water based pomades dry out and leave ur hair feelin like helmet head, so I stick with the petrol products. Nu-Nile doesn’t wash out well, but a true butter head doesn’t give a rats left testicle about that. Olive oil added to ur shampoo will take care of that. Over all, great product and easy on ur hair. Kinda hard to find,but worth the search and its cheap as hell when you find it. Like Murrays price so you won’t break the bank on a pomade.

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the insight on the Nu-Nile. I just haven’t really been fond of it. But then again, since I am supposed to be doing reviews, it should be done! I’m just holding out, as I have quite a few of the classic stuff to review still. I’ll get around to it, when I do my rounds at the store.

      – Jan

  10. Correction: Nu-Nile does not contain bees wax. Its microcrystaline wax, but wax is wax is wax.

  11. hey awesome reviews. Are there any pomades that wont flake if you leave in for more then a day? ive tried murrays beeswax and superior and they both seem to flake in my hair and cause white streaks when i wet it. My hair is black so it shows up more and a lil dry so it might flake more on my hair then others .not sute. i was thinkin about trying dax wave and groom is that any better then murrays with flakes>?=

    • Mikey,

      Thanks man, glad you like em.

      All pomades will clump up, if your hair is wet. It’s just the way pomade reacts to water. It’s like trying to wash pomade off of your hands, in cold water, without any soap… Not a pretty sight.

      Wax will clump up even with the slightest amount of water around. It’s a tough one.

      One thing I prefer to do is, say I’m coming out of the shower, I let my hair air-dry enough so I can comb in. I’ll slick it back, while it’s wet, but nothing more than that. Then as it’s done air-drying, I’ll be able to style it. You can comb damp hair, but not wet hair, if that makes sense.

      – Jan

  12. thanx jan but the thing is i put the pomades in when my hairs dry but they will seem to flake if my hairs dry not reallyt clump its more like ill put my comb through my hair then flakes will start to flake off from the murrays pomade. And when i see the whiteness in hair i put water on it then that makes it go away temp but comes back and flakes worse. And since murrays is hard to get out i like to leave in for a few days before washing it totally out. Let me know if you get flakes also they look like dandruf f flakes but ther arent. and if theres any way to avoid them thanks in advance

    • Mikey,

      Where are you from? Maybe the climate add to this.

      I know exactly what you mean, it’ll look like dandruff but it’s just some pomade. Do you comb your hair with the fine toothed end of the comb? If you don’t, it usually helps. Or else you could use a blow-dryer to melt down the pomade. Since my lady has one, if I ever have problems with those little flakes, I use the blow-dryer and quickly go over some spot and melt the pomade through.

      As I’ve said, climate in your area may be a factor to it, as it doesn’t always happen to me.

      – Jan

  13. hey thanx for responce. I am in ny but its like this in winter a little worse now with humidity. I dont like to wash it out alot cuz it takes forever to get it all out . the beeswax isnt that great on my hair with styling but the murrays superior is and that swhat i been using. Its the only product that makes my hair not curly or wavy slick back and straight. the bad part is that for some reason the pomade becomes a white color on my black hair and its a bad look. I am trying to figure out why it is happening. How long can you leave it in without washing out with soap just washing with water? does murrays superior flake in your hair? i have tried high life and that flakes alot so does the beeswax but murrays superior doent flake as much but still does and even when i dont use alot it will cause my hair to look a whitish color which is no good. How is the dax wave and groom compared to murrays superior cuz i was thinking of switching to that but i know the only thing different is the lanolin oil in the dax and the amount of petroletum used. plz get back to me with any advice. I have the same hair color as you so im wonderining if the flakes show up also on your hair or is just mine cuz its dry.thanx in advance

  14. also wat do you use in your hair on a day to day basis and how long do you leave it in cuz i want my hair like yours it looks non flaky and clean

    • Mikey,

      It may be the NY humidity that makes your pomade flake more than usual. I know of someone else who had the same problem, but with a water based pomade, and they were out of NY. I’d take humidity into consideration…

      I prefer to leave in pomade about a week or two. Maybe less. Depends if there’s a show going on or something. But if it get too unbearable at night, I’ll comb some excess pomade out. Not all, because I’m just gonna add more in the next day. Look up my post “The Week Long Build Up.” It’ll give you an idea on what I do on a day to day basis.

      Dax is my preferred alternative to Murray’s Superior, as it’s slightly easier to wash out, it styles a whole lot better, and it tames my hair better than Murray’s Superior.

      One pomade that I know that works out for most NY cats, is Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can.) I’d suggest looking into some of that, and Dax Wave & Groom. You should try using about 60% Dax, and 40% Sweet Georgia Brown. It’ll really give you a much more solid hold to tame your hair, give it just enough malleability to style it, and should work on melting away those pomade flakes.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  15. hi jan thanx for responce> yes maybe humidity plays a part it def works better in winter but still can flake. your right about the week long build up . It doesnt look as good when i first put the pomade in because it takes awhile to get it to the style i want my hair is very curly which is the problem. I use a blowdryer to melt in the murrays but sometimes thats when it starts to flake because it drys up the pomade. Maybe it wont flake as much if i try dax. Out of the two which one flakes less do you think? im thinkin about using a base murrays superior and then dax wave and groom. Murrays pulls out my hair which is bad I lost alot of hair from combing with murrays. The thing i was concerned with is it says the dax is good for waves and i dont want waves i want my hair straight so i can wear it like your hair. I guess its worth a shot since it is a cheap product but it us so hard to get. I ordered the high life voodoo brew what a waste of money! it didnt even makme my hair darker it made it actually whiter . I was gon try the black beeswax but then i noticed it i actually black and i dont want black all over my stuff so that was a no go. Now im just hoping the dax doesnt flake that much since it is a wax. i guess its worth a try right the only thing added is lanolin oil but i dont know what thats gon do to my hair so its a hit or miss i guess but hoping its better then the murrays with flakes and hair loss

  16. Victor Nystad

    I was in Oslo for a couple of days just now, and stopped by Angle’s Speed Equipment to fill up my Layrite supply, but much to my disappointment they were out of stock. However, they did have Cock Grease XXX, and that my friend, is the only waterbased pomade I’ve ever tried that you can recomb during the day and it still feels like proper pomade. Amazing stuff! It works well with Mr. Ducktail too for some extra shine, and it works better on it’s own than Layrite does, which tends to get a little too stiff. http://cockgrease.com/shop/pomade/cock-grease-xxx-water-based/

    • Victor,

      I’m supposed to get some samples from Rea, next time I run into her. But glad to know that it’s working well like it’s supposed to! I know she was super excited to get the product out, so I’m glad that shops already stocked it.

      – Jan

  17. hi jan i tried the dax wave and groom. ahh its ok but seems to flake even more then murrays i guess cuz of the lanolin? not sure. It makes my hair softer but also weighs the hair down a little too damn i guess i cant win lol out of murrays and dax which flakes less on your hair ? I guess wave and groom is more like a wax then a pomade? hmm

    • Mikey,

      This is a tough one bud! Haha!

      I’m surprised the Dax hasn’t worked for you! I’d definitely factor in the humidity into this.

      Possibly try a little cocktail, by mixing a heavier pomade with a lighter pomade or hair dressing. Go with a 80-20, with the pomade being 80%. It should still be able to retain most of the hold, yet break the pomade down a bit enough so it doesn’t flake.

      And if all else fails, well… I’ll have to think this one out! Haha.

      Let me know how it works out, and let’s hope that it does!

      – Jan

  18. hey jan i actually mixed the murray with the dax i didnt want to wash out the murrays cuz it takes forever and clogs sink lol so i put the dax just a small amount over the murrays a few minutes later my hair felt softer but also white looking and a lil flaky. Maybe its cuz my hairs black so the flakes all show up i dont know and i dont know what it is thats causing it but its bugging me out trying to figure it out. I got a big weekend coming up and want to have my hair right before it so im trying everything. I even melted down the wax with a blowdryer and it started flaking even more. I dont know i guess its drying out? i then put some water on the hairs that were white and it temp goes away then comes back even whiter. really sucks and annoying cu the products style my hair good but i hate these flakes i dont want people to think i have dandruff. the worse was voodoo brew that really flaked alot in my hair and it supposed to come out dark on hair but on mine it came out white. I have a whole jar left if you need some im not going to use it. also have a full jar of beeswax murrays that am not going to use either cuz of flakes and that product melts alot. Seems the dax is more of a wax so it seems to melt more then murrays superior. ive even tried to do murrays with axe on the top and it still flaked so i thought it was def the murrays causing the flakes but am not sure. They are white oils so i guess thats why it comes out a white color on the hair esspecially if you have black hair its noticable. I guess thats what they tried to ddo the voodoo brew for to avoid flaked but that product flakes alot ahhIts just like each one has its cons and pros and i cant figure out how to get the style without the flakes so frustrating:(

    • Damn, this is a tough one!

      How much pomade are you putting in?

      When you’re mixing the heavy stuff, it’s a little much, especially if you’re not gradually adding the pomade. Adding so much pomade in one sitting, won’t let the pomade mix through evenly.

      It’s still early in the week, try doing a week long build up.

      There’s no way the stuff “should” flake when using a blow dryer, because it makes it virtually liquid.

      My hair is jet black from dying it, so visible pomade is very noticeable now than ever. But I’m still not getting flakes.

      It could also be that the humidity is drying out your product. Or has dried it out to an extent. So look into a lighter pomade or hair dressing, and mix it into the pomade, while it’s in your hands.

      And if THAT doesn’t work… I just do not know, Mikey! I guess that I’m very fortunate not to live in a humid area (anymore.) Hopefully the pomade + light/hair dressing fixes the problem. Id not, I’m gonna need to think of a product that may work.

      Have you tried black beeswax? I picked up a couple of different ones today, and will have em posted tomorrow.

      Shoot me an email, I may have something for you to test out!

  19. hi thankx for responce. i used a very small dab of the dax barely a dime size. today wasnt humid at all here so i was hoping it was the humidity causing it not the product itself but i dont know now. I tried everything i even tried melt it in with my girlfriend straightener for the heat and that even caused it to flake in my hair. Maybe its just my hair is very dry who knows . I been using murrays for awhile i notices flakes but not as much as now. Maybe the long use of it ruined my hair. i used to use it and keep it in for one or two weeks at a time without washing it fully out. coudl of damaged my hair sadly. I was going to try the black beeswax but i dont want the black to stain everything including my pillow case my girl would ge t very mad. do you know anyone that used murray and had flakes? or is it just me damn very frustrating. Also the dax i lighter then the murrays so i was hoping it would flake less its extremely mind boggling me trying to figure it out. i Like the way murrays works but i hate how i tpulls out hairs. the dax seems to make it softer but a little less hold then the murrays. if you want the voodoo brew i have let me know its just sitting in a drawer didnt work well with my hair at all. i still am trying to figure this out all i wan do is get rid of the white streaks andd flakes and ill be fine but it ruins my hairstyle with the flakes. Its like no matter what i see the flakes if i put on dry or wet hair ahh sucks maybe i still have some murrays in from months ago who knows i tried washing my hair with detergent to get it out and wasnt sure if every drop of murrays was out damn its a bitch to wash out also clogs sink so i like to style and just leave it but maybe im ruining my hair by doing that ah and its getting real hot out now so the dax will probbaly melt ahh this sucks itf its not one thing its another lol does dax melt in your hair ever or ever flake? if not ig uess it might just be my hair.

  20. ey jan watchedd some videos on youtube about the dax it flakes in other peoples hair also so i guess im not the only one guess your just lucky lol. have it in my hair now it gives it like a white coating though i dont know why i washed out all the murrays now i only have the dax in just experimenting its not as tough on hair as the murrays but it also makes my scalp itchy which isnt good prob from the lanolin which is also giving it more of a white look. damn guess i gotta try someting else now maybe sweet georgia brown hopefully that doesnt flake since it only has patroletum in it we shall see

    • Mikey,

      Wow, glad to know you aren’t the only one with the problem! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, haha. Sweet Georgia Brown in the blue tin is the way you want to go, if you want hold. Try using a bit as a topper for the Dax, comb it through thoroughly and see if it melts the Dax. Glad you were able to somewhat figure out the “problem.”

      – Jan

      – Jan

  21. Hey Jan I just wanted to thank you for the advice! I had to order monkey brains since my walgreens,CVS, and Rite Aid don’t have it in stock! I’m stoked and can wait to try it out!! Anyways, i just wanted to give you my utmost appreciation for your advice and your blog thanks alot man!!

  22. Hey Jan,
    I used monkey brains for the first time today and it’s great! Not only is it easy to style and hold up, it’s also priced very cheap which makes it all the more convenient! I’m glad I found your blog, thanks man.

  23. Quick question, http://www.thegreaseshop.com/servlet/Detail?no=207
    The new special edition Rock Hard is “harder” than Knuppelhart, correct?

    I’m ordering a can either way. Just would like to know. Thanks.

    • Not too sure. I only have Hart & Knuppelhart, not the new one.

      Knuppelhart is supposed to translate to Rock Hard, so maybe it’s the same?

      Sorry I couldn’t be anymore help than that. If anything, shoot Rumble59 an email, directly. Mareike would be more than helpful to answer the question.

      – Jan

    • its the same as their Knupplehart. This one just has a different logo. It’s probably a different color/scent also. They’ve done that a few times in the past with their other pomades too.

      • Thanks Mike. I emailed them before I read this and they told me its just a different scent.

        BTW Jan, what kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? If any.

      • Hugo,

        On average, I just use Head & Shoulders shampoo (not all the time, but then again, I don’t shampoo my hair most days of the week) and whatever conditioner. But, I prefer Garnier Fructis.

  24. Hey Jan,
    I’ve been using Murrays a bit more lately because I like the way it grips my hair but the only thing is I don’t like that it seems to get a lot of lint and other stuff in it. I wanted to know if you had any suggestions for a different pomade I could use that has a similar or stronger hold without attracting so much junk!

    • Will,

      My prefered alternative to Murray’s is pretty much, anything BUT Murray’s, haha! But really, Dax Wave & Groom is my prefered choice. It’spretty much just as readily available as Murray’s. Has a good hold, and doesn’t attact much lint, from what I can tell. Some people have had trouble with it leaving streaks in the hair, but other than that, it hasn’t been good.

      – Jan

  25. I was wondering what pomade would work best to make my curly hair stay straight when i do a side part pomp? Any suggestions?


    • Mikey,

      How curly are we talking about?

      Carrot Top curly or?

      Let me know and we can figure something out.

      – Jan

      • My curls aren’t to curly, I would say its pretty wavey. I’m using the monkey brains pomade. But I feel that there is a better pomade out there for my time of hair.


  26. Mikey,

    I would suggest you use your curls to your advantage. Most people have straight pomps and a lot of people have very stiff styles, but when you look at pics from back in the day people tried to vary. So I would say, use the curls dude! haha

    Regards, Duncan

  27. Well, ehm, my hair is what some people have called barbed wire. It’s very thick, not a lot of wave. I’m using Black&White at the moment, because the heavier murrays type pomades feel very nasty and are hell for the pillows.
    Then another question: ‘How long is your hair?’ It could be that the weight of the hair is too much or not enough. So longer up top, or a bit of a shorter, smaller pomp would be the solution.

  28. hey jan, after trying a lot of different pomades, i’ve realized i need the stronger ones. i have wavy thick hair that can get a little frizzy when it’s humid out. you recommended the schmiere hart but before i commit to buying it, i wanted to double check and make sure the knuppelhart wouldn’t be a better choice. when i first comb my hair, i can get it looking the way i like, but as time goes on, it starts to lose holding power. right now i’m using sweet georgia brown in a blue tin and i’ve used murrays as well lately. i don’t really want too much shine or at least i’d like to be able to add shine myself with a lighter pomade. thanks again for the help.

  29. Hey Jan,

    Just stumbled on to your blog, while looking for LAYRITE alternatives. It seems like LAYRITE is making my forehead break out. I have recently switched to Coolgrease’s version of Cockgrease, which I buy at Mystic barbershop. It’s hard to buy online because it comes from Japan. Do you have an opinion on why LAYRITE may be causing breakouts? I like the water soluble stuff, but I’m not sure why it doesnt mesh with my skin. It’s not like I smear it on my forehead. Any recommendations for equivalents?

  30. Great site! I am new to the pomades. I previously had short hair styled with paste products but recently have grown my hair and began using pomades for styling. I started with some of the Axe brands. They currently have two kinds. Your site inspired me to venture out a little. I have started with Murrays Superior as a base and my Axe Smooth and Sophisticated as a top coat for sheen. I havnt seen any reviews on Murrays superior and was hoping for some advice for application ie amount, how often, and what type of comb you use. My hair is currently longer on top with clean sides. I go for the slick back side part much like a young George Clooney 😉 Superior is thick as hell but I need the strength for the crazy cowlicks I fight. The first couple days after applying the intial amount I feel like my hair is clumpy even though I’m brushing it in well. Since I am new to the world of pomades I was hoping for some tips. A tip page for new comers might be a good addition to your site.

    • Keith,

      Big thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

      As for Murray’s Superior, I did a review on it, in the earlier stages of the blog. Also did a sort of revisit as well. Look up a post called “Refinding faith in Murray’s.” I believe that’s the title.

      As far as application goes, it’s always better to gradually add product. That way, you won’t weigh your hair down too much, nor will you overly use any product. Which of course, means $$$ wasted.

      Personally, I find that Dax Wave & Groom is a superior alternative. No pun intended. It’s as readily available as Murray’s, same price, but without the negative sides that most people find with Murray’s. Plus, I feel that it tames my hair much better. Something you might wanna check out.

      As for a tips page, it’s already in the works. So stay tuned for that ;).

      Thanks again!

      – Jan

  31. 909sleepy909

    Wassup Rebel Rouser? Stumbled upon your blog by accident and I really like it…my question is what pomade in your opinion works best for straightening hair? My hair is curly as fuck and so far I’ve tried Layrite,Dax wave and groom,Murray’s, and monkey brains and they all make my hair wavy!!! And I end up with a wavy pomp! Let me know what you think!

    • Hey man,

      Glad you like the blog.

      I’m surprised that some of those pomades make your hair wavy. Are you applying it to your hair dry, damp, or wet? It makes a difference.

      If you’re looking for something that’s gonna be strong enough to straighten out your hair, check out High Life’s Heavy hold. It’s a wax, but it’ll make your hair pretty much stick straight. The scent is killer, but being a wax, you’ll need to deal with clumping. Or, you can check out Schmiere Knuppelhart. Another pomade that’s on the waxier side, that has a real strong hold.

      If anything, learn to work with your wave. I’ve learned to work around it and people dig my hair. Of course, ya gotta work with the right product, to get the right results.

      Also, try mixing some stuff. A buddy of mine used to mix Dax Wave & Groom with Murray’s Superior, and dig the hold and how it tamed his hair. Try mixing it about 70% Dax and 30% Murray’s.

      Hope this helps man.

      – Jan

      • 909sleepy909

        Yea man my hair is crazy curly! most of the time when i put someting in my hair its after a shower and i dry it a little so its damp. I’ll check out the Schmiere I’ll just have to figure out whats it gonna cost in dollars. When you say mix do you mean scoop out dax then murrays and mix it in my hands then put it in my hair? Or put dax in my hair then murrays and mix it while its in my hair?

  32. So, what’s the pomade you use on a regular or like using? I’ve tried a few different ones w/different combos. But, I haven’t found one that holds good, easy to comb through and washes out easily. Either the ones that hold good are a pain to comb through n wash out. And, the ones easy to wash out don’t hold as good. Maybe, I’m just missing the right pomade that I haven’t tried. Been wanting to try out Mr. Duck tail but the size for that price is a tough decision to make.

    • LJ,

      I’ve grown to like a few! But since I have a shit ton of reviews lined up, I haven’t been able to revert back to em.

      If you find Wave & Groom to be too thick for you, you’ll DEFINITELY love Mr. Ducktail’s. It’s a personal favorite of mine and I can’t wait to get some back in my hair! Trust me, for the size and price, it’s worth it (the big size.) Plus, it’s not difficult to wash out, so you’ll definitely dig it.

      Too bad you missed out on the promo-code set up for my blog, by Hairgum. You could’ve gotten 30% off!

      – Jan

  33. So I heard of this pomade called Cock Grease. I was wondering if you have tried it and whether you think its good stuff. Also, I’m new to the pomp and have always wanted one, is there a specific type of hair cut you need? I saw your video with the bowl cut and I actually have this damn fauxhawk thing that I can’t get rid of and I’m done with it. Would it be a problem trying to get the pomp with my medium length fauxhawk? By the way, the videos are awesome, I like the no BS approach you got.

    • Hey Daniel,

      I haven’t used Cock Grease, but I’ve talked to Rea (owner) quite a few times about it, and have been meaning to get some to review. With the high demand for the review, I think I’m gonna have to get some sooner than expected!

      From what I’ve been told, the stuff is amazing. I mean, she’s a great gal, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her stuff, so I can only imagine. The strongest stuff is on the waxier side, and is one of the toughest to get out of the tin. So if you’re looking for hold, that may be the one to check out.

      Her new water-soluble pomade has a supposed great hold, but lacks scent.

      You shouldn’t have a problem styling a pomp from a faux hawk, as it pretty much is the basis for a pomp, just without the extra length on the sides. You’ll probably have a bit of trouble getting it to look how you want, as it’s probably not gonna be the right length. So, you’ll have to impatiently wait and let it grow out a bit.

      In the end, I still say it’s all about styling, when it comes to the pompadour, but everyone will have their opinions and say on the matter. Just take your time to practice and you’ll get the hang of it. It took me a long while, as seen from my earlier pomade reviews.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  34. Hey quick question, kinda of new to this slicked back look, I’m looking for something that will let my hair lay flat back but not have much shine or greasy feel (is this possible with pomade?). Would like to still be able to work with it a bit, not glued down to my scalp or anything. I use a “molding mud” right now that has no shine and a firm hold but doesn’t quite have the strength to lay it back like it should (I probably only have about 3.5 inches on top – in the front – BTW). Don’t know if you know who Mark Ronson is or seen his do, but his hair sits back fantastically without a lot of shine and it looks to still be pliable (sort of what I am going for). Wondering if pomade is the right way to go, thought I would check in before buying a tub….thanks!

    • Michael,

      If you want something that has strong hold, but doesn’t have the greasy pomade look and feel, you should check out either hair creams or pomades that are on the waxier side.

      The way it works with pomade, is the stronger the hold, the less greasy/matte finish. The lighter, the more greasy/high shine. And medium pomades are obviously in between.

      Or, you can check out water-soluble/gel type pomades. Most of them dry with a matte finish, with no sheen. But, they will harden a bit. So unless you still want to retain a soft feel, these may not be what you’re looking for.

      Brand wise, check out: High Life (heavy,) Cock Grease (XX,) Hairgum, Schmiere (hart/knuppelhart,) Johnny B (street cream.) The only washable product in that list, is Johnny B, the rest are not.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  35. Hey Jan,

    Firstly may i say what a great site you have here, and i have read quite a few reviews you have on pomaades.

    I have tried many products including gel, wax and so on but none of them give me the texture i would like. I don’t wear a pomp, and I have medium length wavy hair which I have messy. One of my friends recommended me to try pomade and from this i stumbled upon your site.

    My problem is that i have fairly thick wirery hair and frizz is a major problem and i wanted to try and eradicate this. I have tried dax wave and groom but it hasn’t really sorted the problem and have heard black and white pomade is very good. I was just wondering if you have any tips or would point me in the right direction of what product/pomade to buy to sort my issue out.

    Thanks Jack.

    • Hey Jack,

      How do you wear your hair? It’ll be easier to suggest a product, knowing the style you aim for.

      If Dax Wave & Groom didn’t work, you may need to try something a tad lighter… Check out HairgumUSA.com. Their Road line products are similar to Black & White, but a tad stronger. I think those would be worth checking out, as their products are all amazing.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

      • My hair is shorter on the sides and then medium length and wavy on top. I push my fringe up and to the side with a messy finish and the rest i just allow to do whatever so i get a more messy look.

        Thanks for the recommendation on hairgumUSA, but i live in the UK and was wondering if you could suggest something a bit more available to me over here (unless its just that i havn’t really looked hard enough online).

        Thanks again for the help, any suggestions would be much appreciated, as i said before great site, i just can’t to seem to stop reading your reviews!


      • Luckily for you, Hairgum USA ships all over for only $5! But, the brand is actually a French brand.

        Definitely check out Hairgum. They have a wide enough range of products, that you’ll more than likely will find exactly what you need.

        So if you order from them, tell em I sent ya!

        Big thanks for the kind words about the reviews. They’re harder to do than people realize!

        – Jan

  36. Hi man, just starting out on this and your reviews are a great source to find out more about the products.
    I just finished my order and will go for Nu-Nile, Sweet Georgia Brown (red) and Dax Wave and Groom.

    I have very light and rather short hair (though if i kick my hairdressers ass next time, they hopefully will keep it longer, since i usually tell them to let it grow and they totally fuck me over anyways), but i’ve got some pretty dominant vortexes with hairs sticking in every direction, which was the reason why i still go for the harder pomades.

    If my choice of “first pomade tests” are bad, then please reply, so i can return their order before opening it up 🙂
    plus i’d be really thankful if you could write me which one of those 3 would be my best choice to try first (you know: managable sheen, good handling for a rookie, your prefered one and all that jazz)

    Thanks again for this awesome blog,

    • Gerry,

      Glad you find the blog helpful man.

      Your choices aren’t bad. Although I personally think Nu-Nile and Wave & Groom are similar, it’s good to have a heavier product on hand, in case you want to soften it up and mix it with something lighter.

      Sweet Georgia Brown in the red tin is gonna be considerably lighter than both of those products and greasier. You can always do a 70-30 ratio, with either Wave & Groom/Nu-Nile, with some Sweet Georgia Brown. It’ll give you the hold from the heavier prodcut, but since Sweet Georgia Brown isn’t too light, it won’t overly soften it up. Just the right amount.

      Hopefully, my reply wasn’t too late and is helpful.

      – Jan

  37. Thanks for the reply.
    It’s not too late, since i am anticipating the shipment 🙂
    Your idea with mixing them is greatly appriciated and i will definatly try that out.

  38. Ah man, got it delivered today, was happy to try it out and after fumbling around with my stupid hair i had to realize that i have waaay too short hair at the moment.
    Stupid hairdressers always taking my hair away.
    So yeah, it’s “See ya in about 3 weeks, pomade” for me now.

    • Gerry,

      That’s the trick with your hair stylist! Gotta get that relationship down to the T, so you DON’T have to deal with getting your hair cut too short! Believe me, I’ve dealt with MONTHS of bad hair!

      – Jan

  39. xxxxdanielxxxx

    Hey man, first I wanna say your website rules!!! I really appreciate what you do. So now onto my question. I know you don’t usually talk about slick backs, but I need some help and advice. I need a product that slicks my thick hair back and tight down to my head.
    I’m still kind of new to pomades and hair products. I’ve bought Layright’s Superhold along with Dax Short and Neat for shine, and I was disappointed with the results of Layright. Dax was awesome as I love SHINE! Then I bought Murray’s Superior and it did a bit better. But both made my hair come back up a bit after awhile and start spreading wider in the brush lines. They also made my hair from the back stick out in sharp clumps. Now before I spend more money, I need some advice as I think you’re a pretty knowledgeable guy on hair products.
    Now I also want my hair to be stuck together, by that I mean is very small brush lines and no spreading. I don’t know if it has to do with a comb or brush to use but I want to know how to do it. I want my hair to be just like the first hair picture in your Dixie Peach review thread but slicked back. I know they don’t sell Dixie Peach anymore but are there any products similar in ability to clump you hair together or is it just the type of brush or comb you use? If so about the comb, what are some types of combs that would work for me.
    I have thick hair about 3 inches tall, so it’s medium length. I also don’t care if the products you recommend are water-soluble or not. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

    • Hey Daniel,

      Glad you dig the blog! I appreciate it.

      I find products like Dax Short & Neat to be best for slicking the hair back, because the hair blends in much better, especially at the crown of the head. But if you want something that has some hold, but not like Murray’s Superior, where it doesn’t really “hold” throughout the day, check out Dax Wave & Groom (red tin) or Dax High & Tight (brown camo tin.) Wave & Groom is very similar to Murray’s Superior, but well… Superior. (pun) High & Tight in the brown camo, is a tad lighter than Wave & Groom, but equally an amazing product. Definitely one of my favorites, which I need to stock up on.

      Also, one thing you may want to consider for real clean looking slick backs, is the tool you use. A buddy of mind uses those little plastic/rubber brushes that go over your finger. Since the teeth are so small and pretty much leveled to your palm, it presses the hair down tight, so you don’t have to worry about splits or oversized brush strokes. Plus, they’re like $1 at a liquor store or barbershop.

      I found boar hair brushes or Military brushes to work extremely well for slicked hairstyles. It presses the hair down real tight, and gives a very slick finish. Definitely something you may want to check out.

      Dixie Peach is discontinued and I haven’t found a product similar. Mr Ducktail’s Pomade by Hairgum USA is nice. Nice quite similar, but I guess “close enough,” minus the greasiness.

      Hope this helps man and thanks again for the kind words about the blog!

      – Jan

  40. Hey pomp expert, a quick question! I have hair short on the sides and a little longer in front going for that slicked back modern look (not too greaser -like), i’m looking for a product that isn’t too greasy and shiny but can hold my hair up well for at least a day and I also wash my hair out everyday with shampoo and put on some conditioner after. I’m living in Singapore a rather humid and hot (could reach 30 degrees celsius) environment and would like for you to recommend a hair pomade or product. I’m looking at murrays Nu Nile for now, is it advisable? Thanks in advance man, btw awesome blog!

    • Loke,

      Since Singapore is humid and hot, I highly suggest looking for a water-soluble product. Since you want something that you can wash out easily, hold up in the humidity/heat, and have good hold without a greasy sheen, water-soluble is the way to go… With the humidity, there’s gonna be a whole lot of bugs and you wouldn’t want em stuck in your hair! I know how humidity is, since I lived in the Philippines for a while.

      Check out Layrite, Grant’s Golden Brand, Lone Star, or Cock Grease XXX. Fiber/Cool Grease could be readily available around you, since it’s from Japan.

      – Jan

  41. Awesome blog, this saved me a lot of leg work. I’m heading into the hood tomorrow to pick up some Dax and Murrays Super Light to see what works best for me, I’ll report back!

  42. I’m from the Philippines and pomade brands like Murray’s, Layrite, etc. are not available in the market unless I order online of course. Now, If I may ask, what other alternative can I use? I don’t know if you’re familiar with Gatsby wax but would you recommend it? Thanks a lot!

    • Dirk,

      I haven’t tried out my Gatsby yet, I got the one in the black container. But from what I’m told, you won’t get that real pomade look with it. It’s great for loser/messy hairstyles. But again, this is from what I’ve been told, as I haven’t been able to put mine to use yet.

      I know they sell Tancho over there, which is an OK alternative, considering the options aren’t great. It should do the job, until you can get ahold of some stuff abroad.

      – Jan

  43. Hey Jan – ever tried Suavecito? Similar to Lay-Rite regular, but with a great bay rum scent and super-cool label.

  44. Love your reviews man, keep them up. My question today is, what’s a good strong product to hold in the slicked back look, also with a shine, and easy to wash out. I usually use brylecreem, but sometimes end having to tie up my hair because of its rubbish hold. My hair is kinda thick and is straight/wavy, my hair length is pretty long, around 10-11 inches. Which hair grease would you recommend me??

    • Big thanks for the kind words, Matthew. I appreciate it!

      As far as a product for that slick back look, with consideration for your hair length… Are you worried about getting collars/seats greasy?

      Since you use Brylcreem, check out Dax Short & Neat. It’s thicker than most lightweight pomades, but has a good enough hold to keep your hair nice and slicked, without having to worry about it coming apart. If you want something to wash right out, check Dax Super-Neat. It’s more of a greasy cream than a pomade, but it washes out with a good shampoo.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  45. Hey Jan, this is Brandon (matera from sufu). I was browsing and saw that Tres Flores pomade consisted only of Petrolatum and Fragrance. Kinda surprised, I thought, “So would it be the same as using Petroleum jelly/Vaseline?” Later, I saw that Sweet George Brown “red” had the same ingredients as well…Petrolatum and Fragrance. I haven’t full-out tested Vaseline but I have tried a bit and it doesn’t seem like it would work very well. So, do you know what the difference is between these “petrolatum” pomades and some cheap Vaseline? Is it a different consistency or is it manufactured or “cooked” differently or what?

    BTW, love your blog man!

    • Brandon,

      Real sorry for the late reply, man.

      There’s a major difference between the petrolatum used in pomade and straight Vaseline. Even though a majority of the products will have petrolatum as it’s main ingredient, it doesn’t mean they all have the same amount of petrolatum.

      The consistency between pomades and Vaseline are very different. A few people will say otherwise, but they aren’t really taking the time to actually compare the two, in and out of their hair, and days after. Vaseline is a lot lighter, when compared to something like Dax Wave & Groom or Sweet Georgia Brown. But it feels thicker than Royal Crown Hairdressing, but virtually has the same hold. It’s very greasy and difficult to wash out of your hair. Yeah, more so than Murray’s Superior.

      If you haven’t already, compare any actual pomade to Vaseline, and you’ll notice a world of difference.

      – Jan

  46. do u know if lucky 13 is any good?

    • Nathan,

      From what I’ve heard, some stuff is just relabeled Murray’s products, and some are actually closer to the original Murray’s recipe. I haven’t tried any out, personally. I’ve been hesitant, when the majority of what I’ve heard about the brand, being that it’s just relabeled Murray’s stuff. In time, I’ll probably get to it. But for now, I’m gonna leave it to the hearsay.

      – Jan

  47. hey, i use murrays and its been flaking on me every morning for the last two weeks what might be causing it to do that, also my hair is very thick and curly so some tomes my pomp gets all wavy by the end of the day i also think it may have to do with the weather. any suggestions?

    • Are you combing the Murray’s while your hair is wet? If so, it may be the reaction of the product to water. Of course, depending on how wet your hair is. If not, let me know and I’ll figure it out.

      Murray’s will melt by the end of the day. In my experience with it, I never had much success with it, especially as the day goes by. Check out Dax Wave & Groom, you should be able to find it at Rite Aid or CVS.

      – Jan

  48. also i put the pomade in my hair about twenty minutes after i shower. i always have but now it flakes, i dont think its the time gap, but could it be the shampoo i use?

    • Oops, didn’t see this when I replied to your first one.

      Did you change up the shampoo you’ve been using? I can’t see this being an issue, especially if you thoroughly wash the shampoo out of your hair. There shouldn’t be any film on your hair from the shampoo, that’ll cause the flakes. Try applying it to your hair as it’s damp, not wet, but damp. It may make a world of difference.

      • thanks for the advice,also how much pomade should i use because my hair is so thick and curly that even when i have all the pomade out of my hair so i can get it cut sometimes the barber has to use the scissors because the clipper struggles, and no i dont have a fro. also one last thing how do you comb your pomp cuz the method im using is working ok but i think i could do better. thanks again your blog is amazing and full of great advice its hard to get good advice these days especially when nobody you know is into the whole greaser thing.

      • Just gradually add the pomade. I usually start off with about two finger tips full of pomade, then add by the finger tip. Just add the two finger tips worth of pomade, comb your hair, add another finger tip worth, comb, and try to find the perfect balance. Sometimes, starting off with too much pomade will cause your hair to fall flat, due to the weight of the product pushing your hair down.

        Check out my YouTube page for vids on styling. I have many more to do, just haven’t had the time.

        – Jan

      • hey rebel rouser now that my hair’s gotten a little bit longer ive decided to start doing the ducktail but i find that i cant because my hair is thickest in the back, unless i put a huge amount of pomade to the point where i’ll leave a big grease spot whenever i sit on the couch

      • Make sure your barber takes thinning shears to the back. Well, first, make sure your barber knows how to cut a ducktail! It is a very specific detail, that not a lot of barbers and stylists do properly. Don’t worry, thinning shears have been used on the ducktail since the ducktail got it’s name.

        – Jan

  49. Hey man you have some great reviews! Don’t stop writing them! I had a question for you: I am going for a slicked back look without my hair looking really wet or greasy, and something that has a good hold, but not too strong. I have pretty long hair (about 4-5 inches) and my hair is a little thin. What would be the best product for me?

    • Hey Marce,

      Big thanks on the kind words! I appreciate it!

      If you want to slick your hair back, but don’t want anything that’ll give you a greasy or wet look, you’ll need to find a good medium weight pomade.

      Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold) or Hairgum USA’s Classic hold, would be my suggestions. Or even the Road line, by Hairgum. Taking the length of your hair and that it’s thin, you really don’t need to use all that much product, anyways. Just a dime or two, sized scoops, a good boar hair brush or palm comb, and you’ll be able to slick it back nice and tight, without anything to worry about.

      Hope this helps!

      – Jan

  50. Jan

    I’m really digging the blog and keep coming back to re-read the reviews!

    Anyhow, my pomp is in the baby stages now and I’ve been trying a few different products, but I have a really dumb question. When you talk about using a light pomade as a top coat, how do you do that?

    I’ve been putting one product in my hair for shine and combing it back (Hair Control Stay Slick or American Crew Grooming Cream), and then running Layrite or Suavecito through afterwards for hold and then styling it.

    I love the sheen of the Hair Control/Grooming Cream but my hair has a slight crook near the crown and the Hair Control just can’t tame it like Layrite or Suavecito can. I just need to know am I doing this right?

    Thanks for all the information you’ve provided on this blog so far..keep up the great work!

    • Hey Peter,

      Glad you dig the blog man!

      When it comes to using a top coat, you won’t need to use a lot of the lighter product. Just about a dime size, or even less. You just evenly rub it into your palms, the gently glide your hands over your pomp. You can do it when your hair is already styled, or before hand. But, note, doing it before hand, will slightly lighten the hold of the base coat, or heavier pomade.

      If you use too much, you’ll just “melt” away the hold from the base coat, and you’ll want to start all over again. Trust me, I’ve had a few nights that I’ve done just that, and it took forever to redo my hair for the night!

      Hope this helps!

      – Jan

  51. Hey man

    I’ve only recently grew my hair long enough to start slicking back in a 1920’s shaved sides kinda way…basically i’ve got pretty thick straight hair and sometimes have to wear a hat to flatten it down first. What pomade would you reccommend to try first of all? I was thinking of American Crew Pomade to start with…

    • Hey Dave,

      I’ve never tried Amercian Crew, so I can’t go by it.

      But if you’re going for a 1920’s slicked back look, you won’t need anything too heavy. Check out either Hairgum USA’s Classic hold or Dax Wave & Groom. The Dax would be similar to Murray’s Superior, only better all around. If it’s too thick, then Hairgum would be the way to go, or even Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold.)

      I’d say check out Dax Wave & Groom, since it’s cheap and readily available. From there, you can pretty much gauge how the other pomades are, in terms of hold and malleability.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  52. Hey Jan great reviews man I’m from ATP On FB and I was just wondering if you might have good oldschool pomade forsale?

    • Hey Erik,

      Unfortunately, I don’t at the moment. I have plans on hunting for more, but that won’t happen for a little while.

      I do however… Have something in store about something that’s peachy… You’ll just have to check back!

      – Jan

  53. Could you by chance review one of the Sioux Guitars pomades? They have a pretty wide variety of scents and I’m curious as to how they work. It’s pretty decently priced too…

    • Hey Mike,

      I definitely have them in consideration. I dig the fact that he was “hounding” me like a door-to-door salesman, which showed that he really stood by his product. I still have a shit ton of reviews to finish, before I commit to more pomade!

      – Jan

  54. Hey Jan, I’m a girl with coarse to fine long black hair looking for a water based pomade to apply for my roots (to give it that little bit extra omph) that feels ‘light’ and lasts for a long time. Thanks!

    • Hey,

      Check out either Grant’s Golden Brand or Lone Star Pomade. They both make a “different” type of water-based pomade, that will definitely give you the omph you’re looking for. Check for Grant’s Putty Pomade and either one of Lone Star’s.

      Check em out and let me know what you think!

      – Jan

  55. Hey Jan,

    So I went ahead and bought one of the Sioux pomades, and I have to say… I really love them. I have stick straight hair and a crapload of it, so my hair gets pretty unruly. The pomade was… I’m not sure… probably a lighter mid-weight? It spread into my hair pretty damn easily but it also held really well. And it all washed out pretty well too, which was great.

  56. Hello!

    Myself is a teenager who is going to turn 17 this year and I wonder what hairproduct would you recommend for the 40’s sidepart slick? The products I’ve been using now is Murray’s NuNile, Brylcreem, and Dax SuperNeat.

    At this moment I’m using Dax SuperNeat which I am mostly happy with, but I feel like I could use a product that could give more shine to my hair. I was mostly happy with Brylcreem, but since I got a limited budget now at my age I found it really expensive to spend 6 dollars a week just for a tube of Brylcreem. And the only Brylcreem tube I could find here in Sweden is really small..

    The reason I stopped use NuNile was because it takes so much time to style my hair with it just because how thick it is. And I don’t really have that time because I got to go to school pretty early in the morning. That’s the thing I like about Brylcreem and Dax SuperNeat since they are really easy to work with, it usually just takes 2-3 minutes to style my hair with those products, and maybe 15-30 minutes with NuNile. Myself preffers a lighter product that is easy to recomb through out the day.

    So, now I’m going to stop my bookwriting here. 😉 But I really love your blog even tho myself doesn’t have a pompadour! 🙂

    Sincerely// Joel

    • Hey Joel,

      It sounds like you want something that’s light to medium in weight.

      Since you like Brylcreem, but found it to be too expensive, check out Dax Short & Neat. It’s similar to Brylcreem, but thicker. It will definitely give you the look you’re goin for, especially for the shine!

      – Jan

      • Hello again!

        So I’ve been using this product for a while now and I love it! I’m going to buy my third can of Dax Short & Neat tomorrow. The only real downside with the product is that I had a hard time to shape my hair the way I wanted without my hair moving all the place straight afterwards. But solved it by using a little bit of Murray’s NuNile first and then apply some Short & Neat afterwards. Gives the hair a good hold + an extremely good shine!

        Oh, and somehow I’ve adjusted my hair to work better with the more thicker products now.. I have no problems at all only using Murray’s NuNile or Dax Wave & Groom. But myself personally don’t like the look those products give, not alone at least. NuNile says that it’s going to give a more “wet” look, but in my experience it feels more “dry”. It has a little shine, but not as extreme as I want it. I for one actually love the greasy feeling Dax Short & Neat gives.

        But do you have any thicker Pomades you would recommend that can my hair the more slick, shiny and greasy look? I’ve been starting to add waves to my hair to now since I FINALLY learned a way to give my extremely straight hair some waves, and Short & Neat cannot hold those waves alone. The waves are also one of the reasons I’ve been starting to add a little NuNile to my hair.

        I would like to tryout some new pomade since it gets a little bit boring to use the same every day, it’s always fun to variate! I have been thinking of buying the original Murrays Superior just because many people apparently don’t like that product just because it feels so greasy. But yeah, I’m going to end my wall of text now..

        Sincerely// Joel

      • Hey Joel,

        Real sorry for the late reply.

        Glad you found a combo that works for you! It’s tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to mix and match various products and get your hair lookin’ real proper!

        If you want something that’ll give you shine and decent hold (more-so than Short & Neat,) then check out Dax’s Neat Waves. It’s lighter than High & Tight (Awesome Hold, which is lighter than Wave & Groom,) but it’s thicker than Short & Neat.

        The “greasiness” people describe Murray’s Superior is different than what you’re looking for. The product makes the hair itself feel grimy, rather than giving the hairstyle a greasy look.

        Hope this helps. Let me know what you go with!

        – Jan

  57. Jan,

    I just released a new pomade the beginning of this month. Its called Bees Knees Pomade. I would love your review on it, as it seems like you are the connoisseur of pomades.

    Bees Knees Pomade is a natural and petroleum-free pomade made with essential oils that help rejuvenate the scalp.

    I created Bees Knees after searching the market for something that didn’t contain petroleum but also had a strong, flexible hold. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much out there that fit my criteria.

    So I started mixing ingredients myself. After two years and much playing around, I am able to say I have a product that I am very happy with. I hope you like it as much as I do.

    Get me some contact info and I’ll send you a sample.


  58. Hey man, Nice Info!
    I have been sporting the classic pomp for some time daddy-o, I have always used Royal crown hair dressing. I just never thought about switching, I was thinking about buying some Murray’s superior. I could care less about shine, I just want that stiff hold. Because after about 2 hours the royal crown is just falls. It’s loose and doesn’t have that thick hold. It’s what I always used and just wondered what was best for A good strong hold.

    Keep pompin Kat

    • Hey Justin,

      Skip the Murray’s Superior and check out either Nu-Nile or Dax Wave & Groom. They’re comparable to one another, both are better than Murray’s Superior, lighter, but have great holds. Check em out and let me know which one you think is better!

      – Jan

      • What’s good Jan? Great blog, Great reviews. I have pretty thick,wavy hair and I’m trying to accomplish an old school side part(a la madmen if you will). No pomp. Hoping for something water soluble but that could do the trick. I’ve been using suavecito for the last month and its ok, but looking to move on. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance

  59. Hey,
    Thanks for the suggestion, I just got some Dax Wave and Groom yesterday and used it today.
    First things first easy to use, doesn’t have that super greasy feeling. Also It has great hold, We have had intense winds all day and my pomp hasn’t moved, so thanks again for the info!


  60. Hey Jan,

    This is an amazing blog. I love all of your reviews and by the the YouTube videos are awesome.

    So I have a question, I use Murray’s in my hair but I’ve been in search of something new. I have really wavy hair. I would explain my hair to have loose curls, and for some reason Murray’s doesn’t seem to hold my hair. I get all these folds and splits where I don’t want them.

    So, my question is, is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it just that Murray’s isnt as superior as it says it is?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hey Luis,

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog, I appreciate it!

      Murray’s is (in my opinion) an outdated pomade. While it is a classic, there are just other pomades superior to it (no pun intended) that are in the same price range and availability. Check out Dax Wave & Groom. Depending on where you get your Murray’s from, it should be stocked right next to it. If anything, places like Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS should have it it stock.

      With Murray’s, I’ve learned that it doesn’t help one bit for my wavy hair. If anything, it makes it wavier! But Dax, actually straightens it out a bit, making it more manageable and a whole lot easier to style with. Plus, it holds up really damn well in the heat.

      Check it out and let me know what you think!

      – Jan

  61. Hey man are you still posting reviews I miss reading about new pomades I have never tried I need my fix haha.

  62. Hey Rebel !
    I was always using murrays and sweet gorgia. But right now I’ve got very long hair (about 12 cm) and I still use a pomade but it is a pain right now to wash this thing out when I’ve got hair this lenght. And the worst thing is that they are very sticked together after one day. So could You recommend me anything rof longer hair (something strong and nice) and I’ve got this washing problem. I’m using a murrays for example monday then after two days I’m washing hair (not all of it is coming out) I’m adding some every day and washing every tho days. But after a 5-6 days of doing that my hair looks like shit cause there is too much pomade and everything is sticking together like a world war II helmet. So at the end of the week I have to wash it out with olive oil and comb all of it from my hair and this is a really big pain. Then after the first nbew application everything looks great but every next day when I’m adding some pomade my hair starts to look like shit. It would be great if You could tell me how to hadle that with longer hair every day 🙂

    • Hey Konrad,

      What kind of hairstyle do you have? Depending on the hairstyle, the Murray’s may not be the right choice for it.

      Let me know what you’re rockin’ and I can figure something out.

      – Jan

  63. Hi, Great blog!
    I need a little advice. My hair is slightly longer (3.5 inches) to a small wave and hesitate on various pomades: Dax (red), SWB (blue, red), B & W, Murrays (nu nile)? Thank you for your advice and sorry for my english…

  64. Thank you very much for your answer!
    It is to do a hairstyle like you (as in your photo that you put in the section Grant’s Golden Brand (Putty Pomade). I have a lot of hair but they are thin and shorter than yours. I think I need a pomade with good support with a slightly glossy appearance. I’d like to try two or three pomades and a water-based pomade for frequent use. for the hairstyle, you should use a Boar styling Brush (Diane) or a comb (Kent). Thanks again for your answer.

  65. hey rebelrouser. im goin to europe this coming week, specifically london, paris, and barcelona. i was curious to see if you knew about any pomades i should check out. i use murrays superior so anything similar to that.

    • Yo,

      If you’re in London, check out Mr. Ducktail’s shop. http://www.itssomethinghells.com/ Everyone whom has gone, has dug the experience! Plus, his pomade is amazing!

      A lot of shops in Europe sell the various line of Dax. So if you haven’t been able to pick some of them up locally, might as well. Also, Black & White Pomade is gonna be all over the place. And since, if you order it online, you’ll most likely be getting it from a shop abroad… so you might as well stock up on it, while you can. Especially since it (should) be cheaper.

      – Jan

  66. hey man can you recommend a good stiff pomade that would hold my hair well, i sort of have my hairstyle like how you do it a pomp and i have used murrays in the past as well as dax wave and groom but they just dont seem to be doing it for me anymore hair falls down or splits, my hair is like curly/ wavy but not super curly any help would be apprechiated

  67. Hey bro, just wondering if you have ever used this product: http://johnsonproducts.com/products/ultrasheenmen/fade-style-super-hold-hair-dress
    I picked it up yesterday at a local grocery store for $2.50. Surprisingly, this stuff is pretty good stuff. Its not heavy like murray’s but not as light as royal crown. Has a nice scent also.

    • Hey Matt,

      I’ve wandered by it a few times, but haven’t picked it up. I’ll try to find some later this week. Thanks for letting me know how it’s like!

      – Jan

  68. Hey rebel rouser I love your reviews and I would like to know what’s the secret to keeping up a pomp with a light pomade?

    • Hey man,

      Glad you dig the reviews.

      I’ll reveal the secret in a post coming real soon, I promise! Sorry for not “exposing” that secret now, but I think it’s post worthy and everyone should know about it.

      – Jan

  69. Hey,
    I’m interested in the DAX line up, do you mind doing
    Some reviews on the stuff you got from Vegas?


    • Hey man,

      In due time! I’ve got a couple more reviews to finish up, before I get Neat Waves and High & Tight (Awesome Hold) done. But, they’ll be up as soon as possible!

      – Jan

  70. Dude, you have a brilliant blog going on here. Tres greasy! I’m new to the grease business and already own more than a dozen pomades. The feel…the smell…the designs…..! And I’ve never had any problems washing out even hard pomades. Sure, there may be some residues left afterwards but it’s nothing like what I fretted initially. I use normal shampoo and it gets the job done, even if some minor residues are left. But recently I used an anti-dandruff shampoo and it removed all of the pomade immediately! No residues left. It’s the blue Fructis Anti-Dandruff Peeling Shampoo. I don’t know if you can get it in the US. I’m not sure how it cuts through the grease so easily but it does. Maybe it’s the salicylic acid? And I suppose that other anti-dandruff shampoos are just as effective but I haven’t tried them yet. So do a test yourself and let me know how those shampoos are working out for you. I’d really like to know.
    Keep pomping, Rebel Rouser

    • Hey Tee,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Glad you dig the blog! I’m glad you’re diggin’ it enough to venture into the pomade world head first! No pun inteded.

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it. I use Head & Shoulders and it doesn’t really do the trick to wash out pomade. So I’m sure the stronger anti-dandruff shampoos are more effective in removing pomade. I’ll try to find it and let you know how it works for me!

      – Jan

  71. Yo dude thanks for the site.
    I have pretty damn thick & wavy/curly hair. I don’t necessarily do the pomp; I have a high&tight fade, I like a sharp part and the rest slicks back and towards the side. My hair’s thick enough to get some volume if I comb it right, but like I said I dont have the high pomp. And I like it straight. Thing is, I’m a line cook and my hair always curls & frizzes up an hour into my shift. It also seems to get greasier-looking. I’ve been using Murrays because it’s easy to find and cheap. Suggestions (on the not-so-expensive side) to hold it in place and keep it straight while leaning over flames?

    • Hey man,

      Check out Dax Wave & Groom. It’s somewhat similar to Murray’s, but has a much better hold, especially in the heat. It tames thicker hair much better, too.

      It’s about the same price as Murray’s and as readily available. You should be able to find it at Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, or Wal-Mart.

      Hope this helps man.

      – Jan

  72. Great site for pomades. Trying them out for the first time myself, went with Murray’s super light simply due to popularity, seemed like a good place to start. I have really thick and wavy hair, decent length as well. It puffs out a lot, which is something I don’t like. I like having it slicked back and relatively low, usually wearing a skully or winter hat right out of the shower will get the look I want but once I hit wind or water, it’s right back up. With summer coming up, and a lot of wind and water I’m sure, just looking for your opinion, sheen means little to nothing at all to me. I just want the slick back look without the puff.

    • Try using something a bit stronger, to keep this down tight, and mix a bit of it the Super-Light to make it easier to work with. Something like Dax Wave & Groom should work out well, with the Super-Light.

      Also look into using a palm-comb or a brush to style with. It makes slicking back a lot easier and gets it a lot more slicked.

      Let me know how it works out.

      – Jan

  73. Hi Jan
    I am kind of new trouble this whole Pompadour hairstyle thing, but I was wondering what is the best pomade for moderately wavy hair. Also is there a pomade I can use to eliminate the waves in my hair?

    • Yo,

      The pomade itself won’t take away the waviness to your hair, but the way you style it can.

      Check out Dax Wave & Groom. It’s similar to Murray’s, but better. Depending on the amount you use, you could potentially straighten out your hair and make it more manageable. You’ll need to comb it as straight as you can, before styling. I prefer to slick it straight back, first, then style.

      – Jan

  74. What about American Crew products? I use AC fiber and AC grooming cream every once in a while in addition to Murray’s.

  75. Hey man,

    I’m looking for a pomade that’ll work well with thick hair. I’m looking to get a side part cut. I’ve used lay rite before and it worked well but I’m not a big fan of the greasiness. You recommend anything like lay rite but without the shine?

    Thanks man,


    • Hey Jason,

      Real sorry for the late reply.

      The thing is, since Layrite isn’t a petrolatum based pomade, there is no greasiness. I think you mean the sheen/gloss? If so, check out Lone Star Pomade or Grant’s Golden Brand. Their formulas are different than Layrite’s, so you should get the finish you’re looking for.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  76. Hey man.

    So I really eat to get water based pomade with a strong hold that will take care of some curly hair I have when I slick my hair to the side.

    What do you recommend.

    I thought about layrite stronghold or suavecito

    Any idea on what’s the best option.
    Or any other products?


    • Hey,

      Layrite Super Hold is one of the best on the market. Check that out.

      You can also check out Grant’s Golden Brand or Lone Star Pomade. They have some of the strongest water-soluble pomades on the market.

      – Jan

  77. Hey. Thanks for your awesome blog. I stumbled upon it while looking for a good pomade/product that’ll keep my hair in place. I was wondering if you could recommend a product. My barber used/recommended Layrite’s Original Pomade but by the time I got home I had little spikes poppin out everywhere. I have really straight hair that sticks straight out and DOES NOT wanna lay flat. Is there any product I can use to get a pompadour look that’ll really stay in place? It’d be SUPER awesome if you could help me out. If not, keep up the blog. Take care.

    • Hey Ernald,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Are you looking for something that’s water-soluble or not? If so, try the Layrite Super Hold, or check out Grant’s Golden Brand, Cock Grease XXX, or Lone Star Pomade.

      Also, you might want to check out other styling tools, like a palm comb that you can get at a liquor store, or use a brush to blend the little stray hairs. Or even a boar hair brush; I use this to get the little straight hairs to lay flat, so this may be what you need.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  78. Hi Jan,

    First off, I want to thank you for the great reviews! It is great to see your devotion to pomade, especially those made in the US! Now if I can just figure out which one to spring for…

    I swore off all hair products after sophomore year of high school because of the dreaded dried-gel flakes and stinging sweat at football practice. Now I am contemplating getting back on the train to add some style to my annoying hair. Can you provide some assistance?

    I have pretty fine hair and live in Massachusetts. I want a product that keeps my short hairstyle in place without a ton of goop. I want to avoid that “helmet head” hard look and I do not want a pomade that will give me a shiny forehead or cause my skin to breakout. What do you suggest?

    Thanks in advance for aiding a true pomade virgin.

    Bryce McKenzie

    • Hey Bryce,

      Sorry for the late reply, man.

      If you want something that you can wash out every day, then check out some water-soluble gel-type pomades: Layrite, Cock Grease XXX, Grant’s Golden Brand, or Lone Star Pomade are all proper.

      If you want something that’s “close” to a grease, but aren’t yet ready to make the full leap, then check out 360 Styles Wave Control Pomade. It’s one of my favorites. It’ll wash out with a good shampoo, but not with just water. So you can still “build up” with it, if you don’t shampoo your hair every day (which you shouldn’t, anyways.) You can find it at Albertsons/Lucky’s. It’s definitely a great starting pomade, as the hold is strong, holds up well in the heat, and is cheap!

      Hope this helps!

      – Jan

  79. Hey Jan!

    I just stumbled into your blog researching hair styling products and I’ve been reading through your reviews, I am amazed at the detail and expert insights you provide. Great job!

    That being said, I wanted to ask what product you’d recommend for people with thinning hair. I’ve always had thin hair but I found that just letting it grow a bit longer and using hairspray would give my pomp decent enough volume. Recently, though, I’ve noticed it’s become thinner and I’m looking for alternatives.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    • Hey Sal,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

      Are you looking for something water-soluble or not?

      If you want something water-soluble, check out Layrite (Original) or Grant’s Golden Brand. Considering your hair is thin, you don’t need anything with too crazy of a hold. These should be strong enough to hold your hair up, but not weigh it down.

      If you’re OK with something non-water-soluble, check out something from Hairgum USA. Their products are on the medium weight range, but still have a strong enough hold to give you volume, but not weigh down your hair. Plus, their (supposedly) vegan friendly ingredients, so if you have any problems with certain ingredients in hair products, which can cause hairloss/thinning, then it would definitely be something to consider.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  80. Hi, love this blog, I have very thick hair, which us very coarse and wavy. Currently I wear it cropped very short at the back and sides and left longer in top, the fringe hangs down on my forehead. I’ve tried pomades but tend to find them too thick for my already thick hair. I want some sheen to it and hold but I’m looking for a fairly light pomade but with a good hold. What do you recommend. I live in the UK so humidity isn’t a problem, cheers.

    • Hey,

      I’m glad you dig the blog.

      What pomades have you used so far?

      Check out some stuff from Hairgum. They’re pomades are in the medium weight range, but still have a good hold and a nice sheen.

      If you want something relatively “stronger,” check out Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold.) It’s lighter than Wave & Groom, which is their strongest pomade, but it’s hold is rather comparable.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

      • Hi Jan, I’ve been using Nu Nile good but nightmare to get out, Wave and Groom similar to Nu Nile, High and Tight was good but made my hair wavy. The problem is I don’t want to wash my hair every day but in the morning it looks pretty bad, what’s the best way to freestyle without washing? I’ve changed my hair so its a side part with a low pomp swept over forehead, trying to get rid of curls. I’m in the UK so can get hold of afro Caribbean products ok but others harder to come by. What do you think of water based pomades, have heard of layrites and cock grease.



  81. Hi, im a wondering if you know a pomade that can take the heat and give a good hold for thick hair ?

  82. Jan, Love the sight man makes weeding out the shitty products very easy. I am looking for a 1930’s 1940’s movie star look. slicked back and slightly wavey with squared back. Like a bogart with a cagney shine. Royal Crown? I been using brylcreem and I do like it and it does work but I want to give a classic pomade a shot. Thanks man

    John – NY

  83. Hey great blog! Here’s a pretty basic question: I’m new to the pomade scene and since I don’t use it every day, I’m looking for something water-based that I can wash out easily. My main dilemma is my wife gets scent-triggered migraines and has a hard time tolerating most pomades–it’s hard for me to screen for odor-strength in advance since I buy this stuff over the internet, so I was wondering what your vote would be for least-stinky water soluble option? Thanks!

    • AJ,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      As far as scents, I think Imperial would have the most subtle scents of them all. It’s a peachy scent, but it isn’t overpowering.

      – Jan

  84. Hi,

    I discovered this site just about a month ago, and I must say that it’s pretty damn impressive. It was just a few months ago that I started using pomade brands, but it took a while until I finally found a brand that suited me. (Well, two in fact. Suavecito & Layrite).

    Your reviews are very handy, and I always (note, ALWAYS) drop by this site to check out the various brands that you’re reviewed before buying a certain type of pomade.

    Just wanted to drop a friendly comment!

    – Kris

    • Kris,

      Sorry for such a late reply.

      I’m glad you dig it! Hope you dig what’s to come! Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise that once I get a laptop/computer, I’ll be able to post more regularly.

      – Jan

  85. Hey! I’ve been reading trying to figure out what would be the best for me. I’ve been using murrys forever but am afraid of losing my hair ( runs in the family) and my forehead is breaking out from it being so waxy/greasy, I wash it every morning and re apply when damp, but in the morning and through the day its like the grease is just running down my forehead!

    What’s a good one that has great hold, wont grease up my forehead and clog my scalp!?

    I was looking at the death grip, monster attack, and steal toe… any of these? (I hate the smell of coconut btw)

    • Hey Cory,

      Sorry for such a late reply.

      Waxier pomades would have the least chance of clogging up your pores, since they’re not as greasy which means they won’t rub right off (giggity.)

      Either one you mentioned should do the trick, same with Stiffies Pomade.

      – Jan

  86. Hey Jan,
    I just landed on your blog a week ago, and my God it is just brilliant, specially the products you are reviewing that I want to try but I do not really what to take.
    Well I have thick and a little bit of wavy hair, and I use the American Crew Fiber or Aveda Grooming Clay so these are mid/strong hold with a matt finish, what kind of pomade would you advise me if I want with a mid or high shine finish but with still with the mid/strong hold.
    Best regards David.

  87. Hi Jan, Looking for reviews on pomade, I ran across your site and would just like to say thanks so very much for doing such a fine job on all the different pomade reviews.
    At any rate, these days my hair is a good 4 to 5 inches long, and I’m looking for a pomade that will give me superior hold and allow me to achieve a somewhat “high” pomp. I’m about to pull the trigger on Layrite Super Hold, but am curious if you could suggest something better. I must say that Cock Grease XXX looks pretty good. But I have zero experience with using pomades and could sure use some help on what to try. If you think Layrite will do the trick, then heck, that’s fine with me. Of course Layrite being water-soluble is attactive. Again, I’m looking for something that will allow me to get the high look, yet HOLD my hair in place all day…if at all possible. Your comments are very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


  88. G’day from Down Under! I only just stumbled on the reviews and blog today, awesome stuff, thanks a bunch for this awesome resource, straight into the bookmarks!

    I was after some pomade advice. I have pretty strong sitting hair that sits forward and have rather long styled hair into a quiff. The two products I have been using previously are the American Crew Pomade which I find isn’t quite strong enough, it doesn’t really hold my hair in the right position and wears out very quickly. The other one which I have been using the past week which works really well and is quite strong is the Uppercut Pomade. It also happens to be an Australian product, awesome!

    Could you possibly recommend some other products for me to add to my hair styling cabinet? That would be extremely helpful! We are about to head into summer down here, so we are to be expecting easy 28-35/40C days within the next few months. Plenty of stormy days too and all that crazy weather coming too so maybe I should add a few pomades that could stand the rain and won’t wash out in the bad weather?

    Cheers, Brad from Down under.

    • Hey Brad,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Glad you dig the site!

      I’m not sure what’s available to you, but look into Dax products. They have a wide range of products that should suit your needs! Personal favorites are: High & Tight (Awesome Hold,) Super-Neat, and Short & Neat.

      – Jan

  89. Hey man, great reviews!
    Anyway what is your opinion on yardley brilliantine pomade?

  90. Hey Jan,

    First of all, this blog is awesome, keep up the good work man!

    Ok, my situation is this: I’m a bit of a newb when it comes to pomade. The other day I went to get a slicked back undercut at Crew Barbers. When they were done I asked them which products would be best to slick it back, get a nice shine with a good strong hold, something that can withstand things like getting battered by the wind while I’m riding my pushbike to work/college, just generally going about my day, not to mention how thick and heavy my hair is! Of course, they suggested their own American Crew Pomade, which they let me try. I liked the shine, but it didn’t really offer me a great deal of hold, so my “road test” of seeing if it could deal with the ride home on my pushbike, but I ended up getting disappointing results.

    Also, I saw you say to someone a bit further up on the blog that it’s good to mention what kinda weather I get where I am. Well, like I mentioned, I’m over in the UK which is renowned for it’s unpredictable, but usually miserable weather, so it doesn’t get very hot over here very often.

    Oh yeah and one last thing, I’d need it to be available here in the UK! aha

    Many thanks,

    Dan G

  91. I personally would advise against washing your hair everyday. Apart from it being bad for your scalp and a possible cause for athletes foot. You are better off just using a good ol’ fashioned petrolatum based pomade and just rinsing your hair every day with just water. That’s what I do. I get under the shower, make my hair wet with very warm water, wash myself etc. then dry my hair until it is toweldry/damp. Then I take some pomade and apply ontop of what I have in there allready, just to give it back some firmness. This way, you don’t waste pomade and you don’t ruin your scalp (and feet).



  92. Cheers buddy that was super helpful!

    Cheap and cheerful methods, this is what I like 😀 aha

    Thanks again!

    Dan G

  93. Hello, Jan!

    I’ve been commenting here before with my other account “tophatwan” and I think I’ve found a good way for me to style my hair. I begin with some hair-mousse right after the shower to add some volume to my hair since my hair isn’t super thick as many people say is a must a slicked hair, and I must say that the mousse helped me more than I thought! And after I’ve blow-dried my hair I either begin with Dax Wave & Groom or Murray’s NuNile for hold and then I use a little bit of Brylcreem to add some shine (as a plus it makes the pomade more manageable to comb through, loses some hold but still better than just using Brylcreem alone.).

    But one question I have is how often do you think I should get a haircut when I just sidepart my hair? I like to have my hair long since I tend to comb it more back rather than comb the hair to the side. At this moment I haven’t been getting a haircut for a long time just because I for some damn weird reason decided to get an undercut and almost completely shave away the sides and I regretted it immediately.

    The sides has grown enough now so I at least can slick them back but it isn’t really there yet, it looks a bit messy now. But should I go to a barber and tell him/her to not touch the sides to much or should I trim my hair myself a little bit so it at least looks decent until my sides has grown out completely?

    Sincerely// Joel

    • Joel,

      Real sorry for such a late reply.

      For haircuts, I suggest every two to three weeks. It gives you enough time to save money for the haircut, and doesn’t make you look like you’ve been living underground in between haircuts.

      – Jan

  94. Hey Jan
    Could you possibly do a review of Cock Grease products in the near future?
    Ive been looking at their stuff for a while but can’t bring myself to pull the trigger without an official rebelrouser review 🙂

  95. Great reviews my friend. Now i have a question, I have short hair and i have a part small pomp. What pomade would you recommend me using? I tried the water based pomades but it does not have shine. I want something that will hold my sides down and give me shine. I used murrays, it holds the sides down but after a while it sticks up. I shave my sides with a zero. Low and tight.

    • Maurice,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Look for Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold.) It’s a bit lighter than Wave & Groom, but still offers a great hold and shine.

      – Jan

  96. Hey man, nice blog. I’m just now starting to get into the world of pomades, and I need some advice! I have pretty curly hair (3-4 inches when pulled straight), and would like a pomade that will give it a strong wavy-to-straight hold without being too hard.

    I would also like the pomade to wash out fairly easily and not cause my hair to fall out 🙂 Can you suggest anything in particular? Thanks!

  97. great reviews man, really helpful. i use Murrays or Dax Wave and Groom. murrays is great but i was looking for a stronger hold. Dax is great but i dont know why but my hair starts waving off at the ends as the day progresses. my hair is up to the bottom of my eyes so its not crazy long..oh and i have a pomp. i was wondering what i could use that has a stronger hold than murrays and wont make my hair wave. thank you!

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      Dax Wave & Groom + Sweet Georgia Brown (blue) was my go-to combo for holding big pomps. The hold is incredible and it held up well at my first VLV!

      – Jan

  98. Hi Jan/Everyone else reading this post,

    Does anyone know how I can buy a big 400 gram tin of Mr. Ducktail’s pomade? pomadeshop.eu has been requested my Mr. Ducktail to stop selling the big tin. Also, I went to Mr. Ducktail’s barbershop (It’s Something Hells) and asked but the lady at the counter said that it was a secret. I’m hella bummed at the moment. Anybody know where in the UK I could buy/order it?

    Much appreciated,
    John C.

  99. Hey! I have very thick hair (and I mean very. very. very thick.) so I need a pomade with unnaturally strong hold. What could you suggest for me? I’ve heard of Layrite, an easy wash-out pomade which I think would be preferable as I have very sensitive skin and would rather not fuss about with all the special pomade removing shampoos if possible (although if I have to I will.)

    How do you rate Layrite for very thick hair and what would you personally suggest.

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  101. hey loving this thread! i just have a few questions.
    so im looking to do the pomp or just slicking my hair back. Just wondering what kind of pomade i should get? i have extremely thick wavy, what would be the best one to use to achieve the pomp and the slick backed style?


    • Sorry for the late reply.

      Mr. Ducktail’s, Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold,) and Black & White are all great pomades. Same with Kustom Kreeps and Schmiere pomades.

      – Jan

  102. Have you ever used Lucky 13 pomades?

  103. Any plans in reviewing Suavecito or cock grease xxx?

  104. hey rebel rouser. been reading alot of your posts lately and appreciate the reviews. I have thick wavy hair. I want the slicked back straight look sort of like jax teller from sons of anarchy. I just bought murrays original pomade and my hair seems to puff up, strays and volumizes as it dries. It might be that my hair isnt long enough yet for the slicked back look (maybe 2 inches)?.I also wouldnt mind having the greasy look for a while. Im looking for a pomade that gives hair the ultimate strong straight shiny slicked back look. Any suggestions?

  105. I just got some of the new Layrite Super Shine (http://layrite.com/pd_layrite_super_shine_pomade.cfm) and like it a lot, but it’s a very different consistency from either the regular Layrite or the Super Hold: Instead of looking like orange jello, this is more of a cream, with a grease-like consistency. Also it has lanolin in it, which I think makes it even more grease-like. So far I like it a lot but I think I need to wash my hair and reload to know for sure because there’s some other stuff in there (including Retro Vinyl).

    Also, a friend of mine pointed me towards Imperial Classic (http://imperialbarberproducts.com/products/classic-pomade/) which claims to be “America’s strongest holding water-based pomade”. Price is comparable to Layrite ($20/6 oz). Sounds like more blog fodder for you…

  106. Hey dude. Loving the blog. Was wondering if you could help me out..Ive got thick frizzy hair and looking for a product to slick my hair in a side parting. Something with high sheen and to straighten those damn waves!’. Any recommendations?

  107. I’ve been using layrite super and monkey brains. I was wondering what petroleum based products have the same amount of hold but doesn’t flake when you wet comb.

    • Andrew,

      Unfortunately, the holds are different, considering petrolatum pomades don’t necessarily “dry.” Dax High & Tight Awesome Hold should give you a relatively similar hold, since it isn’t as heavy as Wave & Groom.

      – Jan

  108. Nice blog. Also saw some of your YouTube vids. I recently had my hair cut to a pompadour and its been, she’ll I say, an interesting learning experience. I have really think curly hair and such I have to use an iron to straighten it before applying pomade. Which pomade would recommend I hold the hair an make sure it won’t curl?


    Ps: any tips for curl hair pompadour will be welcomed.

    • What pomade are you using?

      Check out Dax Wave & Groom. It’s a thick pomade that’s comparable to Murray’s Superior… but better…

      The thick haired cats I’ve suggested this product to love it haven’t had problems styling with it.

      – Jan

  109. Love the reviews, figured id shoot you a question.
    I do more of a basic slick back than a real pomp, mostly using a base of groom and clean, with Murray’s over the top to really give it shape. The Murray’s seems a bit overkill for the slick, any recommendations for something in that price range/ ability to find in most stores that’s maybe a bit lighter and better suited for the job? Thanks, keep up the reviews!

    • Hey Daniel,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Look for Dax Short & Neat. It’s light and greasy, but it works really well for the slick back look, as it’s a bit thicker than most light pomades, allowing you to keep the hair slicked tightly.

      – Jan

  110. Hey!
    Long time reader first time…replier? That doesn’t read right. Anyway, I just moved from the Los Angeles area to south Texas and I have no clue what to use in my hair. I have pretty thick curly hair, and while I don’t mind keeping the texture I hate trying stuff only to find it too harsh (Murray’s) and/ or useless on my naturally gravity defying hair.
    Also, I’ve yet to try any water soluble pomades, not sure if they would be effective on my hair type.
    Until next time,

    • Hey Jenny,

      What kind of finish do you want; shine, matte, natural, or what?

      I know a lot of ladies prefer to go with some of the lighter pomades, such as Beaver Cream by Cock Grease or small amounts of Dax or the like. I think water-soluble pomades work fine, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

      Email me and I can get more specific with suggestions, after hearing more about what you’re looking for. Pictures help too.


      – Jan

  111. Hi 🙂
    First of all I really respect you for still answering question even 2 years after you wrote this article plus your reviews are really helpful, so, thank you so much !

    Second, I’d like to have a shiny hair but not too hard cuz most of the wax i used were too hard 😦
    Plus I’m gonna do a pomp
    Which pomade do you recommend me ? 🙂

  112. hey rebel rouser. been reading alot of your posts lately and appreciate the reviews. I have thick wavy hair. I want the slicked back straight look sort of like jax teller from sons of anarchy. I just bought murrays original pomade and my hair seems to puff up, strays and volumizes as it dries. It might be that my hair isnt long enough yet for the slicked back look (maybe 4 inches)?.I also wouldnt mind having the greasy look for a while. Im looking for a pomade that gives hair the ultimate strong straight shiny slicked back look. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Evan,

      Murray’s isn’t known to keep hairs slicked down properly, nor does it offer enough hold to maintain a pompadour.

      Check out Murray’s Super Light or Dax Short & Neat. They’re relatively similar with Short & Neat being a bit thicker, but both are light greasy pomades that are perfect for slicked back styles.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  113. Would you agree that Johnny B Xtra Hold is similar in texture & feel as Schmiere Hart?

    • R.J.

      Out of the container- yes. But once it’s in your hair, it’s lighter and doesn’t have as great a hold (even seemingly less hold than their original pomade, which to me is like Weich.)

      – Jan

  114. hey man big fan, love your reviews, huge help to me. I had a question though. My hair is to thick for lightweight pomades to hold my hair up but since my hair is soft middle and heavyweight pomades just destroy it and pull it out. Is there a pomade or a mixture of pomades that you would suggest? I’ve been using schmiere mittel and layrite super hold mostly. Also I have a job that doesn’t really allow me to rock a pomp everyday, and because I prefer petroleum based pomades more than water-soluble pomades I have trouble washing the grease out of my hair. Are their any shampoos or tricks you’ve found to help with that?

    • Hey Taylor,

      Glad you dig the site.

      Have you tried 360 Styles? I find it to be a great medium between water-soluble pomades and petrolatum, as well as medium to heavy weight pomades. It’s a great pomade all around.

      As far as washing out goes– I find Groom & Clean by Suave to be the easiest way to wash out any and all pomades.

      – Jan

  115. Hey champ,
    Been reading your reviews for a while (you’re doing a great service). Its just recently I’ve decided to try out a pomp..atm Im using Dax High and Tight the military tin. It works well…my only problems are my hair falls out quite easily and applying it is well… a complete bitch. My hair is slightly wavy so I need a pomade with hold..I just don’t know which one out of your list to pick..

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Luka,

      Glad you dig the site.

      Have you checked out Dax Wave & Groom? It’s their strongest pomade, similar to Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold) but has a stronger hold, that should hold your hair up much better.

      – Jan

  116. Hey man
    i have thin straight hair. What is the best pomade for me. I want the greaser look and i would like something classic but strong holding but not ripping my hair out.

    • Hey,

      You’d be ok with something in the medium hold range. Check out Black & White. It has a nice consistency for finer hair and a nice shine, to give you that greasy look, without it being overly greasy.

      – Jan

  117. Hey man great blog, i just started using pomade for My hair. I’m trying to do a combover for my hair, it still pretty sure. After reading your blog i went to buy the dax wave and Groom. I have pretty thick hard and it is a little curly. I do not know how much to use as it doesnt seem to have that effect i see in a lot of your pictures. It doesnt have that shine. Can you recommend if this is the right pomade for me to use or is there another one that would be better for my hair?

    • Hey Tony,

      Glad you dig the blog.

      How much are you using? I usually use a heft fingertip or two worth. But, gradually add the pomade, so you don’t have to comb out any excess and let it go to waste. Start with one hefty fingertip worth, and gradually add from there. You should have the same results.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  118. hey man,
    great website. i have a pomade product query that i hope you can answer, i usually use uppercut deluxe and that works great for me, but im midway through a 5 week holiday in japan and im just about to run out. ive been searching trying to find a quality product stocked locally but its difficult to do this because everything is in japanese. do you know of any good products here with a nice strong hold so i can maintain my slickback while im here. preferably something water soluble and strong. the only japanese reference i found on your website is cool grease but after your review i think it may be too weak for my super straight hair that likes to stick up.
    i hope you can help, thanks alot.

    • Hey Josh,

      In Japan, I know Fiber Grease aka Cool Grease is quite popular. I bought the medium hold, but they offer two other products that are stronger than it. It should get the job done. (I think the container is White and Black… I know for sure the black one strong, but don’t quote me on the white one.)

      – Jan

      • hey jan,
        ive been meaning to reply for a while but i had problems with wordpress letting me comment so i put it off. anyway… after a little bit of research i finally found the cool grease website (mostly japanese) and i found a fact sheet that lists their range with strength ratings/scents etc. i tracked down a place in tokyo that stocked the range and bought their strongest gloss finish product which is co-incidentally named cock grease. and its awesome!

        it was so good and cheap that i went back and stocked up before i came home to australia. it doesnt act like a water based pomade at all, and unlike uppercut it doesnt require water for a good result or flake off when dry. its super strong and hassle free, which is exactly what i wanted.

        so thanks for the heads up!

        heres the link if you want to check out the fact sheet : http://www.fine-cosmetics.com/grease.html

  119. Hey Jan,

    Best pomade review resource ever.

    I’m wondering if you could drop me some quick advice? I have thin hair and definitely need volume (opposite of your problem). What product would you recommend? According you your review, Jonny B’s Original Hold would provide good volume, right?

    Thanks and rock on!


  120. Hey Jan,

    Ignore the question I just asked on the right products for thin hair that adds volume—I just went through the legions of questions and answers above.

    Looks like: Black & White, Hairgum Road, Layrite Original, and Grant’s Golden Brand.

    Cheers, and keep up the great work!


  121. Hi Jan,

    Could you please recommend a pomade for me? Would appreciate all the help I can get. I’m trying to style my hair into a side-part with a just a slight pomp (like this but less pomp: http://coolasianhair.com/black-medium-short-side-part-professional/). My hair is typical for many East Asians: thick, straight and bristly. I live in Chicago and New York where summers can get pretty hot and humid, the winters are cold and dry. I don’t mind switching up pomades throughout the year. Hopefully the product also washes out easily. Thank you!

    • Hey,

      For that type of hairstyle, you need something that’s malleable enough to give your straight asian hair some shape. Look into Imperial or Grant’s. Some of the other brands may end up making your hair just be stick straight, while these have the consistency to give your hair some nice flow.

      Plus, they all hold well in the heat and wash right out!

      – Jan

  122. Do you think you can review Steadfast pomade? Curious about others’ opinion.

  123. Hey man I really enjoy your reviews I never buy pomade until I first check it out with you, but here’s my comment you should put the Pomades in alphabetical order. It’ll make it a lot easier.

  124. Hi Jan,

    I have unruly, wavy hair, and want to rock the slicked back undercut look, growing it out relatively long up top. What would be a good pomade option to use that would tame the hair, and possibly straighten it some, without being overly greasy?

  125. Hi,

    I have unbelievably thick, dry and wavy hair. I want to get it more or less straight, fairly shiny looking and something that will sort of hold it down or flatten it backwards – otherwise it tends to stick up as it’s so thick. Basically, I want something that makes it look like it does when it’s half wet, which is perfect but then the thing dries!

    I’ve dried dax WG with some brylcreem on top to give it some shine. I’m thinking of trying Layrite, but wanted your opinion before I buy it as it’s fairly expensive. Also apparently it has not much sheen – and the super shine by the sounds of it won’t be strong enough to pull it back enough and flat my bushy hair.

    Have you any advice? Great website btw, it’s a lot of help


    • Daniel,

      Sorry for such a late reply.

      Layrite Super Hold should work well for ya, since Super Shine would indeed be too light.

      Apply it to your hair dry, then wet-comb to style. With your hair being thick, applying it to damp hair then styling won’t work too well.

  126. hey bro, i always laugh when see your review.haha

    what is the best pomade (prefer waterbased) for faux hawk or crew cut?
    what about layrite or suavecito?

  127. Jan,

    Whats going on man I know you probably get a lot of the same question, but i have the side part goin on and i used murrays super light and its just way to shiny for me. Anything similar but not as shiny but similar hold or stronger? Thanks man


  128. What do you recomend for extreamly curly hair. Having a hard time keeping my pomp in place, always starts getting wavy.

  129. Hello Jan,

    Thanks for sharing all this info with everyone. I soak up as much of the information as possible and started using pomade about a month or so ago.

    I live in a tropical climate and I have thin straight Asian hair and I’m going for a business side part with a small pomp. So the first pomade I used was Imperial Classic and it didn’t quite do. It just isn’t strong enough to style my hair into shape and keep it down. I since then switched to Dax W&G which works great 90% of the time, there are some bits of hair that are just too short and some bits of hair that the pomade just can’t tame. As you may know, the thing with Asian hair isn’t how fine or coarse it is, but how it grows out of our heads.

    Anyhow, my question is, while I like the Dax and will continue to use it, I like the option of being able to switch to a water-based pomade now and then, perhaps a matte/shineless one for the weekend for a more casual style. Seeing that Imperial doesn’t really work for me, what would you suggest? Maybe Suavecito or Layrite SH? Would those be stronger?



  130. Hi, I was looking for a new pomade and was going to go for Voce waxme Pomade, but i couldn’t get it anywhere near me and I couldn’t find a reliable site to get it off. Do you know of any similar pomades?

  131. Well i got like wavy hair and i use murrays superior and i comb my hair gentle mens style itll hold.nice wen i put it on but a couple hours later it looks all curly and wavy is therr any pomade that will harden and dry or at least hold all day or should i combine it with something else ur feedback would really be appreciated

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      Murray’s isn’t stiff enough to straighten out wavy hair, despite being thought of as “heavy.”

      Check out Dax Wave & Groom. It’s comparable to Murray’s, but much better on all accounts.

  132. Hey man, I just recently got into using pomade and all I use now is murrays. But it really doesn’t seem to do the job I want. I need a pomade that has a very strong hold because I comb my hair back my hair tends to split right through the middle of my head, I don’t really know how to explain it but yeah. So I need something with a very strong hold with some shine, any suggestions?

  133. Hello, I have used various water-based pomades, such as: Imperial, Suavicito, and Layrite. The water based pomades do not seem to work very well with my hair. For me Savicito Firm Hold is the best one I’ve tried. I’ve also tried many American Crew products without any luck. The best thing for my hair seems to be Bed Head Men Matte Separation Wax, but it leaves my hair feeling dry. . . My hair is about 4 inches long on top, and short on the sides, and its fine to normal, and wavy. Can you recommend a good petroleum based pomade? I’ve tried Murray’s and Dax Wave, I would be interested in something in between. Murray’s has a great hold but its hard to wash out and comb, and Dax has a great sheen but weak hold. Thanks.

    • Benny,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      You might need something with a higher wax base for the hold. But, it’ll have a matte finish, so you’ll need to top it off with something lighter for shine.

      Take a look into Schmiere Knuppelhart. It’s heavy as hell so it should hold up well. Adding a bit of Dax with make it a bit more malleable and add a bit of shine to it.

  134. hey man i have a situation here, i have a fucking thick dry curly hair, i lived in a tropical country ( indonesia ) witch is so hot, now i use cock grease xx, its nice one but only for 5 minutes, after that my hair back to their nature, curly,
    i want to ask what pomade that you recommend to me?


  135. Hey jan.

    wondering what pomade should i use for my commuter life.
    i’m using motorcycle and it get sweaty like crazy after ride for some time.
    i got thick, short-medium hair.

    should i use water solluble or petrotatum based?
    should i use medium / hard pomades?
    if so please mention me 3-5 brand that actually fit for my condition.
    would really2 appreciate it 😀

    thank you jaan !

    • Yo,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Here’s some suggestions:

      Water-soluble: Layrite, Grant’s Imperial.
      Grease: Nu-Nile, Dax Wave & Groom, 360 Styles.

      If you go with a water-soluble pomade, you’ll need to wet-comb the hair to restyle it up. Ultimately, wet-combing is the best technique to bring life back into hair that’s been pressed down, but water-soluble pomades need that aid more-so.

  136. Hey Jan,
    I was referred to your blog by my roommate, he’s been trying to talk me into using pomade for a while now. I went from using The Schwarzkopf Got 2 B glued yellow tube glue and hairspray (the one that looks like an air horn) to do my mohawks to eventually growing it out and doing a kind-of “horse hawk” “guido hawk” half slick back, half pomp, half mohawk shape with the tail in back. We’ve been trying to find a good match for my hair and after reading half of your reviews I’ve gotta say I’m really impressed!

    So I have VERY thick Italian hair. I’m also part black so I’ve got some unruly hair, which is why i had to go for that glue and freeze spray. The same shit Pauly D uses for his expert level of douchebaggery. I’d like to find a thick pomade that can keep my hair in check, and keep the single hairs together, but also with a high level of shine comparable to the hairspray I’ve been using. I found a water based one at Sally’s called Retro-Vinyl and the shine is there, but not enough hold.

    I’ve tried my roommates Murrays, but am unsatisfied with the low shine. He has a bunch of microbrews as well but none are really thick enough for me. Any ideas?


    • Frank,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Take a look into Dax High & Tight Awesome Hold. It’s a bit lighter than Dax Wave & Groom which is comparable to Murray’s (but better,) but it has a nicer shine to it and is much more malleable. It’s relatively comparable in terms of hold, but isn’t quite as stiff.

      If anything, you can look into a light pomade like Royal Crown to add as a top-coat to the Dax, to give it that extra shine.

  137. Hey Jan, really diggin’ this blog. I would like to ask your advice on something….

    I have really thick, partially wavy hair, and have tried just about every water soluble pomade on the market. They somewhat get the job done, but I can’t stand how it leaves my hair hard! Would oil based pomade be a better choice? I have no problem buying degreasing shampoo and dealing with that, but would oil based pomades be what I’m looking for? If so, could you recommend one?

    P.S. – I usually comb my hair into a medium pomp, with shorter sides.

    Thanks brother,
    Anthony Masterson

    • Anthony,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      If you want something that won’t harden, then definitely stay away from water-soluble pomades. For the most part: they all harden…

      Check out 360 Styles. You should find it at a Walmart or most grocery stores. It’s a great starter and is an in-between for a grease and water-soluble pomade. It’s not gonna wash right out with water, but it doesn’t take more than a good shampoo to wash it out. Definitely worth checking out to get things started.

  138. Im looking for something that will keep my hair heavy, with very little hold. I either comb it into a pomp or slick it back with my hands.

    • Sorry for the late reply, Anthony.

      Take a look into Black & White or Royal Crown.

      If you want something water-soluble, then look into Layrite Super Shine.

      All of these products are light in weight and a high shine.

      If you’re not into shine, then a light cream would work for you, like Little Red Rooster.

  139. Hey Jan, i have typical thick and wavy white boy hair, and i need advice on pomades! im looking to make my hair less bouncy and add weight to it, and giving it a slick-back-to-the-side kind of thing, not too shiny and greasy, but just neater, any recommended pomades? i currently use dax wave and groom, which i like, but is a bitch to wash out and is perhaps a tad thick…cheers!

    • Harry,

      Sorry for the late reply…

      Look into 360 Styles. The hold should be enough for you, it’s a bit lighter/less aggressive than W&G. It’s not entirely water-soluble, but it won’t take more than a good shampoo to wash it out.

      If you want something to wash right out, look into water-soluble pomades like Grant’s Golden Brand, Layrite, Imperial, etc. I have some new ones to review, so even those might be worth a try!

  140. Hi, I would like your suggestion for a pomade that gives maximum hold and no shine, I live in London, so please recommend a product that I can buy from here.
    Many thanks

    • Gagan,

      Look for something that has a higher wax base.

      Something along the lines of Dax Wave & Groom would work well. It will have a slight shine, but nothing more than a slight glaze.

      If you want something that’ll wash right out, Layrite Super Hold will do the trick. You can find it at Rockalily Salon.

  141. My good man! Can you please do a Shiner Gold review, please? Can you add that to your already-awesome-list?

    Much obliged.


  142. Hey, I just got a haircut today at fantastic sams, and the lady that cut my hair started putting some stuff in my hair. I thought it was some crappy salon stuff that they usually put in your hair to style it, but it was really unlike anything I’ve used before. It’s called fantastic style pomade shaping wax, I think its their brand. Its petrolatum based and sells for 13.49. You should try it, its a bit on the lighter side, but it made me switch from murray’s which says something about it. See how you like it.

  143. Greetings from Down Under! I was just after some advice regarding wax based pomades (non water soluble). I have have a fair collection of water based ones (Layrite Super Hold, Suavecito Firm Hold, American Crew Pomade, Grants Golden Brand, and Uppercut Deluxe).

    I was at the barber this morning and he recommend I try American Pomade Original Sin for starters. So I grabbed one of em and am about to give it a try. Have you heard of this one before or seen it around? Could you possibly recommend a couple of other great non water soluble pomades that I could add to my collection?

    http://americanpomade.com/index.html this is their website for the pomade I picked up from the barber this morning.

    I live in Australia and it’s the middle of summer right now so it’s crazy hot and with that means loads and loads of sweating and some of my water based pomades just weaken and start running/weakening after I’m a sweaty stinky bugger.

    Thanks in advance,

    Cheers Brad!

  144. Hey,

    Great Blog man. I was just wondering if you could give me some recommendations. I am asian, my hair is kind of curly and thick. i am looking for a slighly lighter pomade, with decent sheen, but isnt too hard to wash out. I usually rock a combover (slighly longer at 6 inches). My usual is layrite superhiold, but i dont like the fact that once i add water it gets so hard. Thanks a lot man!

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