Pomade Review: Imperial

This pomade review is long overdue. Why? Not because I’ve had this pomade for some time, but because I’ve known about the brand for a while when my buddy Pete from Native Elements hipped me to them some time ago, but never acted on it. Well, after a couple of emails from Imperial, I’ve gotten their pomade and have put it to good use. So, let’s get the ball rollin’, shall we!

One thing that I dig and the likes of Nick Wooster must surely dig, is the packaging. Coming in a plastic container with a silver lid, the packaging is very minimal, yet catches your eye instantly. A clean white label with black letter, and bold red lettering to distinguish which product you’re buying, is clean and simple, and I dig it! Sometimes, you don’t need all of the glitz & glam that some pomade companies are using to make their products “noticeable.” (No brand in particular, nor in mind. ‘Just sayin’)

Aside from the minimalistic design of the packaging, they add sophisticated detail with a seal.

This little detail shows American quality and attention to detail in all of their products, and that’s something I can definitely appreciate…

… and couldn’t wait to break!

Being packaged in a clear jar, you already see what you get. A clear gel-type pomade. But… how does it smell?

Unlike most water-soluble pomades, Imperial went with a colorless gel-type product to match their minimal packaging. Had they gone with anything other than, it would bring a level of cheesy-ness to their products, which is not their goal. Sometimes, less is more, and while different colors are cool to see, it’s not always needed.

Accompanying the colorless pomade, is a subtle fruity scent that isn’t overbearing or makes you feel any less than a man. I know a lot of cats want that masculine scent to match their pomades and for whatever reason feel less than man when wearing something fruity or floral, but this stuff won’t do any of that except bring in the ladies! Trust me, with my previous experiences with Bath & Body Works lotions and girls, they don’t mind it one bit!

… ladies…

Scooping it out you find that this stuff is thicker than most. If that isn’t enough, there’s a “Hold Strength” stat indicator on the packaging, with the number 4 being the highest.

Running this pomade is great. It goes through completely dried hair perfectly and combs through just as well. Applying it through damp hair is no different. So if you’re one to apply pomade dry, definitely take this stuff into consideration!

Combing up a pomp is buttery smooth. Fine toothed combs run through effortlessly and I never had any streaks or glob patches give me any trouble. This pomade is malleable enough comb up anything from a tight combover to a big pomp. It works especially well with a blowdryer. So if you’ve picked up that trick from me, try it out with this stuff! But, I dig how easy it is to comb and set a pomp, take a look:

The hold will last you all day long. While it’s not entirely recombable, it still won’t flake on you if you do decide to recomb it without water. Like the rest of the water-soluble pomades, it’s best to recomb using water. But, if you like to recomb your pomps, why even go with water-soluble pomades? Something cats need to start considering from here on out! (Watch this be mentioned on every pomade review blog.)

Now, is this the strongest water-soluble pomade I’ve tried? No. As I mentioned, water-soluble pomades dry, which is pretty much the pre-determined hold. Is it one of the thickest ones out there? Yes. The thickness will help you comb a bigger pomp, but in the end, the hold will be determined when the product dries.

Overall, I’m definitely glad to have finally gotten some of this stuff! It’s definitely in the top 5 water-soluble brands out there. I only got their pomade, but they have a full range of products for y’all to try. If you like the feeling of combing thick water-soluble pomades and letting it set, and don’t like overbearing scents, this stuff is definitely worth looking into! But, if you like to recomb throughout the day, you just may need to reconsider the products you’re using.

Big thanks again to the Imperial crew!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard.

2 responses to “Pomade Review: Imperial

  1. I’ve used this product. They must have changed the formula since the can i received (last year) as it was pretty stiff to comb through and work into hair. I’ll have to try another can.

  2. You should review rad wax. I heard its good stuff but I’m not totally convicted its a good buy

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