New Styling Video.

Have a totally different haircut this time around… And by totally different haircut, meaning I’ve NEVER had this haircut before… Yeaaaaaaah… It’s umm…. different

Might as well make the most of it and show folks that you don’t need a pompadour specific haircut. While it does help, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have one, so don’t fret!

Thanks again Mareike for the carepackage!


12 responses to “New Styling Video.

  1. Great vid Jan. Hey, would you say the hart is about as heavy as the Dax red can? I really need something a little lighter than the red can for my fine, German hair. I’ve been thinking about getting the Mittle but I’m worried I’ll drop all that $$$ on something that won’t have enough hold.

    • I’d say it’s a bit on the lighter side, compared to Dax Wave & Groom. Since the Schmiere is a little on the waxy side, it doesn’t have the sticky/greasy properties as Dax does. Which is a major factor to take in, considering product weight for finer hair.

      I’d say you’d be safe without the Mittel hold. Many people haven’t dug their lighter stuff… Personally, I can see why, but I’ve learned to incorporate the lighter stuff with heavier products, to make it work. But I say you’d be safe with the Hart hold, Knuppelhart would be too much.

    • I use the hart and fax wave and groom a lot. The hart is lighter than you would think. It still has good hold and a great scent.

      On the down side if its hot outside I have to reapply some in the afternoon or before I go out.

  2. I dig this video because I can see more of the technique behind a good pomp. It’s apparent that it’s not as elusive as I thought. I can do it! ha! Definitely enjoying these posts…and making my list longer for pomades to buy/try—that’s a good thing! Thanks, man! ===jerry revélez

  3. haha! i know, i figured i may have gone incognitus for too long. had to get myself a proper user name. i like to confuse ’em, scatter ’em then suprise ’em! or maybe i was just lazy and hate filling shit out.

  4. Hey bro i just started to get into the greaser look and i cant found a good pomade that can hold my curly hair up.. my style is a pompadour.. the product i use: axe, is good but within couple hours it fades away and falls down… whats a good product that will hold my hair up and look shinny
    … help me out bro thx… henry

    • Henry,

      You may want to switch to something a little more classic. It’ll be hard to wash out, but it’ll style your hair better than Axe would.

      Check out Dax Wave & Groom. You should find it at a Rite Aid. It’s as cheap as Murray’s Superior, easier on the hair, straightens wavy/curly hair A LOT better than Murray’s does, and it’s just as cheap. If it doesn’t have enough sheen for you, after you’re done styling, you can top it with a light coat of whatever product you have now, that has shine. Or with a dab or Royal Crown Hairdressing, which should be right next to it, if you’ve found it at Rite Aid.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  5. Thanks bro, ill check it out..

  6. he bro i used Dax wave and groom its lil thick but after i take a shower its still in my hair and it makes my hair wavy and i cant do the style anymore.. and its a bitch to wash off… i used the Murrays Superior is was super thick and it literally took a week to wash off… and the samething happened, my hair got wavy… can u help me out bro… thx

    • Henry,

      What kind of hold are you looking for?

      How is the Dax prior to the shower? Are you satisfied with it?

      After the shower, I suggest combing your hair straight back, and letting it dry that way. It’ll “train” your hair to be somewhat more straight, rather than wavy after a shower. I do that, and now my wavy hair works with me, and not against me.

      Let me know if you need a product suggestion.

      – Jan

  7. Ha! That’s about the same haircut I have. And man, am I jealous of your non-curly cooperative hair..

    @ Henry Loco: if the curliness of your hair is anything like mine, I suggest you get a tin of Monkey Brains and use that as a base-coat before applying any of the harder stuff. It’ll help rinse the pomade out. If you want to stick with pure pomade and it’s time to wash things out, try pomade-shop’s suggestion:
    1. Take the usual amount of shampoo. Add the same amount of olive oil.
    2. Mix it until creamy and rub it into your hair (with a firm pomade rub it into dry hair).
    3. Leave in for at least 2 minutes before adding water bit by bit and work it into a lather.
    4. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

    Works pretty well for me.

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