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Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Dr. Rubin’s Pomade!

Big thanks to Dr. Rubin’s Pomade!

Funny enough, quite a few people have been wondering where they can get the stickers. It’s simple folks, don’t gotta punch your neighbor for the secret! All you gotta do, is the following:

Just shoot me an email with your:

– Name
– Address

And a couple of these bad boys will be on their way!

Better email me soon, because I’m running real low on these! This is my last stack and they’re movin’ rather quickly!

Big thanks to everyone for the support, I appreciate it!

Pomade Review: Dr. Rubin’s Pomade (Medium)

With many pomade brands popping up, there’s competition coming from all angles. You’ve got the water based market, the heavy wax, greasy-grease, male specific pomade, women specific pomade, etcetera etcetera, this, that, the other thing and everything in between. And you know what, I DIG IT! I mean, who doesn’t dig a new pomade?

This pomade got some buzz within a small pomade-enthusiast group. I’ve contacted Rubin’s months prior to that buzz, but with no avail. After a few persistent fuckers in that group (not I, mind you,) kept pushin’ and pushin’, Jason and the folks at Dr. Rubin’s came through and everyone in that group had their pants fit tighter in anticipation for the mailman to come.

As soon as you look at the tin, you see the obviously self-printed, hand applied labels. It gives a real home-made feel to it. But, they do offer the pomade in an average sized tin, that’s printed on.

Opening it up, you get a whiff of a strong, classic, powdery scent. A very classic scent, which a lot of pomade brands don’t like to market anymore. Some dig it, most don’t. To me, you can’t go wrong with a classic scent!

They offer a firm, medium, and light hold. I happened to receive the medium hold.

Off the bat, looking at the greasy top layer in the tin, you can tell this stuff is a bit on the lighter end. It looks to be mostly petroleum-based. Scooping it out, you see that has more of a petroleum jelly consistency.

You don’t have to put any effort in softening this stuff up and applying it. It goes in nice and easy.

Now, having poor results from using Vaseline in the past, I wondered how this (mostly) petroleum-based product is gonna style. And to my surprise, it styled really well!

The stickiness of the product kept the hairs in place. It also had a relatively good hold, allowing me to style with some decent height. This was a very nice surprise!

The bigger test is the heat… Petroleum based products usually soften up a whole lot more when exposed to heat. This stuff being mostly petroleum-based, I figured it would soften up quite a bit. And I have to say, this stuff did just that…

In the heat, it softened up considerably, making the waves in my hair more wavy, yet, still kept everything in place. When my hair gets wavy, it has a more “authentic” 50s greaser look to it, so this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing! But you know how guys are with pomade, they prefer a product that doesn’t melt, do this or that and blah blah blah… Then again, those are usually guys with thick  hair that want big pomps.

One thing that surprised me about this stuff, was that it flaked after hopping out of the shower. Which surprised me, because this wasn’t a heavy wax nor is it heavily wax-based. So take note: This stuff may flake when your hair is not completely dried. So you guys who like to apply to damp hair, make sure your hair is a bit drier than usual.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by Dr. Rubin’s.  While the product is on the lighter end of the medium pomade spectrum, it does hold the hair nicely, even after it melts. Personally, I think I may have benefitted more so from their heavier hold. But I dig what this medium stuff did for my hair, considering how long my hair is! If you’ve got thick, but shorter hair (than mine,) the medium hold may work out for you nicely. But, since they offer heavy, medium and lightweight holds, it probably wouldn’t hurt to venture out.

The guys are straight up cats who dig pomade, want to share it with the rest of us, and want to offer more than just pomade. So check em out and tell em I sent ya!

Big thanks again to Jason and the folks at Dr. Rubin’s. Til the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.

Another Day, Another Package.

With lots of pomade brands popping up, it’s starting to be harder and harder to get the name out there. I mean, there’s A LOT OF POMADE BRANDS OUT THERE, folks! What better way to find a new pomade, than this here blog?!

Let’s see what’s inside…

This is their medium weight pomade. But they also offer a heavy and a lightweight, as well as lotion and limpbalm. Head over to their site to check it out.

Big thanks to Jason and the folks at Dr. Rubin’s Pomade. I dig how everything is (pretty much) made right in house. The hand-written letter with Tim tin scribbled out, on the back of an index card was a nice touch, haha.

Stay tuned for the review folks!