Thanks For The Support!

At least he didn't write this on the dog!

But if he did…


Looks like that fridge needs a couple more quality stickers!

Big thanks to Chops Barbershop for all the support he’s given. While he can’t spell Jeris Tonic to save his life, he does know the classic art of barbering. And that’s all that really matters, right? Well, maybe being able to spell correctly would help a bit!

For everyone else who inquired about stickers this past week:

They were shipped today! Yes, even you folks across a pond or two, they were shipped out today! So you should be expecting them shortly!

Thanks again!

10 responses to “Thanks For The Support!

  1. Jan…. We need stickers too!!!!! 😉 We’ll send you some as well…

  2. just got my stickers in the mail today. Thanks Jan! I’ll see if I can get you some pics soon.

  3. Received my stickers. Ones on the laptop already. Good looking out, Jan.

  4. Just got my stickers today. Thanks again Jan!

  5. how to you get stickers mate

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