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Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Marshall!

I know a lot of you folks are getting sick of these posts, but hey, I’m thankful for the support!

Not only have folks shown support by sticking these stickers around, but a couple of shown it in a different way…

BigĀ ups to Alex, for sending me this pomade! He ended up spotting this pomade at a local drug store, while visiting the Philippines. And to show his appreciation for my work, he sent some over for me to review. If that ain’t support, then I don’t know what is!

Big thanks to everyone for all of the support you’ve shown and given!

I know there’s still demand for some stickers, but as of right now, I’m completely out. Yup, that’s right folks… I’m out of stickers! I’ve shipped out more stickers than I’ve spread around locally… And you know what? I’m glad! Thanks to everyone who asked for stickers! I’m going to be putting in a new order soon, so whoever hasn’t gotten stickers yet, do not fret! More will come!

Again, thanks to everyone for the support. Without the support from you folks, the blog wouldn’t be what it is today!

Pomp Hard!