Blog Update: 5/23/2012

Well folks, I gotta admit, I’ve somewhat strayed away from the main purpose of this blog- finding pomade to pomp with. By that, I mean, I’ve put a bit too much focus on “rockabilly specific” pomades, as opposed to the stuff we see in the grocery store, but never took ’em into consideration. So, I apologize to you readers. Recently, I went around to my local grocery and drug stores, and picked up the following pomades that we pass up on a daily basis:

– SCurl 360 Styles Wave Control Pomade
– Tres Flores
– Tres Flores Molding Pomade
– Sportin’ Waves Maximum Hold Pomade
– Sportin’ Waves Gel-Pomade

I’ll be reviewing these pomades in this order, so y’all will know what to look forward to.

Big thanks to everyone for the patience and support, I really appreciate it. I know a ton of you have been asking about these products constantly, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide a review that can meet your expectations!

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.

13 responses to “Blog Update: 5/23/2012

  1. Jan
    I really dig Luster’s S Curl so I’ll be looking forward to the S Curl 360 review. Keep up the good work my man.

  2. PS
    Sportin’ Waves max hold is aces!

  3. Cool! I was going to pick up the S Curl 360 the other day. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  4. I’m with Sean. Looking forward to it Jan!

  5. I just got a free 3.5oz tin of Sportin’ Waves gel pomade with the wavitrol III so i figured i would give it a try.Decent scent,consistancy was rather thick and with only a dime size amount felt like cement in my hair,extremely difficult to style,comb and shape.I’m rather new to pomps and pomades so it could be me but this stuff seems rather excessive.P.S. awesome stuff here Jan i love it,keep up the great work!

    • Kind of a tricky pomade, ain’t it? I had trouble with it. I won’t disclose to much, since I have the review coming up. But, you get the idea, haha.

      Thanks for the kind words man!

      – Jan

  6. I took the plunge and ordered a jar of 360, and yes it is great, so great I’ve done a repeat order on it, I like to keep doubles of the quality pomades so basically I don’t run out.

  7. PS
    Check out Palmer’s soft formula shaping wax, the hold is not soft and the smell is just awesome!

    • I’ve got some! Can’t say I dig it all that much. Might need to revisit it, in order to make a balanced review for it.

      • More on Palmer’s – I tried this out on my teenage son and it worked a treat, I tried it on mine and it was okay but after a week of using it the hold wasn’t there anymore, which is a shame because it smells great and the colour is ace. Anyone tried Dapper Hair Pomade? I’d like an opinion on it, cheers.

  8. Hi again Jan!
    Nice posts recently, thanks!

    The rockabillygrandpa of Iceland, Smutty Smiff, has been developing a new pomade, or brilliantine as it says on their webpage, called JS Sloane, along with Joann Kuno.

    I am very pleased with their new pomade. As they say, has all the benefits of the oldie goldie pomades without the negatives, such as greasiness and impossible to wash out – just what we all know what means.

    The consistency is not compareable to say Layrite, whereas Layrite is more of a gel type but JS Sloane is on the waxier side. The smell is perfect and I’ve done some great pomps with this stuff. It doesn’t harden like Layrite does and the hold is great (comes both in heavyweight and mediumweight).

    They also make some really neat and great High Gloss Top Coat, which is a very fine light arganoil. Great to put into the hair before styling, has an awesome retro scent and when done styling, great for slicking down sides.

    Read more about this on:

    This is, on my opinion, something definitely worth checking out!

    Hope your having a nice summertime!

    Eiríkur Rafn Stefánsson

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