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Upcoming Events.

Alright, enough with laying low. Here are a few rockin’ events to check out!

This Friday, at The Uptown, Deke Dickerson will be playing. Definitely gonna be a good show!

Our friends at Royalty Tattoo Collective will be throwing their first art show. And how is this pertinent, you ask? It’s simple… IT’S A TRIBUTE TO STAR WARS!!!

And lest not forget, the following week, Viva Las Vegas 15 will be a hoppin’! I’ll definitely be there. So whoever wants to hang out and drink a few, just shoot me an email!

And right after that, the annual Booze, Broads, & Hot Rods show will be in full effect! In Burlingame, no less! Nick Curran was supposed to perform there, but as we all know, he’s fallen (again) on hard times. All we can do is hope for the best and wish for Nick to finally kick this shit in the ass, so he can get back to making the ladies sweat!

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have some badass bands lined up and ready to go!

For more rockin’ events, check out the following links!

Nor-Cal Rockabilly

A-Town Agency

Royalty Tattoo Collective

Upcoming Event.

Sorry for the lack of event updates, folks. I’ve been laying low. ‘How low,’ you ask? Well, I just happened to miss Kim Lenz & Big Sandy, that’s how low!

Well, at least there’s a rockin’ event coming right around the corner!

Wild Records artists Omar & The Stringpoppers, Dustyn Chance & The Allnighters, and Texas Steve & The Tornados will be rockin’ at the 23 Club, on November 26. Each show from Wild has been well… WILD, definitely not one you’ll wanna miss. So you can best bet I’ll be in attendance, getting my Jack Daniels on!

Some come on out and have yourselves a ball!

Retox at Retox!

Alright folks, it’s time to put your liver to good use this Saturday!

If you folks haven’t heard, this past weekend Retox Lounge got robbed. Being a dive bar in the outskirts of the Dog Patch, the loss is a huge blow to the business. So, they’re looking to try and cover their losses by throwing an all-day event this coming Saturday.

For those who don’t know, Retox Lounge was home to The Haight Street Hop before the switch. If it weren’t for the Haight Street Hop being thrown at this badass venue, I wouldn’t have known about the place, nor would I have actually gone to the Hop!

They’re gonna be throwing an all-day BBQ, where they’ll be raffling off some prizes. And if you got a band, they’re looking for some bands to play last minute. The drinks are cheap, the girls are hot, and the food is delicious! If that weren’t a reason to go, I don’t know what is! Well, I guess me being there is a good reason!

So come on down folks and let’s kick a few back for a good cause!

Upcoming Events.

Sorry for the lack of event flyers, folks. I tend to post up event flyers for ones I actually plan on attending. But as of late, I’ve been laying low and hermit crabbing on Friday/Saturday nights.

Summer is coming to an end, school will be back in session, but that doesn’t mean jack shit for rockabilly events! Some of the best ones happen AFTER summer!


I’ve stopped posting flyers for the Haight Street Hop, because it should’ve been embedded in your head, that it happens every first Friday of the month! But, they switched things up and now it’s every SECOND SATURDAY of the month.

To kick off the new change, there’s gonna be Burlesque Bingo! First of all, bingo? Hell yeah! I’ve won a good bingo game as a kid, so you can best bet that I’m gonna give you a run for your money!!! Second of all, burlesque babes??? Oh hell yes! And when you put the two together, along with some a lot of booze, you got yourself one hell of a Haight Street Hop! This is one that you definitely don’t want to miss!

This one is new to me, but it sounds amazing!

First of all, it’s in the Fillmore district. If you know the history of the Fillmore district musically and historically, you’ll know that this will be the place to be! A celebration for 100 years of San Francisco nightlife and fashion? If you ain’t comin’ in dapper, you ain’t comin’ correctly! I’m sure everyone will be in their best duds. Which makes me feel as if I should look for some new threads… Definitely will have the calender marked for this!

And of course…

The Bop! The lovely Bombshells always throw a great event. And every event I’ve gone to, at the 23 Club, has been rockin’! Throw the Chop Tops in there? This night is gonna be wild, loud, and just as good as the last one, if not better!

For more flyers for other Northern California Rockabilly events, click here.

Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Marshall!

I know a lot of you folks are getting sick of these posts, but hey, I’m thankful for the support!

Not only have folks shown support by sticking these stickers around, but a couple of shown it in a different way…

Big ups to Alex, for sending me this pomade! He ended up spotting this pomade at a local drug store, while visiting the Philippines. And to show his appreciation for my work, he sent some over for me to review. If that ain’t support, then I don’t know what is!

Big thanks to everyone for all of the support you’ve shown and given!

I know there’s still demand for some stickers, but as of right now, I’m completely out. Yup, that’s right folks… I’m out of stickers! I’ve shipped out more stickers than I’ve spread around locally… And you know what? I’m glad! Thanks to everyone who asked for stickers! I’m going to be putting in a new order soon, so whoever hasn’t gotten stickers yet, do not fret! More will come!

Again, thanks to everyone for the support. Without the support from you folks, the blog wouldn’t be what it is today!

Pomp Hard!

Thanks For The Support!

Thanks Dr. Rubin’s Pomade!

Big thanks to Dr. Rubin’s Pomade!

Funny enough, quite a few people have been wondering where they can get the stickers. It’s simple folks, don’t gotta punch your neighbor for the secret! All you gotta do, is the following:

Just shoot me an email with your:

– Name
– Address

And a couple of these bad boys will be on their way!

Better email me soon, because I’m running real low on these! This is my last stack and they’re movin’ rather quickly!

Big thanks to everyone for the support, I appreciate it!

Don’t Forget!

Forgot to post this one up.

Don’t forget about the Haight Street Hop, on every first Friday of the month!

This up coming Haight Street Hop will have a theme. With high school kids having prom around the corner, those little cunts will be sneaking in alcohol just to have a ball. So, why not have a prom for the folks who can do that shit legally?

Word is that there’s gonna be a photographer with a cheesy backdrop. If he’s there, I’m game. If not, I’m probably gonna get drunk anyways!

So swing on by and kick back with a $5 PBR and whiskey shot! The lovely ladies at The Wak Shack will be dolling up the gals and slicking back the fellas. For free! Plus, The Quarter Mile Combo will be jamming for this record hop, so why not!

And as always, BUY ME A BEER! (Just kidding but not really. For the most part, that is!)

See you all there!

Promo Code For Hairgum USA!

Alright folks! I got some good news and I got some bad news…

The bad news is, I haven’t made the how-to video yet… I know, I know… But for now, you all get part 2 of the blooper reel!


The video has been made!

After many fuckin’ takes, edits, and fuck ups, it’s here… Sorry Nick, I’m not using the original version. Why? You know why… Were you proud of it??? I didn’t think so. Can’t publish something you aren’t proud of, right? But if you folks want to see it, I’ll post it up.


I’m tired. Been awake since 6am, my beauty has been butchered by bugs from the yard, I have a gnarly headache, and all I want right now is some coffee and some good ol’ rockabilly tunes. If it doesn’t please you folks, I promise to make another one… In a year. Fuck this shit! So folks, here it is… Here’s the vid!

And now…


All you folks gotta do is head over to Hairgum USA and place your order!

Get all that greasy goodness, type in REBELROUSER, get a whopping 30% off and you’ll get all of that greasy goodness coming to your doorstep in no time!
So click the pic to head over to their online store and place your order!

The promo-code will be up and running, up until July 4th! Just in time to keep you cats lookin’ slick, while pounding some PBR on the 4th!

So let’s all give a big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!

Don’t Forget!

There’s the Booze, Broads, & Hot Rods show this weekend, by The Bombshells!

This is gonna be one hell of a night, so don’t miss it! You definitely don’t wanna miss these Wild Records artists, nor the lovely Ruby Champagne.

So come on out and buy me a beer or three!

I’m serious…

More Bay Area Rockabilly Shows.

With Viva Las Vegas 14 creeping up on us, it means everyone with an online shop is gonna be pushing sales, stick to their old college days diets, and start taking shots at home before heading out at night.

Though most of you monies will be going towards VLV14, you better not gamble it all away, because there are some crazy shows coming up right after!

Literally, a week after VLV, one crazy gig is gonna be hoppin’ with the Wild Records crew! This is definitely a show you wanna catch, if you’re in The Bay Area! Details here.

And a couple weeks later, The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers are saying farewell, for the time being (I hope.) This will be their last Bay Area show. You can bet everyone will be in their Sundays-best and be swingin’ the night away.

For more events, check out the Nor-Cal Rockabilly yahoo group.

See you all soon!