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Rockabilly Fitness!

If you’re on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr, you’ll know that fitness is a major focus of mine. Some sort of level of fitness, in my honest opinion, is necesssary. Not just for the sake of getting yoked out like a mother fucker, but for general well being; As one of my favorite sayings goes, “A body in motion, stays in motion.”

Of course, trips down the “fitness aisle” is a random must. Don’t lie, you’ve picked up a Shake Weight before! Well, during my most recent trips down the fitness aisle, a new product on the shelf stuck out to me. Not because it was a revolutionary product, that was gonna give me 20 inch guns, but because of the name and tag line…

I present to you, the Rhythm Rocker!

Rock it. Roll it. Crunch it.

Now, what makes this product better than say… putting a Bosu Ball on your seat? Or even just sitting on a stability ball? I guess you don’t have to worry about someone popping it, or rolling backwards and cracking your skull open.  That’s always a plus, right?

Had it not been for the tagline, I would’ve brushed off the name. But I mean, how can you? It’s the Rhythm Rocker!

Well… at least not the real Rhythm Rockers.

The Rhythm Rockers – Real Cool

It’s So Bad, It’s Glorious.

Ever so rarely does a gem like this come to my attention. But this diamond-in-the-rough needs to be shared with everyone. And hey, since it’s about rockabilly, why not?! Well… I think it’s about rockabilly…

Stop the music, turn off the lights, shut the blinds, lock yourself in a closet and sit tight. Trust me folks, this is a read that you don’t want to pass up!

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The fine line between Greasers and Rockabilly…

Has been crossed over 10 times over and back…

Many folks nowadays mix up the two. Greasers and Rockabillies. To truly understand the two, you’re gonna have to do some research and get up on your history. As much as I’d like to help ya, it’s something you gotta do for yourself, so you don’t look stupid when someone asks you the difference.

Now, there are many directions rockabilly and greasers have been twisted, turned and churned. Mixing it all up and making it just one confusing mess for a lot of kids today. Trust me folks, it’s one big, ugly, fuckin mess…

So, here’s a video that doesn’t exactly make it any better…

The guys in the video are the only ones that didn’t get it twisted. Though the guy with the Jheri Curls was only making his judgement call from what he saw in the movies. But hey, he wasn’t too far off, right? Well, with the exception of the gel part…

The chick who called a pomp a “pump,” well… I’m not gonna say too much about it… But I’ll let this video speak on my behalf…

Now, with kids greasin’ up with pomade, wearing the same ol’ white t-shirts and calling themselves greasers, we’ve got ourselves a scene on our hands! But hey, that’s life. Luckily, they ain’t old enough to get into any bars! But that doesn’t stop the Hipsterbillies!

So folks… With rockabillies and greasers all becoming one big mess. It will now be called Rockabilly Greasers. So change your event flyers, rearrange your Facebook friends and make sure all of the “rockabilly” events you go to and tweet about, are now labeled “rockabilly greaser.”

Luckily for Retox, “Rockabilly Fridays” there didn’t last too long. Or else they’d have to print out new flyers to fix the error. But, I will always miss the what should have been, Rockabilly Greaser Fridays at Retox Lounge

Top 3 What The Fucks.

This blog brings in people from all over. I spread word about my blog through various forums and my other personal blog.

But some people have stumbled upon this blog from random google searches. But the funny thing is, they weren’t looking for anything rockabilly, pomade, or pompadour related… So let’s see what we’ve got here!

3)pair of boxing gloves
– Now, while this isn’t weird or anything… I thought it was kind of funny, since I never posted anything about boxing. Aside from mentioning the posters up at All Star Barbershop. But Boxing is one of my favorite sports. But really, a pair of boxing gloves?

2)girl deep throating
– I’ve gotten this search probably three times. Consecutive days. How are you still coming back to this site, Jack??? I thought it was hilarious, but seriously. What post did you read???

And the most, random, and probably most disturbing searches I’ve gotten for this blog, is……………………

1)sexy asian woman tuna fish
– Now… I’m not judging you… But seriously… What the fuck??? I understand all of the fucked up fetishes out there… But… REALLY??? Sexy Asian Women Tuna Fish Thursdays??? No.

Well, there you have it. Some of the most What The Fuck searches I’ve seen for this blog. Hopefully these aren’t some of you readers, who want to see if I get freaky with Asian Women Fish.

Sexy Asian Women Tuna Fish