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Recap: Viva Las Vegas 16.

Unlike previous VLV trips, this one was last-minute. While we did have the rooms booked since last years VLV15, the original plans fell through and I had to figure out how I’d be able to make it out there without a plane ticket or a hotel room… Not exactly the ideal way to plan a trip, eh?! Plus, it wouldn’t be my best showing, since I hadn’t had that good ol’ VLV prep (dieting and all that good shit!) I figured- fuck it! And after a couple of phone calls, rushed packing, and a sketchy car with no radio, I was on my way to Viva Las Vegas 16!

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Recap: Viva Las Vegas 15

Ahh…  Viva. Las. Vegas. What’s there to say about it? Even if you’re an elitist who now hates the event for all the newcomers who have “ruined” it, you’ve got to admit… it’s a ball. I mean, really, who doesn’t enjoy drinking with people from all over the world, hearing music we dig 24/7, and for us fellas, the babes??? I sure as hell dig it!

From waiting in that inevitable line for your morning coffee, talking to a burlesque babe about beavers, to passing out drunk in the afternoon, just to wake up and do it all over again an hour later, it’s safe to say that no matter how many years you have gone to Viva Las Vegas, you still won’t have enough time to do everything. While this was only my second VLV, it was far better than my first one, and I know it can only get better with the years and friends to come!

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Thanks For The Support!

Big thanks Stefan! He’s got one badass bug! If only I could fit in one…

Thanks Takashi! Check out his Japan based doo-wop band, The Appolos!



These two happened to be driven by older cats. But these cars are usually seen as chick cars, as they’re usually as pretty as the chicks driving em. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind sittin’ in the drivers seat in one of these! Spotted both a ’56 and a ’66 Thunderbird, and man are they purdy!

Hot-Rods, Hot Butts, Boobs, Booze & Dudes. The 2011 Hootenanny!

As the title says, who doesn’t love seeing all of that? Well, I guess I can do without the dude part… But everything else makes up for it!

Big thanks to the homie BiggMoe on Twitter, for sending over the link.

Definitely looks like the place to be at, this past weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go. Oh well, I’m sure future events will offer just as many boobs and butts, if not more… At least I hope for more…


Here’s the video, nice little edit.  Looking forward to the narative video!


The 4th of Ju-ly weekend brought out a whole mess of people. But it also brought out some badass cars!

Spotted these two gems over the weekend.


I have my eyes set on a Chevy short bed. Soon enough my friends, soon enough. Well, at least I like to think so!

Recap: San Mateo Festival

Personally, I prefer to stay away from any San Mateo event. Too often you’re surrounded by hoards of teeny-boppers, too many familiar faces, and something we like to call disorganization. Add em all together, and you get a big fuckin’ mess. Or as they like to name it, The San Mateo Festival!

Yes, I skipped this weeks Haight Street Hop. No disrespect to Hawk or Tanoa, but I had to show some love for my area, right? Yeah… About that…

Now… This event was a hodgepodge of everything. Not sure what they wanted to do exactly, but they did something. With no actual direction with what this event was about, we went in with our guards up. I mean, if you tried to understand what was supposed to go on at this event, you’d prepare yourself for disappointment.

It was supposed to be a vintage car show/food truck event/street wear clothing faire/rockabilly show… What? I’m gonna try my best to break things down… I mean, really try… And believe me, it wasn’t easy!

One thing that concerned the group, was whether or not we had to pay to get in. For one, I’m not going to pay to get into an event, where I’m going to end up paying for food. I’m paying for one or the other, not for both. Luckily, this wasn’t an event you had to pay for! YES! +1 for this thing! So after a few beers at a pub down the street, we were off to venture out into this wild, wild place…

Some folks got word that it’s no less than a 45 minute wait, per truck. With a hungry group, most of them went back to the pub. Unfortunately for me, having ran into a few familiar faces and waiting on a buddy, I was gonna be stuck at this event for a while. Might as well make the most of it, right?

Where can I start off first… Ah yes… The food trucks!

Now, if you’ve been to Off The Grid, you must’ve seen some food trucks closed, right? Wrong. I’ve been to Off The Grid quite a few times, and each and every time, no food truck was closed. I understand popularity amongst a few of these trucks, but really? To close 3 hours before the whole event ended? What happened, you thought people weren’t hungry? With various food trucks closed, for whatever the reason may be, the lines for the opened food trucks kept getting longer and longer… You can only imagine how long the wait was…

Skipping through the lines of Filipinos (I honestly didn’t notice anyone else there. This was pretty much, a Filipino event!!!,) we somehow managed to fall into a shortest line there. No, not the beer line, that was a long wait too! But the Shwarma table! Got in and out just like that. Why? They had pre-made falafel shwarmas… In sort, it sucked…

Next to the shwarma stand, was the car show! Or well… Cars?

With now theme in mind, there were just a handful of nicely painted cars. Remember, no particular theme in mind! Apparently, choosing an era to base your car show on doesn’t work, nor does factory make, or anything. Just as long as you had a restored car, you were good for the show!

I mean, I understand car shows, it’s all about the details and workmanship put into the cars… I’m not complaining about any of the cars, as I’m jealous as any other guy who drives a shitty car. But still, some sort of organization or theme would’ve been nice. I’m sure some of the car guys were upset that some cars were getting more attention than theirs. If them slamming their  hoods down and starting their engines to get the fuck out of there wasn’t a sign, maybe the disgruntled looks on their faces may have been one!

Enough of that… Let’s just look at the purdy cars.

After sticking around this event for a little too long, Mike Barbwire decided to join the band, back on stage. Playing some cool surf tunes, it got the crowd goin’! Well, it got my toe tappin’! 

They kept insisting for people to get up and dance, but this wasn’t the crowd that has that sort of rhythm. Maybe if you played a beat they could break dance to? Maybe even freak dance? I don’t know… I don’t know what dance is cool, nowadays. Fortunately, the crowd understood good music, and appreciated their performances. But plenty of them were wondering, “when is he going to sing?”

The last leg of this event, was the showroom…

Outside you’ve got, a rockabilly band, random food trucks, muscle cars and old school rides. Inside, you’ve got streetwear tees, random jewelry, a bamboo bike, a breakdance floor, and a whole bunch of other stuff… Um… I guess the bamboo bike, is related to rockabilly, as it could be made into a tiki themed bike? Or was it bamboo because of all the Asians? Or are the streetwear t-shirts supposed to have the same color as the muscle cars? I didn’t see any neon green cars out there… Hmm… Not exactly sure what the point of the vendors was… Maybe it was to… Um… Uh… Rockabilly?

Overall, this very well may have been the most disorganized “event” I’ve ever been to. With no sort of synergy between any part of the event, it was hard to focus in on the event as a whole. Maybe that’s the appeal of it? I don’t know. All I know is I went home without trying some of that delicious gourmet food, coming out of that Armadillo Willy’s truck! Wait, what? Yeeeeaaaah… If this event is based around this, let’s just say, I won’t be returning anytime soon, and hope the organizers actually put their titles to use, as organizers.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Support your local events, unless they suck.

Some proper reading material.

Aside from my blog, that is! 😉 JUST KIDDING FOLKS!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not one who likes to read. Well, books at least. In my entire high school career, I’ve read a total of one book, start to finish. That was in my… Sophmore year? Yeaaaah… Let’s just say, I didn’t care much for school, or was in school long enough to care about it.

Last night, the lady wanted to head over to Barnes & Noble and look for a book. Headed over to the magazine section, finally spotted a mag I’ve been trying to score. Went upstairs to look for a movie, but the guy working is a socially awkward dick. (Can you even do that? How does this work for your social life?) So instead, I went to see if they had a book I’ve been eyeballing for sometime. Which they did, but I found something else… The cover looks familiar, everyone has seen this type of work many times. So of course, I had to get it!

“The Twang Head ‘Round the World.”

Both of these fine pieces of reading material, are amazing. I’ve only flipped through so many pages, but man, let me tell ya… If you haven’t already, start buying Rodder’s Journal! It’s more of a book that a magazine. It’s got pages for days and images that will make you boys get your periods.

I’m tellin’ ya, if you aren’t much of a book reader like I am, you might wanna consider these two. Chalk full of history and knowledge, that’s put into words and being shared with the rest of us. Something you cats gotta dig!

Recap: Booze, Broads, & Hot Rods.

Ok, I had a long post written out for the recap, but WordPress is fucking shit up, and I lost that post. So… I’m just gonna post a few pics. Oh well, at least it was a good night!

DRANK!I don't like to rip people off, but if you've been to this bar, you'll understand how hard it is to get a drink. So after I ordered and she told me "Ten dollars," you can bet your ass I was out of there, before she could whip out her calculator! A theif I am not, but an opportunist... Well... Let's just leave it at that...Mrs. & Mr. Self Edge.

Luckily Mr. & Mrs. Self Edge scored a good table, near the front of the stage.


Kim from The Bombshells chewing her gum and introducing Omar & The Stringpoppers to the crowd. Who the hell in the crowd didn’t know who they were???

Omar & The Stringpoppers.

Omar & The Stringpoppers rip it up. That girl with the cardigan and the red flower in her hair, was a wild one…

There’s something about Wild Records artists, that bring out the funkiest of funky people. At the Santos show, had some stringy dudes wiggling about. This time around, had this girl getting down with herself, like she were on extacy. It was something, to say the least…


Using Shazam at a bar? Nerding out. For those who care, it was Nick Curran & The Lowlifes – Dream Girl.

Luis & The Wildfires.

One word to describe this band. Punk rock. Fine, two words.

After all was said and done, I was drunk as fuck. Drunk enough for the lovely Miss Margot to actually lead me out on the dancefloor, and get a little two step on. But being as drunk as I was, I forgot every single dance move I learned. Sorry Raul! But that didn’t stop a local drunkard from getting down!

Margot & A Drunkard.

While he looks fine here, he ended up falling flat on his back, off of a barstool. I think that if Luis & The Wild Fires were still performing, the BOOM of his fall would’ve drowned them out. Poor guy. Not gonna lie, I kinda laughed. No worries, people laughed at me for dropping and breaking a beer bottle.

While this post isn’t eloquent as the original, it doesn’t take away from how badass these two Wild Records artists are. Even after having a baby, Rachelle and her man were out and about looking live. Definitely a great show and big thanks to The Bombshells for putting together this event.

Definitely had myself a ball. But I can promise you this, I won’t be double fisting Coronas like that, any time soon!